Top 15 Hottest Valets in Wrestling History

In wrestling, there are a lot of essential elements in the mix of what makes the business the true variety show that it has become. One of those elements is that of the valet. Over the years, they captured our attention with their grace, their style, and their God given good looks.

Some of the most gorgeous women in the world can be seen throughout the history of WWE, WCW, ECW, and various other promotions. It's no surprise that several of our entrants on this list have gone on to pose for Playboy, GQ, and even appear in Super Bowl commercials.

Yes, the title is aesthetically influenced as it reads. We're counting down the 15 hottest valets in the history of wrestling. Hotness, as we will define it for the sake of this post, boils down to attitude, choice of apparel, psychology when working with the crowd, and yes, on top of all of that, amazing good looks.

Blonde, brunette, or freaky goth chick, no one particular appearance is exempt from this list. Now, enjoy revisiting some names you love, some you might have forgotten, and some you can never forget. If there's anyone who you feel deserves an honorable mention or a place on the list that didn't receive one, please feel free to roast my decision making skills in the comments section. We hope you enjoy out top 15 hottest valets in wrestling history.

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15 Nancy Benoit 

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Better known as Woman in WCW and ECW, Nancy Benoit was one of the most stunning valets in wrestling history. She had a natural beauty accented by her always glamorous choice of attire, which usually was a studded evening gown. With nearly twenty different clients under her belt over the years, Nancy always exuded class through her modest ensembles. Nancy had very feminine mannerisms and an hour glass figure to boot. Some of her numerous clients include the likes of Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Shane Douglas, and even The Sandman. She gains bonus points for her ability to swing a Singapore cane as seen in ECW at the side of Sandman.

14 Debra McMichael 

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Our next entry, similar to our number 15 entry, also rocked the evening gown during her time in WCW. Debra came into the business immediately turning heads with her glowing, blonde hair and fit and trim figure. Debra's assets were often used in matches to help her clients gain a competitive edge via distraction. Often, especially during the Attitude Era, Debra would climb the apron and unbutton a few notches of her blouse. It wasn't uncommon to hear a line of juvenile shouting from Jerry Lawler, complete with a few obnoxious utterances of "puppies!"

13 Francine 

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Francine had a very exotic, unique look to go along with her hardcore personality and athleticism. She's best known for her work as the valet of The Franchise Shane Douglas, among various other ECW superstars like Tommy Dreamer and Justin Credible. Francine was a long time fan favorite in ECW, not just because of her appealing looks, but she also got down and dirty in the ring on several occasions. She was also one of the best dressed women in ECW. By best, I mean sexiest.

12 Daffney 

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Anyone who had a crush on Fairuza Balk in the 90s should be able to see where we're coming from on the decision to add Daffney to our last. She pulled off one of the more unconventional looks in wrestling and did it with style. Daffney had a great body, beautiful dark hair, and a mischievous character that gave her a Harley Quinn level of cuteness. In the long run, she saw her fair share of in-ring action which she had quite a knack for. When it comes to angry looking, nutjob characters, Daffney was the greatest.

11 Sharmell 

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Former Nitro Girl and Current Mrs. Booker T, Sharmell is another prime example of a truly natural beauty. She also had great dance moves, but that's neither here, nor there. When she emerged on the scene as Queen Sharmell, opposite King Booker, that's when everyone truly began to take notice. Granted, her repetitive chanting of "All hail King Booker!" grew nauseating over time, but it never detracted from her style and class. She rocked the gown and crown combo like she was born to wear it. She was beautiful from head to toe and she takes her rightful spot within this countdown.

10 Terri Runnels 

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A personal favorite of mine, Terri Runnels was one of the most glamorous valets in wrestling history. She always had a certain mystique about her as the manager of Goldust. She never spoke and always looked somewhat menacing and deep in thought as she would take draws off of a giant cigar. Her flashy, gold gowns and trademark cleavage earned her a lot of attention. She was also never afraid to show a little skin to gain an advantage for her client, which was made abundantly clear during the infamous "pasties" moment from an episode of WWE Shotgun Saturday Night. Terri Runnels was tops.

9 Serena Deeb 

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She wasn't a valet in the traditional sense, but she did accompany members of the Straight Edge Society to the ring for matches, so she makes the list. It helps that she was drop dead gorgeous as well. She had a rocking body as well as a beautiful face and shining smile. It didn't matter what style of clothing she wore or even if her head was shaved, because she pulled the look off easily. We wish we had got to see more of Serena in WWE because she was a solid performer and pretty easy on the eyes.

8 Sherri Martel 

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Sherri Martel had a very unique aura about her and was one of the most successful and memorable valets that we will see in our lifetime. She had her own look as well, complete with her spacey quirks, that made her a real stand out compared to the other valets of her time. She was usually clad with an interesting makeup design that was very eye catching. She also had a figure that begged your attention. Sherri is what can be referred to as the total package in wrestling. She had the looks, personality, and the sneak tactics that made her a household name during the "golden age" of wrestling.

7 Torrie Wilson 

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What can we say here, other than that Torrie Wilson was drop dead gorgeous? The phrase "a sight for sore eyes" is a perfect sentiment for what Torrie Wilson was when she hit the scene in WCW. She was a refreshing looking young woman with the body of an aerobics instructor and the charming good looks of a super model. Alright, show of hands, who took a sneak peak at a Playboy the month Torrie's shoot was released? That's what we thought. Torrie had the perfect mix of bodily assets to really make her stand out from other women in the wrestling business.

6 Sunny 

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Every prepubescent male's fantasy in the mid 1990s, Sunny caught the attention of fans with her Valley girl attitude and multi colored fitness gear as the manager of The Bodydonnas. She had everything from her own music video to swimsuit shoots on WWE.com. She would go on to briefly manage The Godwinns, causing Phineas Godwin to become smitten with her. This relationship would be short lived, however, as she'd jump ship to manage The Smoking Gunns after they defeated the Godwins for the WWE Tag Team Championships. The original Diva, Tammy Sytch is memorable for her dynamic personality and bewitching good looks.

5 Trish Stratus 

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Before becoming a Hall of Fame wrestler, Trish was one of the most smoking hot valets during the Attitude Era. Her high boots, long coat, and old-western style hat accented Trish's amazing body and gorgeous face. She was the manager of T&A (yes, we get it WWE), but the bare bones truth is that Trish had the two traits eluded to in the sophomoric name of the team she managed. One of the most loved Divas in WWE history, Trish stole all of our hearts with her incredible smile.

4 Sable 

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Sable transcended the role of valet just as Sunny did before her. While Sunny took things an inch too far, Sable took things a couple of miles further. Everyone noticed her captivating beauty during her role as valet to Hunter Hearst Helmsley. However, it was during her tenure as Marc Mero's valet that she really began pushing the envelope. The storyline worked perfectly as Marc Mero suggested Sable should be ashamed of showing her body, which naturally lead to countless bikini contests. Sable because the number one woman in the WWE because of her amazing good looks and ability to work a crowd.

3 Lana 

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"We want Lana" chants are incredibly common when Rusev makes his way to the ring without his lovely valet. Lana wears a classic shade of red lipstick and truly makes her own fashion statement. Who would have thought a woman could look so good in a business suit and with their hair in a bun? If anyone ever said it wasn't possible, they would have to slap themselves in the face upon seeing Lana. In the land of the blonde bombshell, Lana joins the likes of Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson, and Sable. While the other three are outstanding, Lana has a certain edge over all of them, especially when playing the nationalistic Russian character. The fans are really, REALLY into Lana.

2 Stacy Keibler 

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It's no wonder that Stacy Keibler caught the attention of Hollywood playboy, George Clooney. The pioneer of the business suit in valet land, (you're welcome Lana), Stacy flaunted the sexiest pair of legs we've ever seen in wrestling. It was only appropriate that her WWE theme song was a cover of ZZ Top's Legs. Stacy was more than just a pair of legs though. Her nonverbal communication gave everyone another avenue in which to appreciate her. She could work an audience with her school girl gazes and her trademark power walk. From Nitro girl to managerial icon, let it be known that Stacy Kiebler is one of the rarest beauties we'll ever have the privilege of seeing.

1 Miss Elizabeth 

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A rose in a garden of weeds, Miss Elizabeth is the truest beauty in all of the wrestling kingdom. Quite simply, the concerned facial expressions she wore when Randy Savage was taking a beating melted our hearts. She never had to throw on skimpy attire or try too hard to flaunt what she had. If you were a wrestling fan during her glory days, there's no doubt that you were in love with Miss Elizabeth. Her class and style could be matched by no other. Her glowing face and darling expressions made you feel for her. It's sad that she had to leave us so soon, but the legacy of Miss Elizabeth and her amazing beauty make her number one on this list.

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