Top 15 Insane Stories That Prove Vince McMahon Is The Craziest Man Alive

There's a term in pro wrestling that very few wrestlers actually get, and that's "living the gimmick." There are some who act like normal people outside of the ring, treating it like a job or a TV role, while there are others who take it more seriously. Chris Jericho is an example of that, as when he was a heel, he'd live the gimmick by being a heel to fans even off camera, refusing to sign autographs and what-not. Dusty Rhodes is another who acted like a heel even at home, confusing a young Cody Rhodes, especially when his father joined the nWo.

That's not to say wrestlers should be complete jerks all the time or that someone like John Cena should always be a goody-two-shoes in public. However, the best examples of people living the gimmick are those who are actually like the characters they're portraying. And perhaps the greatest example of all in the WWE is someone who was never a full-time wrestler, and that's the chairman of the company in Vince McMahon.

He was an announcer until 1997 when the Attitude Era kicked in and Mr. McMahon was born. However, it wasn't just the complete shift from Mr. Nice Guy to the evil, ego maniacal, billionaire owner which is amazing about Vince. It's the fact that "Mr. McMahon" is actually a toned down version of his real life persona.

This might seem extreme to you considering the things he's done as "Mr. McMahon" such as starting a kiss-my-ass club, forcing Trish Stratus to strip and bark like a dog and all the many other things he has done in character, but this list will definitely change your mind. Here are 15 of the most insane Vince McMahon stories that pretty much confirm he's the craziest person alive.

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9 Vince Hates Sneezing

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If you ever end up working for the WWE, you should start getting accustomed to touching the roof of your gum with your tongue because that stops you from sneezing and that’s something Vince McMahon absolutely hates.

According to Paul Heyman on Chris Jericho’s Talk is Jericho podcast, Vince yells at people who sneeze, telling them to control themselves. But what happens if Vince himself sneezes? He angrily mutters to himself and momentarily loses focus of the task at hand. It's one thing to get angry at certain bad habits like biting your nails or fiddling with your fingers, but it's extreme to get angry at a basic human action, which more times than most, is hard to control.

Then again, this is Vince McMahon we’re talking about.

8 Vince also hates nodding

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Sneezing isn’t the only thing Vince doesn't like. He apparently hates it if you nod too much as well. That is according to former 90210 writer, Larry Mollin, who was speaking on Observer Radio. When Mollin was part of Stephanie McMahon’s creative team, he sat in a meeting with Vince and apparently kept nodding to Vince’s ideas and comments.

Stephanie had to pull Mollin out of the room, specifically telling him that her father hated people who kept nodding, as Vince wasn’t a fan of “yes men.” Mollin didn’t last long as he was only part of the team for a couple of weeks. What makes this better is it's all the more funny when you consider all the jokes about Vince surrounding himself with “yes men.” We’re sure CM Punk is laughing somewhere.

13. He didn't know what a burrito was, despite eating it every day

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Former WWE creative team member Dan Madigan, who will appear later on in this list, recalled the story about an angle the company was creating for The Big Show. The gist of the angle was Big Show was going to eat a spiked burrito and he would later pass out in the ring.

When this idea was run by Vince...well, it's better to hear the quote from Madigan himself as he was talking to PWTorch editor, Wade Keller:

"'Burrito?! Who the hell knows what a burrito is?' It was such a far concept. And everyone in the room goes, 'Well, we know what a burrito is.' And Vince goes, 'Well, where the hell have I been? But, the funny thing is, every day at noon, Vince's secretary would walk into the office -- the writing room -- with a burrito. It was a steak-wrap cut in half. And he would put ketchup on it. Every day, he was eating a burrito and not knowing what it was."

12. He forbids people from sleeping on his private jet

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Like sneezing, McMahon also has a tendency to hate another basic human habit -- sleeping during a flight. The chairman travels to different cities on his private jet along with his production crew and various WWE agents, and during these flights, McMahon never sleeps. Instead, he prefers to drink wine and listen to music very loudly.

While there are very few people in the world who can get by with just a few hours of sleep, not everyone is like that, and if you're traveling with Vince, we're sorry. That's because Vince forbids anyone riding with him on his private jet to fall asleep, even if it's a long flight or a late flight. Even if it's a habit born out of being in the business for so long, it is still extreme to have such a rule.

11. He insulted Kofi Kingston just to see if he'd respond

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According to Chris Jericho's book, on a plane ride, Vince once insulted Kofi Kingston by saying, "Maybe one day you'll get over." This visibly disturbed Kingston who didn't retaliate. Jericho confronted Kingston as they exited the plane, saying that if he didn't challenge Vince to a fight, Kofi's career would virtually be over in Vince's mind.

Kofi thought it was a rib but Jericho was completely serious so he got back in the plane and asked Vince if he had a problem with him. It later turned into a verbal war before Vince went for a double leg take-down on Kofi as the two started to wrestle. By the end of it, Vince stood up and laughed it off, pleased that Kofi stood up for himself.

10. He once talked to himself online

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In 1998, Vince McMahon was preparing for an interactive chat with America Online in which he could communicate with and answer questions from WWE fans. It was a huge thing at the time, especially as there was no social media back then. With 5,000 users logged in to interact with him, McMahon began answering questions regarding Bret Hart, WCW, ECW and more until a technical difficulty meant that he couldn't see any more questions.

What did Vince do next? He started talking to himself on the chat for 10 minutes. No, really, he was literally just talking to himself on the chat, later bringing up Sable, DX, Kane and The Undertaker, while telling AOL to suck it for not fixing the technical issues. You can read the whole transcript here.

7 He tried to outrep Mark Henry in a workout session

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One time, Vince McMahon invited Mark Henry to a workout session. While Henry is a jobber now, bound to retire in the very near future, let's not forget that he is the "world's strongest man," having competed at the top level in Olympic lifting, powerlifting and strongman competitions.

According to Henry in an episode of Talk is Jericho, Vince tried to outrep him in every single exercise and despite Vince being his boss, Mark Henry went along with it since he was naturally very competitive as well. Henry went on to admit that Vince tested him a bit with the chairman quitting only after Henry did. The next day, however, Vince McMahon called Henry in great pain, admitting he made a terrible mistake. You have to give him credit for that.

6 He once had The Coach arrested

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This list is about to get more insane. As a prank, McMahon had real police officers arrest The Coach, otherwise known as Jonathan Coachman, for running a football betting pool at work.

Coach was first greeted by two undercover cops who took him to Vince's office, where he showed his disappointment by cursing at him and declining to pay the $1,500 bail. Coach was then put in the cop car before they finally turned around and brought him back to WWE headquarters, where he saw Vince and company laughing. Coachman, who now works for ESPN, had this to say about it:

"Greatest rib in the history of the business, and for about 10 minutes, I literally walked to a place in the building and started crying. I thought my career was over. I thought how can I tell my dad I got fired over a $10 football pool."

7. He challenged a creative writer to a drag race and then tried to drive him off the road

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Another story of Vince's competitiveness is on the agenda and it's definitely not the last one either. Former creative team member Court Bauer recalled in an interview with Bryan Alvarez that how after a meeting in Stamford, Connecticut, he ran into McMahon in the car park. Vince proceeded to challenge him to a drag race and Bauer went along with it, albeit hesitantly.

Bauer recalls being surprised at how his car caught up with Vince's (as it was nothing compared to Vince's car) but that was a bad move on his part. That's because Vince's response was to drive him off the road, and so, Bauer slowed down his vehicle, as the boss rode off triumphantly.

When asked if Vince tried to kill him, Bauer responded, “Vince likes to win.”

6. One Night In San Antonio

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One time in the early 90s, Vince and his wrestlers threw a party to end all parties. The year was 1992 and the company was under investigation for use of steroids. The company was about to introduce a strict drug policy, so Vince and his employees decided to have one last blow-off party at a strip club in San Antonio. Vince McMahon got wasted in the strip club and was in "party mode." The Legion of Doom proceeded to perform their Doomsday Device finisher on their boss. They took a soft touch with the chairman. McMahon took it like a sport as he laughed, but Jim Neidhart -- Bret Hart's tag partner and Natalya's father -- wasn't happy and thought the Hart Foundation could also do their move on the chairman, but more seriously.

And so, along with Bret Hart, the duo performed the Hart Foundation finisher, in which Bret clotheslined McMahon right into the bar. What was McMahon's reaction? He told Bret he owed him a drink now. Before you think we're making this up, this was revealed by Bret Hart himself on the Hart Family Vault.

5 He was hesitant to hire Gail Kim because she was Asian

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According to Jim Ross on The Ross Report, Vince McMahon was hesitant to hire Gail Kim due to the fact that she was Asian. Jim Ross convinced him to sign her not only because of her in-ring talent, but the fact that many men are attracted to Asian women and that there are lots of Asian porn sites on the internet, which could bring more viewers in to watch Kim.

This apparently shocked Vince McMahon, who had no idea Asian porn sites existed. Let's just think about how funny that scenario is for a second. McMahon honestly was shocked to learn that people would be attracted to Asian women and had second thoughts about hiring Kim because of that. It's no wonder Kim today seems to abhor McMahon.

4 He sparred with Kurt "Freaking" Angle on a plane

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As you've probably figured out by now, Vince McMahon is a great sport and really competitive, even when it comes to wrestling (all the more admirable considering he was never a full-time wrestler). One time, Vince jokingly jumped Kurt Angle (yes, the one wrestler who could beat up the entire roster) and took him to the ground, boasting that he was the only one to take down the Olympian. This annoyed Angle to no end.

For his revenge, Angle took McMahon down in a plane and the two began sparring with each other. Unfortunately for Angle though, their scuffle woke up a sleeping Undertaker, who thought Angle was seriously hurting his boss. The Deadman proceeded to choke Angle out, rendering him unconscious before he was told it was all a joke.

3 He once pooped himself and went on to do a promo afterwards

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By now, you're probably very accustomed to Vince's antics but it's only going to roll downhill from here. According to an interview with Jim Ross, while trying to gross out Gerald Brisco by farting in his face, Vince accidentally did a bit more than fart and pooped himself. This was during a live show as well.

Still, the show must always go on and Vince had to go out for a promo, and so in his khaki pants, he came out and delivered it. Being the boss though, no one dared take a picture of the accident and there doesn't seem to be any images of his pants from that night on the internet -- not that it's something you'd necessarily research, let alone want to see.

2 He wanted Kane to have a three-foot member in “See No Evil”

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The great thing about having your own movie studio is being able to provide creative input into all the movies, even if you’re not the director or writer. That’s what Vince McMahon (nearly) did when Kane was starring in the horror movie, See No Evil, which was released in 2006. According to former WWE creative team member Dan Madigan, the movie's director Gregory Dark called him with a problem.

"He goes, 'Vince wants this scene in the movie where Kane’s character pulls out his penis, and he wants it to be three-feet long.' I thought there was a connection problem. I said, 'Greg, can you just back up and repeat that last line for me?' He goes, 'Yes, Vince wants Kane’s penis to be three-feet long, and none of the producers are saying anything about it.'”

In the end, common sense prevailed.

1 He suggested an incest angle with Stephanie McMahon

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This is the most insane story involving Vince -- he once proposed an incest angle with his own daughter, Stephanie McMahon. Yes, this is completely true, as revealed in the McMahon DVD.

When Stephanie was pregnant with Triple H's first child, she was called into Vince's office to discuss a storyline in which the baby was his. Stephanie understandably rejected the idea, claiming no one would find entertainment in such a repulsive story line, but Vince wasn't deterred, suggesting that Shane McMahon should be the father, which was also rejected.

Just think about this for a whole second, especially with Triple H being his son-in-law -- the implications, the fact that it leaves a bad taste. Even if it's a television show and it's not real, how insane do you have to be to even suggest it? Vince McMahon, ladies and gentlemen.

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