Top 15 Hottest Wrestler WAGs Who Aren't Divas

Picking out who you think is a beautiful woman is a very subjective thing. What's attractive to some might not be to others and women come in all sorts of beautiful shapes and wonderful sizes. It's so

Picking out who you think is a beautiful woman is a very subjective thing. What's attractive to some might not be to others and women come in all sorts of beautiful shapes and wonderful sizes. It's sort of like picking out who your favorite wrestler is. Every fan has different tastes and ideas as to who the best worker in the business is. But for our favorite grapplers, they all seem to have an astonishingly good taste of the bombshell variety.

But now that we've picked them, let's all acknowledge that these ladies have a rough gig. They stay at home and make sure the homestead is well kept while their hubbys / boyfriends are not only touring the world but are walking around a locker room filled with beautiful women frolicking about. Just like in Hollywood, wrestling relationships aren't booked for clean finishes and they generally end in schmoozes. If we were ranking how they end, you'd have to put Hogan's ex, Linda and the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins' ex, Leighla right at the top.

Luckily, this list isn’t ranking the explosive ends to wrestler relationships; we're not ranking anything but gorgeous women here. Which women cause men to break out a rendition of Jeff Jarrett’s “With My Baby Tonight?” Relax, sit back, read on, and leer on at some the hottest WAGs (wives and girlfriends) of wrestlers that have never seen the inside of a twenty by twenty wrestling ring.

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15 Kristen Austin (Steve Austin's wife)

While she does have to put up with the Bionic Redneck and is quite stunning herself, it's actually the loving banter Kristin Austin has with her Hall of Famer husband that makes her attractive. For those of you who listen to Austin's podcast, you already know all about Kristen and her health kicks and frequent getaways. Their banter would make for a great sitcom–Austin constantly mockingly refers to himself as a GIaNT (Global Icon and National Treasure), while Kristen is all like "whatever, did you clean up after the dogs?" Their conversations give a fun look at what being married to SCSA is all about. You need a snake charmer to tame the Rattlesnake and that's exactly what Kristen is.

14 Leighla Schultz (ex-fiancé of Seth Rollins)

via Twitter

Scorning women is really something no man should ever do, but sadly some men just never learn. Case in point, the current reigning and defending WWE United States and World Heavyweight Champion: Seth Rollins. Shortly before turning on his Shield brethren, The Architect had proposed to his girlfriend, Leighla Schultz. According to her Twitter account, she is a Cosmetologist and a coffee addict. She's also cute as hell. She also knows how to get back at a guy. Earlier this year, Rollins turned heel on Schultz and started cavorting with recently released NXT Diva, Zahra Schreiber. The result–Schultz may/may not have leaked some very intimate and private photos onto Rollins' corporate account, letting the WWE Universe see a very naked Rollins and another of the vixen Schreiber.

13 Kori Campfield (Kofi's wife)


Isn’t it disgustingly cute when couples more or less have the same first name? “Aww there goes Jack and Jill,” or “Hey, let’s hang out with Chris and Chrissy today,” or if you’re one–third of the New Day, it would be Kofi and Kori. There’s not a whole lot on the internet about Kori Campfield, the wife of tag team champion, Kofi Kingston. But one things for sure, you can’t fake the grin Kofi always has on and some, if not all, of it has to be attributed to his relationship with Kori. The WWE might not always know what to do with Kofi, but between his smile and positive outlook, Kori sure does.

12 Dana Warrior (Warrior's widow)


Plenty of people thought The Ultimate Warrior officially changing his name to Warrior was the kind of move that a crazy person might do. But then for a woman to willingly take that name as her own?! That’s exactly what Dana Warrior did when she married the Hall of Famer. Thanks to his reconciliation with the WWE, we got to see how stunning The Warrior’s now–widow looks, but also what a fierce warrior she is as well, carrying on after The Warrior’s death and raising their two daughters. On top of all of that, Dana also has taken her husband’s spot as an ambassador for the WWE, appearing at signings and helping present Connor Michalek with the first ever Warrior award.

11 Beth Britt Hardy (Jeff Hardy's wife)


The Hardy Boys are one of wrestling’s most celebrated tag teams, but outside of the ring, they’re pretty strange. With Matt’s at times cryptic messages and Jeff marching to his own beat, what kind of woman would put up with these two knuckleheads? We know Reba Sky puts up with Matt, since she’s in the business. But then there’s Beth Britt, who Jeff once met at a party in the late nineties. Beth has been a rock through all of Jeff Hardy’s trials and tribulations. Of course when Matt’s your brother–in–law, you have to put up with all of his shenanigans as well. Jeff has mellowed out in recent years, not in small part to Beth’s patience and understanding.

10 Denise Hartmann (married to Christian)


Vince McMahon himself has stated that Christian has one of the ugliest mugs he's ever seen. In fact, he even wanted to censor the guy's face! But somehow, even with a face like Christian's, he was able to bag a peach like German model, Denise Hartmann. It was a case of being in the right place at the right time for Mr. One More Time, as Christian would show all the Peeps why he's Captain Charisma and win Denise over while the WWE was on tour in the United Kingdom. Vince might not like the guy, but luckily that shouldn't matter too much to Christian, look what he gets to come home to every night!

9 Lauryn Laine McBride (Jerry Lawler's girlfriend)


It takes a special type of lady to be able to handle a serial philanderer like Jerry Lawler. One of the all–time greats in the ring is also one of the of the all–time greats in the sheets too, having been with many a lady over the years and lusting over so many more ("puppies!"). The King even left the WWE for his former flame, Stacie. But the current queen of Jerry's world is Lauryn Laine McBride. It was McBride who kept fans informed of Jerry's recovery from his heart attack. Lauryn, like many of the King's other conquests is beautiful and young, way younger than the King. But when you’re the King, you get to have your pick of the kingdom, right?

8 Sarah Backman (married to Bo Dallas)


Bo Dallas must really take his gimmick to heart and Bolieve in himself. How else could he nab a ten like Swede Sarah Backman? Although considering, she has bigger arms than he does, maybe she just doesn’t want him to leave. Backman, besides being the stereotypical blond bombshell Swede, is also an eight time World Arm Wrestling Champion–you know that all the guys have to challenge her when she comes to visit her man. If you’re asking yourself why with her looks she isn’t a WWE Diva, it’s certainly not for lack of trying; Mrs. Dallas was signed to NXT briefly before deciding it wasn’t for her and asked for her release.

7 Jessica Lockhart (married to Chris Jericho)


How annoyingly cute are a couple of blonds who also happen to be high–school sweethearts? Chris Jericho and Jessica Lockhart have not only withstood the test of time, but also the test of Chris Jericho probably never, eeeevvvvveeeer being home. Part rock star, part wrestler, part podcaster, all entertainer, Jessica is the epitome of a women who has to do it all when her husband is out entertaining the masses. Couple that with the fact that her husband is no slouch either in the looks department and you’d have to assume at least once in their happy marriage insecurities crept in and Mrs. Jericho might have assumed Y2J slept with a groupie or a ring rat, but fear not Jerichoholics, these guys were built to last.

6 Jennifer Hudson (engaged to David Otunga)

Our most famous WAG on the list is songstress, Jennifer Hudson. The former American Idol runner up has had an interesting life since becoming a household name. Academy Award winning roles in Dreamgirls, spokeswoman for Weight Watchers, one of the most successful Idol contestants ever and girlfriend to David Otunga and mother to their son David, Jr. Considering how blasé he is in the ring and decidedly un-blasé she is with her voice, David should be appearing on a HABs list and not the other way around.

5 Galina Becker (married to Roman Reigns)


The male wrestling fans might boo him, but the Samoan swooner, Roman Reigns, does just that–he makes ladies swoon. Why not? Reigns is the definition of tall, dark, and handsome. Couple that with the uber–cute “Take a Time to Be a Dad Today” ads and women must be dying to have a chance with Reigns. To put out those fires is an equally attractive lady named Galina Becker, Reigns’ college sweetheart and mother to his daughter. The pair made it 100% official last fall, when Reigns was out with a groin injury. If Roman is the definition of tall, dark, and handsome, that would make Galina the reason why you don’t go out for milk when you have the cow at home.

4 Bess Katramados (married to Big Show)


And the award for which WAG has the biggest load of laundry to do every single week goes to Bess Katramados or Mrs. Big Show to you. Katramados is what your grandpa might call a stone cold fox, and as evidenced on Big Show’s a Giant’s World DVD, Big Show is a very lucky man. Katramados is a gorgeous Greek beauty who helps the Show out with everything when he’s home, which clearly she has a hard time of keeping him there–besides maintaining their Florida home, she also exercises with him, riding bicycles around the neighborhood, which has to be a site to be believed, a real life beauty and the beast.

3 Catalina Hager (married to Jack Swagger)


She’s got girl next door looks and has appeared in magazines like FHM and Maxim, melting many a man’s heart, but Catalina Hager’s heart only belongs to one man, the All–American, Jack Swagger. Swagger may have botched a few chances at the top of the card here and there but taking a look at his wife, perhaps he wanted to get future endeavored. After all, wouldn’t you rather wake up to her every morning than to Zeb Coulter? Besides if you looked like Swagger and your wife looked infinitely better than most women, you might want to stay home more too, or pull a Macho Man and keep her locked up with a supply of TV dinners.

2 Lauren Hashian (The Rock’s girlfriend)

Um…if he’s The People Champ, then does that make The Rock’s girlfriend, Lauren Hashian, The People’s Girlfriend? Possible perverted thoughts aside, Lauren Hashian has been with The Rock for the better part of eight years now and helps to keep the megastar centered. Luckily success has not gotten to The Great One’s head, as he credits Lauren with helping him find that balance. “I always like making sure we find the balance and my home life is in there and Lauren is in there and my daughter is in there…the success that I’ve been lucky enough to get, that doesn’t happen unless the home life is solid.” Wrestling fans all over the world should thank Lauren for being the strong woman behind The Brahma Bull.

1 Kim Marie Kessler (engaged to Randy Orton)

via Twitter

In the Evolution of a Predator DVD, we were introduced to Randy Orton’s wife, Samantha. The pair had been through the ups and downs of Randy transitioning from punk kid to respectable adult. But unfortunately, there love story didn’t last. In her place, The Viper found himself a vivacious Kim Marie Kessler, a mother of three. Kessler and Orton had been dating for a while before the Apex Predator made it official by proposing to Kessler back in July. Smart move on the future Hall of Famer’s part – you’d want to put a ring on that too.

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