Top 15 Hottest Women Of The Monday Night Wars

The Monday Night Wars are considered a golden era in the wrestling business. WCW and WWE were in direct competition with one goal in mind, to put the rival promotion out of business. Many lengths were sought and the promotions succeeded with groundbreaking ideas such as the insanely popular nWo, the savagery of WWE's Attitude Era, and the signing of huge Superstars defecting from one company to their rival.

Each promotion constantly looked for ways to one up the other. Both employed unconventional storylines, international stars, top stars from lesser promotions, and just about any other way they could best or under cut their competition.

However, the wrestlers, writers, producers and those in charge don't receive all of the credit. The women, whether wrestlers or valets, can be considered some of the unsung heroes of the Monday Night Wars. As Raw and Nitro extended their live shows to a two hour format, they needed more content. Gorgeous women, some who were great wrestlers, would fill that role nicely. What adolescent male didn't tune in to see what Sable was up to? Who didn't want to have a Nitro Party with the Nitro Girls?

All cheesy references aside, the women of the Monday Night Wars were pivotal figures. It should also be mentioned that the women of this particular era really made strides in the form of paving the way for today's WWE women's division. It just so happens that many, or most, of them were also quite attractive. Lets take a look at the 15 women we consider to be the hottest of The Monday Night Wars.

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15 Jacqueline

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Jacqueline was featured on both Raw and Nitro during the Monday Night Wars. She had a good run in WCW, managing Harlem Heat for a time, one of the greatest tag teams in WCW history. However, she was given much more screen time to showcase her beauty and abilities while in the WWE. She had a noteworthy feud with Sable, defeating her for the WWE Women's Championship, the first African American woman to do so.

Jacqueline was a large part of the WWE's move towards an edgier program. She was a contestant in the infamous Over The Edge bikini contest and also bared her breasts on a WWE UK pay per view.

Jacqueline was more than just T&A however, as she is regarded as one of the most accomplished women in the history of professional wrestling. She was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2016 and she was also the first African American woman to achieve this great honor.

14 Gorgeous George

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No one really know who she was. No one really knew where she came from. One thing everyone did know, what that she was absolutely stunning. Gorgeous George, who absolutely lived up to her namesake, wasn't a pivotal figure in the Monday Night Wars, but she was a part of it nonetheless.

She was the on-screen valet for Macho Man Randy Savage and was actually his real life girlfriend at the time. She actually wrestled WCW referee Charles Robinson in a match where Savage's career was on the line.

Her good looks are the primary reason she earned a spot on this list. Also, her association with the Macho Man caused her not to go overlooked. Now, she's no Miss Elizabeth in the world of wrestling royalty, but she was a stunning blonde who had aspirations in the wrestling business. One of the many who attempted to excel in this golden era of wrestling, but got lost in the shuffle.

13 Ivory

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Ivory was one of the most skilled wrestlers out of all of the women during the height of the Monday Night Wars. Little did many fans know that she had actually been wrestling since 1986. You wouldn't be able to tell by looking at her, though, as Ivory looked much younger than her age at the time.

Ivory had a classic beauty and was very modest. Of course, not as modest as her character while a member of Right To Censor where she thrived as a heel.

Ivory's mixture of talent, beauty, and athleticism don't always occur in the same package. She is a big part of the reason that the WWE had much more to offer in terms of female wrestling than WCW ever did. It's a shame that WCW didn't put more effort into a women's divisio, because it was certainly an advantage for the WWE to be able to showcase women such as Ivory in the way that they did.

12 Major Gunns

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Tylene Buck was a fitness model who took a small pay day to model for some backyard wrestling DVDs. Maybe this brief run in with professional wrestling caused her to pursue her role in WCW, who knows?

Buck spent a short time as an nWo ring girl, then as a backstage journalist, and finally slipped into her most popular role as Major Gunns, joining the Misfits In Action. She was involved in a few silly feuds after leaving MIA, with the likes of Ernest Miller, for example.

Major Gunns won't go down in history as an icon or trailblazer for the Monday Night Wars, but she was a "casualty" and was one of the hottest women to ever appear on WCW Monday Nitro.

She did receive some measure of immortality as she was featured on the somewhat popular WCW Backstage Assault video game, though we seriously doubt anyone picked her for a bout!

11 Terri Runnels

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Terri Runnels, Goldust's real life ex-wife, debuted in the WWE as Marlena, Goldust's valet. She was one of the most mysterious, breathtaking women in the WWE, especially at the time of her debut. After her program with Goldust ended, she went on to join another list member, Jacqueline, to form P.M.S. aka Pretty Mean Sisters. We agree it was a terrible name, but they definitely worked as a duo at one point. That is, until they became involved with a guy named Meat. What a fail that was.

Like many of the WWE women during the Monday Night Wars, Terri would go on to be involved in a number of ridiculous storylines that never really went anywhere. However, she did find herself involved with The Radicalz, the popular group of wrestlers who defected from WCW, which was a big turning point in the ratings war.

Terri's passable acting ability and extreme good looks made her an asset for the WWE, as well as one of the most memorable women in wresting to date.

10 Kimberly Page

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Although her presence was sporadic throughout the Monday Night Wars, there's no denying that Kimberly Page's amazing physique and facial features were a mainstay in the hearts and minds of adoring wrestling fans during the 90s.

Kimberly was the founder of the Nitro Girls, who did a non-nude pictorial for Hustler magazine. Anywhere she was featured, Kimberly was usually the center of attention. In storylines, this sometimes caused disdain from her then-husband Diamond Dallas Page. Although, later Page stood in defense of his wife after the nWo slandered her Playboy magazine appearance. DDP defended the shoot as something he and his wife were proud of. If any of you ever checked out that edition, you know there was plenty to be proud of.

Kimberly came to be an accomplished figure in wrestling and one of the more memorable ladies of the entire WCW campaign.

9 Debra McMichael

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Debra McMichael is one of the few women that was front and center for both WWE and WCW during the Monday Night Wars. Although, WWE utilized her to a much greater extent than WCW dreamed of doing.

She was Ric Flair's valet in WCW, donning luxurious evening gowns complete with a crown. WWE afforded Debra much more of an identity first as Jeff Jarrett's valet. Eventually Debra would come into her own, flaunting her "puppies," and the only major downside of this endeavor was that it inspired Jerry Lawler's most overused and annoying catch phrase.

Debra would exceed her WCW limitations and become a champion one-time Women's Champion in a terrible moment that made little sense. Her last major role would be managing The Rock before leaving the company in 2002 with then-husband Stone Cold Steve Austin, who had decided to "take his ball and go home."

8 Chyna

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People who think it's fashionable to rip on Chyna, step aside. Chyna was the personification of a powerful woman. Granted after a few surgical enhancements, Chyna became much more aesthetically pleasing, but aesthetically pleasing she became.

Chyna had one of the most impressive physiques on the WWE roster during the Monday Night Wars and no, not just as far as women were concerned. She worked hard and truly became an icon in the wrestling business, something that isn't achieved by your run of the mill human being.

She did it all. She was the enforcer valet for D-Generation X, she was the most dominant woman in the wrestling industry by far, and even captured the Intercontinental Championship on three occasions. Chyna would also be featured in Playboy magazine not once, but twice.

Personal judgments aside, Chyna was beautiful although it wasn't always a popular decision to agree with that notion. While it was sad to see her go, she was a true inspiration for her strides in defying convention and shattering the mold.

7 Sunny

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Sunny was the first unofficial Diva in the WWE. She was the center of attention among most groups of women, in WWE or WCW, during the Monday Night Wars. She had that special something about her. She had a dynamic personality that enabled to make fans love or hate her. She had the body that made men adore her and women wish they were her, though that later became Sable's saying.

She managed several tag teams including The Godwinns, The Body Donnas, The Smoking Gunns, and even The Legion of Doom. We might add, she looked especially stunning in her Legion of Doom 2000 gear.

Sunny was a major part of WWE marketing during the advent of the Monday Night Wars. WWE put her pictures on as many promotional pieces as possible. She was definitely someone fans tuned in to see and having that kind of aura during a major ratings war made Sunny a commodity as hot as any.

6 Lita

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Lita was simply incredible. She personified the attitude that the WWE used as part of their namesake during the most crucial times of the Monday Night Wars. From her humble beginnings as the manager for Essa Rios, to her highly controversial love triangle involving Matt Hardy and Edge, Lita was an attention grabbing entity in more ways than one.

She was one of the cornerstones of the female division, winning the championship a total of four times and also receiving WWE Hall of Fame honors in 2014. Lita's resume was as decorated as she was stunning.

The queen of extreme, as Lita was often referred to, was never afraid to pull off high risk maneuvers that seemed to be exclusive to men's wrestling. The original red haired bombshell of the WWE universe, Lita showcased several reasons why she belongs on this list. Not to mention, she still looks great as ever today as a WWE panelist.

5 Stephanie McMahon

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What's hotter than a woman in power? How about the minority owner and Chief Brand Officer of the WWE? Stephanie McMahon has all of that going for her these days. Like a fine glass of wine, Stephanie has gotten better with age. That doesn't mean that Steph wasn't a dish during the Monday Night Wars. Old Stephanie doesn't shine a candle to current Stephanie, but she always had that special quality about her.

She really let her talent for the business show during the infamous McMahon-Helmsley era, when Stephanie developed a character and played it extremely well. It was around this time that her confidence, talent, and beauty helped Steph form a package that made her a leading woman in the WWE during the battle between corporations.

As a product of a former Senate hopeful and apparently a giant pair of grapefruits, Stephanie didn't turn out too bad, did she?

4 Sable

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The 1997 Diva of The Year, Sable was the blonde bombshell that shook the WWE fan base to its knees. From the lady who began as Triple H's silent valet to the woman that undoubtedly drew viewers away from WCW  because of her personal assets, Sable was a true success story and one of the major reasons why Raw thrived at one point.

She attained the WWE Women's Championship and came to be involved in main event level storylines, including an awkward, short-lived affair with Vince McMahon during her return after The Attitude Era.

Sable seemed to be allowed to showcase more and more skin every week. This kept wrestling fans tuning in and likely kept them drooling. Also, Sable was featured in three editions of Playboy, which drew record setting numbers in terms of sales. Her credentials certainly please the jury as far as this list is concerned, as she was a hit in and out of the ring.

3 Trish Stratus

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WWE had something very special in Trish Stratus. The former fitness model turned valet turned greatest female wrestler in WWE history, Trish Stratus was as sexy as she was talented. She worked well on all fronts. Trish had the in-ring ability, mic skills, and, of course, the look. She was the quintessential being that everyone in the wrestling industry should strive to be.

Trish not only turned viewers on with her beautiful appearance, but also won Diva Of The Decade for the 2000s. No one has accomplished what Trish Stratus has accomplished in the world of women's wrestling and it's likely that no one ever will.

Trish was a pivotal piece in WWE's war with WCW and it is a testament to her character that she carried such a load and was pivotal in helping carry her team to victory.

Who wouldn't stand in line to be on the receiving end of a Stratusfaction?

2 Stacy Keibler

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Former Nitro girl turned celebrity, Stacy Keibler is arguably one of the hottest women to ever be seen on television, period. The woman had 42 inch legs and wasn't afraid to show them off. She began in WCW as Skye, a Nitro girl, then became known as Miss Hancock, an absolutely breathtaking figure who would perform sensual dances on the commentary wearing a business suit.

Stacy was a big attraction for WCW during the Monday Night Wars which makes it no surprise that she was carried over to WWE television after WWE's acquisition of WCW. She would be involved in a various storylines, many of which are hard to recall. One thing remained constant, Keiber was a sight to behold and her incredible legs should probably be insured by Lloyd's of London. Stacy was a joy to watch and she definitely belongs at number two on this list. There is only one woman who attained popularity during the Monday Night Wars that can top her in terms of looks. Let's see who that is.

1 Torrie Wilson

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You can make several arguments for who number one should be, but Torrie seems to be the front-runner in our eyes.

The former Mrs. Billy Kidman debuted in WCW. Quickly any storyline she became involved in was rather moot due the fact that she was drop dead gorgeous. Torrie had an amazing body and smile which was later featured in Playboy magazine because of the allure she expressed with both WWE and WCW television.

Hey, you don't win the WWE golden thong award of 2002 for just any reason. Wilson retired from WWE in 2008, after failed attempts at recovering from a neck injury. It's too bad, as there are several cues on integrity and beauty that WWE ladies could learn from the example Torrie impressed upon the business.


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