Top 15 Hottest Stephanie McMahon Moments

Remember the prom queen? She was beautiful and intimidating. Entitled. She was dating the morose muscle-head. She put you through hell for no reason at all; simply because her social status was above your own. However, for some twisted reason locked within your teenage psyche, you couldn't get enough. Her torment served as a turn on; an indescribable attraction.

Remind you of somebody in WWE? Stephanie McMahon perhaps? The beautiful and entitled daughter of Vince McMahon who is married to the Triple H and makes life hell (on screen) for those who roam the halls of WWE High. Yet, you love seeing Stephanie on your television screen as the authoritative McMahon is a constant delight to your animalistic senses.

With the risk of male chauvinism overtaking this article, we will take a look at the WWE heiress and the perpetual heat which has made Stephanie McMahon one of the hottest women in WWE history. It's always the daughter of the boss that stands out in these situations; like a bad movie with a tired old plot. However, there she is in all her glory: Stephanie McMahon.

When Stephanie first arrived on the camera side of WWE, she was portrayed as an innocent and sheltered, little Connecticut Princess. Perhaps this world - this place where most of us have never been - has helped contribute to the attraction. Perhaps all the middle and lower-class wrestling fans thought of themselves as James Dean, the rebel who would steal away Daddy's Little Girl.

Over the years, we have seen Stephanie partake in some ridiculous angles as well as some great storylines, all while maintaining that unattainable aura. The girl far from reach but the one admired from afar. Such is Stephanie McMahon. Now then, let's indulge in the swine side of our male minds.

These are the top 15 hottest Stephanie McMahon moments:

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15 Confrontation with AJ Lee 

Going back to the prom queen point: on a episode of Monday Night Raw - while AJ Lee stood out in the ring bragging - out came Stephanie McMahon to confront the much smaller Lee.

This was a classic case of prom queen vs. the outcast; as the women stood face-to-face and Stephanie informed AJ that "nobody does crazy better than us" (a reference to the McMahon family) the contrast in the ring we certainly felt.

There was something Stephanie asserting herself into the situation that made this a hot moment, not to mention the inclusion of AJ Lee.

14 The Desk 

If you tuned into SmackDown while Hulk Hogan portrayed Mr. America then you might still feel ashamed that you actually paid attention to that over-the-top ridiculous feud involving Mr. McMahon.

However, you may recall the first you heard of Mr. America as the camera panned up the long legs of Stephanie McMahon who was bent over her desk. Stephanie would then discuss how different body types make America great.

While this segment was used to inform the audience that Mr. America would be arriving the following week, Stephanie would make the announcement look so good.

13 The Booty Smack 

While John Cena was operating as the "Doctor of Thuganomics" he would find himself in the ring on SmackDown and involved in a segment with Stephanie McMahon. Cena, in rap form, would ask if he could give Stephanie a little smack.

In response, Stephanie McMahon would dare John Cena to actually follow through before bending over and presenting herself to the future face of WWE. Cena would then proceed accordingly.

The idea of Stephanie McMahon allowing anybody other than Triple H to get away with a little smack is definitely a dirty thought.

12 Women's Champion 

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On an episode of SmackDown back in the year 2000, Stephanie McMahon would challenge Jacqueline for the WWE Women's Championship. It was obvious from the start who would emerge the victor.

At this time, the McMahon-Helmsley Regime was in full force and it only seemed fitting for Stephanie to get her hands on some gold; which is exactly what happened on this night in San Antonio.

While the McMahon family winning championships is frowned upon, Stephanie looked as good as the gold she was holding.

11 Match with Trish Stratus 

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No Way Out 2001: the end of the Monday Night War was near and the legendary Attitude Era was coming to a close. The landscape of professional wrestling would change forever.

At the final Pay-Per-View event before Vince McMahon bought WCW, his daughter Stephanie would compete in a match against a woman who many consider the greatest female wrestler of all time in Trish Stratus.

During the match, Stephanie McMahon would find time to pull down Trish Stratus' pants, exposing her to the audience before administering a spanking.

10 Stone Cold's Truck 

Once again Jim Ross was placed in a position to be humiliated as Jonathan Coachman had attempted to replace the voice of WWE at the Raw announce table alongside Jerry "The King" Lawler.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin would step in to rectify the situation and help his friend get back to where he belonged as a match was set to take place between Austin and The Coach (the match never happened).

One night on Raw as the Stone Cold pickup truck rolled into the arena, the crowd would get a surprise as Stephanie McMahon emerged from the vehicle with a ball cap and a beer.

9 The Sledgehammer 

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Triple H and Sting would go to war in what was perceived to be a WWE vs. WCW battle. Naturally, Triple H would win this fight as WWE was in no way going to allow its fans to believe WCW was ever the superior brand.

During the build towards their showdown, Sting would come face-to-face with Stephanie McMahon and avoid receiving one of Stephanie's slaps. When Triple H entered the ring, hell was set to break loose.

On the outside, Stephanie McMahon - with the most evil and seductive of looks - would retrieve her husband's sledgehammer from beneath the ring with wicked intentions.

8 Halloween 

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The inner-battle of brands was rather intriguing when Stephanie McMahon served as General Manager of SmackDown and Eric Bischoff as General Manager of Raw. The back-and-forth between shows was interesting at the time.

On one particular episode of SmackDown, Stephanie McMahon would throw a locker room Halloween party, a party which was crashed by Eric Bischoff in a Vince McMahon mask who would steal a kiss in the process.

That night Stephanie McMahon was dressed as a very busty witch in a costume that made everybody look twice ... and then a third time.

7 First Defiance of Vince 

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Armageddon 1999: as the century came to a close, a new power couple would emerge and take the WWE into the year 2000. That night in a No Holds Barred match, Triple H would do battle with Vince McMahon.

Following his victory, the night would conclude with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon involved in a warm and defiant embrace. It was the first time Stephanie would turn on her dear old Dad.

There is always something about the innocent daughter turning her back on her father that steams up the senses.

6 Working as a Referee 

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The special guest referee concept is one that will never grow old in WWE as it acts as a means of including a legend into an event or setting up some form of a double-cross or screwjob scenario.

At No Way Out 2002, Triple H and Kurt Angle would compete in a match to determine the true number one Contender to the Undisputed WWE Championship at WrestleMania with Stephanie McMahon serving as referee.

When Stephanie McMahon came down to the ring in her referee outfit, jaws required lifting from the floor.

5 Howard Stern Interview 

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The following moment did not take place on WWE soil, but rather on the depraved and unholy grounds of The Howard Stern Radio Show where Stephanie McMahon once sat in as a guest.

As listeners know, nothing is off limits when it comes to Howard Stern and the rules were not altered for Stephanie McMahon, as the conversation was laced with sleaze and raunchy subject manner.

In fact, Stephanie McMahon would actually discuss some taboo sexual subjects in a rather racy interview.

4 ECW Owner 

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The Invasion storyline flatlined quickly in WWE when an alliance between WCW and ECW were set to take over the company in a hostile fashion. Sadly, the angle would prove to be a major disappointment.

Of course, it wasn't all bad as the storyline would provide some great comedic spots for "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and introduce wrestlers such as Rob Van Dam and Booker T to a new audience.

When Stephanie McMahon was revealed as the "owner" of ECW, there was something sultry about Stephanie taking part in the Extreme.

3 WrestleMania X8 

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Heading into WrestleMania X8, Chris Jericho held the Undisputed Championship as he prepared to face the number one Contender, Triple H in the main event on the biggest stage of the year in WWE.

However, walking alongside Chris Jericho as his manager was none other than his once bitter rival, Stephanie McMahon. The stage was set for a grand showdown as the title and pride was on the line.

While accompanying Chris Jericho to the ring that night, Stephanie McMahon looked not only wonderful, but like woman on a mission.

2 Beer Bra 

Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Stephanie McMahon have always had a great dynamic; the kind of on-screen chemistry that most performers can only hope to attain with another during their WWE career.

One unforgettable Monday night would see this chemistry play out in a segment involving beer and a bra. Stephanie McMahon forced "Stone Cold" Steve Austin to spend his night selling beer and hit dogs.

When "The Rattlesnake" completed his task, he would place the empty beer tray on Stephanie McMahon before removing both tray and blouse in a most revealing manner.

1 SummerSlam 2014 

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It had been many years since Stephanie McMahon competed in a WWE ring. However, her grand return to action would take place at SummerSlam 2014 in a match against Brie Bella.

With a little help from Nikki Bella, Stephanie McMahon would be victorious that night at the Staples Center, walking out of California with her head held high and sporting that sinister smile.

Stephanie McMahon looked like a million bucks in her return match, better than ever ... like a fine wine.

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