Top 15 Hottest WWE Divas To Never Win A Championship

Wrestling has been around for thousands of years, but it was not until the Olympic Games started in Ancient Greece that it actually became a sport that large crowds of people wanted to watch. Since th

Wrestling has been around for thousands of years, but it was not until the Olympic Games started in Ancient Greece that it actually became a sport that large crowds of people wanted to watch. Since then, wrestling has evolved considerably, and even though wrestling that focuses primarily on grappling still exists at the amateur level, the most popular form of wrestling is the professional kind, which deals much more with acting, athleticism and unorthodox maneuvers and move-sets. These professionals compete for wrestling promotions that essentially hire them as contractors, with World Wrestling Entertainment being the largest and most successful of them all.

The WWE has been around for over sixty years now, and in all that time, the promotion has produced some of the most popular and memorable male wrestlers in the entire industry, such as Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Triple H, Ric Flair, The Undertaker, and John Cena. They have also had their fair share of remarkable female wrestlers, such as Mae Young and the majority of their current women’s division. For a time, WWE’s female wrestlers were known as Divas, and just like the men, these attractive women compete for championship titles, and although many have ended their careers with at least one championship, there are quite a few who have not.

Here are the top 15 WWE Divas who never won a championship.

19 Sunny


The term Diva was used to describe the female wrestlers in WWE for over a decade because women wrestlers for that span of time were valued more for their sex appeal than their actual wrestling skill. People can attribute the origin of the term Diva to Trish Status or even Sable, but the title of original Diva actually belongs to Tammy Lynn Sytch, otherwise known as Sunny, who bursted onto the scene with WWE in 1995. In her 3 years with WWE, Sunny spent virtually her entire time as a valet for various wrestlers and tag teams such as The Smoking Guns, the Legion of Doom, and Faarooq Asaad (otherwise known as Ron Simmons), but her stint with the company ended when she was released in 1998. After leaving WWE, Sunny went on to appear in ECW and WCW before returning to the company for 3 separate stints between 2007 and 2011; and although she was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2011, she did so without ever winning a title.

18 Sharmell


In the world of professional wrestling there are a boat load of examples of women who function as both a valet and a wrestler to some degree, and for a time the WWE was filled with these types of women who primarily wrestled on a part-time basis. Sharmell was one of these Divas, and she first entered into wrestling in 1998 with WCW as one of the brand’s dancing Nitro Girls, and by 2000, she started to participate in actual matches. WWE signed Sharmell in 2001 after she was released by WCW, but while training, she sustained an injury which forced her to have to retire from in-ring competition. As a result, she spent most of the remainder of career as the valet for her real-life husband Booker T, and although she could not really compete in the ring anymore, she was still one of the company’s Divas, hence her place on this list.



15 Christy Hemme


With this entry, we have the second Diva Search winner to appear on this list with Christy Hemme, who officially debuted shortly after winning the 2004 edition of the competition, and she is still fairly memorable despite only staying with the company for roughly a year. Hemme started out as a member of the Raw roster, where she immediately started feuding with the girl she beat in the final round of that year’s Diva Search, and her subsequent feuds would include the likes of Molly Holly and Trish Stratus. In December of 2005, WWE released her from her contract, a departure which she claims was entirely on her own terms, and after said release, Christy went on to sign with TNA in 2006. She would go on to spend 5 years with TNA, where she started out as a wrestler, but was then transitioned into a ring announcer and backstage interviewer; leaving her without a single championship in her career.

14 Cameron


This past year, WWE had to clean house by releasing several wrestlers in order to bring in more popular individuals from their developmental system, which made sense considering that those wrestlers who were released, were both not really that well liked by fans, and who for the most part were literal wastes of space. One of the wrestlers released this year was Cameron, who was not only terrible in the ring, but in almost every other aspect associated with being a performer in the WWE as well; her only true saving quality though happened to be that she made a good cheerleader while with The Funkadactyls. It was somewhat obvious that Cameron was not cut out for the wrestling business based on her performance on Tough Enough in 2011, and it is because of how bad she was that even though she looks good, it is a good thing she never got her hands on a title.

13 Ashley Massaro


WWE’s Diva Search was a talent competition held by the company in which a contract was offered to the winner so that they could become a “wrestler”, and several of the women who competed in this contest over the years will be appearing on this list. Our first Diva Search contestant, is Ashley Massaro who won the 2005 edition of the competition, and this former model went on to make her in-ring debut during an August recording of Monday Night Raw where she lost to Victoria. Massaro had feuds with several other Divas including Torrie Wilson, Mickie James, and Melina who she unsuccessfully tried to win the Women’s Championship from, a match which happened to be the closest she would ever come to winning a title before asking for her release in July of 2008.

12 Taryn Terrell


Sometimes, women who competed in the WWE, go on to achieve much more success at another promotion such as TNA, which is exactly what happened with Taryn Terrell who managed to become a champion only after her career with WWE was finished. Terrell was once a model and stuntwoman, and as of right now, she is retired from the world of wrestling, but when she was involved in the business, she would wrestle, act as a referee, and even served as a ring announcer for a time. Her wrestling career did indeed start in 2008 when WWE signed her to a developmental contract, and for the next two years, she trained and served as an assistant General Manager for ECW until 2010 when she made her debut on the Marth 5 episode of SmackDown. Later in 2010, she was suspended due to an altercation with her boyfriend at the time, and was released shortly thereafter, without ever even getting a shot at a title.


10 Aksana


It is true that the bulk of the WWE’s talent comes from North America, a statement which was especially true in regards to the main roster’s women’s division, which at one point consisted entirely of women from the United States or Canada. Things have obviously changed now with women like Paige, Emma, and Becky on the main roster, but before they came around, Aksana was really one of the only international Diva around. Aksana was born and raised in Lithuania, where she became an accomplished amateur bodybuilder at the age of 16 before going on to become a fitness model. WWE must have liked what they saw at the time because they signed her to a developmental contract in 2009, and she did not make her first appearance on the main roster until a year later while accompanying Goldust. Aksana ended up staying with the company until 2014, when she was released from her contract, and in all that time, she never really had a real shot at becoming a champion.

9 Katie Lea


Paige and Becky Lynch are both a part of the main roster, which is quite something considering that it is the first time that the WWE has had such talented female European wrestlers on the roster at the same time. Both these women are from Britain and Ireland respectively, but before they came into the picture, it was British star Katie Lea who represented the entire region for a brief time within the women’s division. Before signing with WWE in 2007, Katie spent 6 years wrestling on the independent circuit, and after spending a year in developmental, she was called up to the main roster in 2008, where she stayed until she was released in 2010. Following her release from the company, Katie continued her career by signing with TNA, and although she won titles with TNA, she could never do so while in the WWE.

8 Cherry


Here we have Kara Elizabeth Drew, who wrestling fans will likely remember by her in-ring name of Cherry, and she is another example of a valet who would also get in and wrestle from time to time. Cherry’s favorite wrestlers were Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth, and it is thanks to those two that she wanted to get into the wrestling industry, which she successfully entered in 1999, where she appeared on the independent circuit until 2006 when she signed her developmental contract with WWE. It was in early 2007 that Cherry made her main roster debut as the manager for the team known as Deuce ‘n Domino, and it was not until April of that same year that she made her in-ring debut against Victoria who she defeated. In her year-long stint with the company, Cherry got close to winning a title once, when facing Natalya, but it was a losing effort, and she was released in 2008 without ever becoming a champion.


6 Lena Yada


For over a decade, the WWE really did sign female talent who had virtually no wrestling background whatsoever, with the belief being that the division would be more profitable if they hired attractive models instead, and Lena Yada was one of these models. Before even joining the WWE in 2005, Yada was a professional model and tandem surfer, and ended up being signed by the company after participating in the Diva Search in 2005 and 2007. Overall, Yada spent three years in WWE, where she served as a valet and a wrestler every now and then, and if many of you do not remember ever seeing her on TV, that would be because most of her time was spent on the ECW brand. Her wrestling career may be over with no championships to show for it, but things are not all that bad for her as Lena is currently married to the lead singer of the band Disturbed and raising their son.

5 Amy Weber


There have been several wrestlers who have gone on to appear in movies or television shows, with the most successful of them all without a doubt being The Rock, but the WWE has also hired actors-by-trade as well, with Amy Weber being one of them. Weber is an actress, model, film producer, and a singer who has made it onto the Billboard Charts, and for less than a year she was also a valet and part-time wrestler for WWE. Her brief stint with the wrestling business started in 2004 when she debuted as a heel on the SmackDown brand, and her gimmick was to act as JBL’s image consultant, but by February of 2005, she resigned from the company due to harassment from some of the other wrestlers. Had she not left the company so quickly, it is possible that she could have been given a title shot at some point, but unfortunately, we the fans were denied such a possibility.

4 Dawn Marie


No matter the profession, there are always instances where an employee is resentful towards their former employer for taking away their job, and these instances have involved the WWE multiple times, with one of the examples being how Dawn Marie left the company. Before joining WWE in 2002, Dawn competed on the independent circuit and ECW, and when she was a part of the company, she went on to feud primarily with Torrie Wilson and Michelle McCool. She remained with the company until 2005 when she was released from her contract after announcing she was pregnant, which led to her filing a lawsuit against the company; but that did not keep her away from the wrestling business as she continued to compete in the ring until 2010, and although she is now retired, she is still involved with the independent circuit.

3 Torrie Wilson


When the WWE bought their biggest competitor in 2001, they went on to give several of WCW’s former performers contracts, and one of those performers was Torrie Wilson, who only got into the wrestling business after her boyfriend brought her backstage during a WCW event in 1999. Wilson made her WWE debut in the summer of 2001, during the memorable Invasion storyline which saw her teamed up with fellow new arrival Stacey Kiebler, and she went on to remain with the company until she was released in 2008 for never returning after she was done rehabilitating a back injury. Although Torrie competed in the ring, she was never really that skilled of a wrestler, which is why she is mostly known for participating in matches that involved lingerie in some way, and for posing nude in Playboy; and it is largely because of her lack of skill that she never won a championship.

2 Maria


With this entry we have Maria, who is not only the final Diva on this list who participated in the Diva Search, but who is also the last Diva who went on to have a prolonged and better career once she left the WWE. Maria competed in the 2004 Raw edition of the search, where she finished in 5th place, but despite losing the competition, she was still signed by the company who started her off as a ditzy backstage interviewer who would frequently ask dumb questions. As the years went by, she began competing in more and more actual matches while also serving as a valet several times; and she also followed in the steps of Wilson, Hemme and Massaro by posing for Playboy. In February of 2010, WWE released her from her contract, and since then she has gone on to appear and compete for numerous promotions including Ring of Honor and TNA; and although she never won a title in WWE, she has managed to considerably improve her in-ring work over the past 6 years.

1 Stacy Keibler


We end this list with the gorgeous Stacy Keibler, who is undoubtedly one of the hottest women to ever set foot in a WWE ring, and the only reason why she got into wrestling was because she was seen on camera dancing in the crowd while wearing an nWo t-shirt during WCW’s 1998 Starrcade event. When WCW hired her in 1999, she started out as one of the Nitro Girls, and after a short time, she was elevated to being a valet who eventually made her in-ring debut in a wedding gown match which she lost when she removed her own gown. When WWE bought WCW, they brought Kiebler along for the ride, and partnered her with Torrie and had her serve as the Dudley Boyz’s manager during the Invasion storyline, Stacy will forever be remembered for her blond hair and entrancing long legs, but even though she was incredibly attractive, she was never good enough in the ring to garner her a championship reign.

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Top 15 Hottest WWE Divas To Never Win A Championship