Top 15 Hottest WAGs Of Former WWE Stars

If you’re good at what you do and you’re in the right industry, it’s inevitable that success and money will eventually come your way. That’s that case in all professions, but particularly in professional wrestling.

Of course, the wrestling industry has a huge fan base that gets bigger year after year. Wrestlers attract people from all walks of life because it’s not just about two or more muscular good-looking guys getting in the ring together, trying to exert their dominance over one another. Sure, some people tune in just to watch this action, but wrestling’s about all-around entertainment, so many people watch wrestling events for the sheer entertainment factor.

For those wrestlers who have been fortunate enough to be contracted and work with the world’s most major wrestling promotion – WWE – they certainly had their time in the limelight. They would have had no shortage of camera time, more than decent salaries, and, of course, with fame and fortune comes women – in some cases lots of women. But what happens to the love-lives of wrestlers once they move away from WWE?

The glitz and glamour of wrestling and wrestlers attracts hot women. Do these women disappear along with the WWE contracts? Sometimes, but it doesn’t stop former WWE stars from finding love or companionship elsewhere.

These are 15 of the hottest current WAGs – wives and girlfriends – of former WWE stars.

15 Christa Podsedly (Scott Steiner)


The Steiner-Podsedly relationship marks a nice deviation from all the infidelity, promiscuity and sleeping around that can come with fame and fortune. There are so many rumors about what went on in the wrestling industry during the '90s and early 2000s, that a book could be written on all these allegations. Seeing as Scott Steiner was one of the biggest stars in the industry during that time, and he had that all-around star quality that many wrestlers craved, you’d have expected Steiner to have been in the thick of it and partaken in these antics.

But Steiner’s been in a rock-solid relationship with the woman he loves – Christa Podsedly – for about 16 years now. The couple have two sons together and despite all the hubbub that comes with life in the wrestling industry, they’re a tight-knit family.

14 Giovanna Yannotti (Kurt Angle)


Kurt enjoyed a decade-long relationship with his first wife, Karen – now Karen Jarrett after she married wrestler Jeff Jarret in 2010. The couple have a son and a daughter together, but things went downhill and in 2008, Karen handed Kurt the divorce papers.

Karen moved on with Jeff and so did Kurt, marrying actress Giovanna Yannotti in 2012 after a two-year engagement. They’ve started a family together and are currently expecting their third child.

So who is the hot Mrs. Angle? Well, she’s an actress and has landed a few minor roles in films like the New Moon from the Twilight Sage, Unstoppable and Death From Above; let’s stress the word minor here – Kurt’s filmography eclipses hers, but let’s cut her some slack, as she’s only 29.

13 Wanda Ferraton (Goldberg)


At his peak, Goldberg’s popularity equalled that of The Rock’s and Hulk Hogan’s, said Arn Anderson, and those of you who watched wrestling in the 1990s and early to mid-2000s would have a hard time disagreeing. Goldberg never married during that period, probably enjoying everything that came with being one of the biggest wrestling superstars on the planet, but eventually, Wanda Ferraton made an honest man out of him.

12 Eden (Cody Rhodes)


Cody Rhodes comes from a wrestling family and has been in the industry for about a decade now, but I think it’s safe to say that so far he hasn’t reached the heights of his dad or brother. The Stardust gimmick didn’t really win him a lot of accolades, but it was during the time he was prancing about the ring in that gold and black face paint and that God-awful shiny ring attire that he managed to seduce Brandi Reed, who was also trying to make it in the industry as a ring announcer.

Going by the name Eden Stiles, the now Brandi Rhodes is an absolute stunner. It’s not surprising that she was noticed by Cody; she has the looks and the figure – the whole package – which she honed during her days as a figure skater and utilized while modelling.

11 Denise Hartmann (Christian)


Christian came, he saw, he fought, he conquered, then left on his own terms in 2014, after a long and prosperous career in the wrestling industry. His career can be deemed a success for many reasons, such as his in-ring achievements, titles and championships, of course, but also because it coincided with a monumental occasion – his marriage to Denise Hartmann. He was touring in the UK with WWE when he met Denise for the first time, and the two hit it off right away. German model Denise Hartmann married Christian in 2001 and the two have been together ever since and have since added a little girl to their family.

10 Karen Jarrett (Jeff Jarrett)


9 Sharmell Sullivan-Huffman (Booker T)


King Booker is an utter legend in the wrestling industry, not just because of his in-ring accomplishments, but for getting hitched to the beautiful Sharmell Sullivan-Huffman. King Booker and Queen Sharmell met while both working with WCW – Booker doing what he did best and Sharmell working her way up from a dance troupe member to valet and then an in-ring competitor.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out why Booker was/is attracted to Sharmell and subsequently married her.

Sharmell was Miss Black Indiana and also won the Miss Black America pageant in 1991 at the tender age of 20 – a competition that was marred due to the whole Mike Tyson- Desiree Washington fiasco. She then got involved in professional dance before entering the wrestling industry seven years later, a period which saw her get together with one of the most iconic wrestlers on the planet.

8 AJ Lee (CM Punk)


CM Punk’s career with the WWE was, well, let’s just say eventful. He managed to make it work and persevered in the industry as long as he could, despite his long-running feud with the main man, Vince McMahon. Not many could succeed in such a toxic environment, but Punk made it happen.

Although Punk’s been very public about how he fell out of love with wrestling, it was in the wrestling industry – albeit towards the end of his career – that he met the love of his life, AJ Lee.

7 Jennifer McDaniel (Hulk Hogan)


When thinking about the Hulk’s relationships, most of you will instantly think of Linda Hogan, his spouse for 24 years. That’s because she became somewhat of a public figure – even more than she already was as Hulk Hogan’s wife – along with their daughter ,Brooke Hogan, and son, Nick Hogan, thanks to the family’s reality TV series, Hogan Knows Best and the spinoff series, Brooke Knows Best. Their divorce was also very public, as was Hogan’s nuptials to Jennifer McDaniel in 2010.

6 Kristin Feres (Stone Cold)


With his “Stone Cold” persona, Austin certainly hasn’t been down on his luck when it comes to the ladies – or has, depending on how you look at it. He’s been with some gorgeous women, but it’s never worked out. Hopefully, for Austin’s sake, it’ll be a different situation with Kristin.

When Austin married his fourth wife, who at the time was named Kristin Feres, it was a case of fourth time lucky. His previous marriages had ended in rather messy circumstances, so it was now up to Kristin to try and make an honest man out of him.

5 Rebecca Curci (Shawn Michaels)


Shawn Michaels and Rebecca Curci have been together through thick and thin, through all the ups and downs, allegations and the tumultuous times the wrestling industry has thrown at them, and today, they’re still going strong after nearly two decades of marriage – a testimony to their commitment towards one another.

4 Reby Sky (Matt Hardy)


Matt, along with younger brother Jeff, gained notoriety after teaming together and dominating the ranks in WWE’s tag team division for a number of years. The Hardy Boyz gained a huge fan base, but it was after his WWE days, while he was working with – it has to be said – the lesser-known ROH wrestling promotion, that he married Reby Sky following a two-year relationship.

Reby Sky was making her way in the wrestling industry at the time and had been working with various wrestling promotions when she became involved with Matt Hardy. Matt got her on the roster of his own OMEGA events, and the two have since flourished – both privately and professionally.

Looking at Sky’s credentials, it’s no wonder she became a Knockout. Her dancing career got off to a good start, as did her stint in modelling, all before wrestling came calling.

3 Beth Phoenix (Edge)


Adam Copeland hasn’t had the best of luck when it comes to marriage. Both of his marriages have been short-lived, his first one lasting less than three years and his second marriage ending after just over a year. Perhaps Copeland realized that marriage just wasn’t for him and so far, he hasn’t popped the question, despite being with current partner, Beth Phoenix, for over three years. The two seem content to keep sailing along as they are, but they’ve certainly made it work and have added two daughters to their lives.

2 Miroslava Luna (Mark Jindrak)


Mexican beauty, Miroslava Luna, got hitched to “Marco Corleone” Mark Jindrak in 2015 and the couple currently resides in Mexico with their son. Jindrak didn’t set the world alight during his time with the WWE, but in a way, it all worked out for him because his lack of success prompted him to embark on a career with various Mexican promotions, a move which ultimately brought him and Miroslava together.

1 Jackie Gayda (Charlie Haas)


Former WWE Tag Team Champion Charlie Haas got engaged to fellow pro Jackie Gayda in 2004 and the couple tied the knot a year later. The birth of their first daughter followed a year after that and their second came along a couple of years later. They then had two more kids in the four-year period that followed – things happen fast in the Hass household. With four kids to look after, it’s unsurprising that wrestling has taken a backseat for Jackie Gayda, who had been making the rounds in various promotions.

Cast your minds back to 2002 and most of you will remember Jackie Gayda as the winner of the reality television show, Tough Enough. She certainly made an impression when she won her contract with WWE and was involved in some memorable feuds and storylines, one of which was her feud with Sable and Torrie Wilson that occurred after she announced that she was the hottest diva in the WWE. Well, Charlie Haas definitely thought so and they now have a perfect little family – actually quite large with four kids.

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Top 15 Hottest WAGs Of Former WWE Stars