Top 15 Hottest WAGs of SmackDown Live

SmackDown Live gained many talented Superstars following the Brand Split back in July, but they also gained the wives and girlfriends of these Superstars, because more often than not the following list of people will be seen either travelling or hanging out with their spouses backstage at the Tuesday night event.

Many of the female talent on both SmackDown and Raw are now dating fellow wrestlers so it is quite easy to link together the real WWE couples. It seems that love is definitely in the air because many stars have dated and then married following stints in WWE together.

While many of the following list are actually part of the SmackDown roster themselves, so are their spouses and it seems that WWE's drafting system was really nice to them. Of course they did manage to split up many couples like Dana Brooke and Dolph Ziggler and Paige and Del Rio, it also allowed many to stay together and continue to travel together.

The following list does show that you have to be very attractive to land any of the biggest wrestlers in the world because all of these women are absolute knockouts. This doesn't mean that they are shallow, it just means that they have managed to attract beautiful women and in some cases, gone on to produce some of the cutest children.

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15 Samantha Rotunda

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The stunning wife of Wyatt Family leader Bray Wyatt often shies away from any cameras and hasn't been seen on WWE TV with her husband yet, but that doesn't mean that she isn't one of the most attractive wives of the entire roster.

Samantha and Bray married a few years ago and have since welcomed two children, Kendyl and Cadyn. While Bray doesn't look like the perfect family man when he's performing his unusual character on WWE TV, there are many beautiful photos of him and his family that prove that there really are two sides to some Superstars. While Bray Wyatt himself will not be winning any awards for sexiest Superstar on the roster anytime soon, it shows that some women don't only care about looks.

14 Takecia Travis

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Takecia Travis is the beautiful wife of former Tag Team Champion and winner of Tag Team of the Year Jey Uso. The brother of Jimmy and the one who isn't married to Naomi, Jey is also the father to two beautiful sons.

Jey and his wife have been seen on Total Divas along with his brother Jimmy and cousin Tamina, but other than that they usually lead a mostly private personal life away from the cameras that are used to follow his brother and wife around. It appears as though Jey is less attracted to the reality show spotlight. And while Jey and Jimmy are twins, it proves that even though they look the same, they really are different people on the inside, with different outlooks.

13 Marissa Mazzola-McMahon

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It's hard to make a list of the most beautiful women married to the men of the SmackDown roster without including the wife of SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon. Marissa and Shane were high school sweethearts and have been together throughout his entire career with WWE, she has literally been with Shane since the very beginning.

Shane married Marissa more than 20 years ago and together they have three beautiful sons. The trio appeared as part of Shane McMahon's entrance at WrestleMania 32 and then later at ringside along with their mother at Survivor Series a few weeks ago. Declan, Kenny, and Rogan have become a big hit with the WWE Universe, but unlike her husband, Marissa prefers to stay out of the spotlight and off WWE TV.

12 Emmalina

via fanpop.com

Who could leave the beautifully made over Emmalina off the list? The current Raw Superstar hasn't been seen for a good few months after she suffered an injury but finally she is set to return to WWE and the company has been releasing some steamy shots of the former NXT star ahead of her re-debut.

Emma is the girlfriend of current Hype Bros tag team member Zack Ryder and that's why she makes this list. She and Zack have been dating for the past few years and often update cute selfies to their Instagram and Twitter accounts to keep fans updated despite their busy schedules. It will be interesting to see how different Emma is when she returns to the WWE with a new attitude and a new name.

11 Michelle McCool

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The former WWE Women's and Divas Champion, Michelle McCool left her own mark on the SmackDown roster before she decided to marry one of the biggest legends of all time, The Undertaker.

Michelle wrestled on SmackDown for more than five years before she left the company, married The Undertaker, and give birth to her first child a few years ago. She has since been seen with her husband at his WrestleMania appearances in a loving and supporting wife role as opposed to WWE competitor. And despite not appearing in a wrestling ring for the past five years, Michelle is still looking in great shape. And who knows, maybe one day she will decide to return to the ring on SmackDown Live among the new Women's Division.

10 Kimberly Marie Kessler

via twitter.com

Randy Orton is one of the most sought after WWE Superstars of all time. Women and girls used to line the streets screaming for Randy Orton in his early days as a WWE Superstar, so it comes as no surprise that the woman he has decided to settle down with is an absolute stunner.

Randy Orton has been married before and has a child from the past relationship as well, but when his marriage to Samantha (first wife) didn't work out, it seems that Orton moved on to Kim. The couple have recently announced the arrival of their first daughter together whom they have named Brooklyn Rose. Kim, while lesser known to fans is definitely of of the hottest WAGs of the SmackDown Live roster.

9 Brie Bella

via dailywrestlingnews.com

A former SmackDown talent herself, former Divas Champion Brie Bella had to be added to the list because she is the wife of SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan. Bryan and Brie married merely days after he won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 30 and she has since retired from WWE to begin a family. Brie left WWE following WrestleMania 32 earlier this year so that she and Bryan could begin trying for a baby.

Brie is considered to have been one of the most attractive WWE Divas to ever set foot in a WWE ring, along with her sister Nikki and even though she recently announced that she was pregnant and expecting a daughter early in 2017, it has been reported that she will make her return to WWE at some point in the next year after she has raised her daughter for the first few months.

8 Wendy Jones

via starsunfolded.com

It's hard to write a list of SmackDown's Hottest WAGs without including the wife of WWE World Champion AJ Styles. Wendy has been there throughout AJ's career, which included a lengthy spell with TNA before he finally made the switch to WWE and won the biggest Championship in the business.

AJ married Wendy more than two decades ago back in 1995 and the couple have since welcomed three sons and a daughter over the past 20 years. A great fact about the family is that Wendy is the only member who's initials are not AJ since all their children followed in the footsteps of their father. Wendy hasn't been seen yet on WWE TV and unlike her husband, prefers to avoid the spotlight, maybe at some point WWE will write her into a storyline?

7 Maryse

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The wife of Intercontinental Champion The Miz and current an on-screen SmackDown talent herself, Maryse is absolutely gorgeous. She has changed the face of SmackDown Live and WWE as a whole since she returned the night after WrestleMania this year.

The French-Canadian Superstar has already paved her own path in WWE as a former Divas Champion. She was the longest reigning Champion until AJ Lee broke her record back in 2014, but she left the company back in 2011 after a lengthy absence through injury. She has since made an incredible return and has become one of the standout members of the SmackDown roster. She has yet to have a match since her return but who knows, some day soon Mayrse could be tossed into the SmackDown Women's Championship picture.

6 Catalina White

via forosperu.net

Earlier this year, Jack Swagger became the first ever person to move from Raw over to SmackDown when it was made clear that there was nothing for him over on the Raw roster. The Blue Brand welcomed him instead and his addition to their roster means that his beautiful wife can also be added to this list.

The former World Heavyweight Champion married Catalina back in 2010 and the couple has since welcomed their first son whom they called Knox Sterling in 2011 and their first daughter Presley Pearl in 2015. Swagger is a former All-American wrestler and has had a lengthy career in WWE. It's fantastic to know that there are wrestlers who can have a family and a WWE career, it's not a case of one or the other.

5 Naomi

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Naomi is currently feeling the glow on the SmackDown roster as one of just seven women competitors in the locker room. But she is also a WAG of the roster as well, since she is married to former Tag Team Champion and Tag Team of the Year winner Jimmy Uso.

Naomi has appeared on various seasons of Total Divas and took the WWE Universe behind the scenes of her life with WWE and travelling around the world with her husband. She is considered to be one of the most athletic female wrestlers in the entire company. She made the switch to train as a wrestler after many successful years working as a professional dancer. Namoi has yet to truly find herself involved in a Women's Championship storyline but it could be in the future for this athletic Superstar.

4 Renee Young

via renee-young.net

Unless you've been living under a rock, then you will know that WWE backstage interviewer and kick-off panel host Renee Young is dating former WWE World Champion Dean Ambrose.

The broadcast team member has officially made the switch over to being a Total Diva this year as well and her relationship with Dean Ambrose is now heavily featured on the latest season of the E! Network show. Renee and Dean have been dating for the past two years and have reached the point where Renee even dresses the way that Dean used to in his leather jacket. They are considered to be one of WWE's cutest couples and Renee herself is absolutely gorgeous, despite the hate that she gets from many female Dean Ambrose fans.

3 Shaul Guerrero

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The wife of former NXT Tag Team Champion and Vaudevillians member Aiden English, Shaul Guerrero was once a member of the NXT roster herself and looked like a promising wrestler. That was until Shaul along with her mother Vickie decided to leave the company back in 2014.

Shaul is the daughter of the late, great Eddie Guerrero and was hoping to continue his legacy in WWE. But instead she has been a great loss to the NXT Women's Division. Her husband has since been promoted from the NXT roster and became a part of SmackDown Live during the draft. Her husband's team have one of the best gimmicks around when it comes to tag team wrestling (The Vaudevillains are meant to represent a taste of the distant past).

2 Dana Brooke

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Dana Brooke, or 'Miss Piggy' as she's known now thanks to Sasha Banks is currently tearing it up on Monday Night Raw while her boyfriend Dolph Ziggler continues to steal the show on Tuesday Nights for the Blue Brand.

Dana is a former bodybuilder and gymnast. She is also not the worst looking girl in the world so it is easy to see why she has managed to stay with Dolph for so long (Dolph has been know as somewhat of a playboy in the locker room). The couple have been together now for more than a year and actually met when Dana was still in NXT. Everything seems to be going well for both parties as it seems they are both set for a push in WWE in the coming months.

1 Nikki Bella

via wrestlingmedia.org

Widely considered to be the most attractive female wrestler on the current WWE roster, Nikki Bella has taken the SmackDown Women's Division by storm since her return to WWE back at SummerSlam. She has managed to overcome neck surgery and has returned better than ever for the new WWE format.

Of course, she is the girlfriend of 15-time World Champion John Cena, the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time, and the star of both Total Divas and Total Bellas. Not a bad list of accomplishments for the girl who began her WWE career through the Diva Search all those years ago. Nikki has climbed her way up through the company and has become one of their biggst stars in her own righ. And even though she is dating John Cena, she still has many die hard fans of her own her who consider her the most talented one in the relationship.

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