Top 15 Hottest Women In NXT History

Since it's re-branding under the tutelage of Triple H, there have been some breathtaking women that have laced up a pair of boots!

The world of professional wrestling is quite a serious place and as such, we need to take a step back every now and again in order to examine the business from afar. Some may choose to analyse the financial stability behind a big time company like WWE, meanwhile others will choose to see the lighter side of sports entertainment. For us, we most definitely fall into the latter category.

Because after all, what is this fantastic art form without beauty? Over the years there have been some stunning women that've walked through the doors of World Wrestling Entertainment, and while not all of them have found success they've certainly made the headlines for alternative reasons. That's not being crude, either - it's just the truth.

In terms of specifics, NXT in particular has generated some phenomenal women in that department over the years. Since it's re-branding under the tutelage of Triple H, there have been some breathtaking individuals that have laced up a pair of boots and wrestled in front of the Full Sail University crowd. As such, we as a viewing audience have been quite blessed.

For this list we're going to be solely focusing on the newest generation of NXT from 2013 onwards, which makes sense as the former game show-esque layout is best left to rot in the pits of the WWE archives. With that being said, special mentions go out to AJ Lee and Kaitlyn who both came from that product. What a blessing.

Oh, and as this first entry will prove - we aren't just talking about wrestlers.

15 JoJo Offerman

From the moment JoJo came into the company, nobody was expecting her to last. After a string of matches that intertwined with her appearances on Total Divas, it became very obvious very quickly that she wasn't destined for a life of being a professional wrestler. Fortunately, she still had the looks and assets necessary to pull off a different role as an announcer.

She's pretty damn good at it, too. After beginning down in NXT, Offerman continued to grow by using her talent on the mic aswell as her sensational figure to shoot up the ranks and into the main roster. The youngster continues to be one of the main highlights of Monday Night Raw, which is hardly surprising given how much she's improved over the last few years - in more ways than one.

14 Asuka


Asuka is perhaps one of the scariest women in the history of pro wrestling, which is one of the many reasons why she appears on this list. Her seductive nature coupled with an insane in-ring ability makes her must watch, and she's one of those superstars that is able to tell an entire story just with her facial expressions. Trust us, if you haven't watched her yet - you're missing out.

The Japanese star goes under the radar in developmental, but people need to be paying attention more as the weeks and months go on. Soon enough she'll be up on Raw and SmackDown Live, at which point everyone will be agreeing with us on this. Smart, sexy, great in the ring, there aren't many things she can't pull off so what more could you ask for?

13 Charlotte


Charlotte is by far and away the most impressive talent in women's wrestling right now. She has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years, growing from a green as grass competitor into one of the most well-rounded superstars on planet earth. It's been quite the transformation, but for some reason fans don't give her enough credit where her looks are concerned.

She has a certain natural beauty that is hard to find, which combines well with her fantastic physique. Some people enjoy the idea that a woman could quite literally beat the hell out of them if they so wished, and that's definitely the case with Miss Flair. As time goes on she'll continue to get better and better, which is truly a scary prospect.

12 Peyton Royce


The Australian wonder. Honestly, what a woman. Peyton Royce has burst onto the scene following the brand split that decimated NXT's female roster. She's really come into her own during the partnership with Billie Kay, and she completely shines through as the better half despite that not really being WWE's intent. As we've learned over the years, you can't keep a good woman down.

Her flawless good looks go together perfectly with the way she carries herself, and everything she does both in and outside of the ring captures the attention of the crowd because she just commands that kind of appreciation. Things only get better upon hearing her accent, with the Australian tone either drawing you in further or forcing you to appreciate her heel work.

11 Renee Young


As we stated this won't be limited to in-ring wrestlers, which opens the door for Renee Young who really made her name as an announcer and interviewer down in NXT. The blonde bombshell doesn't get alot of recognition for her stunning good lucks, which may be a good thing as people are instead choosing to focus on her impeccable talents on the microphone.

However, it needs to be said that she has the ability to make members of the WWE Universe smile simply by doing so herself. Young has some great facial features and a great sense of humour to match, which is always considered important. In terms of having the complete package, Renee is about as close as anyone could hope to acquire.

10 Eva Marie

Via HawtCelebs

Eva only has one thing going for her and it isn't her wrestling ability. Her seductive style works wonders when it comes to the world of modeling, but lately it seems like she's slipping ever closer towards the exit door in WWE. It's a shame, too, because she is in fact one of the hotter women to come out of NXT despite the fact that she was initially pushed straight onto the main roster.

People tend to give her alot of stick when it comes to what she wears in the ring or how she carries herself, but that's a part of the woman's character. She oozes sex appeal and there are a great deal of people in a demographic that will pay to see her, despite the fact that many hate her from a wrestling standpoint. People can continue to boo all they want, because at the end of the day it's Eva who will be benefiting.

9 Paige


Paige is rough around the edges, unique and just a little bit alternative - which is intoxicating. Her style both in the ring and in terms of her general persona makes her an extremely attractive competitor for people around the world, and it's been that way for a long time now. Even during her tenure down in NXT people couldn't get enough of the English star.

Naturally some of the superstars on the roster also noticed this, with Alberto Del Rio taking it upon himself to begin a relationship with Paige. In the process, he immediately began a string of fan fiction novels about the two that will likely live long into the memory. Still, we can't blame him - Paige has always been hot and will likely re-discover that form upon her return to WWE.

8 Carmella


Fabulous is how she describes herself, and fabulous is what she is. Carmella has always been perceived to be a B+ player in comparison to some of the other women down in NXT, but ever since transitioning over to SmackDown Live she has proven herself to be a more than capable performer. Plus, and this cannot be said enough, she plays the sexy up-herself girl role to perfection.

Carmella has gone from flaunting her body around with Enzo & Cass to showing just enough skin to make the audience want more, which is surprising as that's more of a call back to the old school divas of yesteryear. She has a breathtaking smile coupled together with a quick wit that is improving as the weeks go on. If you want potential, look no further than this girl.

7 Sasha Banks


The Boss on our screens and The Boss in our hearts. Sasha has constantly been re-inventing her style on screen for a few years now, ever since she first debuted her current character down in NXT. As time has gone on she's grown into a confident, dominant and attractive woman which she shows off with pride. After all, if you've got it why not utilise it?

Her work from a technical standpoint is what has got her to the point she's at today, but there's definitely been a change in her attitude where her looks are concerned. If you need proof, just go and have a look on her Instagram account which is littered with sexual poses and attractive shots. Sasha knows exactly what she's doing, and we can't blame her for that.

6 Mandy Rose


Despite not yet thriving in an on-screen capacity, Mandy Rose has certainly made her impact on the WWE Universe. Whether it's due to Total Divas or social media, Mandy has gathered quite a following courtesy of her ravishing good looks and intoxicating figure. She also likely falls into the category of "she could beat me up at any moment" which as we said before can be a big turn on for some people.

Whether or not Rose will succeed down in NXT remains to be seen, however given the lack of depth on the female roster we think she should at least be given more of a chance. Everyone starts somewhere, and many fans will remember back to the days when the likes of Sasha and Charlotte were also fighting just to get on television. Ah, memories.

5 Becky Lynch


Becky Lynch is absolutely stunning - there, we said it. She's one of the funniest women on the roster and when you consider the fact that isn't even her best asset, it makes things all the more intriguing. The Lass Kicker has the body, the unique look and the gleaming personality to make her one of the most appealing women in all of WWE.

At times she's on a whole different level when it comes to her looks, and the same can be said about her work inside of the squared circle. People tend to forget about her in the grand scheme of attractive women in WWE, which once again may mean that they're instead choosing to focus on her talent. That's great, but come on - let's show the woman some love here.

4 Zahra Schreiber


This one is a tad controversial, perhaps because Zahra is most well known for having an affair with former WWE Champion Seth Rollins. If that wasn't enough, she was eventually fired from the company due to some less than pleasant posts found on her Instagram from a few years back. With all of that being said, though - she is unbelievably attractive from head to toe.

We'd love to say that we don't blame Rollins for what he did, because she is absolutely gorgeous, but we're not going to pretend that it wasn't wrong of him to cheat. Zahra's style is very different, with her multitude of tattoos separating her from pretty much every other woman on this list. She didn't exactly thrive as a wrestler, but perhaps that just wasn't her natural calling in life.

3 Alexa Bliss


Good god, we were so tempted to put Alexa at number one after far she's come in the last few years but you'll all have to settle for a top three position. Little Miss Bliss is one of the hottest women in all of professional wrestling right now, which is funny when you consider the fact that nobody thought she could pull off the heel persona when it first happened.

Her facial expressions, sensational figure and heel tactics all make the SD Live competitor one of the most elite female stars to come out of the NXT system. She's clearly a naturally great person too, as has been shown on the numerous documentaries and behind the scenes clips that she's featured in. We won't use this word all too often but it's warranted when it comes to Alexa - perfection.

2 Lana


The Ravishing Russian has been demanding the attention of the WWE Universe for years now and rightly so, because she's one of the most beautiful women in the history of professional wrestling. Her phenomenal good looks have brought her a great deal of success both in and out of the ring thus far, and the only way is up for Lana as she continues down her path as a valet alongside Rusev.

Her athletic ability has also been shown on a number of different occasions, and it appears as if there's nothing that this phenomenal woman cannot accomplish. Naturally she has a huge fanbase behind her, and at one stage she was considered to be one of the most popular superstars on the main roster. It's really not all too shocking, because she's absolutely jaw-dropping.

1 Emma


When it comes to underrated talent, Emma tops the list in more ways than one. For all of the remarkable women that we've listed thus far, none of them compare to Emma as she just has one of those faces that draws you in and never lets go. Nobody really took much notice of her throughout the Australian's first few years with the company, but once Emma transitioned into a heel role everything changed.

Everything that she did felt so flawless, and as a performer she was starting to give off this essence of cockiness that is undeniably attractive. Emma may not have been at the top of everyone's list when it came to mesmerizing divas before, but now there's no denying her beauty.

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