Top 15 Hottest Women In WWE Today: Who Are They Dating?

The women of WWE will always be synonymous with the sports entertainment world, and even though they don't shed as much clothing as they used to, the fans are still obsessed with their personal lives (or better yet, who they are currently dating).

Finally, the world of wrestling seems to be appreciating what the women do in the ring, and they aren't resorted to terrible segments or oversexualized storylines anymore. The talent these women have weigh far more than just skimping around for the sake of making the men crazy, yet most fans still romanticize these girls, whether they are trading wristlocks or walking down the ramp in a mini skirt.

Instead of rummaging through the pages of the web to find out who your favorite and hottest WWE Divas are dating, look no further than this list. Now, some of these women may already be married, or they're currently engaged, so they may not be on the dating circuit, but there's no doubt they are dating or involved in a romantic relationship, so keep that in mind. Some women are dating wrestlers, managers and even the average Joe's of the world – meaning you still have a chance to date your favorite Diva...well, maybe not.

Who are your favorite WWE Divas dating? Let's start with everyone's favorite backstage interviewer...

15 Renee Young – Married To Dean Ambrose

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Talk about being the odd couple...

Everyone's favorite backstage interviewer, Renee Young, has been with one of the most hardcore wrestlers on the WWE roster, Dean Ambrose for several years now. In fact, the two recently got married in a very low-key ceremony, which is Ambrose to a T. The Canadian broadcaster is a sweet, lovable and mostly innocent young woman who simply records the words of her peers, while the other seems uncontainable and would do anything to defeat his foe – which includes putting his body on the line. Even hearing the two of them speak, it seems like they are worlds apart but apparently, their love for each other is quite real. Their relationship is also documented on E!'s Total Divas program.

14 Dana Brooke – Dating Dolph Ziggler


Dana Brooke definitely needs some fine tuning in the ring, as she's been pushed to the main roster from NXT a little too soon. Her being Charlotte's sidekick didn't exactly do wonders for her career, but on the flip side, she's already canoodling with one of WWE's most popular athletes in Dolph Ziggler. The couple started dating not too long ago, and while both of these wrestlers are easy on the eyes, you've got to wonder if a ladies man like Ziggler would be ready to settle down with Brooke any time soon! There isn't much mention about the couple on WWE programming though. The only time we really saw them out and about as a couple was at the WWE's Hall of Fame ceremony this year, where they were seen cozying up to each other in the crowd.

13 Nikki Bella – Engaged To John Cena

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You should be aware by now that Nikki Bella is not only dating the 16-time World Champion John Cena, but they're set to be married sometime in the near future after the superstar proposed to the red hot Nicole at this year's WrestleMania. They're the top couple in WWE, and some even say that Bella's push, which included a lengthy run with the Divas title a while back, was because Cena pushed for her backstage and tried to get her to the top of the card. While this may or may not be true, you have to praise Nikki for working hard and improving after all these years. It seems she's getting ready to transition to a life away from the ring, as she and Cena have been off of WWE television since the proposal at WrestleMania.

12 Natalya – Married To Tyson Kidd

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Everyone's favorite Canadian couple hasn't gotten too much attention these days, simply because Tyson Kidd has been out for nearly two years after taking a botched Muscle Buster by Samoa Joe. Natalya, on the other hand, has been a constant fixture for WWE for a decade now, but somehow manages to be away from the title picture. Being turned from a face to a heel more often than not doesn't help, yet that's hardly her fault. These two grew up together and found true love early on in their life. Is there a cuter couple in WWE?

These two first met when they hadn't even hit puberty yet and their friendship soon grew into a serious relationship. They have only dated each other, which is extremely rare nowadays.

11 Naomi – Married To Jimmy Uso

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Well, Naomi and Jimmy Uso are pretty damn cute if we could say so ourselves. Naomi has been flourishing on SmackDown Live, capturing the SmackDown Women's title twice already – including a triumphant title win at WrestleMania 33 just weeks ago. Now, we can't really tell the Usos apart, but these two are quite the item, if you judge their chemistry on Total Divas, as they're constantly joking around and have a great sense of humor. They sometimes get on each other's nerves, but let's face it, when fiery tempers come into play with two no-nonsense people, it's bound to happen. On the contrary, WWE pulled Naomi from being a valet to The Usos, as they didn't see it as a good fit. She seems to be doing fine on her own as SmackDown Women's Champion.

10 Maryse – Married To The Miz

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They're arguably WWE's power couple. Maryse is a French Canadian vixen with a temper, and The Miz is easily the best heel on the whole WWE roster. They've been married for three years, and they seem perfect for each other, judging by their time on the company's reality show. Maryse came back to WWE one night after last year's WrestleMania, helping her beau steal the Intercontinental title from Zack Ryder.

They may have lost to Cena and Bella just a few weeks ago at 'Mania, but these two are arguably the best thing in WWE right now. You just love to hate them. If they had a reality show following their proper lives around, we'd probably watch it. Hopefully they have a great run on RAW ahead of them.

9 Paige – Engaged To Alberto El Patron

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It seems like Paige's downward spiral is thanks to Alberto El Patron, but Lord knows he isn't to blame for her explicit tape debacle. The couple started dating just under a year ago while the former WWE World Heavyweight champion was still married, and he was said to be a bad influence on her, according to rumors that Triple H was very unhappy with his effect on her. Even Paige's father, UK promoter and former wrestler Ricky Knight did not approve of their engagement. The couple will be tying the knot very shortly, as El Patron has stayed by her side during this rough patch in her life. Paige is yet to return to WWE TV since her initial wellness policy suspension. One has to wonder what her WWE future is.

8 Bayley – Engaged To Aaron Solow

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Everyone loves the cheerful and cute Bayley, yet WWE fans may not know about her future husband, Aaron Solow. The latter is an indy wrestler currently working on the smaller circuit; however, he did participate in WWE shows. He auditioned for Tough Enough, and even made it as a stand-by wrestler in WWE's Cruiserweight Classic tournament. He's been at the Performance Center too, which means maybe the company is keeping tabs on him. Or maybe he was just checking on his girl. His girlfriend, on the other hand, is the most popular women's wrestler on the roster right now, so let's just say this couple is in good hands. Will he be as over as she is? Maybe not. But he'll be able to enjoy many hugs from his future bride.

7 Becky Lynch – Dating Luke Sanders

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Becky Lynch is one of the most dangerous competitors in the division. She possesses a wild array of strikes, submissions and manoeuvres that most women on the roster can only dream of obtaining. She's been in the game for a long time, so it's no surprise that she's got the tools to beat anyone in the ring. Would it surprise you if we said she was dating a UFC fighter? Luke Sanders is an up and coming bantamweight who competes for the UFC. He's 31, and holds an 11-1 record. If you look closely, you could have seen these two sitting side by side at this year's prestigious WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. With their schedules, how do they even make time to see each other?

6 Carmella – Dating Big Cass

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Enzo & Cass were over big time in NXT before they became superstars on Raw. One thing that was missing from their pairing when they jumped to the main roster was Carmella, who served as their valet. The Queen of Staten Island may have the incomparable James Ellsworth around her arm on SmackDown Live, but he's nothing compared to the beast that is Big Cass – who believe it or not, is her real boyfriend.

The two came up in development together, and they've been in love ever since they were wowing crowds with their enigmatic entrance. We sincerely hope these two find each other in a program on the main roster sometime soon. Let's face it, this Carmella-Ellsworth pairing can't last much longer, right?

5 Mickie James – Married To Magnus


Mickie James has made a triumphant return to WWE after being in TNA, where she met her husband, Magnus. She's a lot older than the UK talent, who is a former TNA World Champion. They couldn't be more different, as she's an old school country gal, while he's a brash Brit who would stop at nothing to down his opponents in the ring. TNA had included the couple in a storyline, yet things got really weird when Cowboy James Storm threw Mickie James in front of a moving train, which is one of the most baffling things you'll ever see in wrestling. After all, it is TNA, so are you really surprised? One would wonder if WWE would ever look to lure Magnus over to WWE, especially with the amount of talent coming in from the UK.

4 Eva Marie – Married To Jonathan Coyle

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Now, we haven't seen too much of Eva lately, and there's word that she may indeed be done with WWE. She never amounted to much in the ring, and not coming from a wrestling background will do that to people. There isn't much to say about Jonathan Coyle except for that he's Eva's manager and husband, who can be seen on Total Divas as well.

Their relationship has seen its ups and downs on the show. These two are always trying to profess their love for each other or fighting, but you have to give props to Jonathan, who stands up to Eva's father and does whatever he needs to do to make his wife happy. Heck, if we had Eva Marie by our side, we wouldn't do things all that differently either.

3 Alexa Bliss – Engaged To Buddy Murphy

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Much like Enzo and Cass, Blake and Buddy were accompanied to the ring by Alexa Bliss, who had all this wrestling talent but couldn't show it because she was too busy walking those two guys to the ring. Alexa finally broke off from both and started her career in WWE, while Blake and Buddy remain in NXT, broken up and on and off again as a tag team. They haven't been given much direction, but you can say that Buddy is the more versatile wrestler with a better physique, and he also dates Bliss in real life, which is a win-win situation for him. Will we see Buddy Murphy on the main roster any time soon? It's looking doubtful. Bliss seems to be the only one of this former trio who has a bright future in the company.

2 Sasha Banks – Married To Kid Mikaze


Sasha Banks couldn't be more over with the WWE Universe, and she's being set up for a feud against Bayley sometime soon when she inevitably turns heel. With a reputation like hers in the ring, she excels in being both a good or bad gal, yet in real life, she's as sweet as they come, and is obsessed with nerdy things like anime and K-Pop. She also dates Kid Mikaze, who is a wrestler that has competed for WWE before. Nowadays, he's the company's costume designer. The two got married last year, and while Banks is serving up the women on Raw with a taste of her medicine, Mikaze doesn't really compete anymore. The two have wrestled in the same ring on the independent circuit before. Sorry, fellas.

1 Lana – Married To Rusev

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The Ravishing Russian Lana may have failed in the ring as a wrestler, yet she's the hottest woman on WWE television, period. CJ Perry may not have much of wrestling presence and her accent is fake, but one thing's for sure, she's not to be messed with when she's got Rusev by her side. These two are madly in love, and despite the odd breakup on WWE TV which included a bizarre addition with Summer Rae into the picture, there's no denying this couple will be side by side for much of their time in WWE. Right now, you haven't seen much of them because Rusev is injured, yet expect Lana to make her way into a swimsuit shoot on WWE.com sometime soon. Summer is coming after all.

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