Top 15 Hottest WAGs In Wrestling Today

The wrestling circuit has started to boom in recent years, with the tremendous success of the sport in the past few decades encouraging more fans to look into it, as the entertainment part of it has captured fans from all over the world. It definitely pays to be a wrestler nowadays, as they get some serious cash to perform for audiences day in, day out, and the major promotions like WWE offer even more money and shots at fame for wrestlers. Their fame and popularity obviously widens the scope of their love-lives, as these wrestlers often end up with women way hotter than themselves.

The wrestlers' shot to fame is often decorated in perks, as the more popular ones are called for advertisments and even television shows where their popularity peaks even higher. But surprisingly we have seen many wrestlers marry their love before they reached their famous status, as they go on to marry the love of their lives way before actually making it to the big leagues.

WWE superstars often end up dating or marrying some of the women involved in the WWE as well, and although almost all women who these wrestlers are with seem to be pretty sexy, there are some who stand out from the others.

Let’s have a look at 15 hottest wives and girlfriends of wrestlers today.

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30 Velvet Sky

via celebritywc.com

Velvet Sky is probably remembered by fans of TNA as part of “The Beautiful People” who ruled over the TNA Knockout’s division for quite a number of years. Along with Angelina Love and later on with Madison Rayne, the three often held the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Title between them. Sky then went her own way to win the TNA Knockout’s title, and has over the years left and rejoined TNA, before leaving most recently again.

Sky is the girlfriend of WWE Superstar Bubba Ray Dudley, as the two started dating when Bubba Ray was performing as Bully Ray in TNA. The exquisite former cheerleader has a figure which can woo anyone, as the tall legs and astounding figure makes Bubba a very, very lucky man. With Bubba apparently “retiring” from wrestling as shown in the latest Raw Episode, he can enjoy some personal time with his amazing girlfriend who’s not only an able wrestler, but a beauty for the eyes as well.


28 Galina Becker

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Roman Reigns might be one of the most polarizing figures in WWE right now, with fans just loving to hate him because it’s the “it” thing right now, but The Big Dog is one of the most satisfied family men in the company. Reigns is married to Galina Becker, who’s an athlete herself and was a standout track and field star for George Tech (where Reigns was a football player and graduated from) and their team Yellow Jacket.

While Reigns was impressing on the football front, Becker was excelling in hurdle and jump events. They tied the knot in 2014 after a long time relationship as Reigns is a lucky man to have such a sizzling athlete at his side as the sexy Becker has been a pillar for Reigns over the years. The Big Dog might come home everyday after being boo’ed out of buildings, but his stability in his family life is amazing and the gorgeous wife is a major part of it.


26 Lana

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The “Ravishing” Russian Lana is actually an American who made it in the WWE because of her successful modelling career, and has been attracting quite a lot of viewers ever since debuting with her husband Rusev. Lana started dating Rusev soon after they were paired as an Anti-American couple, where the Brute in Rusev would destroy superstars and Lana would be his mouthpiece.

They have been dominating the mid-card scene ever since in the WWE, as Lana continues to dazzle everyone with her sensational figure and striking looks which makes her one of the hottest WAGs in the wrestling world right now. The former model seems to be getting hotter with each week, as her erotic outfits and even her accent contributed to her character getting so much popularity over the years, with everyone jealous of how Rusev could snatch up an absolute stunner in Lana who is a sensation in the WWE right now.


24 Samantha Rotunda

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Bray Wyatt might come off as this terrifying, mystical character on TV but is actually quite the kind-hearted man in real life. The Eater of Worlds is a sweet-heart in his personal life, often seen to be meeting and greeting fans and taking pictures with them. Bray is also a very devoted family man, and is married to an exquisite woman in Samantha.

Bray tied the knot with Samantha many years ago, as the two now have two beautiful daughters as the terrorizing figure on-screen is a happy figure at home. Samantha is quite the stunner, and even after going through various pregnancies has managed to keep an amazing figure which keeps Bray a very happy man indeed. He might be going through some tough times with all these nagging injuries, but having a woman like Samantha in his life definitely makes it so much better, as the sexy woman has been showing an amazing ability to keep a dazzling figure which makes her one of the better looking WAGs today.


22 Eden Stiles

via blacksportsonline.com

While Cody Rhodes was being confusing with his bizarre Stardust character in the WWE, he managed to woo an absolute stunner in Eden who herself was trying to make it to the big leagues of the WWE. Eden joined WWE in 2011, when she got a developmental contract and slowly rose as a ring announcer in the company, going onto announce and perform as a backstage interviewer for Smackdown.

When Cody left the WWE in 2016, she followed suit as the faithful wife of Rhodes has been sticking close to him ever since the sad demise of Dusty Rhodes. The gorgeous Eden survived in the WWE as an announcer for her attractive presence, and has been accompanying Cody as he travels all over the world to wrestle. Rhodes has roped quite an amazing woman in Eden who’s not only a treat for the eyes, but also a solid pillar at his corner.


20 Kimberly Kessler

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Even though Randy Orton might not be in the correct mindset right now after the mauling he received from Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam, The Viper has had quite an interesting love life in his career. After divorcing his first wife Samantha Speno, Orton started to date an exquistie woman in Kimberly Kessler who herself is a divorcee and mom of 3 children.

Kessler and Orton started dating around last year, and tied the knot in November. Kessler has been seen accompanying Orton to various events, as she’s still maintained an amazing figure even after having 3 children and is right now pregnant again with Orton’s child. The stunning Kessler is definitely an amazing choice by Orton, who’s seemed to hear the voices in his head and they pointed to the right woman for him, as the sexy Kessler can be a great wife for Orton as he can finally look to settle in again in his personal life.


18 Lauren Hashian

via intouchweekly.com

The Rock’s rise has been nothing short of monumental, as the tough-talking wrestler is now a global superstar who’s reaping the most amount of money in movies, and his personal life is definitely rocking as well. The Rock is currently dating Lauren Hashian, the daughter of the famous Boston drummer John “Sib” Hashian.

The two have been dating since 2006, as the talented Lauren has been trying her own career in the entertainment business and appeared in a TV competition R U That Girl and also in the movie The Game Plan. But over the years, the gorgeous Hashian has put her husband’s career over hers and stands alongside him very well, as the superb couple are expecting a child anytime soon with Lauren confirming her pregnancy in December last year. The Rock might be on top of the world right now, but Lauren’s support has kept him in this position for some time now as he’s a lucky man to have an attractive woman like Lauren at his side.


16 Renee Young

via forum.wrestlingfigs.com

Renee Young has been working for the WWE for quite some-time now, as the charismatic announcer has been the face of all interview segments and panels because of her attractive face. Renee started working for the company in 2012, and slowly rose as the one to conduct the backstage interview segments and went onto host her own show “Unfiltered with Renee Young” on the WWE network. During that time, Young also started to date WWE superstar Dean Ambrose and they have remained as a couple ever since, as the lunatic fringe has roped in quite the magnificant woman in his life. Though they tend to keep their relationship under wraps, Young and Ambrose being drafted to the same brand shows how they’re willing to take their relationship to the next level and Ambrose is a pretty lucky man to have the confident and wonderful Renee as his girlfriend, as the two seem to be a happy couple right now with both in respectable positions in the company.


14 Jennifer Hudson

via bustle.com

It’s still rather surprising to believe that David Otunga is engaged to Jennifer Hudson, one of the most impressive singers of her time. Otunga and Hudson started dating in 2008, quickly after which they got engaged and even have a baby boy named David Daniel Otunga Jr. David Otunga was nothing special in comparison to other WWE superstars, as he only won the WWE Tag Team Titles during his time at The Nexus, then quickly saw a fall in relevance and soon was in the dark areas of WWE. He recently seemed to have risen from the dead, as he’s currently a commentator for the Smackdown brand of WWE. But how he managed to seduce a spectacular woman like Jennifer Hudson is probably beyond anyone, as the stunning Hudson is definitely the best thing to have happened to the Harvard graduate and he should be counting his lucky stars for having someone as amazing as Hudson with him.


12 Stephanie McMahon

via huffingtonpost.com

Stephanie McMahon has risen in stature and power in the WWE over the years, as starting as Mr. McMahon’s spoilt daughter, she’s now a pivotal part of the company as the Chief Brand Officer. Stephanie is also the wife of WWE Superstar Triple H, as the two married amongst much controversy in 2003 after going through a story-line of marriage in around 1999. McMahon and Triple H have slowly grown to become THE power couple in the WWE, both on-screen and of-screen as they are the future key-holders to Vince McMahon’s empire. Stephanie herself seems to be getting sexier as she ages, as she continues to look absolutely gorgeous every week she appears in WWE TV and has many a fan wooing about her. Triple H is a very lucky man as he’s not only married the daughter who’ll inherit the company soon, but also a splendid wife with whom he has 3 children with, and inspite of many having problems with their marriage with some thinking of it as a “business move” on HHH’s side, he and Stephanie seem to be very happy in their marriage and HHH has really roped in a bombshell in Stephanie who seems to get more attractive as she ages.


10 Karina Steen

via twitter.com

Kevin Owens is probably one of the most entertaining things about WWE right now, as well as one of the most talented wrestlers on the rosters. KO is definitely on top of the world in the WWE right now, and the same can be said to describe his family life. Owens’ wife Karina is an absolute stunner as many fans are left to wonder on how Owens even got someone as sexy as Karina. Owens and Karina have been married for almost a decade now, and have a boy named Ownes(after which he made his WWE name). Karina has been extremely supportive of Owens as he has gone through many highs and lows in his career before finally making it to the WWE, as there’s a good reason why Owens always uses the “I do it for the future of my family” line in the company. Karina is definitely one of the shining lights of Kevin’s life, as the gorgeous woman has been a strong pillar for KO for a long time now and a reason for his success as well.


8 Catalina White

via pwpop.com

Jack Swagger might be one of the unluckiest man in the WWE right now, but boy oh boy has he hit gold when it comes to his love life. The former World Champion is the husband of Catalina White, who’s definitely among the hottest WAG’s in the WWE right now as the former model tied the knot with Swagger in 2010. White is a glamour model who has appeared on the cover pages of magazines like Maxim, FHM and Complex Magazine. She had also signed in for WWE developmental in FCW, but couldn’t manage to do big in her wrestling career. White and Swagger have two children together and live a very happy marriage life, inspite of a sex tape featuring White being released in 2009. Swagger might be in the darkest corners in WWE right now, but White is definitely a shining light in his life as the All-American-American should consider himself lucky to have a bombshell like White who’s the stuff of dreams.


6 Maria Kanellis

via wrestlingnews.co

Maria Kanellis was definitely the sexiest thing to come out of WWE’s “Divas Search” program as the sizzling woman couldn’t really make it as a wrestler in the company, but definitely got the eyes on her when she walked into the arena. Her sublime figure kept her relevant for a long time in the company, before she was released and went to Ring of Honor. Here she met her current husband Mike Bennett, also an indy wrestler who was a mainstay for ROH and the two hit it off very well. The sexy Kanellis continued to bewilder everyone with her erotic personality and made her husband into a star by accompanying him to the ring. The two now compete for TNA, as well as having their own podcast as well. Kanellis was the last active WWE diva to pose naked for Playboy, and her stunning figure is the reason on why’s she’s still a sight for sour eyes and in the wrestling business, as Mike Bennett is a lucky man to have roped in a knockout in Kanellis.



3 Maryse

via villains.wikia.com

Before she was with The Miz, Maryse was one of the sexiest women in the WWE where she arrived through WWE’s “Divas Search Program”. As she sizzled with her erotic moves, Maryse quickly catapulted to the top of the Divas division and was one of the top Divas of the Smackdown brand for a number of years, holding the Divas Championship twice. She was also involved with fellow superstar The Miz during this time, as the couple tied the knot in 2014. WWE would acknowledge this in 2016, when Maryse popped up from nowhere to help The Miz win the Intercontinental Championship after Wrestlemania 32, and they have been an on-screen couple ever since. The charming Maryse has maintained her sexy figure all this time, and is looking better than ever during this run where she hopes to keep her husband at the top of the Smackdown brand, and keeping the eyes glued to her amazing body as well.


1 Nikki Bella

via foxsports.com

Nikki Bella has risen over the years as a part of the menacing Bella twins to one of the top Divas in the WWE right now, as she has attained the trust of management over the years. After some years of tricking people as part of The Bella Twins, Nikki won her first Divas Championship in 2012 before going onto win it again in 2014, which would be the beginning of a 301 days long title reign which secured her as the longest reigning divas champion in WWE history. Nikki would also start dating WWE Superstar John Cena in 2012, and the two have been together for 4 years now and are one of the power couples in the company. The sizzling Nikki has been wooing everyone with her hot body for a number of years now, and is definitely one of the sexiest divas in the WWE right now. Her relationship with Cena probably makes them as one of the top wrestler couples in wrestling today, as Nikki’s smashing figure has kept her in the eyes of the fans for a long time, and is a reason for her being in the top level of the Divas Division right now.

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