Top 15 Hottest Women To Fail In WWE

When you think of WWE and its women, the first ones to pop into your mind might be the Bellas, Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, or past Divas like Trish Stratus, Lita or Chyna. To be honest, most

When you think of WWE and its women, the first ones to pop into your mind might be the Bellas, Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, or past Divas like Trish Stratus, Lita or Chyna. To be honest, most of the women to grace our television screens over the years have been gorgeous, and if you do the math, we have had over 100 women contracted throughout the history of the company. Not only is that a lot of women, but that's a lot of beautiful women.

Ever since the days of Sunny, Sable and Marlena, WWE has always given more attention to women with striking beauty, which would explain why these ladies were transitioned into "Divas" for the better part of two decades. We've seen a lot of girls come and go, so much so that you probably don't remember a lot of them.

Just like the men, not every woman can become a star. Even though past Divas such as Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres, Michelle McCool and Kaitlyn never reached the amount of fame Trish and Lita did during the Attitude Era, they still reached the top of the division during their runs by capturing the title at least once throughout their career. There were also other Divas like Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson, and Maria who didn't even need a belt to get over with the fans, as they were just so likable and adorably sexy.

And with such beautiful women capturing the attention of the WWE Universe, it's no surprise we saw a surplus of bikini models being hired. What I will be doing with this list is legitimately diving into the deepest pits of the division to find you 15 former beauties you legitimately probably forgot about unless you're a die hard fan.

The one thing all 15 of these gals will have in common? They're all super good looking! These are girls WWE probably assumed could be the next Trish Stratus, but let's be real... most models either don't have what it takes to kick butt in the ring, or most models just don't want to be wrestlers in the first place. But hey, what do we care?

Here are the top 15 hottest women to fail in WWE.

15 Amy Weber


Emerging in the 2004 Diva Search, Amy didn't need to win the competition to get hired, as WWE quickly found her a gig as JBL's image consultant. She seemed to be doing pretty well, getting much more screen time than any of the other Divas on Smackdown, but it wasn't meant to be, as Amy decided to quit after being bullied by some of her male coworkers during an international tour. She's doing alright now though and has since continued her acting and modelling career, even landing the cover of Maxim in 2010.

14 Jen England


Although she was never contracted after her runner-up loss to Layla El in the 2006 Diva Search competition, Jen England's breathtaking beauty still got her to the end. The picture above makes it all the more surprising why she never stuck around, considering she had the perfect look for a WWE Diva in the era of Bikini Challenges and Bra and Panties matches. But in all honesty, it was probably for the best. One summer of Jen England's beauty was all we needed. Could you imagining her with the Women's Title? Probably not.

13 Rebecca


Another hopeful in the 2006 Diva Search, Rebecca didn't make it as far as Jen England and was actually eliminated third in the competition. However, WWE saw something in the bombshell anyway, and were quick to hire her on in hopes of making her a star. She backstage interviewed on the ECW brand, and was once a Lumberjill for a Women's Championship match and before you knew it, we never saw her on our television screens again. Not much to write home about, but damn was she pretty.

12 Muffy


This legitimately has to be the most forgetful career for not only a WWE Diva, but any wrestler male or female. Muffy was signed by WWE the same time Trish Stratus was, but unfortunately for Muffy (real name Caryn Mower), Trish landed the gig that ended up catapulting her career. Muffy landed the job as Stephanie McMahon's on-screen personal trainer which went absolutely nowhere. She would come out and insult the audience for being overweight, and after a couple appearances she was sent back to developmental and quietly released from her contract.

11 Trinity


Yes, current Superstar Naomi's real-life name is Trinity and you'd know that if you watched Total Divas on the E! Network, but we ain't talking about that Trinity, we're talking about the Trinity who came and went like a shot of lightning in 2006/2007. She made an impact in TNA (no pun intended) by being voted 2003 Babe of the Year, and when WWE finally picked her up they did utterly nothing with her. She did win a Halloween Costume Contest on the ECW brand though! Does that count as a career accomplishment?

10 Maxine


Debuting in the all-girls cast of NXT Season 3, Maxine seemed like the Diva with the most potential. Maxine was the favorite of the season seeing as she was pretty decent in the ring, and could talk circles around all the other Diva hopefuls every time she was handed the mic. However, Maxine never made much of an impact outside of NXT, but did manage to sneak herself into a tag team match once on Raw. Although her run in WWE was anything but memorable, she has since gained traction in Lucha Underground as the sultry and kinda terrifying Catrina.

9 Jackie Gayda


Probably one of the more memorable Divas to make the list, but still pretty forgettable seeing how she never really had many memorable storylines in her career, is Jackie Gayda. Gayda (later to be known as Miss Jackie) acted as the manager for Rico and Charlie Haas, got into a couple of cat fights every now and again, and even had a few nip slips throughout her career. That's pretty fun, no? A Tough Enough Season 2 winner, WWE cashed in on her looks but the results weren't the most spectacular. And unfortunately for Jackie, she had one of the worst worked matches to ever happen on Monday Night Raw.

8 Anastacia

Literally employed for a period three months, the beautiful Anastacia served as backstage interviewer on Smackdown, but for some reason or another she was released from the company shortly after. A former contestant on CW's Pussy Cat Dolls reality show, WWE probably just wasn't the place for Anastacia to thrive. Again like many of the others, another beauty that didn't quite fit the mold for what WWE was ultimately looking for.

7 Lena Yada


After Anastacia was relieved from her contract, Lena Yada filled the role as backstage interviewer. This lasted for a short period but unfortunately for her, things didn't go as planned. A contestant from the 2007 Diva Search, Lena Yada was just another beautiful model with no real future in the WWE. She was mostly used on the failed ECW brand, and just as she was starting to get nasty in the ring, the poor girl was released from her contract.

6 Joy Giovanni


Yes, another Diva Search hopeful who was immediately hired after she was eliminated, Joy Giovanni has to be one of the most beautiful girls to appear on this list. For not having much experience, she was given major storylines early on. She had programs with The Big Show and Kurt Angle, and even won the first and only Diva Rookie of the Year at the No Way Out PPV. Sadly for Joy, she was released due to some budget cuts in the summer of 2005, probably to make room for the new Diva Search hopefuls if we're being real here.

5 Carmella DeCesare


Coming in second to Christy Hemme in the first televised Diva Search in 2004, Carmella was popular for literally five minutes, mainly because all the other contestants hated on her and we sort of felt bad for her. But to be honest, we can see why she was hated on, as she didn't know anything about wrestling. Despite losing, WWE signed her on for a Pillow Fight against winner Christy Hemme at the first Taboo Tuesday PPV, but her contract was disposed of quicker than a box of kleenex on a 14-year-old boy's nightstand.

4 B.B.


Probably the Diva with the shortest career during the peak of the Attitude Era, B.B... aka Big Boobs... I mean... a/k/a Barbara Bush... was WWE's hot bleached blonde EMT. She came to the rescue of her fellow brethren whenever they needed medical assistance. Although Barbara Bush would get involved in a few cat fights with Ivory, the Dudley Boyz decided they didn't like her, and viciously powerbombed the poor girl through a table. It was the last we ever saw of her. Hey, you didn't see Joy or Amy taking any bumps like that.

3 Cameron


It may be a little cruel to include poor Cameron on this list seeing as she's still currently employed by the WWE, but how are we to know that? Debuting as one half of the Funkadactyls, Cameron was unable to overshadow Naomi in the division, and has since dropped down to NXT to further improve her craft. She has since wrestled a few matches here and there, but nothing that would warrant mentioning. A former star of Total Divas, we're rooting for Cameron to rejoin the roster sooner or later. Team BAD could use another member to replace Sasha's spot.

2 Tori


Tori took on Sable for the Women's Title at WrestleMania XV, and also made history by competing in the first ever women's Hardcore match against Ivory. Later, for some reason or another her and Kane became an item, before she would side with X-Pac until - like Barbara Bush - those damn Dudleys decided to powerbomb Tori through a table at the King of the Ring event in 2000. With Trish Stratus and Lita starting to make names for themselves in the division at the same time, WWE eventually decided to release Tori from her contract, which is unfortunate. For a while it seemed like Tori could have been a great competitor in WWE's Golden Era along with Divas such as Victoria, Molly Holly, and Jazz. Although it would have been confusing to have both Tori and Torrie on the roster at the same time, we could have had a battle of the Tor[r]i[e]'s.

1 Jaime Koeppe

via Jaime Koeppe

Jaime who? Exactly. Jaimie Koeppe is the only woman on this list that has never actually stepped foot in a WWE ring. So why is she on the list? Before the inaugural televised Diva Search in 2004 that saw Christy Hemme emerge as the winner, had a Diva Search of its own the year prior in 2003; the competition was voted on by the fans. It landed her a photo shoot in the November 2003 edition of Raw Magazine, but no contract came of it.

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Top 15 Hottest Women To Fail In WWE