Top 15 Insane Real Life Stories From The Kliq

Stables have always been cornerstones of every wrestling promotion. World Wrestling Entertainment and World Championship Wrestling have produced a multitude of captivating stables such as Four Horsemen, Fabulous Freebirds, the Shield and not-so-captivating stables such as Corre and JOB Squad. Despite the vast difference between the former and latter sets of factions, they are recognized thanks to their on-screen appearance.

However, The Kliq surprisingly have never been an official faction despite being as popular as – or more popular than – the aforementioned ones. Consisting of Paul Levesque (Hunter Hearst Helmsley AKA Triple H), Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash (Diesel), Scott Hall (Razor Ramon), and Sean Waltman (1-2-3 Kid AKA X-Pac), The Kliq were merely backstage friends, albeit with the remote control to influence Vincent Kennedy McMahon's booking decisions.

Despite The Kliq disbanding more frequently than the McMahon family thanks to the lure of WCW's lucrative payday, its members have always the big dogs both on and off screen, with its members being the core members of D-Generation X and New World Order – the two factions that influenced Monday Night Wars as much as Goldberg, Steve Austin and Sable's puppies did.

With power, comes egotism and animosity amongst colleagues, and The Kliq are no exceptions; they have apparently made more adversaries than friends thanks to their arrogance hitting the roof. Though every member of The Kliq is now held in high regard by the wrestling industry – three WWE Hall of Fame rings, one night with Chyna and the WWE ownership among them – not many wrestlers liked them during their prime. The following article sheds lights on their 15 most interesting antics.

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15 Hunter: Designated Driver

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Both Waltman and Nash have confirmed the authenticity of this story. When Hunter made his WWE debut, The Kliq pondered inducting him to the Kliq as they had been eyeing him since his WCW run as Terra Ryzing. Nash revealed that Hunter's straightedge philosophy fascinated them as much as his popularity. They also needed a designated driver, who would aid them in drinking even more. Apparently, Hall went as far as stalking Hunter in an attempt to transform the future COO into one of them. Maybe Hunter being the group's designated driver was a way of foreshadowing his eventual movie role in The Chaperone.

14 X-Pac's Prank Earns Him A Spot

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Hunter joined The Kliq with little to no fuss, but then 21-year-old X-Pac became the fourth member in a dramatic fashion. In the wake of the Smoking Gunns – Billy Gunn and Bart Gunn – shaving his eyebrow after a drinking session on his birthday, he yearned for some payback. Accordingly, when WWE toured El Paso, he applied super glue to the brim of the Gunns' cowboy hats, and much to his excitement, his prank came to fruition. After this ballsy incident, The Kliq welcomed him into their car, and the rest, as we know, is history.

13 Burial #1

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Though other burial stories sound awful, we can't empathize with Carl Oullet. Oullet – then known as Jean-Pierre LaFitte – who refused to job to then-WWE Champion Diesel in Montreal – Oullet's hometown – as the original plan was to end without a clean finish in order to return to Canada for a rematch. Thanks to his adamancy, the match eventually ended in a double-countout, but his decision not to lose to Nash served as the cause for a premature end to his WWE career. The Kliq enjoyed burying him; he moved to WCW shortly after, but it is safe to assume his wrestling career did not reach the heights it should have.

12 Victim's Damning Allegations

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Bryan Clark (Adam Bomb) had often been bullied by The Kliq, with the 1-2-3 Kid going as far as locking his bags up while touring New York. Pat Patterson was accused of sexually abusing young talents, and there have been assertions that McMahon is bisexual. Clark seemed to confirm the same in an interview when he alleged that the aforementioned duo had homosexual encounters with HBK. Though the truth-value of this particular story is unknown, it is rather intriguing.

11 Burial #2

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In the wake of Mabel (also known as Viscera or Big Daddy V) returning home citing his sickness, an infuriated HBK blindsided his partner Sir Mo with a forearm to his back, and when Mo tried retaliating, Michaels used his influence to get him off television for nine consecutive months. However, WWE ordered Mo to show up though he was only offered a per diem pay. Michaels' actions pushed Mo into depression, Mo revealed that Davey Boy Smith (also known as the British Bulldog) and Macho Man Randy Savage helped him through the difficult period.

10 Failing in The Rock's burial

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The Rock's spats with Michaels have largely gone under the radar thanks to the legendary status of the duo. Though they have recently made peace, Michaels' egotism might have resulted in The Rock not becoming the face of the company. Michaels apparently wanted The Rock to drop his Intercontinental Championship to Bret Hart, and the Hitman, sensing HBK's intentions, turned down the idea. The Kliq wanted WWE to push Triple H instead of the Rock, but McMahon turned a deaf ear for once, and The Rock went on to become the most electrifying man in sports entertainment.

9 Burial #3

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After illustrious stints with New Japan Pro Wrestling and WCW, Big Van Vader was touted to take WWE by storm upon his arrival; however, his run ended terribly after two sub-par feuds with HBK and The Undertaker. Jim Cornette conjectured his strong style of wrestling cost him his much-deserved push.

At a house show in Tulsa, Vader apparently yanked HBK's hair and delivered rights nonstop before the latter warned him that he would lose his job if he ever yanked his hair again. Vader would go on to lose gloriously. In the subsequent SummerSlam, HBK humiliated Vader for missing a spot, and the former three-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion would become irrelevant after that.

8 Ruining The King's crown

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This particular story dates back to the early 90s, when The Kliq was still in its infancy, but sounds like something that HBK and his lads would relish pulling off. Jerry Lawler's attitude at the back of his move to WWE from United States Wrestling Association enraged everyone in the WWF locker room alike. With the aid of Curt Hennig, Nash and Michaels filled The King's crown with human excrement to teach him a lesson. The Kliq seems to be willing to have a dump in anywhere but toilets.

7 Curtain Call's Untold Side

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The MSG Curtain Call shook the wrestling world, but what many would not know about this historic moment is the fact outgoing Nash and Hall showed up stoned. Nash revealed this fascinating incident in an interview with Stone Cold in 2013. With WWE prohibiting the usage of marijuana and hard drugs – only alcohol and doctor-prescribed pills were allowed – they had never smoked Mary Jane in three years but smoked up before appearing in front of the Manhattan audience.

Do you not want ballsy guys like The Kliq in WWE now? Nope, do not even talk about Titus O’Neil.

6 Another Sunny Story

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Of all the wrestlers they have messed with, Sunny and Candido seemingly suffered the worst though many fans (rightly) have a soft spot only for the latter. While in Germany, 1-2-3 Kid allegedly– some sources say it was Ramon – pooped in Sunny's Chinese food, and when Candido confronted Michaels, he threatened to catalyze his career negatively. HBK went on to not only ruin his WWE career but also his mental health. This disturbing story makes the second feces-related story in this article.

5 Humbled by the Harris Brothers

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It is not a secret that The Kliq, despite their unique friendship, were not the best of friends with other wrestlers, as looking after friends was imperative in WWE at that time. Bam Bam Bigelow, Bret Hart and even Chris Jericho have voiced their hatred for The Kliq, but only the Harris Brothers – barring United States marines – have been able to put their hands on its unofficial leader, HBK. As Ron guarded the door, Don choked Michaels until HBK was reduced to tears. Of the 15 stories listed here, The Kliq would likely expect you to forget this one.

4 Burial #4

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Many wrestlers have been buried by the Kliq's shovel. Then-promising Shane Douglas was one. After impressing during his Extreme Championship Wrestling run, he was penciled in to achieve big at McMahon's company.

Every avid smark knows about the incident involving the United States marines and HBK. Michaels was booked to lose his title to Douglas prior to the incident, but he reported a relapse of his concussion suffered in the fight. Douglas, thus, earned the forfeited title but soon dropped it to Ramon. Douglas returned to ECW not long after.

Douglas believes that it was Michaels' fear of facing him that forced HBK to fake his injury. Douglas and Michaels were never the best of friends backstage, and the former alleged that the decision to forfeit the title only for another Kliq member to wear it around his waist after only a few days stemmed from their exchange of words in Germany.

3 Cause for Candido's miseries

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The subjects of this article apparently relished messing up with lives of up and coming wrestlers. When Chris Candido – a highly revered and pitied figure backstage – joined WWE along with his lifelong girlfriend Sunny, The Kliq's attention turned to the couple. HBK had Sunny cheat on her boyfriend, and the two were an item while Candido was head over heels in love with her. Dennis Wright even revealed that the other four would have people watch for Candido while HBK had intercourse with her in the dressing room.

2 The MSG Bombshell

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Though McMahon was forced to admit the predetermined nature of professional wrestling in the early 90s, he insisted on preserving kayfabe as it added to the storylines. During the farewell night of Nash and Hall, however, the Kliq won the wrath of the Chairman when the four – Waltman was on rehab – embraced inside of the ring at Madison Square Garden despite Hunter feuding with Hall and Michaels locking horns with Diesel later that night.

Cornette still holds a grudge against The Kliq for exposing the business, and McMahon de-pushed Hunter as a repercussion though HBK escaped punishments due to his main-eventer status – re-read story number 12 at your own risk. The MSG Curtain Call was arguably the first incident in which WWE wrestlers broke kayfabe on a large scale.

1 Nash's Wit: Escaping Arrests

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By the looks of things, the Kliq's real stories could make a more entertaining movie than The Hangover, provided Hunter did not feature in it. In 1995, when Triple H had not gelled with the Kliq enough, he went through what only a very few people would dare to. This is unquestionably the mother of all the Kliq stories and rightly tops our list.

Michaels, Waltman and Hall were ludicrously high having consumed somas and truckloads of beer though Nash remained fairly sober. Triple H drove their rented minivan to The Kliq's favorite restaurant, and much to their dismay, it was crammed with police officers. Thanks to the lure of the delicacies there, they entered and tried acting sober; however, Hall and Waltman gave away as soon as they entered, with the former yelling at the officers and the latter strangely distributing beer bottles to passersby.

After finishing their meals, Hall stumbled into a potted plant and the officers finally handcuffed everyone, including Michaels, who at that point had started twitching under the influence of somas. Nash, witty as he is, tricked the officers into believing Michaels was epileptic. Michaels and Nash eventually boarded the ambulance instead of the police vehicle and even laughed at the doctor, who tended to Michaels, stating he was never epileptic and had only consumed somas. After all the chaos, Hunter asked Nash if nights like that were the norm and went on to be embroiled in many such nights since.

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