Top 15 Hottest Trish Stratus Moments

Trish Stratus is one of the most fascinating evolutions of any worker in wrestling history. When she came onto the scene, she was just another piece of eye candy, albeit a hot one. She had charisma but didn’t seem different from the other hot ladies of the Attitude Era. However, with a bit of training, Trish blossomed into one of the best female workers of her generation, a fantastic star who could always provide a good time with fans. That she was easy on the eyes helped but her skills, her humor and the way she loved performing is what made her one of the best Divas ever and still amazing to watch today.

No one who has come into WWE with little to no wrestling experience has quite been able to improve as much as Trish did, while solely under the WWE banner. The WWE has since tried to build another top female star from the ground up, but have not been able to catch lightning in a bottle quite like they did with Trish.

She’s retired now and quite successful doing yoga and some acting gigs. Her blonde hair is now dark but she still looks fantastic and when she makes appearances, it gets a good pop. A Hall of Famer and multiple Divas champion, Trish has given wrestling fans some great thrills no matter what she does. Narrowing it down is tough but here are the best of the best, the hottest Trish moments and why wrestling fans love her so much.

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15 Bikini Shoots

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For a while, an annual tradition for WWE was to release a Divas calendar with them doing photo shoots in Jamaica, the desert and other exotic places. The company would also release a DVD showcasing the shoot and interviews with matches. Needless to say, Trish was always a highlight of these, her body just stunning working these suits, bikinis and such, either soaking wet on an island or posing in a desert place. She was down to earth about it but that raw sexuality on display helped set her even hotter than the other Divas and why she’s been so popular.

14 Stratustron

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The 2004 program of Jericho and Christian is a bit complicated but the idea was the two making a bet on who could get either Trish or Lita into bed first. This led to several matches and turns with Jericho and Trish becoming a real couple. But at Mania, Trish turned on Jericho to let Christian win and turned heel in the process. This led to a May, 2004 RAW show from Montreal and if you don’t know, Quebec and the rest of Canada don’t exactly get along very well.

Thus, when Jericho’s “Highlight Reel” segment was announced, Trish came out with Tomko to take over, doing insults on the French-leaning crowd. She debuted the “Stratustron 5000” to show clips of Tomko attacking Jericho and laughing on being so wicked. It ended with Jericho attacking and getting Trish in the Walls of Jericho before Tomko attacked him. Overall, a great bit to show how amazingly hot Trish could be when she was a bad girl.

13 Christmas

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It’s always great when the Divas show off at Christmas time, usually in a “Naughty or Nice” themed match or battle royal. Trish was always great in those segments herself, coming out in red and white outfits to show off plenty of her legs and chest and doing a few fun “gift” segments as well. She bounced around in her loyalties a bit but no matter what, the sight of her in a Santa outfit got fans going and was always a great Christmas treat to see.

12 First Appearance

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From the start, there was something about her. On an episode of “Sunday Night Heat,” Test and Albert were in a tag match when a woman stepped out onto the stage. A stunning blonde with a very nice chest in a tight outfit that showed every curve of her great body, with long coat and cowboy hat to sell it. She just smiled to check them out and soon was their manager. From the very beginning, Trish had more than just a hot look, she had a special quality that sets a true star apart from the pack and would prove that majorly over the years.

11 Slapping Vince

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The entire program of Vince and Trish in 2001 was rather ugly in ways with them making out in front of a “comatose” Linda and fans and then the bit of Vince forcing Trish to strip to her underwear and bark like a dog. It all came to a head when Vince faced Shane at WrestleMania in a terrific street fight. With Vince knocked out of the ring, Trish came down to stroke his face…then hauled back and slapped Vince hard across it. That led to Stephanie attacking and the two smashing against the ring before brawling to the back. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and Trish proved that here.

10 Camo outfit

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WWE also got credit for their “Tribute to the Troops” shows, doing matches for soldiers overseas. Naturally, the guys went wild for the Divas who usually did bouts in skimpy outfits for an added thrill. Trish went the extra mile, coming out in a camo-themed outfit to show off her mid-riff, amazingly stunning and doing a fun match too. Trish helped lead the way in the wrestlers working with the soldiers and great to see her putting the tribute into things.

9 Mud Battle

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By 2002, Trish was taking off as a real wrestler when she was summoned to Eric Bischoff’s office, expecting to get a title match against Molly Holly. She and Stacy Kiebler argued about it with Bischoff dismissing women’s wrestling and then putting them into a bra and panties mud match. Crass? Yes. Hot? Also yes. Trish came out to strip her coat off and pose for the fans before Stacy ran up from behind to toss her off the stage and into the mud pit. Like all mud matches, it was messy but still steamy to see these two going at it with Trish getting the pin but the fans were the true winners.

8 Bra and Panties

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Before she got into being a serious worker, Trish was in the usual Diva antics. That included a bra and panties match against Lita in 2000 where the object is to strip your opponent down. Yet even there, the two showed their great chemistry in the ring and how well they worked together and Trish the flashes of the great wrestler she’d become.

There was also a lingerie match against Terri to get a paddle to use on their opponent where Trish again showed some of her future skills. Of course, we all remember how it looked to have her clothes torn off to reveal her great body in thong and why she’s so well remembered.

7 Triple H training

Trish was still mostly a manager in 2000 when she and Triple H got moved into a program which was used as a way to make Stephanie jealous. A backstage segment had Hunter giving Trish some tips, the two posing together and quite naturally in a very compromising position when Stephanie walked in on them. This set up a mixed tag match of HHH and Trish against the Rock and Lita which ended with Trish taking a spinebuster and then a splash from Lita. When HHH tried to interfere, he took a chair shot from The Rock so he landed on top of Trish in an…interesting position. A fun battle that was one of the first times where Trish showed her stuff in the ring.

6 Kissing Pamela Anderson

Trish wears her Canadian pride on her sleeve, doing a lot of charity work and appearances for events in her native land. One case was when fellow Canadian Pamela Anderson was honored on their Walk of Fame and Trish was part of the special ceremony for her. Trish showed some nice skills singing a number for “Chicago” before coming to talk to Pamela, the two blondes friendly and laughing. They then gave everyone a treat by standing to share a quick kiss in front of the crowd. Brief but oh so hot to see them having fun and Trish looked gorgeous in her dress.

5 Table Tips

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In 2000, Trish was still the manager for Test and Albert when they got into a feud with the Dudley Boyz. Trish soon realized she had an effect on Bubba Ray that prevented him from attacking her and played with it by doing videos on how to handle a table. These involved Trish draping her body in silky lingerie on tables and lacing her every sentence with double entendres and a sultry whisper. They were hot as hell but didn’t work out as in the end, she was given a powerbomb off the top rope through a table. Being Trish, she still looked hot as hell taking the massive bump.

4 Feud with Mickie James

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A great star in her own right, Mickie and Trish worked together for a great program where Mickie was a fan turned stalker, including planting a kiss on an unconscious Trish. This led to the terrific match at WrestleMania 22 where Mickie, despite being the heel, was cheered by the crowd for her great work and nutty act.

This feud set up the fun bit where Trish started to mess with Mickie by dressing up and acting as her and doing a fun job of it, including a kiss of her own. These two just had a great chemistry that boosted them both nicely and Trish showing a fun side to herself.

3 Wonder Woman

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A highlight of RAW every year is the Halloween show where the Divas get to dress up in hot costumes for a contest and/or battle royal. While she’s done a few before, in 2005, Trish went all out as Wonder Woman with dark wig and cape, rocking the iconic costume like few before or since. The lasso was another great touch as she did a good job posing before things got into a big brawl between the Divas but if any outfit was perfect for this goddess, it was Wonder Woman.

2 The MNF Parody

Some younger fans may forget but way back in 2004, Monday Night Football did a bit where Nicolette Sheridan of “Desperate Housewives” showed up in a towel tempting Terrell Owens. The segment got a massive backlash with talk of sexism and even racism. Leave it to WWE to mock it with Shelton Benjamin in the locker room and rocked to find Trish in just a towel and a face mask (due to injury), doing her best to tempt him. Vince then showed up to send up the entire anger with how “something like this can lead to the downfall of civilization as we know it.” Shelton left saying “you need to lighten up” as Trish was shown removing her towel from behind to a gleeful Vince. It all worked thanks to Trish’s sexiness to make this a fun parody.

1 Wedding Crasher

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The Lita/Kane program of 2003 was rough to watch for a lot of fans with its twists and turns, building up to a wedding between the duo. Lita came out in a black dress that looked damn hot but leave it to Trish to one-up her. Marching out in an absolutely stunning white lingerie set, showing off plenty of leg in garters and that amazing cleavage to do a mocking promo on Lita. The two then ended up in a brief brawl to highlight how hot Trish could look in anything but especially an outfit like that to showcase her amazing beauty and athleticism that’s made her a beloved star.

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