Top 15 Hottest Sable Moments

The word Diva can be attributed with a lot of things now, but it all began with one of the hottest Divas of all time, the sultry Sable. She has been a model first appearing in ads for Guess Jeans, Pepsi, and L'Oreal. She spent time as an actress appearing in the movie Corky Romano and also TV shows Relic Hunter and First Wave.  Sable then went on to marry the beast incarnate Brock Lesnar. That's not all she did though, because if it were not for Sable, we wouldn't have a Diva's division anywhere near what it is today.

Sable started as an on screen valet for Hunter Hearst Helmsley. That relationship didn't last long before she aligned with her then husband, the Wild Man Marc Mero. On screen she was his valet and before long she started to get noticed more then The Wildman. This not only upset Mr Mero but it lead to some of the greatest television in history and was one of the defining moments of the Attitude Era. Before long her popularity led to a women's championship run, a spread in Playboy, and a couple of the hottest feuds the wrestling business has ever seen.

Sable was only around for a relatively short period but it is amazing the amount she did with the time she had. From the bikinis, the feuds, the Playboy spreads, or the painted hand prints, it is incredibly difficult to decide which was the hottest moment. We decided to tackle that challenge. So through many hours searching the web and many more late night hours watching countless episodes of WWE  programming, we may have come to a final consensus. Now with that being said, we present to you the 15 hottest moments of all time starring Sable.

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15 WrestleMania 12 

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March 31st 1996. Sable makes her debut on the grandest stage of them all while escorting Hunter Hearst Helmsley to the ring. As she walked through the back stage curtain, Vince McMahon summed up in one word what every one at home was thinking. He simply said "wow" and then left a moment of silence as this absolutely beautiful woman walked into our lives and onto our TV screens. She was so stunning with her long curly flowing hair and that classy black dress that we're pretty sure the internet would've blown up in modern times.

14 Unforgiven 1998 

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As Sable's popularity started to rise, she was beginning to feud with her then husband Marc Mero. The reason for the feud was simple, Marc was jealous that Sable was starting to get all the attention. While the couple was having their issues, they entered a feud with Goldust and Luna Vachon. The payoff to this feud was an evening gown match at Unforgiven. The energy that Jerry Lawler brought to his commentary was priceless and added an insane amount of energy to the moment. Marc Mero needs to get a lot of credit for distracting Sable during this match because that allowed Luna to show us all what we had wanted from the moment this match was announced. And then to bless us with more, Sable crawled under the ring after Luna and emerged with what was remaining of Luna's undergarments.

13 For The Women Who Want To Be Me.... 

At number 13, we have decided on not one particular moment but on one of the sexiest heel promos/ introductions ever made. After her first playboy appearance, Sable turned heel and started to push her ego to the forefront. In what would become an every match tradition starting in the weeks leading up to WrestleMania XV, Sable would get on the microphone and say words that still ring through my head. "For the women who want to be me and the men who came to see me, Are boys you ready for the Grind?" Then we were all in amazement as she rubbed her hands on her body while placing us in a trance with her hips swiveling back and forth.

12 Silhouette

On a side note, Jerry Lawler has become much calmer since he returned to replace Paul Heyman in November of 2001. Prior to that he was hands down the best antagonist announcer in wrestling history and no one has come close since. His energy is on full display in this segment prior to Fully Loaded 98. Jerry busts (pun intended) into Sable's dressing room to get a sneak peek at her swimsuit for the contest later on in the night. What we were treated to was Sable walking behind a changing room panel to remove her top and give us a a shadowy outline of those "puppies."

11 Playboy Evening Gown Match 

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In 2003, Sable and Torrie Wilson teamed up against Jackie Gayda and Stacy Keibler for the first ever Playboy Evening Gown Match at WrestleMania XX. Now if seeing those four in a fancy dress wasn't hot enough, Sable and Torrie were bound to make it hotter. Prior to the match, Sable took the microphone and let everyone know that she was feeling constricted and that she and Torrie had decided to start the match with their evening gowns off. What happened next was jaw dropping as Sable, Stacy and Torrie stripped their dresses off. Jackie didn't want to play along but Sable and Torrie saw to it that she would.

10 Sable Invitational 

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When Sable returned to the WWE, it was shortly after Torrie had her Playboy shoot. Sable, with a little bit of professional jealousy, engaged with Torrie in the single hottest feud in wrestling history. Week after week these two turned up the temperature and the fans were ever grateful. After a few weeks, Sable decided to host a bikini contest in which Torrie would face off against Nidia and Dawn Marie. After a scathing promo by Sable, we thought Torrie wasn't going to make it. Much to our delight, she did and helped Sable give us quite possibly the hottest moment in SmackDown history. As Sable leaned against the ropes Torrie proceeded to share a lollipop with her, while giving her a front row seat to a special dance.

9 Judgement Day Bikini Contest 

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This one may go down as the greatest bikini contest ever. After weeks of Torrie and Sable involved in a feud on SmackDown about who was the best Playboy cover girl, it all came to a head at Judgement Day 2003. The two women engaged in another enticing backstage promo and then brought the action to the ring. Sable had the contest won when Torrie declared that she wasn't done yet. Another layer of clothing came off and Torrie was declared the winner.

8 Sablelicious 

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On the SmackDown before the Judgement Day bikini contest versus Torrie, Sable made an appearance on the stage to taunt her opponent. While wearing a black silk robe, she delivered a prototypical heel promo before getting to the real reason she was out there, our satisfaction. Sable then disrobed to show an absolutely stunning bikini to the audience. Jerry Lawler may be the best in the business at showing excitement for this type of display. While Tazz may not be as good as Jerry was in the 90s, he does still give the segment the little bit of the extra wow it needed.

7 Sable Bomb

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In a match in which she teamed with Marvelous Marc Mero against the Artist formerly known as Goldust and Luna Vachon at WrestleMania XIV. Sable proved that she can hold her own against anyone in the WWE. During the match she delivered a superkick to Goldust and later a power bomb to Luna. That power bomb was renamed the Sable Bomb and a phenomenon was born. Sable got the win in the match by executing a version of Mero's TKO finisher on Luna. There is something extremely hot about a woman that can hold her own in the ring.

6 Idaho Spud 

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On a 1997 episode of Raw, Marvelous Marc Mero was at the height of his jealousy over how popular Sable had become. He figured that a way to keep her down was to not allow her to dress provactively. He then introduced Sable, who came to the ring wearing a potato sack. We discussed this at great length and the general consensus is that this was the sexiest a potato sack ever looked, but she wasn't done yet. When Marc asked her to disrobe him, she took that moment to remove the spud sack and reveal a very sexy bikini underneath. The highlight of the moment was Mr Mero's reaction as he dove for the sack to cover his wife up.

5 Miss Slammy 1997 

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Marvelous Marc Mero, who was then known as The Wildman, was sidelined with an injury for much of 1997. During that time Sable was used as a model for WWE merchandise. Because of her beauty, she started to become more and more popular. The Slammy Awards were presented for 1997 and with that came a bikini contest for the Title of Miss Slammy. Sunny and Marlena each came out with very sexy swimsuits but none could top the one worn by Sable. She got such a reaction from the crowd, and even her own husband, that we knew she was bound for super stardom.

4 Strip Tease for Torrie

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During what we had previously dubbed the hottest wrestling feud ever, we saw the temperature turned up to a scorching level. A 2003 episode of SmackDown brought us a segment in which Sable needed to find a place to change. What happened next made all of our eyes pop. Sable tried to convince Torrie to help her undress and when that didn't work, she took care of matters herself. What resulted was a moment that will stay etched in our minds forever as Sable removed the top of her outfit in front of Torrie, letting the world at home witness it from her back. Then just to make sure the fans were completely satisfied, she turned around to give us a better view while she covered up with her hands.

3 Hand Print Cover Up 

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We discussed the sexy silhouette in number 12 from Fully Loaded 98. The nice thing for the fans around the world is Sable treated us to something better in the bikini contest itself. There was slight level of disappointment after Jackie flashed the world when Sable's revealed her bikini and it was less then what was expected. Thankfully, according to her, she wasn't going to give in to what Mr. McMahon's version of conservative was. She then removed her top to show us what was a pair of hand prints essentially giving her girls a high five. Needless to say Sable won another bikini contest.

2 Playboy Cover Girl

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In April of 1999, Sable graced the cover of Playboy and gave us all an exciting reason to buy the magazine. The April issue was the best selling issue in the history of the magazine, at the time, and Sable became the first WWE Diva to appear in the publication. Her star was rising high before this pictorial debuted, but after this happened her star exploded to a whole new stratosphere. Soon after she would turn heel and grace us with a few more hot moments before her first run in the WWE was up. We're sure you are asking how is it possible that this moment is only number two. Well........

1 And More Playboy 

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Because the only thing hotter than one is two. In March of 2004, Sable and Torrie Wilson were no longer feuding on screen, so they made up in grand fashion. By giving the fans not only Sable's hottest moment, but probably the single hottest moment in wrestling history by both appearing in the publication together. Breathtaking is an understatement and nothing could ever top this as Sable's hottest moment ever.

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