Top 15 Insane Vehicular Moments in WWE History

Get your motor running, head out to the squared circle and rev those engines. Over the years there have been tremendous moments involving wrestlers and vehicles. Sting descending from a helicopter. Ric Flair didn't just say he was a limousine riding, etc. He lived the part and rode limos everywhere, and one time he rode a helicopter into an arena to make his grand entrance. But it was Stone Cold Steve Austin who revolutionized the way vehicles were used in the sport. From the first time he entered the ring on an unconventional Zamboni until Daniel Bryan turned Randy Orton's Escalade into a Yes–calade, vehicular destruction has been as American as apple pie, as far as wrestling goes.

But Stone Cold’s not the only one on this list. There have been many great moments of vehicular insanity over the years. Here are most the insane moments in vehicular wrestling history.

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16 King of the Road Match

Our first entry was the first and only King of the Road match that took place as part of the first ever WCW Uncensored Pay-Per-View (think Extreme Rules, but only with WCW's underwhelming un-extremeness). The match was a pre-Goldust Dustin Rhodes squaring off against a post-Smash Blacktop Bully on a moving truck, while helicopters filmed the entire brawl. As far as production values go, the match was mildly enjoyable to watch. But when the blood started and WCW at the time was strictly anti-blood, both men were given their walking papers.

15 Where to, Stephanie?!

This was one of the WWE's most iconic moments of The Attitude Era. In an effort to take control of the entire company, The Undertaker became a more vile, demonic version of himself. He began assembling Acolytes and abducting Superstars to aid his cause. Then at Backlash '99, he would abduct the then innocent, delicate flower, Stephanie. As she got into a limo that she assumed was being driven by a trusted McMahon employee, the privacy window rolled down, revealing The Deadman in all of his evilness, asking the princess, "where to, Stephanie" and laughing maniacally.

14 Bigfoot 3:16 Just Rolled Over Your @$$

The Rock used to love to flaunt how great he was in the form of flashy suits and vehicles, like a brand new Cadillac. After besting Stone Cold, The Rock decided to hold a funeral for what he called a "piece of trailer park trash." Steve Austin got to one up his opponent and in the form of a big monster truck, emblazoned with the 3:16. Stone Cold always did anything to get a rise out of his opponents and nothing pissed The Rock off more than watching The Bionic Redneck run over his new Caddy with a badass monster truck.

13 Cena Races Through Motown


WrestleMania has always been the place to make a grand entrance and John Cena has made several of them. Before the start of the main event, a vignette was shown on the screen of a muscle car driving through the streets of Detroit, before smashing through a glass at the top of the stage. Emerging from the car was John Cena, in the best entrance of his WrestleMania career.

11 An Animal + a Bat = One Very Destroyed Limo

Hard to believe since it’s treated like a B-show, but at one point SmackDown was better than Raw and it wasn't just because Paul Heyman was running the show. It had seemingly every up and comer and savvy underrated but respected veteran on their roster too. There was a time when Batista was still working on finding himself and JBL, of all people, was the WWE Champion and coming down to the ring in an obnoxiously large limo. In the midst of their feud, Batista would destroy the JBLimo using nothing but a baseball bat, and in a show of his comical acting chops, the suavely dressed Animal would keep checking himself out in the mirrors and soon-to-be-smashed in tinted windows.

10 Brock vs. a Cadillac

The most recent entrant onto our list plays like an old school Street Fighter II bonus round vehicular beatdown. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins gave his trusted J & J Security a lovely Cadillac for a job well done. Sadly for the crack security team, Brock Lesnar likes to Suplex anything in sight. But Brock Lesnar actually cannot Suplex a car and instead disassembled and dismantled the brand new Caddy using nothing but an axe, his bare fists, Joey Mercury, and Beast Incarnate will-power. Seth and J & J learned that night what Paul Heyman always tries impart; thou shalt not provoke Brock Lesnar.

9 Mack Trucks and Hogtied Bike Rides

The Undertaker happens to be the only person in the industry to have defeated Hulk Hogan for the WWE Championship twice. Once in 1991, and again in 2002 at Judgement Day, right smack in the middle of The Phenom's Biker phase. In the lead up to the match, Hulk did something riotously stupid and decided to trash 'Taker's motorcycle with a Semi. Hogan, being an avid biker himself, should have known the hell The Undertaker was going to reign down upon him to exact vengeance. The Undertaker decided to leave a big ol' red and yellow smear all over the arena when he hogtied Hogan to the back of his bike and rode all over the arena.

8 Ambulance Straight to Hell

A long time ago, Monday Night Raw was can't miss TV where anything and everything could happen. In 1997, Stone Cold Steve Austin hadn't become a mega star, but he was in the middle of a white–hot feud with Bret Hart. The two already had their war at WrestleMania 13, but still felt the need to bludgeon each other. Hence a Street Fight on Raw between the two that saw The Hitman carted off on a stretcher. Not content with just sending him to the hospital, Austin hid in the driver seat of the ambulance and put a few more lumps into The Hitman, letting him know that ambulance going straight to hell.

7 Big Show vs. a Hearse

In one of the stranger and darker moments of The Attitude Era, Big Show tried to stopTthe Big Boss Man from stealing his father's casket. After solemnly saying goodbye to his dad, along came the psychotic ex-prison guard with a giant bullhorn strapped to the top of his car, riding around the cemetery hurling all kinds of epithets and insinuating that the dearly departed Senior Show was a horrible human being. After The Bossman stole the casket, Big Show tired to get it back, stumbling and bumbling in the process as he dove on top of the casket.

6 Mark Henry is Stronger Than Twisted Steel

Mark Henry proved his worth as an Olympian and as one of the strongest men in the world. But after he competed in a few strongman contests, the SmackDown roster challenged the WSM to perform even more feats of strength, so it was time to see what kind of vehicular damage he could do. On one edition of SmackDown, Mark Henry strapped not one, but two tractors to his person and just started walking around like the world's strongest pack mule.

5 Zambonis Aren’t Just for Ice Rinks

One night, after losing the WWE Championship in a First Blood match, a fairly miffed Stone Cold Steve Austin wanted revenge on everyone that screwed him out of his gold. First was Kane, his actual opponent for the evening, then The Undertaker who actually busted him open, and, of course, the man who made the match, the vile Mr. McMahon. Three people needed several cans of whoop-ass, leaving Austin no choice and for the first time ever, the Texas Rattlesnake used a vehicle to assist in his destruction. Austin would borrow the Red Wings' Zamboni and take out every living and inanimate object on his way to the ring.

4 Little Cement Corvette

This list is peppered with more Austin moments than anyone. The backstage news of this one shows how much Vince is actually willing to do for the fans. Supposedly, he bought the corvette in question specifically for it to be destroyed, rented the cement truck specifically for Austin to use it to load the new 'vette up with the constructive coagulant. The rest, along with J.R.'s classic "Austin's filling McMahon's car up with See-ment!" line, makes for one of the classic moments in the Austin–McMahon feud.

3 Milk–O–Mania!

Without our number one as its mirror image, this moment might not have happened. Stone Cold Steve Austin, in the middle of being the crown jewel of the WCW–ECW Alliance, was getting praises heaped upon him by the entire invading roster. Thankfully for WWE fans, our Olympic hero had enough presence of mind to end this nonsense and drive to the ring in a milk truck to showcase his wholesomeness. Like Austin years earlier, Angle sprayed his oppressors with his own drink of choice, as the wrestling machine doused The Alliance with a never ending stream of milk to the tune of one of Jim Ross' classic calls - "Milk-o-mania is running wild!"

2 Vince McMahon Dies

Vince McMahon "died" on Monday, June 11th, 2007 when he stepped into a limo that was rigged to blow up. Rumor has it, the original idea was for this to the be the WWE's version of Who Shot J.R. Instead, the idea was scrapped a week later for outside reasons, but the moment still happened and it morphed into McMahon planning the bombing himself. The event itself was so jarring that local police were called and Feds were also calling the company to make sure that the event was a work. The moment might have been the last time that the world thought something real happened on a wrestling show.

1 Beer Bath

"Stone Cold Steve Austin is gonna take his ass to Philadelphia, check right into the SmackDown hotel, roll right into Room 316 and run that son of b***h to the ground!" The Stone Cold beer truck beer bath is pretty much everythingTthe Attitude Era was about–screw it all, damn the man, and destroy the establishment anyway you can. But besides the beer bath itself, the promo Austin delivers is one of his best ever. Vince’s expression was classic, as this moment helped build to the The Rock vs, Steve Austin match at WrestleMania XV.

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