Top 15 Hottest WWE Diva Photo Shoots

WWE Diva Photoshoots have been a large part of the Divas branding for a long time. Originally, these shoots were part of large releases in exclusive magazines or DVDs, though now they’re mostly shot for the WWE website. Although women have been featured more prominently inside of the squared circle nowadays, that wasn't always the case. The best ways for Divas to get their name out there was due to their looks, and these photo shoots helped their cause.

Wrestling has been home to some of the hottest women in the world, thanks to sport entertainment requiring athletes in a supreme physical condition. The WWE quickly recognized this of course, and the photo shoots have become a great way of showing off the sexy side of women’s wrestling. From huge cities to tropical beaches, these Divas have had their pictures taken in all walks of the earth.

Even today, during a huge renaissance in women’s wrestling thanks to the megastars in UFC and the chances given to athletes in NXT, the photo shoots are still a core part of the way WWE presents its women. While detractors may get annoyed at this for taking focus away from their in-ring ability, it’s something that’s going to be around for a long time as it appeals to the company’s biggest demographics.

So we might as well rank the best ones. Here are the 15 Hottest WWE Diva Photo Shoots ever.

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15 Endless Summer

via wwe.com

A low spot on the list due to it not technically being a photo shoot but a collection, Endless Summer was a 2011 retrospective that was made up of previously unreleased photos of various divas from over the years. Released during the summer in nine parts, this collection shows off women from throughout WWE history, from Alundra Blayze sizzling in a bikini sitting on a motorbike against a sea backdrop, all the way to current WWE superstar Tamina showing a more flirtatious side than we’re used to seeing on TV.

It’s an interesting gallery to go through, as you find yourself remembering previous stars that you’d forgotten. I think we’ve all forgotten Lena Yada’s short run in the company, but it’s hard to forget how lovely she looks in some of the photos presented in Endless Summer.

Not just forgotten beauties exist here either, with new pictures of Stacy Kiebler, Torrie Wilson and others populating the huge collection.

14 Divas Fight Club

via wwe.com

While TNA refer to their women as Knockouts, it’s WWE that provide the real knockout beauties with this boxing inspired photo shoot featuring Becky Lynch, Summer Rae and Sasha Banks. The 2015 shoot was done in tribute to the Rocky film franchise, which had a new film releasing around the same time.

Thankfully, it’s not Sylvester Stallone’s face you’re looking at in this collection, but instead Summer Rae’s, who simply shines in this photo shoot. I’d always place Becky and Sasha at the top of any ranked list of the current roster women I find the most beautiful, yet in this shoot it's Summer that constantly catches my eye. The blonde fully deserves the term bombshell, though that’s not to say that Sasha and Becky are lacking here. All three women do enough to make you faint without having to be knocked out.

13 Scream Queens 2009

via wwe.com

Scream Queens is the name of two shoots, one in 2009 and one in 2012. While the 2012 one is fine, it’s the 2009 one that places on this list. And the reason why can be explained in one word: Bellas.

Rosa Mendes also plays a large part in this placing, dressing as a sexy Spanish dancer that really shows off how beautiful of a body she has, but no-one can deny the sure power of the Bella Twins in their prime dressed as scantily clad belly dancers.

These three women were easily among the most desirable during this time period in WWE, and are such standouts in this shoot that it’s hard to even remember who else was involved, even though I have the pictures right here in front of me. And that’s nothing against Katie Lea and Savannah, but goddamn, Rosa and the Bellas just steal hearts like it’s nothing.

12 Cabin Fever

via wwe.com

Oh, Renee. Despite not being one of the gorgeously toned superstars you’re often surrounded by, you still manage to steal my gaze away from them during any interview segment. It’s great seeing her take part in a photo shoot as well, but it’s not just because of her that this shoot makes the list.

Released in time for Christmas last year, this shoot shows Sasha, Paige, Renee, Brie Bella, Lana, Alicia, Summer, Naomi, Lillian Garcia and Charlotte all cozying up in an incredibly fake looking cabin, relaxing in the idyllic winter location while posing for the camera. There’s something to be said for a photo shoot that feels more real. When I look at a picture of a Diva in a bikini on a beach, that’s what it is, just a picture. But when it’s a picture of Renee cozying up on the sofa in a warm log cabin while looking down the lens with a smile that invites you to join her, I feel like I can almost smell the pinewood.

11 Thanksgiving Divas

via wwe.com

I don’t make a habit of commenting on cultural appropriation or racism, but I can’t help but feel a little bit uncomfortable seeing this photo shoot where Divas “dress-up” as Native Americans. Whether it’s okay on a political standpoint or not isn’t my job, but what is my job is to look at this gallery and go “wow, that deserves to be placed 11th.”

If I had to name an MVP of this shoot, it’d be Beth Phoenix. She’s never looked hotter than she does here, and in my eyes she manages to out-shine even the Bella Twins on pure sexiness in this shoot. Maria shines bright here as well, and I’m pretty sure this gallery is the only time I’ve found Natalya attractive.

However, it loses points because Jillian Hall has so much make-up on her face and so much photoshop on her pictures she legitimately looks scary.

10 Divas in Hedonism

via divalicious-eyecandy.org

Divas in Hedonism is a 2001 photo shoot shot in The Bahamas and stars Terri Runnels, Jacqueline, Tori, Trish Stratus, Debra, Chyna and Lita.

As far as this era of Divas photo shoots go, this is a fairly standard one in terms of locations and compositions. What makes these shoots are the ladies, and Divas in Hedonism is easily pushed up by the extremely sexy shoots by Terri Runnels and Jacqueline. Terri is shot in varying forms of undress, looking extremely comfortable in multiple topless shots that show off her amazing curves. Jacqueline on the other hand is a little bit more candid, but still gives you plenty of glimpses to keep you paying attention.

Lita and Trish look stunning in this as well, as they always do, but I daresay that Terri and Jacqueline are the true stars of Divas in Hedonism.

9 NXT Summer Vacation: Pool Party

via wwe.com

It’s weird to think that this photo shoot happened almost two years ago, especially how a lot of these “NXT” divas are now fully-fledged main roster superstars, with two of them even becoming Divas Champion since this shoot.

Featuring Paige, Emma, Bayley, Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Lana, Alexa Bliss, Eden and Veronica, this line-up is sure to entertain even the most casual of watchers as all girls strut their stuff in a large variety of swimsuits.

Aside from Lana looking angry while wearing heels throughout the whole shoot, every shot is full of fun and hijinks, and you get a genuine sense that everyone enjoyed themselves on this shoot. Considering NXT has a much larger focus on wrestling, I wouldn’t expect too many photo shoots similar to this for the current crop of women there, but this one more than makes up for it.

8 South of the Border

via divalicious-eyecandy.org

If you don’t fancy traveling south of the border with the likes of Lita, Torrie Wilson, Trish, Stacy Keibler, Sable or any of the other hot women in this collection then you may need to have your head examined. Shot in Mexico, this shoot was for a DVD and magazine collection in 2004, and sees a staggering amount of divas pose seductively in bikinis that shows off their incredible bodies to the best of their abilities.

What I like about this shoot is that it features some divas that aren’t known so much for their photos and sex appeal. We all love to see more of Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler, but seeing Molly Holly and Nidia isn’t so bad either.

7 Marine-style Divas

via wwe.com

Okay, if the Cabin Fever entry is anything to by, I might have a little thing for Renee Young. But just because I have a crush on her, it doesn’t mean that this shoot doesn’t deserve the number 7 spot on the list. Featuring Summer Rae, Emma and the lovely, gorgeous Renee, it’s supposedly a military themed shoot, but mostly seems to be shorts and crop tops, something I don’t believe the military wears a lot of.

Not that I’m complaining. All three girls look absolutely incredible in this, and my personal affections notwithstanding, Summer Rae shines brightly as her almost perfect body is given the full attention throughout the gallery.

6 Dead Sexy

via wwe.com

During the WWE’s “25 Years of The Undertaker” event for Survivor Series 2015, they thought that it would be a great opportunity to have an Undertaker-themed photo shoot featuring some of their hottest divas of the time. I can only hope that I reach that pinnacle in my life where pretty girls dress up in revealing costumes of me.

There’s truly a lot to love in this. Becky Lynch in a short skirt with fishnet tights, Summer Rae giving you the briefest of glimpses at her great butt, Paige in a “shredded” top that lets you see her bra underneath, Alicia looking sexy yet powerful as she towers in heels, and Renee Young wearing a top that can only be described with the word “cleavage”.

I’m sure The Undertaker appreciated it, ladies.

5 Divas Undressed

via fanshare.com

For a photoshoot titled “Divas Undressed” you kinda expect more…well, stages of undress. Molly Holly’s contribution to this collection is her in her pyjamas, which while sort of accurate, isn’t quite the picture the title paints. Though they are sexy pyjamas.

However, the shoot does give us perhaps Stacy Keibler’s sexiest ever shoot. Posing in revealing lingerie and thongs, Stacy’s eyes pierce through the camera lens and directly into your heart. While her tan does look a little bit on the orange side in some shots, you can’t ignore her pure sexiness, and she helps elevate what would have been an otherwise disappointing collection to one of the best the WWE have done.

4 Saddle Up

via wwe.com

WrestleMania 32 was an interesting event, with the women’s triple threat match being highly praised as one of the best matches on the card. The women’s division made waves before the event itself however with a very nice photo shoot featuring Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Lana, Naomi and Paige.

With the theme of the shoot being Farming, each woman brought something different to their photos. Naomi sports long boots and a tan top that allows a small glimpse underneath which proves to be a very attractive look for her, but for me Becky is easily the show-stealer in this shoot, as she shines in every photo.

WrestleMania 32 and this photo shoot proved that it’s possible to be sexy on camera and dynamite in the ring, and these girls will continue to do so for years to come.

3 Diva Day Off

via wwe.com

For my money, this is the best Divas photo shoot of the modern era. Not only does it feature some of the hottest women the WWE have seen recently in the Bella Twins, Summer Rae, Aksana, Rosa Mendes, Renee Young and more, but each one has a huge amount of photos each, with each one being technically classified as a different photo shoot (but for the sake of convenience, I’m grouping them altogether.)

Whether it’s Rosa doing her exercises in revealing clothes, Summer ordering room service while wearing a see-through top, Nikki lounging around in shorts so tight they look spray-painted on, or Renee Young reading a book a tight dress, there is literally multiple highlights for every diva in this shoot. While the WWE does like to go above and beyond for a lot of his shoots in terms of location, this proves that sometimes all you need is beautiful women and a bit of creativity to get an absolutely astounding and memorable gallery of photos.

2 Divas Do New York

via divalicious.blogspot.com

This is one of the more famous shoots, and for good reason. Released in 2006 and involving megastars Lita, Torrie Wilson, Stacy Keibler, Trish Stratus and others, this shoot shows off each girl incredibly well, with a variety of New York or City-themed shoots to keep your eyes glued to the galleries as you look through.

Not only is this photo shoot hot throughout, it’s also Lita’s best ever in my opinion. The outfits she wears and the poses she’s photographed in show her at her absolute most beautiful, and she’s definitely the star of this shoot. Though admittedly, the other girls give her a real hot run for her money.

1 Tropical Pleasure

via divalicious-eyecandy.org

In 2002 the WWE took Ivory, Jacqueline, Lita, Sara, Sharmell, Stacy Keibler, Terri Runnels, Torrie Wilson and Trish Stratus to The Bahamas, and every single one of those girls came away with one of their sexiest shoots ever.

Whether it’s a dripping wet and sultry looking Trish, or a naked Torrie Wilson using only her hands to stop you seeing everything, a Stacy Keibler who knows full well what her best ass-et is, or any of the other divas being captured in their absolute finest, this is a collection that truly makes the jaws hit the floor. In some of the photo shoots WWE have done, there is clear distinctions between which particular Diva looks better, but in Tropical Pleasure, everyone looks equally great, everyone looks like they’re having fun, but most of all, everyone looks hot as hell.

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