Top 15 Insane Ring Rat Stories You Won't Believe

Many WWE Superstars have recently commented on the fact that there are less and less 'Ring Rats' hanging around the business in this era.

The definition of a ring rat is "a promiscuous person, often a young female, who attends professional wrestling events primarily to seek sexual liaisons with wrestlers and other performers."

This still happens in the wrestling business, but it is rare in WWE. Most wrestlers are caught out when they attempt to sleep with fans, as Seth Rollins and Tom Phillips are now beginning to realize.

British Wrestling still has its own fair share of women who hang around the business for the same thing and allow wrestlers to treat them as they would any other female that they come into contact with on the road.

Even though there are becoming less and less 'ring rats' in the business, there are still some incredible stories about a time when there was more than a few of them. Here are some of the most insane.

15 Shawn Michaels Urinates On Women

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Shawn Michaels, the WWE Hall of Famer is a different version of the Shawn Michaels that the WWE Universe became accustomed to back in the 1990s when he was running around, drinking a lot and sleeping with whomever he wanted.

This Michaels was yet to find God and become a born again Christian and literally used to treat women like they were nothing. Once of the most famous stories about The Heartbreak Kid was at this time in his career when he decided to take a couple of women (ring rats) up to his hotel room, he asked the women to get on their knees and close their eyes and proceeded to urinate in their mouths. Unsurprisingly, the women were not impressed, but Micheals was at a point in his career where he didn't really care about his fans.

14 Girl Vomits On Jakes Roberts

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Jack Roberts has many stories from when he was working for WWE and travelling around with many other stars of the same era. Many of these former WWE stars have commented on the fact that ring rats would follow the wrestlers around at this point and there was no real way to avoid them.

Of course, Jake Roberts being the guy that he is, he didn't want to avoid them and was often seen taking them back to his hotel room or wherever he was staying at that time. One story states that Roberts took a girl back to his hotel room for some fun and she proceeded to vomit up her breakfast all over him as she was performing fellatio on the former star. Roberts was reportedly drunk at the time, but he still failed to see the funny side of this.

13 Seth Rollins In Room 605

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Seth Rollins of all people should have learnt his lesson when it comes to women after his fiance leaked his nude photos to the world when it became evident that he was having an affair.

After Rollins broke up with Zahra Schrieber following the scandal, it seems that he was not enjoying the single life. The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion decided to invite a fan and her friend to join him in his hotel room with some crazy back and forth texts that unsurprisingly were leaked to the world. Seth fell foul and actually sent a photo of himself as well, which acted as further proof. It is unknown if the women actually went to join him in his hotel room, but the entire WWE Universe now knows how Rollins talks to women.

12 Tom Phillips And His Affair

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Tom Phillips is one of WWE's announce team, and basically a star that shouldn't be thrust into the limelight because it is made public knowledge that he has been having an affair. Phillips was found out when the girl he was seeing on the side decided to leak the pictures of messages he had sent to the world.

When will wrestlers learn? If she's willing to sleep with a person she barely knows then it's quite obvious that she's going to share her story with the world. The internet has made it hard for anyone to get away with anything nowadays and it seems that Tom found this out the hard way. It's now something that is going to follow him around throughout his career, and it is still unknown as to how his fiance reacted to this.

11 John Cena And Six Ring Rats

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John Cena has never come across as the monogamous type. So it came as a surprise when he decided to marry back in 2009. There have been stories about Cena and his backstage antics for many years, and after it was revealed that Cena was sleeping with Mickie James while she was engaged to Kenny Dykstra, The Spirit Squad member dished the dirt on Cena.

Dykstra talked about the fact that it was well known that Cena was sleeping around with other guy's girlfriends and many different ring rats. In an interview, Cena even claimed that he had fun with six ring rats in a hotel room one night. He appeared on The Howard Stern Show and shockingly talked openly about his sex life when describing this night and many other conquests.

10 Mick Foley And His Creepy Stalker

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Mick Foley is a legend in the eyes of the WWE Universe and it seems that sometimes even he can attract unwanted attention. Mick Foley told a story in his book a few years ago about a woman who was legitimately stalking him.

He stated that the woman would bring him flowers at shows and sign all of his letters as his wife, it was quite scary for him. He said that at one point he went on some dates with her, but she was a bit too weird. The woman didn't get the hint and continued to stalk Foley for a while. This was about 20 years ago and Foley describes a lot about it in his first book. It just goes to show, everyone attracts that kind of attention at some point, no matter who you are.

9 Dewey Robertson Keeps It In The Family

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Dewey Robertson was quite a successful professional wrestler in the 1980s and like many other wrestlers at that time, he was followed around by female groupies that wrestlers refer to as ring rats.

Dewey never made it really big in the wrestling world and when his career was over he was left penniless and homeless because he spent all of his money on women and drugs. He once admitted to sleeping with dozens of mothers and daughters at the same time, as well as mothers actually bringing their daughters to the shows in order to get wrestlers to sleep with them. Dewey was married the entire time, but his 32-year marriage did finally come to an end when his wife found out about his exploits outside of the wrestling ring.

8 Junkyard Dog Asked Women To Pay For Sex

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Many footballers and stars who are thrust into the limelight over the past few years have fallen foul to the fact that when you pay women for sex, they often then go and tell the media and the whole world finds out about it.

Junkyard Dog was much smarter than this and he decided that as a pure athlete and a word renown star, he shouldn't be paying women, the women should be paying him for sex. He would often charge women up to one hundred dollars for a night with him and if the woman didn't have the money at the time, then she would have to find another way of paying him, like in alcohol or drugs. I suppose this is definitely one way of earning some money on the side.

7 Brian Lee Wanted Rats To Pay For Things

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Former ECW and TNA star Primetime Brian Lee has become the interest of a story that is told by his former friend Sinister Minister James Mitchell when it comes to ring rats.

Mitchell stated that Lee decided to educate him and many of the other new recruits at Smoky Mountain on how to treat the women who would turn up to shows wanting to sleep with the talent. He stated that he would never sleep with a rat unless they had paid for his hotel, brought him new clothes, brought alcohol or even brought drugs for him. It was only once Lee thought that enough money had been spent on him that he would finally sleep with the girl. These women also had his name tattooed on them. Poor women.

6 The Fabulous Moolah Stories

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The Fabulous Moolah is a former Women's Champion and considered to be one of the greatest champions of all time. But her antics outside of the WWE ring have definitely put a dent in what was once an unspoilt legacy.

There are stories that Moolah trained a lot of promising female wrestlers back in her early days with the intentions of sending the women to the promoters to sleep with them. Moolah told all of her trainees that the only way to be put on shows was to sleep with the people in charge. It was said that Moolah treated the women horribly but for many of them, this was their only way into the wrestling business so they put up with it. Many people in the sport knew all about this as well, but Moolah was so powerful at this point, that there was no one who could stop her.

5 Ricky Morton And His Ring Rats

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Rick Morton is a former WWE, ECW, and WCW star and it seems that he was quite a hit with the ladies when he was performing in the 1980s. The Rock and Roll Express were absolutely huge at this point in history, so it is understandable that they would attract a lot of female attention.

Jim Cornette appeared in a YouTube video talking about his favourite ring rat stories and stated that Ricky had more ring rats than anyone. It came to the point where women would be putting their hands down his tights, their tongue in his mouth, and all other inexcusable things while Ricky was making his entrance to the ring. This was apparently the way that ring rats were back then, did no one explain boundaries to these women?

4 Sabu and Sunny

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Sabu is recognized as one of the craziest wrestlers of all time and it seems that Sunny decided that he would become another notch on her bedpost. There are many stories about Sunny following her time in WWE, but it seems that she also got up to no good while she was still working for the company, with many of the stars who were still there.

Many wrestlers have mentioned in shoot interviews that one of the craziest things they have ever seen is when they walked in on Sunny performing fellatio on Sabu while he held drugs in the air out of her reach. Once she was finished he then handed them over. It seems that Sunny's exploits may have begun much earlier than many of the WWE Universe actually realize.

3 Batista In A Hotel With A Ring Rat

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This is one of the saddest stories of cheating from a WWE Superstar. It seems that Batista has always liked to play around behind his wife's back, and at one point he was sleeping with Melina while she was in a relationship with Johnny Nitro. It seems that The Animal had no shame, and a few years ago he further proved this.

A fan stated that he saw Batista heading to his hotel room with a ring rat under his arm just 12 hours after it was made public that his wife was once again suffering from cancer. She was reportedly well for a while, but the disease had returned and rather than head home to support Angie, Batista decided to head to a hotel room with someone else. Classy.

2 Becky Bayless and Raven

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Becky Bayless was one of those women who were around the wrestling business when women were used for one thing. Becky has many different stories about her and urban legends mostly that talk about the fact that she was passed around the ECW locker room quite a lot.

There is also a story about Raven and Becky where he was actually sleeping with her when she was 15-years-old. It is thought that he was caught doing this but Raven's wife still allowed Becky to stay with them. Becky later got into the business and retained the same kind of reputation throughout her career, sadly. It seems that Becky's career began the way she wanted it too and it pretty much carried on the same way ever since, even though she is still working on the circuit.

1 John Cena And The 280 Pound Fan

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John Cena talked openly about his sex life when he appeared on The Howard Stern Show at the beginning of his WWE career. Cena was asked about the kind of fans that he sleeps with because he was so open and honest about the fact that he did all of the time.

He stated that he once went home with a 280-pound woman because the WWE locker room had dared him. Cena was polite to her and stated that she had a beautiful smile. He also said that he actually enjoyed the night because he stated that if he was going to do it then he was going to enjoy it. Cena said that it doesn't matter to him what a woman looks like most of the time.

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