Top 15 Hottest Women Working For The WWE Today

The biggest wrestling company in the world today, the WWE pretty much has the pick of the litter when it comes to the people that they hire to appear on their televisions. As a result, their roster is flush with some of the most skilled wrestlers from an in-ring perspective which is why the quality of the matches we see on their product each week has greatly increased. That isn’t the only concern that the powers that be in the WWE have, however, as there can be no doubt that they see their business as one where cosmetic beauty is extremely important. Keeping that in mind, it should come as no surprise that they also employ some of the most attractive performers in the world including the ladies that make up the roster of their women’s divisions. Taking note of that is what inspired us to put together this list of the fifteen hottest women working for the WWE today.

When it comes to the criteria we used to decide who was up for consideration the number one rule was that they needed to be a woman who is employed by the WWE at the time of this writing. It doesn’t matter what area of the company that they work for but since we don’t have an intimate knowledge of the behind the scenes staff we have chosen to stick to the famous WWE employees. Aside from that everyone is game. That means the people we see wrestle each week, the backstage interviewers, and ring announcers could all find themselves listed here.

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15 Becky Lynch

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It is crazy to reflect on how far Becky has come from when she made her debut in NXT. Coming out in all green garb and doing a jig in the ring, her presentation initially seemed to be of the same caliber of thinking that brought us acts like Mantaur or Battle Kat. Thankfully, her charisma and wrestling skill shone through and before too long she rose to the top of the NXT roster and made the transition to the main roster. Currently the lynchpin of the Smackdown women’s division, she may not be the champion at the time of this writing but we’re certain she’ll hold the belt again as the crowd eats up pretty much everything she does. A fiery redhead with a personality to match, her personality is her most attractive attribute but there is no question that her body is incredible too.

14 Bayley

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For the last few years, the WWE has been on the search for their next franchise star now that John Cena’s career seems to be on the downswing. Of course, we all realize that the man that Vince McMahon seems to have chosen for the role is Roman Reigns but there is somebody who is right under his nose that may be a better fit. She’d be the first female face that runs the place and Bayley has proven in NXT that she has the ability to have the all-important youngsters in the crowd want to see her do her thing. Just starting to show how great she can be on the main roster, hopefully, her feud with Charlotte will see her meet her potential. However, there is one thing she seems to have over even John Cena, she has a proven history of earning the admiration of the men in the audience. That is partially because she is great in the ring and has created a lovable character that isn’t overly corny. We’d be lying though if we tried to pretend that her awe-inspiring booty didn’t play a part in some fans appreciation of her too.

13 Carmella

M O O N W A L K I N G 🔥 T R A S H T A L K I N G

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When Carmella was introduced as a part of Big Cass and Enzo Amore’s act in NXT some fans felt like she was weighing them down but before too long she proved to have fans all her own. Breaking out on her own, the decision was made to separate her from her former partners and her career has only taken off since. Drafted to Smackdown where she was eventually put into a feud with Nikki Bella, it was telling that she was tapped to share a ring with arguably the franchise star of the women’s division. Currently in a storyline with James Ellsworth that could go in a lot of directions, we anticipate big things for her in the WWE. There is a reason why every time she comes to the ring her theme song spells out fabulous, because her looks are definitely that.

12 Alicia Fox

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Someone who has been a part of the WWE roster for more than a decade now, she signed with developmental in July of 2006, Alicia has shown a great deal of staying power. A former WWE Divas champion who has become best known over the last several years for her freak outs both in and outside the ring, one thing is clear, her character is unlike any of her peers. Currently embroiled in a unique storyline that involves her Noam Dar, and Cedric Alexander, she may not be seen in the ring much these days but that could change any time now. Thankfully if she is ever given a push that involves being in matches she has proven in the past that she has learned her trade enough to get by in there with the rest of the roster. A gorgeous gal with a fit figure that looks marvellous in the revealing garb she wears to the ring, Alicia always looks amazing.

11 Peyton Royce

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Signed by the WWE in 2015, Peyton Royce first joined the NXT roster when it was overrun with immensely talented women's wrestlers. Then the main roster came a calling and the lion’s share of the women that were featured on the show at the time disappeared. Fortunately for NXT’s devotees and the people who are in charge of making sure it is a watchable show the pairing of Peyton Royce and Billie Kay are all over the show these days. An entertaining pairing that has a great deal of chemistry with one another, you’d think they’d been a team for years on end. A beautiful brunette with incredible abs, a sparkling smile, and a rear end to die for, Peyton may be Australian but she perfectly at home on this list.

10 Renee Young

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Someone who first came to the attention of wrestling fans as a host of a show on Canadian TV that discussed the WWE, her obvious looks and poise on camera inspired the company to come calling. Brought in as a backstage interviewer, it didn’t take too long for people to realize that she was skilled enough to demand a more prominent role. Used as a commentator, host, and all around personality in the years since, she has even become a part of the company’s “reality” show, Total Divas, during the last couple of seasons. The type of woman that anyone would be proud to have on their shoulder, Renee looks incredible in a dress, bikini, a band t-shirt and shorts or when dressed to impress while on WWE TV.

9 Alexa Bliss

One of the shortest members of the WWE or NXT rosters, Alexa Bliss isn’t even five foot one but you’d never know it by the way she carries herself. Introduced in NXT as a character that can only be described as a cheerleader, she had a sticky sweet personality and a smile a mile wide. Not exactly the most original character, it didn’t catch on and eventually she was remade into the heel manager of a tag team before being called up to Smackdown and going it alone. The current Smackdown Women’s Champion, she has undergone a makeover from a physical standpoint. No longer stick thin as she once was due to an eating disorder, she now looks healthy and hot as hell, especially when dressed in a similar manner to Harley Quinn.

8 Cathy Kelley

Just like Renee Young before her, Cathy Kelley is quickly making a name for herself in the company as a great member of the broadcast team. A host of shows like GenYTV, and The Open House Television Show in the past, she went on to join a show on AfterBuzz TV that recapped Raw and NXT. Clearly, someone in the WWE was paying attention because she was recruited in 2016 and has served as a ring announcer in the past but mostly works as an interviewer and host for them. While she hasn’t shown off much of her body to the fans yet, her role doesn’t really call for it, anyone who follows her on social media should know that she belongs on this list.

7 Nikki Bella

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Initially brought into the WWE fold when she and her twin sister tried out for a season of the Divas Search, nobody could have guessed how big of a role Nikki would go on to have. Used as arm candy for a slew of celebrity hosts, she would eventually begin to train for in-ring competition and took to it much better than many of her peers ever did. A two-time Divas Champion who had a record-breaking reign, there was a time when she was the face of the entire women’s division. Arguably no longer in that role except on Total Divas, she still is an important member of the roster to this very day. Someone who clearly enjoys wearing clothing that is pretty revealing, especially on social media, we’ve gotten a number of looks at her body and we love what we see.

6 Maryse

A former model who posed for a slew of Playboy pictorials and won Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada in 2003, when she participated in the Divas Search she had quite the pedigree. Eventually signed to the company despite losing the competition, she would go on to hold the Divas Championship twice and won the 2010 Divas Championship Tournament. One of the most sexually provocative characters on the show at the time, anyone who was a regular viewer will be able to tell you how hot it was when she’d pin someone. That’s because she opted to straddle her foes with her entire body instead of coming in from the side which was incredible fantasy fodder. Recently returning to the company in order to support her real-life husband The Miz, she continues to outshine her peers due to the revealing outfits she wears to the ring. That is why she instantly came to mind when putting this list together.

5 JoJo Offerman

When JoJo was brought into the WWE she was still in her teens and immediately thrust into some level of stardom as one of the cast members of the original season of Total Divas. Booked into a handful of matches, including appearing on Raw, despite her lack of experience or know how. We’re not sure who it was that got the idea to have her transition and take on the role of a ring announcer but whoever it was made a great decision. Currently fulfilling that role on Raw, Superstars, and on Pay-Per-Views, you’d be forgiven if you didn’t pay too much attention to her in the ring as it isn’t the most glamourous role. However, you’d also be a fool because every time they pan to her she looks incredible and she has a derriere for the ages.

4 Eva Marie

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Quite possibly the most hated WWE employee in the last decade, when Eva Marie was brought in to star in Total Divas she had no business being called a WWE wrestler. Yet, despite that, she took part in a couple of matches where her botches were so bad that it seemed like the people she shared the ring with were in danger. When you combine that with her seemingly carrying herself with an ego the fans took note and booed her out of buildings all the while chanting you can’t wrestle at her. Eventually learning enough moves that she can pass for a wrestler if you’re not paying too much attention, she still remains a heavily despised figure to this day. A former fitness model, Eva’s body has been her craft for years now and business is good. Typically a redhead with vibrant hair and a body that is curvy in the best ways possible, she is a sexy lady.

3 Emmalina

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An Australian wrestler who at one time portrayed a character that was quite similar to the one that made Bayley such a sensation, Emma, as she was known then, saw things fall apart. Brought up to the main roster seemingly without any real plan of how to use her, she was teamed with Santino in a partnership that went nowhere before being demoted back down to NXT. Able to remake herself into a villainous character that rejuvenated her career, she went back to the main roster but suffered an injury at an inopportune time. Currently, in the midst of a second character overhaul, this time around she is being brought back seemingly as a bikini model named Emmalina. If you’ve seen any of the images that the WWE has featured in the vignettes that are reintroducing her then you know why she is so high on this list.

2 Paige

via dailywrestlingnews.com

A third generation wrestler, Paige seems to enjoy talking about the fact that she was in a ring while in the womb due to her mom wrestling while pregnant because she didn’t know what state she was in. Perhaps that is why she is such a natural to the business and despite being twenty-four has achieved more success in it than a lot of people that are decades older than her. The first person to hold the NXT Women’s Championship, when she made the jump to the main roster she still held that belt and won the Divas Championship during her first Raw appearance. If the rumors are true Paige and WWE management aren’t on the best of terms right now but we hope that things get cleared up real soon as she is an extremely talented wrestler and we’d miss her. She is also an extremely attractive woman with a look unlike anyone else in the company and we love seeing her come to the ring while wearing those short shorts each week.

1 Lana

During Lana’s tenure on the WWE roster, she has served as the valet and manager of Rusev and Dolph Ziggler and while the latter pairing didn’t work the first one is pure magic. It makes sense as they fell in love and got married in real life. The thing we really love about these two is she and The Bulgarian Brute have real chemistry together and perfectly compliment one another. A man who looks like he is part beast and the most beautiful woman the company employs, it almost seems like they are the type of pairing that fairy tales are made of. Still, we do understand why the company tried to make her a singles star at one point because if we looked at her in the back we’d be totally dazzled too and give her every opportunity in the world. Possessing a body that is pretty much perfect, her breasts aren’t huge but they look magnificent, there doesn’t seem to be an extra pound on her body and her legs and butt are awe-inspiring.

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