Top 15 Hottest WAGs Of Wrestlers Who Aren't In The Business

The glitz and glamour of the wrestling business means that many prominent wrestlers have no trouble picking up women. Life on the road and travelling to wrestling events can become lonely, and sometimes a bit of companionship is all that’s needed to balance a wrestler out.

The buzz around wrestlers and the wrestling industry as a whole attracts a range of different people – die hard fans who worship their favorite wrestlers like gods, and those who just tag along for the ride. A subset of both categories are super attractive women, women who in some cases can become more than just friends to our favorite wrestlers.

Wrestlers – well many of them anyway – have a pretty decent package; they have the fame, the fortune, the personality and as a result have some of the most beautiful women by their side. For some it’s just promiscuity and fun on the road, but others have made it stick and have become part of a committed relationship.

It'd be easy to mention super attractive people like the Bellas or Naomi, but that felt like cheating for this article, so we looked outside of wresltling.  We’ve compiled a list of the top 15 hottest wives and girlfriends of wrestlers who weren't in the business.

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15 Sarah Bäckman - Bo Dallas

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Before you get all up in arms about Sarah Bäckman being on this list, keep in mind that during her brief time at the WWE Performance Center, she didn't even have a match. Perhaps Bäckman didn't "BoLieve" in wrestling as much as her husband Bo Dallas, as the Swedish beauty decided that the WWE life wasn't for her. Unlike many on this list, Bäckman has been in the public eye prior to marrying Dallas; she is an eight-time World Arm Wrestling Champion.

Some may oppose Bäckman making this list as her frame is very muscular, but keep in mind that this blonde bombshell has a gorgeous face, and a beautiful figure. In fact it could be argued that Bäckman does a better job balancing muscle and femininity than Chyna did in her prime.

14 Giovanna Yannotti - Kurt Angle

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The smoking hot Giovanna Yannotti is an actress, appearing in a few movie roles during the course of her still young career. The roles that beef up her resume are her appearances in Twilight Saga: New Moon and the TV series Justified. Many people raised their eyebrows when it came to light that Giovanna was due to become the new Mrs. Angle in 2010.

Kurt Angle’s 18 years older than Giovanna, but looking at the way things have progressed, the age factor certainly hasn’t been an issue. Things certainly happened fast for the couple; the same year they got engaged, Giovanna became pregnant – they’ve since had another child together and are expecting their third early next year. It’s been a whirlwind five years or so for the Angles!

13 Rebecca Curci - Shawn Michaels

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This was a hook up that stood the test of time, and went on to grow into something more substantial. Five years after his first marriage ended in abject failure, getting hitched again was probably the last thing that Shawn Michaels wanted to do. But the right woman came along, and Michaels just couldn’t say no to Rebecca Curci. It was a decision that ended up working out for the best, because as of today, they’ve spent 17 years together as a happily married couple – remarkable longevity in this day and age where celebrities are getting divorced left, right and center.

Rebecca's the woman who helped Michaels through those dark periods in his life in the early 2000s. The former Nitro Girls dance team member stood by Michaels like a rock, and today they’re still rock solid.

12 Pamela Killings - R-Truth

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Ron Killings may not be the biggest star on the roster, but is one of the longest reigning veterans in the WWE. He made his debut back in 1997 and has since yo-yoed around a bit, wrestling with various different promotions – including a couple of stints with WWE.

It was during his second run with WWE that he met Pamela. Killings is a wrestler, rapper and has a wacky, crazy, eccentric personality – he needed a calming influence in his life, and that came in the form of Pamela.

Not much is known about Pamela as they prefer to keep their private life, but plenty is known about their nuptials. They tied the knot in 2011 at a botanical garden in a very public wedding. They’ve since had a little girl together and Ron is still killing it in the ring with WWE.

11 Wendy Barlow - Ric Flair

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Ric Flair’s certainly a bit of a man about town; a few months ago he just got engaged to be married – yet again! – to who will be his fifth wife, Wendy Barlow. Granted, it seems as if he’s been a part of the industry since the dawn of time, but his luck with love is, well, unlucky. During his career there have been plenty of hook ups, and plenty of alleged hook ups; he most recently claimed that Halle Berry rode "Space Mountain"!

Hopefully his latest hook up and subsequent engagement to Wendy Barlow corrects Flair's bad track record in romance, for his sake of his legal team and bank account. Barlow’s young, she’s beautiful and seems head strong – strong enough to deal with Flair’s antics anyway. She came into the public eye during an episode of Celebrity Wife Swap where she switched up and lived with Roddy Piper for a week, which probably made the couple realize that they’re way more suited to each other than others give them credit for.

10 Karina Steen - Kevin Owens

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The big burly figure of Kevin Owens is just scratching the surface of what he could accomplish on the WWE front, but he’s probably fared even better when it comes to the ladies. Owens is known for his volatile personality, but his bad boy in-ring reputation aside, he’s actually a bit of a puppy and has a softer side to his personality. He’s a strong family man and has been since he got married to the stunning Karina Elias back in 2007.

Not much is known about Karina, or her life away from her hubby’s career, but Owens isn't shy about showing her off. You can find Karina (along with the rest of Owens' family) all over his social media, and her own which she makes the relationship very public.

9 Kori Campfield- Kofi Kingston

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Kofi Kingston has done a great job of keeping his personal life pretty close to the chest. The Tag Team Champion has repeatedly shown off his wife Kori Campfield during WWE events like the Hall of Fame ceremony, but little information exits about the beautiful Mrs. Kingston. Since we don't know much, let's stick to the facts for this entry.

First we know that Kori is clearly a beautiful woman, standing out in every picture that we have seen her in. Second we know that her and Kofi have two kids together since getting married in 2010, which is completely understandable given the fact that his wife is gorgeous. It's no wonder that Kofi is so positive with The New Day. I mean, wouldn't you be okay wearing a unicorn horn if you knew you got to go home to Kori Campfield?

8 Galina Becker - Roman Reigns

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Roman Reigns is one of the newer guys in the business and even though he hasn’t been around for that long, he is already billed as the next superstar of the industry; with three WWE World Heavyweight Championship reigns under his belt, it’s totally justifiable.

Although he probably doesn’t feel like he has conquered the wrestling industry yet, Reigns' love life is at an all time high. Since his college days he’s only had eyes for one woman – Galina Becker. They didn’t rush into anything – they only got married in 2014 – although they had their first child six years previously.

Becker was an athlete in her college days and it certainly shows; her stunning physique is probably what attracted the then football star Roman Reigns to her in college, but today it’s far from a superficial relationship.

7 Leighla Schultz - Seth Rollins (ex-fiancee)

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This one’s like something out of a soap opera. Rollins and Schultz were engaged at some point, but their relationship ended in somewhat of a comedic soap opera fashion. About a year into their engagement, it was revealed that Rollins was cheating on her with former WWE NXT talent Zahra Schreiber. Leighla must have been thanking her luck stars they hadn’t gotten married yet!

Leighla was hot, but evidently Rollins found Zahra even hotter; he was busted when nude pictures of Zahra were posted on his social media accounts for the world to see. What makes the situation more embarrassing is that nude pictures of Rollins were leaked as well in midst of his push, which obviously made things embarrassing for the WWE.

Rollins might have defended it as a glitch at the time, but after the inevitable happened and Leighla ended the engagement, Rollins and Zahra got together.

6 Lauren Hashian - The Rock

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Dwayne Johnson’s been with some super hot women during his wrestling and movie career. For a decade he only had eyes for his spouse of 10 years – Dany Garcia – but when the two split up in 2007, he put Lauren Hashian in his sights.

Daughter of well-renowned Boston drummer Sib Hashian, Lauren and Johnson first hooked up in 2007, just after his divorce was finalized. They met while he was filming The Game Plan, and it happened so soon after his divorce that he was rumored to have been unfaithful. It was evidently more than just a hook up out of wedlock, as it’s been almost 10 years since they first met and they’re still going strong. Despite being together for almost a decade, they’re still not married, but they do have a child together – their daughter, Jasmine, was born in 2015.

5 Kimberly Kessler - Randy Orton

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The Kessler-Orton one-year marriage anniversary is fast approaching, and as of yet, there hasn't been any drama reported at home – makes a nice change from the otherwise colorful life led by Randy Orton. He wasn't exactly a saint earlier in his career.

When Randy got divorced in 2012, he found new love in the arms of Kim Marie Kessler. Take one look at Kim and you’ll know why she makes this list.

The Kessler-Orton couple are certainly a beautiful couple. Their social media accounts are filled with pretty pictures – pictures of them and their beautiful family. Kim has three kids from previous relationships and is expected to have her first with Orton. Hopefully Orton’s able to make this one last, because this Kim’s most certainly a keeper!

4 Colette Foley - Mick Foley

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Micky Foley hooked up with Colette way back in 1992, and hasn’t hooked up with anyone else since. He’s one of the few superstars who’s wrestled, pretty much for the entirety of his career, while being happily married, in a loving, committed relationship. Despite all the travelling and life on the road, they’ve remained strong and neither has strayed from the path of marriage – from the path of love and commitment.

It’s refreshing to see, in this day and age, a couple lasting so long, despite Mick Foley being in the public eye and being surrounded by Divas walking around the WWE locker rooms – he’s remained true to his marriage vows. They now have four kids together, a couple of which are embarking on careers in the wrestling industry.

3 Jennifer Hudson - David Otunga

via tvone.tv

If David Otunga's wife isn't the hottest, she is definitely the most famous on this list! Jennifer Hudson hit the mainstream in 2004 when she auditioned and nearly won the third season of American Idol. Since then Hudson has been one of the few women who have taken home a SAG Award, Grammy, Academy Award, and a Golden Globe. During the height of her success, Hudson met and married SmackDown's current color commentator David Otunga.

Since becoming a couple, Jennifer Hudson has made strides to improve her physical appearance. Acting as a spokeswoman for Weight Watcher, Hudson was able to drop an amazing 80 pounds in 2014. While many men coveted Hudson for her curves prior to the transformation, her new slim look attracted even more attention.

2 Rachel David - Wade Barrett

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Wade Barrett’s relationships have been very public; he first got with the stunning diva Alicia Fox, but they broke up after about a year, as mentioned in E!'s Total Divas. From Alicia Fox, he moved on to Rachel David, someone who had absolutely no connections to the wrestling industry until she had met Wade.

Rachel David’s truly stunning and has got a brain as well as beauty. She’s into journalism and has made her career as a TV host – the hostess with the mostess! Also as a business owner, David's very active on social media, posting new content – sizzling pictures – on an almost daily basis. Her career jet setting around the globe keeps her busy, but she always makes time to send out a message of support when Wade Barrett’s on the bill to compete.

1 Catalina White - Jack Swagger

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Jack Swagger’s always had swagger, but he’s got even more swagger in his step since hooking up with Catalina White.

If you take one look at Catalina, what’s the first thought that comes to mind? Well your answer is probably that she looks like a model, and that’s because the smoking hot Catalina is actually a model, not just a part-timer either. Jack’s done well for himself tying the knot with a woman who’s been on the pages of world-famous lad mags like Maxim and FHM. But she wasn’t just on the cover, oh no; she was one of Maxim’s “Hometown Hotties” – a glamour model in every sense of the word.

She did briefly embark on a wrestling career, but now prefers to stay away from the industry, looking after their son - Knox Stribling – and letting Jack dish out and take the punches.

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