Top 15 Hottest Women of WCW

When hot women in wrestling are mentioned, it’s only natural to think of WWE first. The company has long provided some sensational ladies to check out over the years from the Attitude Era to today and in various skimpy outfits. From their antics on reality TV to actually good matches, the WWE women have helped the company to great heights of success and thrilled plenty of male audience members. However, it’s easy to forget that WCW provided more than its fair share of great lookers as well. Plenty of amazing women who could pull off wild antics and outfits to sell themselves and get attention even as their company was racing downhill.

True, they didn’t utilize them well (a running theme for WCW over the years) but they still had some good chances. The Nitro Girls are the most famous for their dancing to get folks interested in the show but other ladies played a bigger part. While there wasn’t a regular women’s division, there were still opportunities for gals to break out in various photo shoots and other stuff to get themselves famous. Several would use that to achieve bigger fame elsewhere while others stuck to WCW. However, they all made a pretty great impact so it’s worth looking back at the 15 hottest women over WCW’s existence and how they made sure the Monday Night Wars were far more interesting in their later days.

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15 Pamela Paulshock

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Added to WCW as a “backstage interviewer” in 1999, Paulshock really didn’t connect well in that role. However, it was easy to overlook that given her amazing sexiness as she would come out in tops to highlight her strong chest and mid-riff and nice curves. She was a highlight of calendar shoots and winning a bikini contest over other women which actually deserved. Her tenure in wrestling didn’t last long but was nice to showcase how WCW could provide some very hot ladies.

14 Tygress

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One of the original Nitro Girls, she announced herself as the “leader” of the group in 1999 which got the others upset. This led to feuds and it was notable to see a black woman amid the workers of WCW at the time, coming out in leopard-styled dresses and outfits and not too bad in the ring with brawls. She was a valet for the Filthy Animals and quite the looker to handle things, despite some stuff like beaten up by Scott Steiner. One of the better Nitro Girls to make good, she lived up to her name with wild times.

13 Debra

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The then-wife of Steve McMichael joined WCW at her husband’s side when he joined the Four Horsemen. A former pageant queen, she came out in dresses with sashes and crowns, acting the part and often making disparaging remarks to other wrestlers. It turned out this was for real too, getting her bad heat backstage but Debra still standing out quite nicely as she would join with Jeff Jarrett. She would leave in 1997, eventually signing with the WWE, but her WCW tenure is still quite interesting for how Debra put the “Queen” into “b*tch queen” nicely.

12 Major Gunns

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Yes, it’s Vince Russo at his “best.” Tylene Buck was a Nitro Girl who Russo decided to elevate to worker with the Misfits in Action and giving her a blatant name. Wearing ultra-tight tops to enhance her chest, Gunns worked with the MIA in various angles, including joining Team Canada for a while. She was eye candy but hot nonetheless and Buck would later have a career in adult films to showcase her body more, using WCW as a launching pad to an interesting career.

11 Gorgeous George

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With her fantastic body and blonde hair, no wonder this valet got attention in WCW. She was paired with Randy Savage in several storylines, wearing very tight tops to show her mid-riff and halter tops to help her out more. True, many of her storylines were rough (the one hinting she’d been hit by Savage and going around with a black eye) but she was still a great lady to watch and a bit surprising George didn’t go further with such great appeal.

10 Miss Elizabeth

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She was a bit past her prime by the time she joined WCW but she was still the First Lady of Wrestling and looked lovely. True, having her as a heel was a bit jarring as was seeing her transformation to leather clothing but she was still utterly amazing to watch no matter her role. That dazzling smile, timeless beauty and still working an evening gown like few others, she was a package no one could deny. It’s still sad to know she’d die at a young age but at least we had a few more years to remind you of the lady who paved the way for so many on this list.

9 Daffney

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Hired off the street, Shannon Spruill was soon pushed as Daffney, a nutcase stalking David Flair and clearly had the time of her life in the role. From the wild outfits and makeup to high pitched scream to actually good ring work, she actually won fans over with the nutty act to stand out. She’d move through bad storylines and even a run as tag team champion as well as a wedding gown match against Stacy Kiebler. With her changing hair and wilder act, Daffney really connected and remains one reason to watch an otherwise bad time for WCW.

8 Fifi

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Her tenure in WCW wasn’t long but it was oh so memorable. When Ric Flair returned to the company in 1993, he had a “no-compete” clause for a while so WCW decided to give him an interview segment called “A Flair For the Gold.” It was made up as if a big mansion with Flair talking and had a French maid called Fifi. A lovely brunette with a fake accent and showing off in a classic maid’s outfit, she would flaunt her body off to interview subjects and be the best part of the segments. Wendy Barlow was gorgeous in the role and a good highlight to an otherwise bad year for WCW.

7 Woman

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Nancy Benoit is sadly known better today for her tragic death that cast a black shadow over all of wrestling. But she was also well regarded as a fantastic presence on screen. She first showed up as an innocent girl rooting for Rick Steiner but on their first date came out as a stunning sexpot. When the dim-witted Rick finally realized she was using him, Nancy, now calling herself Woman, put together Doom to take on the Steiners.

After a stint in ECW that enhanced her appeal, she returned to WCW and was soon involved in the feud with Kevin Sullivan and Chris Benoit that ended up going to Benoit for real. She would abruptly leave TV in 1997, settling down before her brutal death but many fans prefer to remember her for the sexy and wild lady she was on screen.

6 Sherri Martel

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After proving herself in WWE, Martel moved to WCW in 1994 and was soon paired with Ric Flair to show off in fantastic outfits and wild makeup, including interfering in matches to prove she could fight as well as look great. This included a wild cage match that left her in just lingerie hanging from the cage wall. Better was her being added as the manger for Harlem Heat, taking on the mantle of “Sister Sherri” and soon leading them to multiple tag title reigns. Whether in a tight red outfit or black leather, Martel was terrific in the role to help the Heat become stars and herself as a top player. She may not have been well liked but she was always great to watch being bad.

5 Torrie Wilson

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When Wilson stopped by a Nitro show to check with her then-boyfriend, it was obvious how perfect she’d be on camera. With her fantastic curves and long blonde hair, she could shine marvelously and did so quite well, first as “Samantha” to seduce David Flair against his father. She soon joined up with the Filthy Animals as their manager to show even hotter outfits to enhance her body and later part of the feud of Kidman and Shane Douglas that included the infamous “Viagra on a pole” match.

It was no wonder WWE would hire her on to greater fame as this blonde bombshell was one of the few bright spots of the ugly last years of WCW.

4 Madusa

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A talented worker in the AWA, Madusa first arrived in WCW in 1991 to tempt Sting into an attack by Rick Rude. She was soon part of the Dangerous Alliance, showing up in leather outfits and tops and showcasing herself as a top enforcer for the team, ready to help with interference. She also had her lovely side, showcased by a “bikini showdown” with Missy Hyatt. She would turn face attacking Paul E. Dangerously before moving to WWE as Alundra Blayze. She would make a famous return to drop the Women’s’ title in the garbage on Nitro but her work afterward was a bit rough. Still, she was one amazing lady, a full package and no wonder folks still enjoy her.

3 Stacy Kiebler

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Before her later fame in WWE, Kiebler debuted in WCW as “Miss Hancock,” a secretary character. With her blonde hair tied up and in glasses and a power suit, she seemed professional if not for the fact her short skirt showed off almost all of her stunning legs. Those came in with her dancing which soon became a highlight of “Nitro” shows. She was soon involved in a rather odious storyline with David Flair and mud matches but through it all, showcased her fantastic beauty and body that would soon make her a highlight of WWE. It all started in WCW to boost this lovely blonde to great heights in wrestling.

2 Missy Hyatt

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She’s hit some hard times lately but in her prime, Missy Hyatt was one of the hottest women in all of wrestling. After breaking out in World Class and the UWF, she soon moved to WCW where her affinity for low-cut blouses and short skirts to show off her great legs made her a winner to fans. She managed the Nasty Boys with some wicked outfits and showed her skills nicely with a bikini showdown with Medusa. Her end in the company came when she let a nip slip during a match and was soon fired and kicked off a nasty lawsuit. Still, in her height, Missy was one very hot lady and one of the best to enjoy.

1 Kimberly Page

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The co-creator of the Nitro Girls, Kimberly got attention dancing with him with her great lush mane of hair and fantastic body. She’d popped up as “The Diamond Doll” to Scott Hall where she and Dallas Page soon hooked together. However, in 1997, she truly took off thanks to a spread in “Playboy” that would be used by Randy Savage to kick off his epic feud with DDP. From there, Kimberly showed up a lot more often in various incredibly hot outfits to enhance her body, even turning heel for a time. No wonder DDP loved her so much, she was quite the looker and one of the hottest ladies WCW could ever boast.

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