Top 15 Insane Real Life Stories of Sunny

During the Attitude Era, women were treated merely as eye candy; more than half the women's roster hardly knew how to even perform a chop, but almost everyone in the women's locker room knew how to strike the perfect pose for the centerfold of Playboy. In such an era, Sunny and Sable were the main attractions. Although Sable had her share of ups and downs, she is currently married to one of the biggest stars in the wrestling industry today in Brock Lesnar. On the other hand, the woman WWE once proudly heralded as the original Diva is currently making a living merely off controversies.

If Enzo and Cass had a dime for every time they got beaten up as kids, they would have zero dimes. However, if Sunny had a dime every time her former colleagues, former employers or fans badmouthed her, she would one of the richest people to be ever involved in the wrestling industry. Even the antics of John Bradshaw Layfield, Hardcore Holly or even New Jack can be justified, but none would choose to justify anything she has done since her breakthrough in the wrestling industry.

Keep in mind that Sunny was billed as the girl next door, which has only made these stories all the more insane. Only a few women wrestlers have been as pretty as Sunny, but no other female wrestler has a reputation that is as tarnished as hers is. As always, we do not intend to tarnish the already tarnished repute of Sunny. Did we forget to mention any crazy stories? Let us know which ones in the comments below, heck you may even have a personal story featuring the original Diva.

Without further ado, allow the writer to take you through top 15 insane real life stories of Sunny.

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15 Bring The Sunny Dreams To Life

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Before signing the bumper deal with Vivid Entertainment, Sunny entertained her fans via Skype for as little as $10 a session, she was ready to take her clothes off for a measly $100. In 2013, at an event called Legends of the Ring, she charged her fans $50 for lying next to her on a bed for a picture; she demanded $75 for a picture in which she would place her head on the fan's chest. She marketed all services of hers with a cringeworthy caption: "Was I your teenage crush? Now is your chance to make that dream a reality." She never learns her lessons, does she?

14 Auctioning WWE Hall Of Fame Ring

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Thirteen days into 2016, Sunny auctioned her WWE Hall of Fame ring on eBay, and she set the initial price at just $3,000. When TMZ asked why she was ready to part ways with what most wrestlers deem to be the biggest achievement as a wrestler, she calmly said, "It's time to let go of the past, and selling my ring is the right way to get back on track".

Knowing her financial troubles, adult entertainment company Vivid Entertainment approached her not long after she chose to sell her HOF ring; she recently signed a contract worth a little more than $100,000 for a movie imaginatively named Sunny Side Up: In Through the Backdoor.

13 Accusing Damien Darling Of Assault

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Psychopaths tend to falsely accuse people to gain sympathy, or tarnish the reputation of their victim. Despite being abusive to her latest boyfriend Damien Darling, Sunny informed the police, and even filed a lawsuit against him stating that he broke her ribs and even assaulted her sexually. Knowing he could get into serious trouble, Damien chose to talk to the police department, and thankfully, they did not blindly believe Sunny's side of the story. X-Ray results found her to be in perfect shape, and there was no sign of sexual abuse; the officers set him free without any investigation.

12 Braiding The Hair Of Yokozuna

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Wrestlers have a tradition of pranking newbies, and Sunny was no exception. Mr. Fuji was braiding Yokozuna's hair, and upon noticing that Sunny was around, he commanded her to comb and braid the giant's hair. Much to her astonishment, everyone around her was laughing at her. Little did she know that she was being pranked by Fuji.

While braiding his hair, she realized that her Yokozuna's hair reeked badly. She was later told that he was too big, and he couldn't maneuver his hands to reach the top of his head and shampoo his hair. It took her about three days to be free of the Yokozuna smell. This story might sound a bit outlandish, but it should be true as the source of this one is Sunny herself.

11 Creating An Adult Site With Missy Hyatt

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Shortly after claiming to have turned down an offer from Playboy, Sunny launched an adult website with Missy Hyatt; this was before she started performing for her fans via Skype. She told English tabloid The Sun that the idea of creating wrestlingvixxxens.com came out of the blue, while she was at Hyatt's apartment.

Sunny also told The Sun, "It's going strong, and I might start off on my own, too." The website is now defunct, and her progress in the adult industry has skyrocketed from $10 Skype sessions to $100,000 contracts with an adult industry giant. Almost every 'success story' begins accidentally, and Sunny's began at the back of a childish idea. Sunny's parents should be proud.

10 Going To Jamaica With The Showstopper

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While Shawn Michaels only treated her as the go-to girl for sexual intercourse, Sunny convinced herself that she was in a meaningful relationship — with a lot of drugs — with him. She still maintains that she and Chris Candito were a couple until his untimely death in 2005, but she also claims that she was in a nine-month relationship with the Showstopper during her stint in WWE.

During that period, they even flew to Jamaica for a one week excursion as Chris locked horns with wrestlers in the ring. Though HBK prefers not to discuss his short-lived relationship with her, she continues to take pride in cheating on a poor soul in Candito with HBK.

9 The Sunny Heat Is Real

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Sunny was about to slopped in a RAW segment by Henry Godwinn, and long before their segment, he told wrestlers backstage that he was slopping Sunny that night and subtly hinted about acting out their hatred by placing a bucket for everyone to give their contributions. Much to his surprise, the bucket was almost full not long after his announcement. He alleged that Scott Hall and 1-2-3 Kid spiced up the slop with some "slop" of their own. As planned, he slopped her on television. By the looks of things, wrestlers can be nasty, especially when teaching a spoiled brat like Sunny a lesson.

8 Final Minutes Of The Damien Darling Relationship

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Darling's relationship with Sunny is one of a kind. From false accusations to violent attacks, it involved everything it should have never had; however, the final moments were horrifying. A drunk Sunny threw bottles at him and tried attacking him with knives, hammers, and everything she could lay her hands on. Thankfully, Darling survived the night, and while talking to an online wrestling news outlet, admitted that he broke down and cried at a vision of newspaper articles reporting his death.

The independent wrestler stated that there could have been another Chris Benoit story if he had not broken up with her.

7 Getting Into Trouble With The Harts

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Sunny claimed to have slept with Davey Boy Smith after breaking up with HBK. Even though Chris Candito denied rumors linking the British Bulldog with his long-time girlfriend, she always took pride in having shared a bed with him. In a YouShoot interview, she made the revelation, but Smith's daughter came to the rescue of her deceased father stating that Sunny was full of lies about her claim.

Georgia Smith dissed her, stating she was pathetic for bragging about sleeping with thousands of men. She even tweeted that she should respect the repute of her family, especially in light of their sufferings in the wake of her father's demise.

6 X-Pac Spiking Her Chinese Food

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Even though she was dating Shawn Michaels, Sunny did not have many pleasant memories with the rest of The Kliq. Sean Waltman is known to empty his bowels onto the food or into the bags of whomever he dislikes. One day during her run in WWE, X-Pac added a special ingredient in Sunny's Chinese food; Paul Bearer stated in an interview that she consumed it, ignorant of the fact that it had been spiked with Waltman's feces.

To think she was hanging out with him not so long ago. However, she is not alone as Mark Henry also has tasted his share of the Waltman feces. Wrestlers seem to have a bizarre penchant for ribs involving feces.

5 Wrestler/Doctor?

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Apparently, Sunny was about to become a plastic surgeon with a full academic scholarship, before following in the footsteps of her high school sweetheart in Chris Candido into professional wrestling. When Smoky Mountain Wrestling hired Skip (his wrestling name), she transferred her school to Knoxville (headquarters of SMW). From there, Jim Cornette signed her only a month after her move to Tennessee. She promptly dropped out of college to become the most controversial woman the industry has ever seen. Keep in mind that this story comes from Sunny, who has proven to be a liar on many occasions.

4 Performing Favors For Sabu

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Sunny developed an addiction to prescription pills and went to any extent to keep hold of somas (a prescription drug) and other addictive pills. A story is told that she tried to perform oral favors for Sabu in return for 50 somas. Although he turned down her thoughtful offer, he tabled another offer that she simply could not resist. His improved offer was that she flash him; she swiftly took her tops off and got a reward of about 35 somas. In a recent interview, however, Sandman claimed that he had caught Sunny red-handed on her knees with Sabu.

3 Lying About Cancer On Twitter

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Phineas Godwinn stated in an interview that Sunny lied a lot during her wrestling years, but seemingly, lying is a habit that she could never kick. She tweeted about having adopted a kid from Cambodia, and ridiculed people who praised her and media outlets that reported it; she also lied about being mugged on Twitter. In her newest installment, she told her Twitter followers that she had been diagnosed with cancer, and tweeted only two weeks later that medical results found her to be cancer free. In a scumbag move, this was revealed after her fans had bought her a few items from her Amazon Wishlist.

2 Smuggling Bucket Loads Of Drugs From Mexico

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Sunny wrote about smuggling drugs from Mexico in her book A Star Shattered: The Rise & Fall & Rise of Wrestling Diva. Chances are that she cannot deny smuggling now ; however, you can never be sure about anything as far as it involves Sunny. She smuggled only a little amount of prescription drugs at first with her friend Louie Spicoli, but managed to make enough contacts to smuggle a bag containing 1,000 Vicodin, 1,000 Percocet, 3,000 Somas, 2,000 Xanax, 2,000 Valium, 500 Rohypnol, testosterone pre-loaded syringes, and Clenbuterol tabs over the border.

Since the United States customs always checked the nook and corner of every vehicle that crossed the border, she walked across the border like a professional. She claims to have never sold it for profit despite smuggling once every month for two years.

1 Lying About Drug Addiction To The Baltimore Sun

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Sunny wrote in her book about smuggling prescription drugs. She has often confessed to being completely reliant on prescription drugs until 2003, although many speculate that she is still on those. However, in an interview with the Baltimore Sun, she contradicted herself when she said she had never been on drugs.

Sunny even proceeded to say that she was taking Xanax only as a painkiller under the advice of her doctor, and tried to make the interviewer believe that she had neither abused those nor snorted or smoked any other drug ever before.

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