Top 15 Hottest Ring Gear Worn By WWE Divas During Matches

Sexy. Smart. Powerful. But above all else? SEXY.

The three words above were the words used  by the commentators to describe the WWE Divas of the PG Era. Once they would make their way inside the squared circle, "sexy, smart, and powerful" is what Michael Cole would be sure to tell us; and with reason. With the likes of Kelly Kelly, Maryse, Eve Torres, Layla, and the Bella Twins ruling the division during the era, it's kind of hard to disagree.

Yes, the Divas of today are still sexy as hell (Lana anybody?), but we the fans already know that. With the quality of wrestling these women churn out week after week, it's nice to see the commentators, you know, actually call the match instead of pointing out their... assets. But we can't blame the WWE, as the division has given us some of the most beautiful women for us to feast our eyes upon over the past couple decades. And when you consider the outfits these girls would wear in the past, we're all guilty of commenting on how "sexy" they are.

When Alundra Blayze was defending her Women's Championship in the mid 90s, it wasn't about sex appeal, it was about women's wrestling. But when the championship was reinstated in 1998, the focus changed. WWE now had Sable, Debra, and The Kat representing the division as Champions, three Divas who were obviously not accomplished wrestlers. At the time fans were paying much more attention to what Divas were wearing (or not wearing), than the quality of the matches.

Although things would change a bit once Lita and Trish Stratus would join the division, the level of sex appeal never diminished. Even today, though not as over the top as some outfits have been in the past, the WWE Divas still look as fine as ever. From Sable to the Bella Twins, we will be looking at 15 women who sported some of the sexiest ring gear ever worn by our beloved lady wrestlers during their matches. And we start with...

15 Tori


I guess Sable was right - all the women did want to be her. Starting off as an obsessed fan of Sable's, Tori (not to be confused with Torrie Wilson) would join the roster and challenge her idol to a match at WrestleMania XV after being humiliated by the blonde bombshell for weeks.

14 The Kat


Although not technically "ring" gear, seeing as the match didn't take place inside a ring, we're still going to count this outfit, as it was worn while the Women's Championship was on the line.

A Snowbunny Lumberjill Match (yes, this was a thing) saw The Kat's reign as Champion come to a bitter end, when Harvey Wippleman (disguised in drag as Hervina) defeated her with a three count in a pool filled with ice cold snow.

13 Lita


12 Trish Stratus


When Trish Stratus arrived on the scene, it only took her less than two years to win her first Women's Championship. Although, she would become a legitimate competitor in the ring, this is the WWE we are talking about, and Trish would defend her Title in many different matches, including Bra and Panties matches and even Mud wrestling.

11 Stacy Keibler


What was supposed to be an Evening Gown match at Wrestlemania XX turned into... well, a regular match I guess - but the Divas decided to strip down and wrestle in their skivvies instead. Why? Because why not?

10 Dawn Marie


9 Mickie James


Anything Mickie James wore from late 2005 into 2006 makes this list. The five-time Women's Champion debuted as the spunky super fan of Trish Stratus and as we know, the two of them had some of the best matches of their career together.

During this period in Mickie's career, she always seemed to wrestle in skirts and with the right camera angle, we pretty much saw her full assets on more than one occasion.

8 Torrie Wilson


This two-time Playboy Cover girl looked great anytime she stepped in the ring, and to be honest, many of Torrie Wilson's outfits could easily make this list. However if we had to pick just one, we're going with that time in the summer of 2006, when Torrie took on Candice Michelle in the first ever "Wet N Wild" match. Yes, a "Wet N Wild match".

7 Candice Michelle


Like many of the Divas before her, Candice Michelle was a model turned wrestler. Although her wrestling knowledge would grow week after week, it didn't stop her outfits from becoming smaller and smaller.

I've seen Divas compete in Bra and Panties matches and still be more covered up than Candice was here in this little red number she's wrestled in. And no, she didn't wear this outfit in a Lingerie match; it was a regular match.

6 Maryse


5 Kelly Kelly


As Jerry the King Lawler would say, "she was so nice, you had to say her name twice".

Kelly... Kelly.

Debuting in ECW as a glorified stripper, Kelly Kelly eventually tamed it up once the WWE went full-on PG. Like Maryse, it didn't stop the blonde beauty from oozing sex appeal.

4 AJ Lee


Surprisingly not too long ago in 2012, the WWE had the Divas competing in a Summertime Beach Battle Royal, and you guessed it, the Divas had to wear their hot new bikinis! The swimwear was pretty PG for the most part, but hey, a woman wrestling in a swimsuit is still a woman wrestling in a swimsuit, am I right?

3 Naomi


2 Eva Marie


1 The Bella Twins


You can't do a list about sexy ring gear and not include these Total Divas stars. Over the years, Nikki's body has gone from simply sexy to super sexy, and who doesn't like that little spin she does as she makes her way to the ring. Unfortunately for us, we can look but we definitely can't touch as her theme song suggests.

Her sister Brie leaves a bit more to the imagination, but still looks sexy no matter what she wrestles in. No, this isn't the Attitude Era anymore, but the Bella Twins certainly didn't ever have to bare it all to be considered some of the sexiest Divas in the history of the company. Kudos to them.

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Top 15 Hottest Ring Gear Worn By WWE Divas During Matches