Top 15 Hottest Ring Attire Of Current WWE Divas

The WWE is a playground full of toned physiques and athletic talent. The company is very focused on Superstars, male and female, that have “the look”. Sex appeal is still often a major factor when it comes to what makes a successful Superstar, even in the PG-era. The WWE spent a lot of the Attitude Era focusing on sex appeal over in-ring skill, until the emergence of real talent like Lita and Trish Stratus on the roster and the concept of a female talent in the WWE began to change.

A delicate mixture of athlete and model began to emerge in the WWE Divas division. The roster would soon find another dimension by being featured on the E! Network reality series, Total Divas. This would give the fans an insight into the personal lives of the Divas behind the scenes.

It was at WrestleMania last year that things really began to change. The Divas division was officially dubbed the women's division, and instead of Divas, the girls all began to be referred to as Superstars. This is a great era for women in sports and the roster of talent that the WWE has is as beautiful as they are talented.

This list focuses on the looks of these talented athletes, but is in no way intended to diminish their in-ring ability or skills. Every woman on this list is extremely talented and well-respected and for good reason. The wrestling industry is very looks driven, on the male and female side of things, and this list serves simply as a tribute to the lovely women of the WWE.

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15 Summer Rae

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Summer Rae, born Danielle Moinet, has been with the WWE for six years now. She began her career back in the FCW developmental territory and has continued to move around the roster looking for her footing as a character. She has played heel opposite Natalya, both on WWE and Total Divas programming, and served as Fandango's dancing partner/valet for a time and was interjected with Lana and Rusev in a storyline that quickly failed. Summer is currently a part of the Monday Night RAW women's division, although she has been out with a knee injury since she was drafted.

Regardless of how you feel about her character or her in-ring ability, Summer Rae always manages to garner attention. Her ring gear always emphasizes her toned physique.

14 Natalya

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You've seen her on Total Divas and in the main event picture for the WWE women's division from time to time. Recently, she has gotten a better push, which is long overdue for someone that comes from wrestling royalty. A member of the notorious Hart family, Natalya's family history alone is enough to make fans stand-up and take notice.

Natalya has been a babyface for most of her tenure with the WWE, but her recent role as a heel has really shown fans a new level we didn't realize she had before. Along with that new level comes sexy new ring gear that has a dominatrix feel to match her nasty new attitude. The mostly vinyl outfit includes some great revealing mesh cut-outs, helping to make some must-see tv!

13 Emma

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Emma (real name Tenille Dashwood) is a beauty from down under that is anything but an innocent damsel. She's been with the WWE for a few years now, but continues to have issues finding her footing as a character. Regardless of her constant character reboots, fans are still happy to see Emma come on television.

She seems to naturally gravitate towards the heel position, opting for a snarl over a cute smile, and that's just fine by us. Her no-nonsense persona is great to watch. Her ring gear is suited perfectly to her, showing off her rough and tough side and her sexy, toned midriff all at once.

You can find more sexy pics of Emma online, where she has almost one million followers on Twitter, and it's not just because of those in-ring skills!

12 Becky Lynch

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The "Irish Lass Kicker" has been with the WWE throughout the entire Divas Revolution. She was a part of the Four Horsewomen down in NXT and has held the women's division on her shoulders for a long time. Becky was the first ever SmackDown Live! Women's Champ and she remains in the event picture on a very consistent basis.

Becky is extremely talented and dedicated in the ring, but she is as beautiful as she is fierce. Her ring attire is always sexy, creative and theatrical, which adds a different level to her appeal. It's hard not to take notice when Becky is in the ring, because she always delivers a fantastic match and looks amazing while doing it.

11 Alexa Bliss

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Alexa has come into the WWE hot off a great run in NXT and almost single-handedly invigorated the SmackDown Live! women's division. She's known as "the wicked witch of the WWE" and "Five feet of fury" and she plays heel like few women in the division, on either RAW or SmackDown can. She's great on the mic and in the ring.

Alexa doesn't have any lack of talent or theatrical ability and she has no shortage of admirers either.  Alexa has taken on everything from a Nightmare on Elm Street tribute to a Suicide Squad Harley Quinn look since making her way to the main roster. Her ring attire turns heads whenever she enters an arena and her bad girl persona only adds to her appeal.

10 Sasha Banks

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If you're going to talk about underdog fan favorites, there's no one in the women's division that resembles the potential for a huge run that could rival that of Daniel Bryan more than Sasha Banks. The fans recognize not only her in-ring ability, but her passion for the industry as a fan, and it quickly becomes infectious.

Sasha's vibrant hair, character attitude and sexy ring gear make her an instant attraction. It doesn't matter what auditorium she's in, the WWE Universe is all behind "The Boss". Her relation to Snoop Dogg may have helped to get her in the door, but this sexy young woman stands all on her own.

9 Charlotte Flair

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Charlotte Flair is an absolute show-stopper. The moment she enters the ring, the entire tone of the arena changes and the fans know that they're in the presence of greatness. She's captivating with her mixture of beauty and skill. She is currently on the top of the roster for the Monday Night RAW women's division.

She does everything with Flair (oh, the puns!). Charlotte is undoubtedly the queen of the women's division. Her father was a legend with the ladies, at least in his own mind, and Charlotte has the perfect mixture of in-ring ability, mic skill and looks to remain on top of the WWE for as long as she wants. Her ring attire allows Charlotte to come across as classy, sexy and powerful all at once.

8 Carmella

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Leah Van Dale has had an impressive career so far. She performs in the WWE under the ring name Carmella. She has worked as a fitness trainer and even a Laker Girl for a time. A second generation wrestling talent, Carmela is the daughter of one time WWE jobber Paul Van Dale. Her NXT career began in 2013 and she eventually moved to the WWE main roster in 2016, moving right into a high-profile feud with Nikki Bella.

Carmella always impresses when she comes to the ring. She has a real-life relationship going with WWE Superstar Big Cass (How you doin'?) and an on-screen "friendship" with (shudder) James Ellsworth. Carmella currently graces screens as a part of the women's roster on SmackDown Live!

7 Eva Marie

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Eva Marie, real name Natalie Coyle, came into the WWE at a time when the Divas division was still in full swing and looks often trumped talent. Eva had the difficult job of learning to wrestle after she was already signed, making her pathway to in-ring respect very challenging. One aspect that Eva has never had issues with is her look. Her ring gear has always been extremely sexy and revealing.

The future of Eva Marie in the WWE is uncertain at best. Recent reports indicate that they may be parting ways after her recent wellness policy violation. Although the WWE has found another way to utilize Eva Marie, in their direct to DVD film market, she remains unhappy with her placement in the company.

6 Dana Brooke

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Dana Brook, real name Ashley Sebera, was a one time fitness model turned pro wrestler. She entered the NXT program in 2013. She was eventually given a spot on the main roster as Charlotte's valet and cohort, interfering in a number of Charlotte's matches. Dana has wrestled some matches in WWE, but a strong character identity still eludes her. She is currently a part of the Monday Night RAW brand.

Dana has great in-ring ability and a lot of potential, once she develops more talking skill. What she doesn't lack is sex appeal in her ring gear. Dana was recently dating WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler in real life, but the two quietly parted ways after they were separated by the brand split.

5 Paige

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Paige has been living and breathing wrestling for nearly her entire life. It's well-known amongst the smarks that she comes from a wrestling family over in the United Kingdom. She was thrust into the main event picture in both NXT and WWE very quickly, because of that ever so important mixture of in-ring ability and sex appeal.

Her future with the company has been uncertain ever since she began dating former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio. The two began a rather drama-filled relationship last year and since that time Paige has been out due to wellness policy violations and injury. Her future with the company has been uncertain, but it looks like she may make a return after WrestleMania.

4 Alicia Fox

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Alicia Fox, known to her friends backstage as "Foxy", has been a staple in the WWE women's division since her debut back in 2008. She has the distinction of being the one and only ever African-American WWE Divas champion. She also had a part on the Total Divas reality show for a time.

These days, Alicia has been drafted to the Monday Night RAW brand and has been suffering quite the losing streak. She can be seen more regularly with the cruiserweight division on 205 Live, as she is engaged in an on-screen love triangle with Noam Dar and Cedric Alexander.

3 Naomi

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Naomi is currently out with an injury, forcing her to give up her first run with the SmackDown Live! women's championship all too soon. She has really gained footing with the WWE Universe the past year with her "Feel the Glow" gimmick. It's clear that Naomi is one of the most talented athletes that the WWE has, but she's got looks to go along with it too.

Naomi's newer ring gear consists of a sexy skintight bodysuit that has a blacklight "glow" feature to it. That, along with her glow makeup and hair create a stunning visual for her ring entrance. Naomi is out with an injury right now, but she'll be back to the main event picture soon enough.

2 Lana

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Lana came into the WWE as part of a lame gimmick that was worn-out in the 1980s, but she managed to captivate audiences around the world with her fake Russian accent and exceptional beauty. Lana began her career in the entertainment industry as an actress, you may have seen her previously on shows like Banshee (look it up!).

"Handsome" Rusev is a highly talented guy in the ring and has a great look, but it's the "we want Lana" chants that echo through every arena that the WWE enters, because the fans can always count on her character to come adorned in one sexy outfit after another.

Lana finally hit the ring and geared-up for WrestleMania 32, which is the source of this image, and it didn't disappoint.

1 Nikki Bella

via wrestlingforum.com

Nikki Bella, one half the former Bella Twins, is best known these days as a Kardashian-style reality star. She has two reality shows, Total Divas and Total Bellas, on the E! Network. She's also commonly billed as John Cena's real-life love interest. All that aside, Nikki was brought in as a sexy gimmick during a time when Divas were the landscape in the women's division. It was a lot more about look and sex appeal than real in-ring talent. That concept has done a real 180 degree turn over the past few years and Nikki has clearly stepped up and worked on her skill, while still retaining her sexy vibe.

If you've ever seen a Nikki Bella spear, then you know she has really begun to give it her all in the ring. Her intensity and the moves that she is pulling out are improving greatly, proving that the women's division can be sexy and skilled.

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