Top 15 Huge Wrestlers Who Never Took Steroids

Steroids. They've run rampant, roughshod, and right on through every physical event imaginable to create a terrible path of illegitimacy and paranoia within the annals of history. Football, basebal


They've run rampant, roughshod, and right on through every physical event imaginable to create a terrible path of illegitimacy and paranoia within the annals of history. Football, baseball, and cycling are just a couple of sports to be hit by steroid controversy

Professional wrestling has probably been hit the hardest of all these competitions with multiple allegations against its entertainers throughout the decades. From Vince McMahon's whole steroid trial during the 1990s and his alleged encouragement of the drug was presented in the minds for all to see to the steroid scandal in the late 2000s that named several wrestlers receiving performance enhancing drugs from a well-known steroid distributor, pro wrestling's mark in steroid history has been well-documented.

To Hulk Hogan, Big John Studd, Ravishing Rick Rude, and Ultimate Warrior all the way to Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, and Randy Orton, the allure of steroid's advantages and their desire to stay on top of their profession for these athletes proved too much for them. It was a decision that set these athletes down a dark path, some paths leading to the most gruesome of ends.

But then there are the professional wrestlers that have stood in front of that devilish test and passed. They stared straight into the eye of that harlot known as steroids and looked the other way, opting for more natural and harder avenues to attain their physiques and stay on top of their game. Their example of non-usage warrants them to be included on this list and to be commended for their commitment into non-doping. As a final note, wrestlers that were incredibly huge to begin with like Kane, Big Show, and Andre the Giant will be left off this list. Wrestlers that huge are more likely than not, just because they were gigantic and strong by default.

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15 Titus O'Neil


Titus starts off the list at Number 15. The former Tag Team Champion and current member of the Prime Time Players has never been a part of any steroid investigation during his life. Having played for the University of Florida Gators and later with several Arena Football League teams, it seems that he would've been caught by now if he had been juicing. Also, since he joined up with the WWE in the late 2000s right after the whole steroid scandal, one could assume that Titus is indeed clean of any wrong doing. What really hammers home with Titus is that he recently won Celebrity Dad of the Year at the 2015 MEGA Dads Awards that WWE heavily endorsed. If the WWE brass is trusting Titus to carry their emblem around like that, he better be clean.

14 Big E


Former NXT and Intercontinental Champion turned Current Tag Team Champion and Power of Positivity Pastor, Big E (no Langston) checks in at number 14 on this list. Being a former 1st place finisher at USA Powerlifting competition in both the US Open and the RAW National Competitions, Big E has indeed gotten himself a physique that would make most question whether or not everything he does is natural. The biggest reason you can assume that Big E is clean: USAPL has one of the toughest drug testing policies in the world. Anybody who doesn't pass is publicly shamed like the Scarlet Letter and for Big E to not get publicly shamed, but to also win the competition, speaks volumes about his commitment to not roiding up.

13 Rusev


The Super-Athlete (imagine strong Russian accent accentuating this phrase) is your number 13. Before coming to the USA, Rusev was a competitive rower and powerlifter for his home country of Bulgaria, once given consideration to join the 2012 Bulgarian Olympic Lifting team. That would raise some eyes about Rusev being a possible steroid user, considering Bulgaria is a country that is notorious for steroid usage in its Olympic weight lifting, having been caught multiple times by Olympic drug testing. But we must also consider that Rusev has been part of the WWE since 2010, which was after the steroid scandal in the late 2000s and overhaul of the WWE Drug and Wellness Policy. If he hasn't been caught by a policy that would suspend two top draws in both Mysterio and Orton, then chances are that he is clean as well.

12 Ryback


Number 12 is the former Nexus member, now Feed Me More Intercontinental Champ, Ryback. The Big Guy has actually been accused of steroid usage by the polarizing CM Punk, also claiming that Ryback hurt Punk on purpose by breaking his ribs on the Colt Cabana Podcast. Ryback subsequently fired back on Twitter regarding Punk's accusations and shoot interviewed on a radio station, denying Punk's claims of both steroids and purposely trying to hurt Punk. Seeing as how the only allegation of his steroid usage belongs to a disgruntled ex-employee, we can lean towards Ryback being on the Jedi side of the whole steroid controversy.

11 Cesaro


The Swiss Superman clocks in at number 11 on this list. The former US Champion is described as the pound for pound strongest man on the WWE Roster today. That fact alone might scare people into thinking the King of Swing is just a roided up strongman. The same reasoning that was applied to Rusev also applies to Cesaro: because he joined the WWE ranks after the Drug and Wellness Policy was dramatically changed and the company was under a microscope to make sure there was no foul play. So, anybody that joined the WWE after that better be cleaner than a whistle.

10 Ron Simmons


DAMN. Ron Simmons made this list. The former Nation of Domination leader and one half of the Acolytes Protection Agency, the man formerly known as Farooq has never been caught once in the middle of a steroid controversy. From his time playing football with the Florida State Seminoles and Cleveland Browns to his time in the NWA, WWE, Ron Simmons has never been at the center of any of the steroid controversies surrounding any sport. I guess drinking beer, smoking cigars, and protecting people at a price is the way to go to keep yourself clean.

9 John Bradshaw Layfield


JBL cracks this list at 9. The other half of the APA and self-proclaimed Wrestling God has also never been at the center of a steroid controversy. It actually makes sense for JBL never to have been caught in the middle of a steroid controversy because of his very successful Wall Street career. He always had something to fall back on in case wrestling didn't work out, so for him to take steroids to stay on top of a game he was already pretty good at didn't make too much sense. JBL, at one point, did have a WWE Universe Blog in which he talked about his views on steroids and how he has never had a temptation to take them, even during his comeback tour in 2009. So however much the Blue Meanie may hate him for delivering a beatdown on him, we can take solace that JBL is at least drug free.

8 Bobby Lashley


Bobby Lashley joins the un-roided folks at Number 8. Jumping the scales at 6'3 and weighing in at 276 pounds, the muscle bound warrior from Junction City, Kansas has been accused of using steroids before by Kevin Nash. His allegation is only on the fact that Lashley is such a jacked individual that the only explanation is that he is on the juice. Considering that he's gone through so many sports affiliates and promotions and never being caught once juicing, we can safely gather that he is definitely all natural. What also solidifies the thought on Lashley is his cancelled fight against Ken Shamrock. Shamrock did test positive for steroids and was thus pulled from his fight against Lashley whereas Lashley tested clean seeing as how he was allowed to fight.

7 Roman Reigns


The master of the Superman Punch and new golden boy of the WWE, Roman Reigns is this list's 7th entrant. Being the formal muscle of The Shield and just a big guy in general, Reigns' critics have wondered whether or not this Samoan Superman is actually a phony. There was a rumor that earlier this year that Reigns' had actually failed a Wellness test which prompted Brock Lesnar to leave a RAW show. Later reports were found that prove that rumor to be a complete hoax and Reigns was no where near the reason as to why Brock left the show that night. So as to Reigns' steroid allegations, he is indeed clean.

6 Sheamus


Faugh. A. Ballagh!!! The war scream of this new Sheamus punches him at number 6. The 6 foot 4 inch Celtic Warrior (along with many of the guys on this last) has never been accused of taking any type of PEDs, much less steroids. There were talks and rumor that because Sheamus was a "training partner" of Triple H, he can get pushes whenever he wanted and if there were any allegations regarding steroids with him, Triple H would destroy the tests, change them and insert evil boss cliche action. Sheamus has Tweeted that he has only trained with Triple H three times up until now and that any accusations that you want to make about him, you should say to his face. Unless you got hard evidence to back up otherwise, probably shouldn't touch that one.

5 Mark Henry


The World's Strongest Man cracks the top five! As many of you know, Mark Henry was an all World Powerlifter before he started putting down many a foe with the World's Strongest Slam. People all over the internet used to question whether or not he used steroids to attain his incredible strength. Alas, in an interview he did with Bleacher Report, Henry reveals that since he came from such a small town in Texas, he had no idea what steroids were until Sports Illustrated did an article on him, asking what kind of juice he was on. Henry, being the lovable small town kid he is, adorably answered: "Orange Juice" (insert "awwwww" soundtrack).

4 Batista


Evolution's Animal is number four on the list. The genetic freak that is Dave Batista has come under significant fire when it comes to steroid allegations. Signature Pharmacy, a pharmacy that gave out steroids like candy to pro athletes was at the epicenter of the late 2000s steroid controversy that involved several wrestlers, including Evolution stablemate, Randy Orton. Batista was also named in the report, but Batista vehemently denied such accusations and that he was in total compliance with the Wellness Policy the WWE. As earlier stated, Orton was suspended due to this incident, but Batista was not...

3 Triple H

The King of Kings starts the top three of the list. Before Triple H hit the squared circle, he was a bodybuilder coming out of New Hampshire where he was crowned Teenage Mr. New Hampshire. Now Triple H has been the center of some steroid controversy before, with people questioning his physique and during one of the most ripe times of wrestling's history where using juice was commonplace. In an ESPN interview however, Triple H admits to steroid usage, BUT, he was under doctor's orders for steroid usage because of the torn quadriceps muscle he suffered. Now this list is for wrestlers who have never used before, but the spirit of the list is to commend wrestlers who didn't use steroids willy-nilly to make it to the top and stay there. In that same interview, Triple H also said that he never used steroids in a recreational way. Willing to admit one part of usage so as to heal, but not as to cheat is a bold thing to do.

2 Brock Lesnar


Number two belongs to the Beast Incarnate, know where I'm going with this. The Conqueror is Minnesota strong and one of the world's legit scariest people, having conquered the NCAA, WWE, and UFC, but not without the tiniest bit of controversy in terms of steroids. In one of the funniest turn of events, Brock was actually arrested by Louisville Division of Police in 2001 for carrying around a "large amount of steroids." After further testing of the substance, the police concluded that the package Brock was carrying around was not actually steroids, but as Brock's lawyer calls it "a vitamin type of thing". A legalese wizard Brock's attorney is not.

1 John Cena


The 15 time WWE Champion rounds out this list by being the number one entrant. Former bodybuilder turned pro wrestler as many of you know, John Cena has always been a really jacked guy. Along with being a jacked guy comes the accusations of being on steroids. The Cenation Leader has sadly always been mired in steroid allegations, with people claiming that Cena has told them point blank that he's taken steroids. that he hasn't taken steroids, that he's actually a robot programmed by Vince McMahon. Ok, maybe not that last one, but he is buried deep in allegations, whether it be through actual "legitimacy" or "jealousy."

The only piece of evidence that we have of Cena's mouth opening with sounds coming out in regards to his alleged steroid usage was on Chris Jericho's podcast over the WWE Network. Jericho flat out asked Cena: "Have you used steroids?" As you may have predicted, Cena responded with a resounding "no." His reasoning being that he has always weighed around 250 pounds and has never deviated that far away from it. Cena, being the face of the franchise, his work with Make-a-Wish Foundation, and his reasoning stated above regarding his steroid usage legitimizes himself as not being a steroid user. He would have too much lose and it would ruin every good thing he has done in the name of the company.

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