Top 15 Hottest WAGs Of Monday Night Raw

On January 11, 1993, USA Network decided to take a chance on a new WWE wrestling show that was live, not taped, and was filmed in large arenas, not the smaller venues that Superstars and Prime Time Wr

On January 11, 1993, USA Network decided to take a chance on a new WWE wrestling show that was live, not taped, and was filmed in large arenas, not the smaller venues that Superstars and Prime Time Wrestling were filmed in front of previously. They didn't know it at the time but they were embarking on one of the most successful and longest running Sports Entertainment shows on cable.

It's now heading into its' 25th season next year and has aired over 1,226 episodes between USA Network, TNN, and Spike TV. The original Raw would end up costing the WWE millions of dollars for a few years before they finally started to turn a profit when WCW began hosting their own weekly live wrestling show on TNT. The two shows began battling it out for professional wrestling supremacy in September of 1995 and did not slow down until WCW began it's self-destruction in 2000 and 2001, right before Vince McMahon and the WWE purchased the company.

Since then, there just has not been enough competition to create a fight for viewers, and the only thing the WWE can do to make itself better is to compete with itself by splitting up the rosters into two shows, Raw and SmackDown Live. The split has given a good mix of wrestlers on each show and it keeps the audience and fans happy.

It even keeps the wrestlers happy, and not just happy on-screen. It keeps them happy in real life too. Some of the wrestlers currently on the Raw roster even have beautiful women by their sides that we call WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends). Let's take a moment to honor the longest running cable television show in USA Network history by giving you the 15 hottest WAGs of the Monday Night Raw roster.

15 Sarah Rotunda (Wife of Bo Dallas)


For most of her life, Sarah Rotunda, formerly Sarah Backman, was a world-class female arm wrestler who began her career in the sport when she was only 14 years old. The Swedish beauty won the World Arm Wrestling Championship eight times, the European Arm Wrestling Championship eight times, and the Swedish Arm Wrestling Championship 11-times making her one of the greatest, and most decorated, female arm wrestler ever.

She ended up retiring from the sport just three years ago, when she was 21 years young, to pursue a professional wrestling career. However, after just two years working with the WWE's developmental territory NXT, she requested to be released, and it was granted, allowing her to break her contract without having to worry about paying back the remaining money.

Then, in June of 2014, a little over a month after leaving the WWE, she ended up marrying WWE wrestler Bo Dallas. She is currently a Swedish real estate broker.

14 Karl Anderson's "Hot Asian Wife"


Karl Anderson is one of the WWE's hottest up-and-coming wrestler's and is part of the stable, The Club. The Club features Luke Gallows, A.J. Styles, and Karl Anderson as the bad guys in WWE that, until the 2016 WWE Draft this year, were a dangerous trio that would have caused even more chaos but were split up when A.J. Styles was sent to SmackDown. Anderson and Gallows, however, have continued to become a threat for the WWE Tag Team Championship and look as though could be winning it before 2017.

Just in case you were wondering, we did not decide to call Karl Anderson's wife by that name, it is actually the nickname that he has used to refer to his real-life Asian wife who does happen to be hot. We are not sure when it began but if you search the internet you can find some incredible results (Please don't search "Hot Asian Wife" without including Karl Anderson's name or you will be sent to an area of the internet that is NSFW mostly. So be warned!).

13 Taylor Matheny (Wife of Brian Kendrick)


For The Brian Kendrick, professional wrestling is life. He has been doing it for so long that he has had the pleasure of working with many of the biggest Superstars the sport has ever had. He has also been able to travel the world and work for just about every major wrestling promotion you can name including New Japan Pro Wrestling, Ring of Honor, TNA, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Insane Championship Wrestling, Pro Wrestling NOAH, and about 30 other promotions all over the globe. He has probably worked for more companies than just about any other active professional wrestler in the WWE.

His wife, Taylor Matheny, on the other hand, retired from professional wrestling two years after finishing second in the inaugural season of MTV's Tough Enough. She got all the way to the finals where she faced Nidia before losing. She turned that into a launching point for her professional wrestling career but after a while, just decided she no longer wanted to do it and retired. It wasn't until August of 2008 when she would finally marry her boyfriend, of several years, Brian Kendrick.

12 Natalie Satterley (Wife of Neville)


At first glance, Neville is one of the oddest looking guys in the WWE. He is also tiny compared to the other wrestlers on the main roster standing 5'8" and weighing only 194 pounds. His big ears and long nose, not to mention his receding hairline and long hair, makes for one creepy looking guy. But when we found it he was from England, he no longer comes across creepy or odd, he is simply British and British people can get away with that appearance. He proved it when he married his longtime girlfriend Natalie in the summer of 2015.

Even though he lacks the size of a typical WWE Superstar, Neville has worked his way to the main roster after winning the NXT Championship, NXT Tag Team Championship twice, and partnering with Oliver Grey to win the NXT Tag Team Championship Tournament. He would have made his main roster debut sooner than 2015 but after his tag team partner tore his ACL while on NXT, it caused him to move to a solo career much sooner than he was ready to handle.

11 Kori Campfield (Wife of Kofi Kingston)


The New Day is easily one of the most entertaining stables in the history of WWE. Each member of the trio has the charisma, character, and personality to make wearing unicorn horns on their head while dressing in rainbow colored clothing cool. It is tough to imagine anyone else joining The New Day and actually being anywhere near as entertaining as these guys.

But The New Day wasn't the first trip for Kofi Kingston, as he was originally labled as the first Jamaican wrestler in WWE history and used his talents to become a four-time WWE Intercontinental Champion as well as a member of the World Tag Team Champion duo of CM Punk and himself. Following their tag team partnership, the two have actually become good friends in real life. Away from his WWE antics, Kofi Kingston has bene married to Kori Campfield since 2010.

10 Stephanie McMahon (Wife of Triple H)


Being the daughter of the WWE's owner, Vince McMahon, has its' benefits. Stephanie McMahon proved that when she first started to appear on Monday Night Raw back in 1999. However, Vince did not simply hand her the keys to the WWE once she turned 18, she had to earn it, just like anyone else. She worked jobs modeling clothing for the company before becoming a receptionist at the companies main office in Stamford, Connecticut.

From there she started working different front office jobs, just like anyone else not related to the companies owner. It was very important to Vince McMahon to teach his children how to pay their dues in order to become a better person and employee. Sure, she was always going to become the owner after Vince passes away but that is much further into the future, not now. Now, she spends her time as the companies Chief Brand Officer while also raising her family with Triple H, her longtime husband.

9 Galina Becker (Wife of Roman Reigns)


Almost all WWE fans have hated Roman Reigns since 2014 when The Shield turned into faces after attacking Kane and The Authority. He was loved until Seth Rollins betrayed the group, leaving them to split and go their separate ways but for some odd reason, the writers of WWE Raw will not make Roman a heel. They are forcing the fans to like him by making him remain a babyface, which has turned into a sarcastic hatred by the fans.

Professional wrestling fans do not like to be told who to like so as long as Roman Reigns remains a babyface character, the fans will continue to boo him, everywhere he goes.

On top of that, there are many other reasons the fans revolt against the WWE by hating Roman Reigns including the fact that they continue to make other wrestlers talk him up and make him seem like this amazing person when he is actually just another jobber that caught a few big breaks. But at least he has a hot wife.

8 Wanda Ferraton (Wife of Goldberg)


Without Bill Goldberg, WCW would have folded about two years earlier than they did because he had built a following of passionate fans that kept the WCW wheels spinning just long enough for Vince McMahon to step in and buy them out just as they were about to collapse.

He ended up enjoying his guaranteed money that was still being paid out to him after WCW closed their doors and by 2005, he ended up marrying Wanda Ferraton, a stunt double that he met while on the set of his film, Santa's Slay. Their relationship was apparently the real deal as they met and got married in the same year and have been together ever since.

Now that he has returned to the WWE, including signing on for more television time recently, we are going to learn more about his mysterious wife of eleven years.

7 Sable (Wife of Brock Lesnar)


Sunny might have been the first true WWE Diva, according to just about any wrestling fan that grew up watching her become one of the most downloaded females on the planet, but she wasn't the best. In fact, it wasn't even Sunny that helped grow the popularity of the Women's Division, or the Divas, it was Sable.

Sable was not a good wrestler, not by a long shot. But what she lacked in wrestling ability, she more than made up for in sexuality. She started off as Marc Mero's manager but eventually surpassed him in popularity and eventually left him for Brock Lesnar. She used her sex appeal to her advantage by wearing hardly anything, most of the time. That includes the time she won a bikini contest at the 1998 Fully Loaded PPV by wearing a painted on hand-bra, virtually making her topless. It was the first of many more moments that Sable would use her body to help grow the WWE's market share including the time she posed for Playboy. The issues sold out within a day and it remains one of the best-selling issues ever.

6 Jessica Lockhart (Wife of Chris Jericho)


Chris Jericho is probably one of the greatest heels in professional wrestling since Hulk Hogan became the best of all-time when he showed up in WCW and joined Kevin Nash and Scott Hall to form the nWo. Chris didn't join a stable or tag team, he just simply kept working hard and showcasing his incredible wrestling skills every time he was involved in a match.

He is also the reason for one of the loudest pops in Monday Night Raw history when he shocked everyone and showed up on Raw after having left WCW not long before his debut. The lead up to the debut was part of the brilliance behind the unveiling as WWE put a countdown clock on the screen without any explanation. It worked out brilliantly because of the New Millennium, which was about to occur. When the lights went off and the music began, the crowd figured it out fairly quickly and that's when the cheers drowned out everything, creating one of the most incredible moments in Raw's history. While there have bene rumors of Jericho being unfaithful, Y2J remains married to his wife Jessica Lockhart.

5 Amber Gallows (Wife of Luke Gallows)


Amber Gallows isn't just the wife of Luke Gallows, she is also a highly respected female wrestler currently in ROH, Ring of Honor, after having spent several years working for various companies such as Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, Shimmer Women Athletes, and the National Wrestling Alliance. So although her husband is working for WWE on the main roster, she is doing great on her own.

The independent wrestler is also the type that tends to speak her mind on social media. Recently, she went to Twitter to share her true feelings about Dana Brooke teaming up with her husband's stable, The Club during the August 29th episode of Raw. Amber apparently did not like the idea that Dana was teaming up with them and when a fan asked her about her thoughts, she simply replied by saying, "I will kill a b***h."

4 Liv Morgan (Girlfriend of Enzo Amore)


If you haven't heard the name Liv Morgan by now, do not worry, she is someone you will soon be hearing more about as she continues her climb to the WWE main roster. She is currently down in NXT working her way through their Women's Division like a knife through butter. At 22 years old, she is moving very quickly into becoming a wrestling star. Not to mention, she just might be the recreation of Carmella, only hotter and with a better future as a wrestler. It is a little soon to know if she has the skill set to become great but she is young and has a ridiculously high ceiling.

She is also dating one of the funniest and most popular WWE Raw wrestlers, Enzo Amore. Some people find him annoying but that's just because they misunderstand him. He is entertaining, talented, and most likely going to be in the WWE for a very long time. And that is good news for both of them.

3 Karina Steen (Wife of Kevin Owens)


Being the WWE Universal Champion is a big deal. It solidifies your career in professional wrestling by showing you the WWE has faith that you can handle the task of a true champion which is more than just a few pictures holding the title belt, it is turning you into a star. That's exactly what happened when Kevin Owens won the WWE Universal title belt becoming the second person to win it.

But that's not even the greatest feat in Kevin Owens life. His greatest accomplishment was finding a way to land one of the sexiest WAGs in wrestling, Karina Steen. Much like a few of the other men on this list, Kevin Owens married a woman that normally would be about nine spots higher than him on the beauty scale. He did not just marry out of his league, he married out of his universe when he landed her.

2 Carmella (Girlfriend of Big Cass)


What are two of the sexiest cheerleading dance teams in professional sports? The Laker Girls, of the Los Angeles Lakers, and the New England Patriots cheerleaders. Carmella, has done both.

After graduating from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Carmella pursued a career in dancing and then spent three seasons on the sidelines of every New England Patriots home game before moving to Los Angeles and becoming a Laker Girl for one year. Just a few years after her final appearance as a Laker Girl, Carmella signed with WWE and started her career in professional wrestling on NXT.

Her first few appearances involved the popular WWE Tag Team of Enzo Amore and Big Cass. It wouldn't be long before she and Big Cass became official and have now been together since the early part of 2015.

1 Lana (Wife of Rusev)


Just because Lana is beautiful, blonde, and one of the best Instagram users on the planet (@thelanawwe), does not mean she is a beauty with no brains, far from that actually. Lana, whose real name is C.J. Perry, is one of those multi-talented individuals that is always looking for new ways to express their artistic talents. By the time she got to the WWE, she was already so well-accomplished, wrestling was not even her most impressive job.

At 14 years old, while living in Lativa as her father performed his duties as a Christian missionary, Lana decided to follow in her mother's footsteps and take up ballet dancing. She was so talented that she attended the Riga Choreography School and danced for the Latvian National Ballet. She continued dancing and by the time she returned to the United States, at 17 years old, she took her talents to New York City before eventually majoring in dance at Florida State.

Long story short, she was one of the first cowgirls, along with Jenn Sterger, that started appearing on television each weekend when the Florida State football team played home games. She also took up acting, joined a girl group under Ne-Yo's record label, and was a backup dancer for Usher, Akon, Keri Hilson, and Nelly.

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