Top 15 Insane Real Life Stories Of The Undertaker's Bone Street Krew

When it comes to wrestling, alliances and rivalries are difficult to follow. Not only are there constant in-ring teams and feuds involving babyfaces and heels (with both the relationships and statuses subject to change at any time), but there’s also everything going on backstage. And even then, there’s the kayfabe backstage and the real backstage.

So when fans in the mid and late ’90s learned of The Kliq - a WWE backstage group consisting of Scott Hall, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Triple H and Sean Waltman - it was a bit confusing, as the members were friends in real life but often enemies when the cameras were rolling. Even more befuddling was the mysterious Bone Street Krew, a backstage group that included The Undertaker, Yokozuna, Rikishi, Savio Vega, Henry O. Godwinn, Phineas I. Godwinn (a.k.a. Mideon), The Godfather, Paul Bearer, Brian Adams, and Mr. Fuji.

Although contrary to popular belief, there was no animosity between the groups, and they actually got along amicably. The only things the BSK and the Kliq really did was help out the members within each groups and provide some extra camaraderie. As for the fans, they received a hell of a lot of wacky stories, especially from the BSK. 

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15 The Founder

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Since The Undertaker is the most famous member of the Bone Street Krew (and the only one still competing in the WWE today), most people believe he was also the founder and ringleader of the group. The latter might be true to some extent, but the former apparently is not. “Everybody thinks that The Undertaker started The BSK, but it was actually Yoko,” The Godfather explained in an interview with WWE.com. “Yoko was always the mouthpiece at the time. Yoko would talk like a gangster. One time he said, ‘BSK. Bone Street Krew in the house!’ That was Yoko starting it.” The meaning of the name, or even what the letters stood for, wasn’t immediately apparent to everyone. “The rest of the locker room never found out what it meant,” wrestling legend John Bradshaw Layfield recalled. “You’re not going to ask, ’cause they’re not going to tell you. Nobody was willing to ask.”

14 A Crushing Defeat

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It’s interesting that Henry O. Godwinn mentioned Brian Adams (a.k.a. Crush) as a member of the Bone Street Krew, considering the timing of his stints with the WWE. After appearing from 1990-91, he returned in 1992, but left again in 1995. It’s possible he could have been an original member, however, his tenure probably ended following the events of his return in 2001. WWE Unforgiven 2001 was the perfect opportunity for KroniK (Adams and Bryan Clark) to put their new team on the map, as they were set to face Kane and fellow B.S.K member The Undertaker in the fifth match of the evening.

Apparently, KroniK didn’t see it this way though, as their lack of preparation completely botched the bout from start to finish. Adams was totally uncoordinated, walking into neck breakers like they were backbreakers and missing a cue for a chokeslam. Clark, for his part, also fouled up a few incredibly basic maneuvers, some by as much as a foot. Kane and ‘Taker were reportedly very upset afterward (and some signs of this showed through during the match itself) and ‘Taker allegedly ripped into the pair backstage. The WWE let KroniK go after only two matches.

13 The Tattoo

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Although the Bone Street Krew wasn’t too serious, they were at least close enough to make the group a permanent part of their lives, evidenced by the amount “BSK” tattoos in the group. Savio Vega was the first guy to get one, doing so after he caught the ink bug on a visit to the Florida Keys with his wife. After eventually getting one for the Krew, he showed it to the group, saying, “OK, I got my tattoo. I want to see more tattoos.” The Godfather joined the party with a large demon piece on his back, which has knuckles that read “BSK.” Henry Godwinn’s is on his leg, Mideon’s is on his neck, but The Undertaker’s is the most prominent of all. The Deadman got “BSK” is big letters right across his stomach. “He always takes his singlet off at the end of a match,” Mideon said. “And when he does - bam! - there’s the tattoo.”

12 Hillbilly Love

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If you need further evidence that the Bone Street Krew didn’t take themselves too seriously, here’s one story that’s so silly it’s hard to imagine that the individuals involved actually took part in it. Apparently, some of the BSK guys had nicknamed Henry Godwinn “Hillbilly Love.” The name stuck, so much so that a few of the fellas actually penned a little ditty about it. “Undertaker came up with that,” Godwinn recalled, referring to his nickname. “He wrote a song about me. He and Yoko were rapping it one night in the car. How many people can say that Undertaker and Yoko rapped a song about them?” We’re going to err on the safe side and say one; one person in the world can probably make that claim. This example, however, is quite reflective of the group’s attitude and general emotional state. “We had the same sort of temperament,” Godwinn added. “Nobody was loud. Nobody in the group really got out of control.”

11 Savio’s Cut

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A few years back, Kevin Nash did an interview with Pro Wrestling Stories that focused on air travel with the WWE, including a few stories about some of the Bone Street Krew members. In addition to mentioning that two gargantuan guys, The Undertaker and Yokozuna, would often squeeze their giant frames into commercial coach seats, the talk also touched on a somewhat famous incident in a chartered jet involving Savio Vega and a couple sleeping wrestlers. “I remember when Savio cut Scott [Hall] and Shawn [Michaels]'s hair,” Nash said. “Like f---ing took a little piece of the mullet! I don’t think Shawn or Scott fell asleep on a plane after that, Savio didn’t either.” Nash went on to infer that this event was the reason Savio was fired from the promotion, which, if true, is absolutely ludicrous. However, it’s worth mentioning that Savio himself has denied this part of the story.

10 Beware of the Duke

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You probably don’t need any convincing about the BSK and the Kliq getting along, but just in case, here’s a story. As told by Mideon, a bunch of the guys (including Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin) were hanging out after a match in Germany one night when another wrestler they were working with got into a fight with a local bar patron. “They tumble back through the bar into this doorway, and into a cement wall by a set of stairs,” Mideon said. “I’m trying to pull them apart, and I swear to God, it was like a John Wayne movie: The doorway lit up and The Undertaker came walking through it. He grabbed both of them by the throat with one hand and posted them against the cement wall. He took the wrestler out of the bar and gave him a talking to.”

You know that famous photo of all the wrestlers smiling together at the back of a bus? It was taken the very same night; a solid example of camaraderie.

9 The Legendary Stink Face

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All things considered, Rikishi was a pretty good wrestler. He’s been paired up with and pinned against some of the biggest names in the industry, been an intercontinental and tag team champion numerous times, and was inducted into the Hall of Fame last year. However, most people will remember him best for his signature move, The Stink Face. As disgusting as it is to have one’s face rubbed into the crack of a giant sweaty Samoan man, a lot of people fell victim to it, which goes to show that the move was even bigger than most people realized. The poor souls included The Rock, John Cena, Booker T, Stephanie McMahon, and even Vince! However, the craziest part was that some people actually wanted to receive it. Mike Foxx apparently asked for it outside of the ring, and Trish Stratus said that getting it was on her bucket list. (Rikishi, for his part, reported that she took it like a champ.)

Additionally, folks often forget Rikishi recorded a song called “Put A Little Ass On It” (whatever the hell that means) and there was even an official WWE t-shirt that read, “Back Dat Ass Up!” with a picture of Rikishi’s big ol’ booty on it - because who wouldn’t want that in their wardrobe?

8 The Undertaker’s Arch Nemesis

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The Undertaker has faced a lot of frightening foes, been through a lot of nightmare scenarios (like getting buried alive and set on fire, for instance), and today is still regarded as one of the baddest dudes the industry has ever seen - yet he has one major weakness in real life: cucumbers. According to an interview with Paul Bearer, ‘Taker can’t stand to be anywhere near the green vegetable. Bearer and some of the wrestlers used to prank the Deadman by putting cucumbers in his hat and gloves just before he took the stage (once in retaliation for the other Paul Bearer story in this article...more on that in a second), and he would flip out and start gagging. To illustrate the absurdity of this phobia, Paul Bearer recalled a specific incident where someone once dropped a cucumber in ‘Taker’s iced tea while dining out: “I saw The Undertaker throw up all over a Waffle House.”

7 Paul Bearer’s Pee Predicament

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Let’s not forget our old friend Paul Bearer was also a member of the Bone Street Krew, and he had a good story of his own, from back in the days when Bearer and The Undertaker would travel together while still keeping up their master-servant roles. In one instance, while driving to the next venue, the two stopped for gas. Bearer also had to take a wicked whiz, but the duo needed to make their purchase first, and of course Paul had to be the one to pump the gas. However, according to Bearer himself, the sight and sound of the hose was too much, and he didn’t make it. Think about that: a grown man pissed his pants because he refused to drop wrestling roleplay while at some random gas station. To top things off, when the gruesome twosome arrived at the event only an hour later, a gift basket was already waiting for Bearer: a package of adult diapers, courtesy of Vince McMahon.

6 Mr. Prankster

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If Yokozuna was the founder of the Bone Street Krew and The Undertaker was the ringleader, then Mr. Fuji should hold the title of head prankster. And the dude just didn’t pull an occasional rib, but was instead constantly having fun at the expense of his fellow wrestlers. “Fuji’s [ribs] were nonstop: in the arena, in hotels, in airports, in restaurants,” Freddie Blassie recalled. A few examples included nailing Blassie’s clothes and other belongings to the ceiling, adding laxatives to someone’s coffee while they weren’t looking, calling airlines and canceling other people’s reservations in order to leave them stranded, urinating on Lex Luger’s boots in the middle of a restaurant, and urinating in a hotel lobby plant while calmly speaking to the manager. Making matters worse, Fuji was also an instigator. “He’d find weak-minded wrestlers and have them do ribs for him, just to wreak more havoc,” Blassie recalled. “The man was incorrigible.”

5 Mr. Fuji’s Doggone Shameful Act

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Although it doesn’t involve any of the other BSK members, I feel like we can’t write an article that involves both crazy stories and Mr. Fuji without mentioning one of the biggest urban legends about the guy. According to Roddy Piper, Fuji had a bit of a real life feud with fellow “Japanese” wrestler Tanaka. Although the two were apparently friends, Fuji found out that Tanaka going behind his back to the promotion in order to gain position. In response, Fuji invited Tanaka and his family over for dinner, and after they all (save for Fuji himself) feasted, the host said he had a surprise for his guests. Mr. Fuji brought out a silver platter and “he put it on the table, lifted it up, and it was their dog’s head,” Piper said. “They just ate their dog.”

This terrible act of animal cruelty is hopefully just a myth, but the story is well known, and wrestler/commentator Al Snow also claimed that it really happened. Whether it was true or not, the tale did inspire a famous wrestling angle involving Big Boss Man tricking Al Snow into eating his dog, Pepper.

4 The Unbearable Braid

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Want an example of an adorable bond between two BSK wrestlers? How about the fact that Mr. Fuji was the person responsible for braiding Yokozuna’s hair prior to every match. Of course, with these two, this is where the cuteness stops. One time, Fuji claimed to have a shoot to do, and asked newcomer Sunny to fill in. “Of course I wasn’t going to say no to Mr. Fuji, so I walked behind Yoko and started combing and braiding,” Sunny recalled. “The seamstresses, who were right next to me, started laughing, but I didn’t know why. Then Mr. Fuji walked by us, and laughed. Again, I had no idea why. Then I smelled something foul, but I didn’t know what it was. [Then] I realized what it was: Yoko’s hair!”

That’s right, the big guy was so large that he couldn’t lift his arms high enough to wash his hair, and, as expected, it “reeked like s*** and sewage,” Sunny said. “When I was done, I ran to my locker room to wash my hands, but I couldn’t get the stink off of them. It took three days for my hands to finally be Yoko-free.”

Our mind, however, will be forever scarred.

3 Fuji’s Royal Treatment

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The Bone Street Krew could do their share of drinking, like most wrestlers, and the biggest drunk of them all was probably Mr. Fuji. Being a prankster himself, Fuji should have known better than to get completely wasted on Crown Royal before a match (even though he was only “managing” at the time, and didn’t actually have to appear in the ring) and pass out immediately afterward. Seeing a golden opportunity, Dutch Savage and Lonnie Mayne stopped their car on the way to dropping Fuji off at home, and came up with a plan.

Fuji’s neighborhood also contained a large retirement home, which had some ponds in front of it, so Lonnie pulled out an inflatable raft and a shotgun (which he had in his car for duck hunting), stripped Fuji naked, and set him adrift in the water with the firearm on his lap. Then they simply sat back and watched as the residents awoke and the police arrived.

2 Yoko’s Toilet Trouble - Part 1

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According to Bret Hart, the funniest time he ever had with The Undertaker also included Bone Street Krew member Yokozuna. According to Hart, he and ‘Taker were in a locker room in Washington after a match one day when they heard a loud, fireworks-like bang in the other room, followed by the sound of rushing water. When the two stuck their head around the corner, they saw that that Yokozuna and his 600-pound frame had accidentally demolished a toilet while midway through his business. And not only was the poor wrestler covered in toilet water and excrement, but the broken porcelain had cut open his leg pretty badly.

Hart and The Undertaker tried their best to seem concerned for their friend, but the ridiculous incident and the sight they were seeing was too much; ‘Taker and Bret both needed to repeatedly hide their laughter by ducking back behind the wall.

1 Yoko’s Toilet Trouble - Part 2


This story is a bit hard to stomach (no pun intended), but it’s also unbelievably hilarious. As a 600-pound man, Yokozuna had quite the sweet tooth, so of course he wouldn’t turn down a chocolate bar from a fellow wrestler. Unfortunately, that wrestler was mischievous prankster Curt “Mr. Perfect” Hennig, and the chocolate bar contained laxatives. “Three quarters of the way through the flight, Yoko practically offset the balance of the plane when he leapt up and frantically pleaded for emergency assistance from the petite Japanese stewardesses,” Bret Hart recalled.

As you might expect, the airplane bathrooms were too small for the enormous wrestler. Instead, after some panic, newspapers were laid down on the floor at the back of the plane and Yokozuna was allowed to relieve himself while the team of traumatized flight attendants used blankets to shield the sight from the other passengers. The smell of his hair was probably nothing compared to this.

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