Top 15 Hottest Valets In WCW History

While it may be gone, it is not forgotten. World Championship Wrestling, once the competitor to Vince McMahon’s sports entertainment empire, has been defunct for quite some time, but when it was alive

While it may be gone, it is not forgotten. World Championship Wrestling, once the competitor to Vince McMahon’s sports entertainment empire, has been defunct for quite some time, but when it was alive and kicking, it was often times a very good product. That wasn’t so true toward the tail end of things, but that’s not really why we are here today, is it? No, it is not. Why are we here? Because when World Championship Wrestling was working on all cylinders, not only did it have some of the greatest wrestlers on the planet-names like Ric Flair, Ricky Steamboat, Sting and more. It also had some of the most attractive women on the planet to go alongside them. And folks, we are not just talking about those oh so gorgeous Nitro girls (though yes, we know. They were hot). No, we are talking about the arm candy that some special and lucky World Championship Wrestling wrestlers were paired up with.

These women were stunning sex symbols, and a means for more men to be lured toward a particular wrestler-it all depended on what dynamic the suits at Turner wanted to push. But there was no denying it-sex was a commodity, and Ted Turner wanted to capitalize on it. More specifically, the sexual fantasy they wanted to put in their male fans minds-it is a business move that is used over and over, and it works well. And, seriously, just take a look at this list. It is an entirely impressive and exhaustive look at a veritable who’s who of women valets over the past two to three decades. Many of these women did work for WWE as well. And the majority of those who didn’t, certainly they were still gorgeous. How gorgeous? Well, let’s take a look and you be the judge!

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17 Honorable Mention - Pamela Paulshock


OK, fine, Pamela Paulshock is not a valet. But, she’s also not officially on my list, as she “only” gets an honorable mention. But, why is she getting even such a mention? Because, well… just look at her! She’s one of the hotter women you’ll ever catch in any wrestling ring, to be quite honest. Is it any surprise she won a World Championship Wrestling-sanctioned bikini contest? I would think not. She even had herself a match or two, but was otherwise primarily relegated to interviewing and window dressing-a role she handled admirably in her very brief tenure in World Championship Wrestling. Now, could she have been something special? Judging by that aforementioned short stint with the company, she was probably lacking something, either interest or passion for the business. It certainly was not a lack of hotness.

16 Woman


You knew she would make this list. Let us be honest, if we must. Nancy Benoit, also known as Nancy Sullivan, and better known in the wrestling world as Woman, is not only one of the hottest valets World Championship Wrestling has ever known, she’s one of the hottest that wrestling has ever seen. During her time in WCW, she managed or was otherwise involved in on-screen programs with Kevin Sullivan and Chris Benoit, both of whom she was at one point married to. She also spent time working as the manager/valet for the legendary stable of The Four Horesmen. She was a natural for these roles too-she started her career as a model, before she found her way to wrestling, but she was someone that fans loved to look at, and she loved to work the crowds and influence matches. Exactly what a smoking hot valet should do-and she did it exceptionally well.

15 Daffney


Yes, I know that Daffney, many times, played the role of a crazy chick. But for anyone who is familiar with How I Met Your Mother, there is a crazy/hot scale, where a woman can be just the right amount of both. And that, in my mind, was Daffney. She was just about as crazy and unstable as you could get, and seeing as she really came to be in the late nineties, there was an absolute Goth flair to her attire and presence. And, speaking of flair, she managed David Flair (the now-deceased son of legend Ric Flair) along with Crowbar. The trio was just about as unhinged as you could get. But again, as bizarre and twisted as she could be, she was also still a very attractive woman, when you cleaned her up of course.

14 Alexandra York

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Miss Alexandra York was a hot valet for World Championship Wrestling back in the day. She was the beauty heading up the stable known as The York Foundation, the group was made up of a variety of wrestlers adopting a financially themed persona. The stable included Mike Rotunda, known then as Michael Wallstreet. Over time, the group would also include Terry Taylor, Mr. Hughes and others. Alexandra was notable for dressing the part of a business associate, complete down to the laptop (can you imagine how hefty one was back in 1990?). Ultimately, Miss York’s reign in World Championship Wrestling did not last that long, but her time in wrestling was far from over. Don’t fret, fans-if you don’t remember her time as Alexandra York, you no doubt remember her as Marlena, or better still as Terri Runnels.


12 Missy Hyatt


Just like Woman before her, Missy Hyatt is one of those women who, while she can land on a “hot valets of WCW” list, you would fully expect her to land on just about any list consisting of hot women of wrestling. Even now when you look at her, you cannot help but fully appreciate just how amazingly attractive she was. In her prime, I dare say she would have given such stunners as Sable and Sunny a run for their money (as well as that dubious honor of “Internet’s most downloaded woman”). In terms of performing her duties (because being hot didn’t excuse her from that), while in WCW, she managed a number of stars, from Eddie Gilbert to the Steiners, among others. She also battled for the title of “first woman of WCW”, which she happened to win.

11 Madusa


Speaking of “first women of WCW”, Missy couldn’t have feuded for the title unless, of course, she had competition. And boy, did she ever. Madusa Micelli (perhaps you know her better as Alundra Blayze from her time in WWE) was not only hot, but dangerous. She was one tough woman, and proved this time and time again during her time with World Championship Wrestling. In terms of serving as a valet, she was aligned with Paul Heyman (then Paul E. Dangerously) and his Dangerous Alliance, and could most often be found escorting the late Rick Rude to the ring. She did a fine job, but it was evident that serving as a valet was not even maximizing her potential-she, of course, made her most indelible mark on wrestling as an in-ring performer.

10 Leia Meow


Here’s a woman who everyone should be able to agree on just how amazingly hot she is. And make no mistake about it, she is. That is at least part of the reason she’s in wrestling at all-her background as an exotic dancer doesn’t hurt, right? But, here’s a tidbit not everyone realizes-while she worked in WCW as Leia Meow, she became famous (sort of) as Kimona Wanalaya in Extreme Championship Wrestling. And while she is well known for her activities (specifically, a strip tease) during her brief time in Extreme Championship Wrestling, she also had a turn in World Championship Wrestling as well. While in WCW, she served as a valet, first for The Varsity Club, and then later for the Jung Dragons. She also dabbled in wrestling, or at least physical altercations, but she’s best known throughout wrestling for her looks, right, wrong or indifferent.

9 Midajah


As further proof that these women are all connected at some level, we arrive at number nine, Midajah. And how is Midajah linked to anyone on our list? Well, for starters, she and our tenth hottest valet, Leia Meow, had a bit of a program way back when. See? All connected, in our own little version of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. OK, not really, but you get the idea. Now, she got her start within World Championship Wrestling as one of the so-called “nWo girls”. As Scott Steiner was then a part of the New World Order, she became one of his valets, whom he referred to as his Freaks (but, for any normal person, she was just a smoking hot valet). Once WCW was purchased by WWE, her career as a valet came to a close. But, she remains one absolutely stunning valet.

8 Torrie Wilson


What happens if the woman is stunningly gorgeous and a good worker? She’s going to be in demand, and she can work just about any place she wants. That’s a trend you’ll see up and down this list, and of course with our number eight choice on this list-Torrie Wilson. Yes, people most associate her with WWE, but she did time for World Championship Wrestling first. And while in WCW, it’s safe to say she got around. Or, if you’d prefer…she did what she had to do in order to build an extensive resume. Meaning, she served as a valet for a number of wrestlers-walking to the ring with the likes of Scott Steiner, David Flair, Ric Flair and Billy Kidman (whom she was married to at one point), just to name a few.

7 Gorgeous George


Here’s one that sounds like it would be intended for a pretty boy, but nothing could be further from the truth. Gorgeous George served as a valet for Macho Man while in World Championship Wrestling, and at first glance one thing can be said with absolute certainty: Gorgeous George is much more gorgeous than she is a George, and we as wrestling fans are lucky and thankful for that. She was actually Savage’s real-life girlfriend at the time, and part of a trio of women performing valet duties for him during the late 90s. Her career was a bit like a supernova-she was a big deal, at least in Savage’s world, for a brief period of time, and she was smokin’ hot. But seemingly just as quickly as she came onto the scene, she fizzled out. Before we knew it, she was out of WCW, but not out of our memories.

6 Kimberly Page


Here we go folks. This list is really going to pick up steam now. And at number six, we have none other than the Diamond Doll herself, Kimberly Page. Now, you’ll notice the last name and no doubt connect her to her late-blooming wrestler-turned-yoga instructor ex-husband, Diamond Dallas Page. That is, of course, true enough, and she indeed served as DDP’s valet for a stretch in World Championship Wrestling. But she’s done a lot more than that, so let’s not limit her. She was the leader of the Nitro Girls, and in addition to managing her now former husband, she also got to serve as a valet for several other wrestlers, among them Mike Awesome and the amazing Booty Man. Put it another way, her career as a valet could have and should have just started and ended with DDP.

5 Miss Hancock


She got her start as a Nitro Girl, before she moved on to bigger and better things. While she is best remembered as WWE’s Stacy Kiebler, and she’s made a tremendous name for herself outside of pro wrestling (Dancing With The Stars, plus a long list of guest-starring roles). But in World Championship Wrestling, once she graduated from the role of Nitro Girl, she was put in place as a valet, first for the interesting tag team of Standards and Practices, and then for David Flair. She was able to be saddled with such horrible acts to manage because, as we all knew, she was the bigger and hotter star. No one wanted to see David. They absolutely wanted to see Stacy. And, I’d bet, they would still love to see her.

4 Tammy Lynn Sytch


Now, you just can’t have a list without a Sytch, right? No, you can’t. Tammy Lynn, also known as Sunny, and better known as the woman most teenage male wrestling fans fell in love with in the nineties, is one of the hottest and most adored women in all of wrestling. Ever, not for her generation, but ever. She was most frequently (at least ringside) spotted with her partner in crime and long-time beau Chris Candido. Her time in World Championship Wrestling was no different in that respect, as she served as his valet as he won the WCW Cruiserweight belt. His reign, and her stay, were not exactly short-lived, as rumors of her demons catching up to her led to her release. Regardless, we all know she was an absolutely gorgeous valet.

3 Sharmell


Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but like a few other members on this list, Sharmell started as a Nitro Girl. She also married a WCW wrestler (in her case, Booker T, to whom she is still married). Now, once she graduated from her role as a dancer, she became the valet known as Paisley, taking care of the wrestler known as The Artist (and WCW wonders why they faded away!). She had a few other forgettable charges during her time in World Championship Wrestling, but she gets mentioned here because she was super hot (I mean, hello…Nitro Girl!), and, she did eventually land herself a great valet gig. You should all remember her as Queen Sharmell as she stood next to King Booker.

2 Miss Madness


Ah, Miss Madness. I am beginning to think that Randy “Macho Man” Savage had an affinity toward extremely vivacious valets. I mean, think about it. Or, better yet, go back over the list (and sure, check out number one, too). There are quite a few women on this list who found themselves escorting the Madness to the ring. And while she would ultimately find far greater success in that competitor based in Stamford, the woman known in WCW as Miss Madness (and to most of us as Molly Holly) was off to a good start for her career by earning the title of Miss Madness and being a companion for Savage. The downside for Miss Madness is that she shared the duties with no fewer than two other women, and eventually she went from a nefarious heel to a fan favorite. And then to released, though that part worked out for her. She became Molly Holly, after all.

1 Miss Elizabeth


Is it any surprise that the woman often called the first lady of wrestling when she was a star in the World Wrestling Federation, would land at the top of the list while serving in a similar valet capacity for a stretch in World Championship Wrestling? It shouldn’t be. Oh, I am sure folks may feel that others on this list deserve or belong higher up than Miss Elizabeth, but for as quiet as she was, she was amazing. Beautiful, strong, supportive-I challenge you to picture a Macho Man highlight that didn’t in some way feature Miss Elizabeth. It’s hard to do, because she was a nearly constant presence. Of course, this couple had their ups and downs, and sometimes they could be the first couple of wrestling and other times they’d be more like the most volatile couple. Any way you slice it though, Miss Elizabeth was a special woman.

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Top 15 Hottest Valets In WCW History