Top 15 Hottest TNA Knockout Champions Of All Time

Since its formation in 2002, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling has introduced some of the most talented female wrestlers in the industry, called “Knockouts.” And like their female counterparts from the W

Since its formation in 2002, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling has introduced some of the most talented female wrestlers in the industry, called “Knockouts.” And like their female counterparts from the WWE, the “Divas,” Knockouts provide more than just wrestling entertainment—they provide eye candy.

It’s a rare thing for a female wrestler to have both beauty and skill, which is why the group of TNA Knockouts champions is so select. In the history of the championship, which began on October 4, 2007, there have only been 17 wrestlers who have held the title. In total, there have been 44 reigns, with the longest lasting 279 days and the shortest lasting just one. But this isn’t a list of the longest reigning TNA Knockouts champions; it’s a list of the hottest, which is far more interesting, in our opinion.

So without further introduction, here are the 15 hottest TNA Knockouts champions of all time. (You might by thinking to yourself at this point, “Wait a minute, if there are only 17 champions, and this is a list of the 15 hottest, then what about the remaining two?” So in the spirit of fairness, the two women who didn’t make the list, Awesome Kong and ODB, get honorable mention).

17 Tara


Lisa Marie Varon, or Tara, became the fourth wrestler to win the Knockouts Championship after she defeated Angelina Love during an episode of Impact!. In total, Varon was a Knockouts champion five times, and she holds the unfortunate distinction of having the shortest reign ever (shared with Allie), at just one day, when she let Madison Rayne pin her after Varon had betrayed Rayne during a Four Corners match.

While her one-day reign might make her one of the worst TNA champions of all time, she’s far from the least attractive, with long dark hair and a killer body. Even at 45 years of age, Varon, whose last reign as champion came in 2012, could rival any current TNA Knockout in the looks department.

16 Angelina Love


Angelina Love is one of the most decorated wrestlers in TNA history. She holds the record for most Knockouts championships with six, with her first coming in 2009 after she won a three-way steel cage match at Lockdown and her last coming at Sacrifice in 2014. She also won a tag team championship with Winter.

After Love’s contract expired earlier this month, rumors began to swirl that she, along with Velvet sky and a bunch of other TNA Knockouts, would be making the move over to WWE. But so far nothing has come to fruition, as Love was forced to return to the independent circuits at least for the foreseeable future. But with her looks, it will likely only be a matter of time before we see her back in the spotlight.


14 Sienna


Sienna became champion this June after she won a three-way match with Jade and Gail Kim, and she held on to the title for two months, until she lost it to Allie in a five-way contest at Slammiversary.

At 5’10” 150 lbs, she is not your average dainty Knockout, and, in fact, before joining TNA she was wrestling against men on the independent circuit. She’s a little more, well, feminine than Havok (and, as far as we know, a little less racist and homophobic), and therefore she gets the spot over her former tag team partner.

Sienna is ubiquitous in the world of independent wrestling, as on top of working for TNA she makes the rounds for Absolute Intense Wrestling, Women Superstars Uncensored, Shine, and a number of other small promotions.


12 Jade


Jade is one of the more recent Knockouts champions, having won her first title in March of this year during a taping of Impact! when she came out on top of a three-way match that included two five-time Knockouts champs in Madison Rayne and Gail Kim. She retained the title for nearly three months before giving it up to another fist-timer, Sienna.

A citizen of the world, Jade, who is of Korean descent and has also wrestled under the name Mia Yim, was born in California, lives in Florida, has spent time wrestling and training in Japan Universal Woman’s Pro Wrestling Reina, and is a practitioner of Mexican lucha libre.

With her unique (not to mention attractive) look and versatile style of wrestling, she has acquired a substantial fan base during her time in TNA, one that will continue to grow when she inevitably wins another championship.

11 Havok


With her dark and fierce demeanor, Jessicka Havok isn’t your average TNA Knockout beauty, but while she might not be for everyone, there are surely more than a few wrestling fans who find her attractive (is there such a thing as fear-attraction?).

Havok was only a Knockouts champion once, after a surprise defeat over Gail Kim. And it was a short-lived reign at that, lasting for just three days, at which point she lost the title to Taryn Terrell.

After spending just a year in the organization, she left TNA in 2015 in order to try out for WWE. However, she was ultimately denied a spot in WWE’s roster due in part to a series of resurfaced tweets that were considered homophobic and racist. Attractive on the outside, but maybe not so much so on the inside.

10 Velvet Sky


It’s no wonder why Velvet Sky’s tag team, which also included Madison Rayne and Lacey von Erich, was called “The Beautiful People.” Since she joined TNA way back in 2007, she has been one of the hottest women in the organization. It also doesn’t hurt that she is a former tag team champion and two-time Knockouts champion.

Sky competed in, but ultimately lost, the very first TNA Knockouts championship match in a ten-person gauntlet, and it would take her over four years to finally pick up her first title, when she pinned Mickie James at Bound for Glory (2011).

She left TNA for a few years to work on the independent circuit and the Mexican promotion Asistencia Asesoría y Administración, but, much to the delight of TNA fans, she returned to the company in 2012 and quickly picked up her second championship.

9 Taylor Wilde


Taylor Wilde’s time in the wrestling industry was brief but memorable. A two-time tag team champion and one-time individual champ, she was the first female wrestler in the organization to be a singles and tag team titleholder at the same time.

Unfortunately for us fans, she retired from wrestling in 2011 when she was just 25 years old so as to focus on her studies. Had she stuck around longer, she may have won several more Knockouts championships. She certainly had the looks for it.

Wilde, who now goes by her given name Shantelle Malawski, studied psychology at York University in her hometown of Toronto before becoming a firefighter in 2013. If her social media accounts are any indication, then Wilde/Malawski is hotter than ever.

8 Allie


Allie shocked the wrestling world in September when she turned face and defeated Madison Rayne, Sienna, Jade, and Marti Belle in a five-way match to win her first TNA Knockouts Championship. After the match, she said that she never expected to win the title, and apparently Maria Kanellis agreed, because just a day later she called Allie worthless and proceeded to take the title back from her.

Unlike Tara, the only other Knockout with a one-day championship reign, it’s unlikely that Allie will ever win another title. But one win was all it took for her to be considered one of the hottest TNA champions of all time.

Before joining the organization she made a name for herself in her home country of Canada, where she began in 2005 and continues to make appearances until this day.

7 Madison Rayne


Madison Rayne has been a fan favorite (especially amongst men) since she made her debut in TNA back in 2009. She won her first of five Knockouts championships at Lockdown (2010) when she pinned Tara in a steel cage match. From April 18, 2010 to April 17 of the following year, she would be Knockouts champion for a combined total of 229 days, thanks in large part to a 188-day reign, the fourth longest in TNA history.

After a brief hiatus in 2013 while she was pregnant, Madison returned to the organization and picked up her fifth and final title on January 16, 2014, which she held on to for 101 days.

In 2015, she married fellow TNA member Josh Matthews, who is the current play-by-play commentator for the organization.

6 Gail Kim


Not only is Gail Kim one of the hottest TNA Knockouts of all time, but she also holds the distinction of being the very first TNA Knockouts champion, after she was the last woman standing in a ten-person gauntlet at the inaugural match at Bound for Glory in 2007. She would go on to win the title four more times, with the most recent win taking place on July 29, 2015 during a taping of Impact!, leading many to call her the greatest Knockout in the history of TNA.

Her lucky husband is celebrity chef Robert Irvine, who is the host of the reality show Dinner: Impossible. She and Irvine met during a special WWE taping of the show, while Kim was wrestling for TNA’s rival organization.

5 Winter


With over a decade and a half of experience in professional wrestling, Katarina Waters—who has gone by Winter, Kat Waters, Kat La Noir, Katie Lea Burchill and The Beautiful Nightmare, among other ring names—is a veteran of the industry. She is also one of the hottest female wrestlers of all time, regardless of the organization.

She was TNA Knockouts champ for two brief periods, but that was enough to put her in the top five of this list. Not long after her last championship win, Waters left Total Nonstop Action and rejoined the independent circuits, where she has been working exclusively ever since.

In early 2015, Waters apparently hosted a “nudist comedy show” in California entirely in the buff. Just something to think about.

4 Mickie James


Mickie James had a memorable start in the WWE, playing a character who was obsessed with Trish Stratus, much to the delight of male wrestling fans around the world. After being released from WWE in 2010, she signed with TNA, and WWE’s loss was their gain, because she instantly became one of the biggest attractions (pun intended) in the company, winning her first Knockouts title in 2011 and her third, and final, in 2013, both 112-day reigns.

After several memorable years in the organization she rejoined the independent circuits, where she worked until 2015 when she signed with Global Forces Wrestling.

On top of wrestling, Mickie is also a country musician. To date she has released two studio albums: Strangers & Angels and Somebody’s Gonna Pay.

3 Taryn Terrell


Teryn Terrell only won the championship once, but it was perhaps the most memorable reign in the history of the belt, lasting a record 279 days, which included a yearlong feud between Terrell and Kim.

While her best days came with TNA, she also spent a few years in the WWE, wrestling under the ring name of Tiffany.

Unfortunately, Terrell decided to leave the organization this year, saying that it wasn't a good fit for her future plans, which might include continuing to work as a stunt woman in Hollywood. Putting the skills that she learned in wrestling to good use, she has worked as a stunt double on major films such as This Is The End, Now You See Me, and Jurassic World.

If you ask us, though, her true calling is in modeling. She has appeared in Playboy (twice) and Maxim.

2 Brooke Tessmacher


Before trying out for the WWE Diva Search, Brooke Adams (or Miss Tessmacher, or simply Brooke) was a model. And not just any kind of model, but a bikini model, competing in Miss Hooters, Miss Bikini USA, and Miss Hawaiian Tropic beauty pageants.

Due to her inexperience in wresting, she would fail to make the top 8 of the Diva Search, but she impressed the organization enough with her looks that she eventually earned a developmental contract. Her time in the WWE would be brief, as she was released from her contract in 2007, but in 2010, like they've done with so many other hot female wrestlers who couldn't find a place in the WWE, TNA scooped her up. She started off as Miss Tessmacher, the hot, yet somewhat nerdy, assistant to Eric Bischoff, the executive producer of Impact!, but she quickly branched out on her own and evolved into one of the hottest and most popular Knockouts of all time, winning three championships on her own and one as a member of a tag team.

1 Maria Kanellis


Maria Kanellis gets the top spot on this list not just because she's the hottest TNA Knockouts champion of all time (although she is), but because she happens to be the current champ, after she all but stole the title away from a crying Allie in August during an episode of Impact!.

She was in the organization for less than a year before she won her first title, after spending years in various promotions, including the WWE and Ring of Honor, where she worked as the valet for Mike Bennet, her husband in real-life.

Because of her signature red locks and her incredible body (which is just as amazing now as it was when she posed for Playboy in 2008), Maria regularly finds her way onto these kinds of lists, so it should come as no surprise that we consider her the hottest TNA Knockout champion of all time.

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Top 15 Hottest TNA Knockout Champions Of All Time