Top 15 Hottest Redheads In Wrestling History

As impressive and talented as the WWE's roster of women has become in recent years, the truth of the matter is the ladies will always be considered sex symbols. It's natural; just as many women in the 90s and early 2000s fantasized about The People's Strudel, male wrestling fans around the world tuned in for the prospect of puppies - and quality entertainment. Blonde beauties like Trish Stratus, Stacy Kiebler, and Torrie Wilson received a lot of the attention back then, but we're here to celebrate the hottest redhead Divas of all-time, not only in the WWE but the wrestling world as a whole.

Redheads have been underrated in and outside of the wrestling world for a long time, at least until Lita burst onto the scene and became the woman of every male wrestling fan's dreams - and quite likely a few of the women. Red hair occurs naturally in only two percent of the human population, but it's clear the WWE and others, like TNA, have realized our affinity for beautiful redheads. Now, Divas like Eva Marie and others are dying their hair red and we couldn't be happier. The next time someone tells you gingers have no soul, show them this list of heavenly angels.

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15 Rayna Von Tosh

via pwpop.com

New York native Rayna Von Tosh is known more for her natural red hair and beautiful body than her in-ring skills, but that's perfectly fine. The little-known 5-foot-8 grappler previously wrestled as Rayna Fyre, which was an appropriate nickname, but prior to retiring in 2011 worked under the Von Tosh name.

She began her brief three-year career in 2008 wrestling for Women Superstars Uncensored and later wrestled for the women-only independent SHIMMER. A graduate of the Ring of Honor training academy, she fought a tag team dark match for the promotion in 2010, but that was the extent of her career with ROH. According to some reports, she once attended a WWE tryout, but the company obviously didn't deem her worthy of a contract. She currently works for a traveling dance crew called The American Bombshells.

14 Melina

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Let's be clear here. If we were ranking these 15 women based on looks alone, Melina might be a little higher, but we're ranking the top redheads. We know Melina isn't a natural redhead, but she rocked the look for awhile, and while others have done it better, we have to give credit where credit is due.

The 37-year-old California native is a three-time WWE Women's Champion and had considerable success in her six-year career with the company prior to her release in 2011. The red hair wasn't necessarily her best look, but she was - and is - definitely hot enough to make the list. Still wrestling on the independent scene, Melina currently holds both the MCW Women's Title and the Queen of Southside Title for Southside Wrestling Entertainment.

13 April Hunter

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April Hunter is the kind of woman who could dominate most of the men reading this list right now. She's a physical specimen with an incredibly-toned and muscular body, but she's also got an attractive face, large "puppies", and long fiery red hair. She's 42-years-old, and judging by her latest Instagram posts is only getting better with age.

Hunter has never worked for WWE, but has worked matches for TNA in the past and, of course, acted briefly as a valet for nWo in WCW. She has a lengthy resume of independents for which she has wrestled for. In 2005 alone, she worked for 14 promotions. She continued to work up until 2014, but appears to have retired from the ring. Fortunately, with minimal effort, you can find her pictures from Playboy, Maxim, and several other publications.

12 Sara Jay

via vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net

Not to be confused with another Sara Jay who has showcased her body in countless adult films, the Australian wrestler is a petite five-foot, 110lb beauty who wrestles primarily for United Pro Wrestling, but also freelances for numerous independent promotions throughout Australia and Europe. She's a talented performer whose finishing move is the rocket blaster, a sitdown facebuster, which she delivers to who we can only assume are some of the luckiest performers in wrestling.

The 30-year-old has been wrestling professionally since 2008 and has won multiple championships, including the World Wrestling Council Women's Championship and the MIW Women's Championship (x2) for Australia's Impact Pro Wrestling. She was also the inaugural New Age Wrestling Women's Champion. Be careful when searching Sara Jay on Google, however, especially if you're on a work computer.

11 Scarlett Bordeaux

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A multi-talented beauty, Scarlett Bordeaux (real name Elizabeth Chihaia) works as a wrestler, valet, and ring announcer for Ring of Honor and has previously worked with TNA and WWE, joining its developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling. She's also a bottle serve at Underground Chicago and an accomplished singer who has performed the national anthem at sporting events. She has gone blonde and pink during her career, but we have to confess she's much better served as a stunning redhead.

For its 35th anniversary issue, Pro Wrestling Illustrated listed her as one of the 35 Most Beautiful Women of Wrestling. She made her WWE debut last December, jobbing to Nia Jax in a match that didn't necessarily allow her to showcase much of anything. Unfortunately, she was sporting blonde hair at the time which is probably the cause for her defeat.

10 Jemma Palmer

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A former model, Jemma Palmer was signed by the WWE in 2009 to compete in the company's developmental promotion, Florida Championship Wrestling. Unfortunately for Palmer, a native of Great Britain, her FCW progress was stunted by visa problems, limiting her training. There's also the problem that she simply wasn't that talented of a performer, but there's no denying her stunning body and appeal, especially when she rocked red hair.

Palmer, who also used to appear on the British version of Gladiators, wrestled briefly in various independent promotions following her unsuccessful stint with the WWE. She has since invested into a sportswear company as well as Buff Naked Butlers, an English service in which semi-naked butlers are available to serve and entertain at private functions.

9 Taeler Hendrix

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If you're not a hardcore wrestling fan, chances are you aren't following any promotions other than the WWE. But there's at least one reason you should be watching Ring of Honor and that is for Taeler Hendrix. The busty 27-year-old has been wrestling since 2008 and has appeared frequently on ROH TV since 2014, to the delight of many.

She has some in-ring ability too, having competed for dozens of independents throughout her career, including Queens of Combat and Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling. She also previously wrestled briefly for TNA. She works great as a heel, infusing Jessica Rabbit-like seductress characteristics with total disregard for her opponents. She's considered by some as one of the better heels outside of the WWE, and at just 27-years-old the Massachusetts native still has plenty of time left to further advance her career. She appeared on WWE TV in 2014 and had a tryout with the company, but wasn't signed.

8 SoCal Val

via socalvalstore.com

Unlike most of the women to appear on this list so far, SoCal Val (real name Paige Nicole Mayo) has only wrestled sparingly, primarily serving as a valet in TNA and on the independent circuit. In TNA, she has typically served as a ring announcer, holding the position for extended periods from 2006-'13. After her release from TNA in 2013, she returned to the promotion in 2015, resuming her former duties as ring announcer, replacing Christy Hemme, presumably due to TNA's affinity for hot redheads.

She turned down a Playboy centerfold in 2006, but eventually posed semi-nude for a calendar developed by pin-up artist "Hawaiian" Bryan Hey. Throughout her career, she has managed wrestlers such as Sonjay Dutt, Steve Corino, Jay Lethal, and several others.

7 Alicia Fox

via cattieswomenswrestling.files.wordpress.com

Victoria Crawford first appeared on WWE TV in 2008 as Alicia Fox, and a couple years later became the first African American WWE Divas Champion. Like Melina, she isn't a natural redhead, but we couldn't construct this list without mentioning the Total Diva cast member and her incredible beauty as a redhead.

As a redhead, Fox could give Rihanna a run for her money in terms of sex appeal, but she's currently back to a mix of brown and blonde, which we have to admit works just as well. Either way, the multi-talented athlete has proven she's perfectly capable of dying her hair whatever color she desires, while still looking like an absolute stunner. Her role in the company seems to have diminished since her title stint, but, to the delight of her fans, she remains a consistent on-screen presence.

6 Becky Lynch

via wwe.com

If Alicia Fox isn't exactly what you think of when you heard the term redhead, Becky Lynch might be the exact person that comes to a mind - a fiery Irish lass with orange-red hair, and a body and smile that can make a grown man feel weak in the knees. She's incredibly talented, too. After wrestling primarily in Europe and Canada early in her career, Lynch (real name Rebecca Quin) was signed by the WWE in 2013.

A member of the Four Horsewomen, Lynch is widely considered the second best female wrestler in the WWE behind Charlotte. She held the SmackDown Live Women's Championship for over two months in 2016 and should be a contender for the title in the near future. For the time being, we're happy she's a valued asset in the WWE.

5 Candice Michelle

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Candice Michelle Beckman Ehrlich is a 38-year-old native of Wisconsin who became known to the wrestling world through Diva Search. In fact, in 2007, Michelle became the first former Diva Search contestant to win the WWE Women's Championship when she pinned Melina. Michelle didn't even make the top ten of the 2004 Diva Search, but she struck a chord with WWE Creative and fans of the promotion.

Injuries shortened her career in the WWE, but the beautiful redhead had a solid run from 2005-'08. Fortunately for us, she hasn't stopped being a public figure. In fact, she famously bared all for Playboy in 2006 and enjoyed a stint as the Go Daddy Girl. She has rocked numerous hairstyles throughout her career, and while red may not have been her best color, she's simply too sexy to leave outside of the top five.

4 Maria Kanellis

via lylesmoviefiles.com

Like Candice Michelle, Maria competed in Diva Search 2004 and placed fifth. After grinding through work in OVW, she began appearing on Raw as a backstage interviewer but improved her in-ring abilities throughout her six years with the company. She didn't win any titles with the WWE, but was a treat to watch every time she appeared on screen. She had some decent matches with Lita, which, if you're a fan of redheads were an absolute joy to watch.

After leaving WWE, she worked for Ring of Honor, where she managed her real-life boyfriend and future husband, Mike Bennett. In 2016, she and Bennett debuted as heels in TNA. She held the TNA Women's Knockout Championship for 50 days before losing the title to Gail Kim. The self-proclaimed "sexy beast" has 283,000 followers on Instagram and for good reason.

3 Eva Marie

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If you're a lover of the vibrant redheads, Eva Marie is probably the reason you came here. The fiery redhead was suspended by the WWE in 2016 for violating the company's Wellness Policy, but prior to that had frequently appeared on Raw, spent time in NXT, and was part of the Total Divas cast. Ms. All Red Everything is also a fitness model and actress, and boasts incredible sex appeal - the breast implants don't hurt either. To give an idea of her appeal, a video of a planned wardrobe malfunction in which prevented her from wrestling Becky Lynch has over 28 million views on YouTube. And to be clear, there's really nothing to see.

She's set to appear in two upcoming films, Action No. 1 and Inconceivable (starring Nicolas Cage, so you know it's going to be good), but has unfortunately got rid of the red hair.

2 Lita

via wwe.com

You probably knew the top two coming into this, and while it was a hard (giggity) choice, Lita ultimately ranks as the second best redhead Diva of all-time. If we're factoring talent into this, she would undeniably claim the top spot, but there's no shame in finishing second. Lita helped revolutionize the Women's Division in the early 2000s. Her career wasn't without controversy, but whenever she was on screen, men clamored over her looks and talent.

The four-time WWE Women's Champion was part of several memorable feuds in the WWE before retiring in 2007. She did, however, make numerous appearances in retirement, including on the 1,000th episode of Raw and at WrestleMania 32. It was revealed in 2015 that she had been hired as a creative writer and as a panelist for the company, but she quietly left in December 2016. Regardless, she's solely responsible for turning a generation of wrestling fans into lovers of redheads.

1 Christy Hemme

via dailywrestlingnews.com

Christy Hemme couldn't wrestle, but that's not what this list is about. Hemme won the WWE Diva Search in 2004, and ever since has been the dream girl for hordes of wrestling fans, whether during her brief stint with the WWE or her role as a ring announcer and interviewer with TNA. Most of the women on this list can provide much more than Hemme in terms of overall talent, but she managed to get by on looks alone for the better part of a decade.

In addition to her work in wrestling, she has appeared in Maxim, Rolling Stone, and of course, Playboy. Naturally, she was a waitress at Hooters prior to winning the Diva Search. She left TNA in 2016 and was replaced as ring announcer by another redhead, SoCal Val.

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