Top 15 Insane Real Life Stories Of Mick Foley

There may be some (okay, tons) of wrestling legends who have 50 times the athletic ability that he did, but Michael Francis Foley is one of the most gifted performers in professional wrestling. This is primarily due to his tremendous capacity for pain, possessing a gift that few can even scratch on the microphone and his ability to portray multiple personas with ease.

As interesting as his three personas have been, the real life personality of Mick Foley may be the greatest one of all. In a business filled with men and women who are cussed out and spat upon by their co-workers with scary frequency, you will be hard-pressed to find anyone who would say a bad word about Mick Foley. He is the lovable teddy bear of the wrestling world who can make you laugh, smile and cry all in the moment.

Cactus Jack may be a violent madman, Mankind might be a deranged buffoon and Dude Love might be the hippest cat in the land, but Mick Foley is just flat out an awesome guy. Over the course of his 30 year career, Foley and his colorful friends have peered back the curtain to give some hilarious, bizarre and crazy stories. Here are 15 of them documenting the fantastic and zany life of The Hardcore Legend.

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15 The Cookie Prank On DDP

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If you ever see Diamond Dallas Page at a wrestling convention, be sure to give him some chocolate chip cookies. But make sure you crush them up first.

In Foley's first autobiography, he writes about riding up and down with Stone Cold Steve Austin and Diamond Dallas Page while they were all in WCW. Despite his heel status, Foley was so nice to the fans outside the arena that he received a box of cookies from a fan. Sensing an opportunity to mess with the high energy Page, Austin and Foley devised a plan.

They crushed up the cookies and spread them all under the covers of DDP's bed. As DDP got under the sheets, he exclaimed "WHO PUT THE F***ING COOKIES IN MY BED?!" Foley started to shake with giggles under his sheets and blew his cover but the story will live on forever.

14 Teddy Bear for Divas

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Not only did Mick Foley marry totally out of his league, but Foley also happens to be the women's best friend in the locker room. How did he manage to pull this off? By essentially being the harmless best friend to the lovely ladies of WWE.

In a blog on WWE.com, Foley wrote that Trish Stratus once described him as the "safety valve". Foley got this nickname because he wasn't seen as a threat to them in any way. They felt super comfortable around him, as he is a devoted husband with four kids so the Divas could say whatever they wanted around him and not feel weird about it. If you can't date any of the Divas, I suppose being great friends with all of them isn't that bad of a gig.

13 He Made A Shocking Discovery About Brian Johnson

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The number of AC/DC songs that are dedicated to body parts of the male and female anatomy are astounding and Mick Foley, being the brilliant detective that he is, might have figured out the reason.

While attending the Saturday Night Live show hosted by The Rock in 2000, Foley along with Triple H, Vince McMahon and Big Show all bore witness to the greatest rock n' roll band on the planet (fight me commenters) as they performed a few songs on the show. What a show it was, especially after Triple H made a shocking discovery; Brian Johnson's penis ran down his thigh like he was harboring a cucumber. Impressed and startled, Foley and the rest of the crew tried to enjoy the rest of the show until...

12 He Survived Vince McMahon Dancing

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As a white guy, I can admit that most of us have no dancing ability and are lucky that we are able to move our hips in anything resembling rhythm. That didn't stop Vince McMahon from trying his damnedest to dance to AC/DC though.

At the same Saturday Night Live show mentioned previously, Foley writes that he was nudged by Big Show to look at the Chairman of WWE and bear witness to a sight most foul. Vince McMahon was *shudders*... dancing. Anyone who has seen McMahon's infamous "Stand Back" video will have an idea of what this looks like. Foley in his book The Hardcore Diaries describes it as Elaine Benes' dancing on Seinfeld mixed with a pompadour haircut.

More than anything else he's done in his carer, Foley's ability to survive this assault on the eyes shows that he's the toughest man in wrestling history.

11 His Contest With Owen Hart


No this wasn't quite the contest that we all saw on Seinfeld. That would be much too risque for the innocent Owen Hart and Mick Foley. No, they had another contest on their minds.

Foley told this story at an impromptu Q&A after a comedy show in Montreal. The story goes that Mick Foley and Owen Hart were known as the two cheapest guys in the business of pro wrestling. Hart was known for riding from city to city with fans to save money while Foley once rode in the ring truck through the cold night to avoid getting a rental car. Sensing a rivalry for the ages, Foley and Hart decided to see who could spend the least amount of money in a week.

The contest rolled on and according to Foley, it came down to pennies. If memory serves me well, they just called it off at some point, but the true winners are the fans who can just imagine those cheapskates trying to beat one another at their own game. If you can get one answer out of Mick Foley, ask him who won that contest.

10 He Left Hardcore Holly Stranded

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Hardcore Holly has a reputation for being kind of a grumpy S.O.B in the wrestling business. Given this rep, it's hard to blame Al Snow and Mick Foley for what they did here.

The story goes that Snow and Foley were riding with Holly in Austin, Texas when they wanted to go a carnival in town. The plan was to go the carnival and drive to the next town in Foley's car. The catch comes however when they left Holly at the airport where he had to re-rent his car and drive to the next town alone.

For their locker room crimes, Snow and Foley were taken to wrestlers court. They "settled out of court" by having the thrifty Foley pay for Holly's car and two days of travel expenses.

9 Ron Simmons: Tag Team Partner?

It seems that when it really comes down to it, even Dude Love needs a little bit of help with the love making, OWWW HAVE MERCY!

In a video with Kayfabe Commentaries, longtime SmackDown general manager Theodore Long tells a story about Mick Foley getting it on with a Dudette back in his early days of wrestling while in a hotel room, when he needed some support. And who else do you turn to in a time of need during sex than former WCW World Champion Ron Simmons?

According to Long, Foley reached out his hand and told Simmons that he needed his hand for support. We never found exactly what is meant by this, and to be honest it only makes the story better if we don't know.

8 He Quit WWE After The Montreal Screwjob

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The effects of the Montreal Screwjob are almost too numerous to count. Among the list of effects caused by that night in Canada included Bret Hart not returning to WWE for years and the concept of kayfabe being destroyed on live PPV. One possible effect though could have been the end of Mick Foley in the WWE.

Once Foley saw the Montreal Screwjob happening live in front of his eyes, he made the decision then and there to not work for the company anymore. He felt that if they could do it to Bret Hart, they could screw over anyone. However it slowly set in for Foley that he would be in breach of contract if he refused to show up for work. It was ultimately a phone call from Jim Cornette which convinced him to go back to work.

It is worth noting though that of all the men who said they were going to walk out of the company over the screwjob, Foley came the closest to doing it.

7 Blue Cheese Was His Best Friend

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Some of the characters that Mick Foley has portrayed over the years are likely to be guys who had not a care in the world for their body odor. I doubt Cactus Jack or Mankind would really bother with showers that often but amazingly enough, Foley might have been at his worst when he was an amateur wrestler in high school. Let me explain.

In order to gain an advantage, Foley enlisted the help of some PEC; performance enhancing cheese. You see, Foley said that he would spread blue cheese under his armpits before a match and try to literally stink up the joint. Years later he would intentionally stink up the joint with Owen Hart in a different way, but we'll get to that later.

6 His Obsession with Christmas

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Anybody who has read his books or followed his social media knows how much of a mark for Christmas Mick Foley is. The innocence of the holiday always puts a smile on Foley's face even if it is a little odd to the average person.

One of the biggest examples of Foley's love for the 25th of December is the Foley Family Christmas Room. In order to maintain the joy of Christmas time all year round, Foley constructed a room in house completely devoted to Christmas. If that wasn't enough, Foley's (extremely attractive) daughter Noelle is actually named after the French word for Christmas.

Finally though, you can point to Foley's involvement with the film I Am Santa as Foley's ultimate devotion to the holiday. It is a film that follows the lives of four "Santa Clauses" outside of their duties as Saint Nick. Foley was heavily involved in the film and was surely one of his favorite experiences which didn't involve being thrown to the floor.

5 The Reason He Left WWE In 2008

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If you watch any WWE event nowadays it's painfully obvious how much the announcers are being held like marionettes on a string by Vince McMahon. Being the control freak that he is, McMahon likes to dictate what the announcers say and will even get upset if certain words like "belt" are used.

Well Mick Foley couldn't take it anymore. For a brief period of time in the WWE, Mick Foley was actually a commentator for the company. The gig didn't last long though as Foley felt immensely disrespected by being screamed at by Vince McMahon over his headset. Foley felt like all the respect he built up over the years had now gone away and he left the company before his memories would be tarnished forever. He signed with TNA shortly after leaving the WWE.

4 His Pre-Match Routines (Tori Amos)

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Knowing what the Cactus Jack and Mankind characters are, you would think that Foley would listen to some pretty dark music to get in the mood before his matches. You would be oh so very wrong.

Instead of dark metal tunes, Foley's go-to song in his pre match ritual was Winter by Tori Amos. It's a good song to be sure, but why is it that Foley feels so deeply about it? Well in a essay he wrote called "The Wrestler and The Cornflake Girl", Foley said that he looks to the song for inner strength and confidence that he sometimes lacked before some of the biggest matches in his career like versus Randy Orton at Backlash or Edge at WrestleMania 22.

It's likely not many people's choice to get pumped up, but if it's powerful enough for the Hardcore Legend, it's powerful enough for me dammit.

3 He Lobbied For CM Punk and Samoa Joe

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CM Punk and Samoa Joe might have became two of the most popular superstars of their generation but in the mid 2000s they hadn't quite hit the peak of their popularity yet. They were outside of WWE but they had a huge supporter in the company who tried to bring them into the fold; Mick Foley.

In a shoot interview for Ring Of Honor, Joe and Punk talk about Foley's plan to introduce them into the company. The plan would have involved Foley cutting a promo to Vince McMahon about how he thought Randy Orton would be the future of the business... until he met these guys. Enter CM Punk and Samoa Joe. The story would have been great and while it didn't end up happening, it's good to know that Foley has such a great eye for talent.

2 Backstage Fight with Ric Flair

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Ric Flair and Mick Foley may be two of the most beloved figures in pro wrestling, but there was a period of time where they didn't get along at all. In Ric Flair's book he called Foley nothing more than a "glorified stuntman" and in one of his books, Foley called Flair a "terrible booker".

This came to a head some point in 2004 when Foley went up to Flair backstage, handed him a copy of Flair's book and asked if he would sign it for him. Foley's intention was to make Flair look bad in front of the locker room but he didn't expect what came next, as Flair socked him in the mouth. The two were broken up quickly afterwards and they're cool with each other now, but it will go down in wrestling lore that these legends had a scuffle backstage. And for the record, Foley no sold the punch.

1 The Popcorn Match With Owen Hart

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If you were to make a list of most well liked guys in pro wrestling (there's an idea), Owen Hart and Mick Foley would have to be near the top of that list. Now you put these guys against each other on a house show, and the results become legendary comedy gold.

With noted wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer in the crowd, Foley considered trying to put on a serious match to please Meltzer but decided against it at the last minute. Instead of trying to put on a technical classic, Foley and Hart turned up the ridiculousness to 11 and brought out a mini dumpster of deadly armaments. One of these weapons was a massive bag of popcorn which Foley used to bash his helpless foe and Owen sold it like he was taking shots from Big Show. Once the bag was open and popcorn spilled out, Foley took the opportunity to make some popcorn angels.

Foley writes about it in his first book better than I ever could, but the story stands out as one of the funniest in wrestling history.

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