Top 15 Jim Ross Quotes

Let’s start this article by saying that if you don’t think that Jim Ross is the greatest commentator of all time, you should probably stop reading now. It is no secret that the style of commentary

Let’s start this article by saying that if you don’t think that Jim Ross is the greatest commentator of all time, you should probably stop reading now.

It is no secret that the style of commentary has changed over the past 20 years in the WWE. What used to be emotionally driven play-by-play analysis of a wrestling match, has turned into random discussions during a sports entertainment segment.

It is understandable that WWE would promote things like the Network, and social media during the three hour program, but why during a match? If commentators don’t care about the action that is happening, why would fans? During the Attitude/Ruthless Aggression Era we were treated to some of the best commentary teams that the WWE has ever had. At any given time, we could have the sarcasm of Jerry Lawler, the attitude of Paul Heyman, or the facilitating of Michael Cole, but we could always count on Jim Ross to hammer home the story.

Ross was a master at making fans feel included in the moment, emotionally investing us in the competition. Sadly what used to be filled with a somber exposition, or a livid narration, has been replaced with silence. When something shocking happens in the WWE today, the commentary team is often silent, leaving fans feeling excluded.

The saddest part of Jim Ross being gone, is that new viewers have no idea what moves are called unless they are finishers. Jim Ross made sure that whether it was a drop toe hold, or a standing inverted DDT, that fans understood what the move was, and how it could impact the match.

With all of that being said, here are 15 of J.R.’s greatest quotes of all time. Please sound off in the comments and let us know your opinion.

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15 Classic Big Bump Call


“I hope there's not some idiot out there saying, but they know how to fall.”

Jim Ross had classic catchphrases such as, 'being stomped like a government mule' or 'slobberknocker' but every once in a while following a big bump, he would pull this gem out of the hat. Certain examples include Hell in a Cell matches, Ladder matches. Following someone taking a huge fall and clearly in a lot of pain, JR would go to bat for the competitors, and take a shot at the viewers who would scoff saying 'they know how to fall'. A great example of an announcer putting talent over and not belittling them like current announcers seem to do.

14 Sweet Chin Music From Hell

“Oh God, ohhh my God in Heaven”

This could barely be heard over the crowd after a hellacious kick was delivered to the jaw of Shelton Benjamin from Shawn Michaels back in 2005. This line of commentary is here as a reminder of what happens when the perfect call comes at the perfect time in the match. The incredible athleticism was captured perfectly by Ross’s inflection, as he was able to project the energy of the crowd into his voice.

13 Rikishi on top of the Steel Cage; Fully Loaded 2000

“You’ll regret it for the rest of your life.”

These are the words that Ross yelled to Rikishi as the 400 pounder looked down at a motionless Val Venis at 2000’s Fully Loaded pay per view. The reason for the added drama, is because Rikishi was looking down at Venis from on top of the steel cage. Rikishi had victory in reach, but risked it all by attempting a big splash on Venis. If you watch the landing, JR’s commentary seems to be right on target with Rikishi legitimately writhing in pain from the jump.

12 Carnage


“Bah God look at the carnage” is a phrase that usually follows an extremely violent match. In most cases J.R. utters this line while bodies are laying motionless on the floor, but also when a match has caused massive destruction of property. Most notably, Ross yelled the frequent memed phrase, while Chris Jericho and Triple H were laying in the rubble of a broken table during 2000’s Fully Loaded pay per view. During the match Ross begged the referee to put them “out of their misery”, which is another classic line by the Hall of Famer.

11 Taste the Rainbow

“I love these, all fruity, delicious, delicious, FRUITY, FRUITY, OH THEY'RE FRUITY, they're skittles!”

This is probably the weirdest sponsor bumper in the history of the WWE. What started as the beginning of a new segment on Raw, turned into what sounded like an orgasmic ad for skittles by Jim Ross. JR has taken skittles ads to another level at least three times, each one prompting Jerry Lawler to laugh. How were companies not lining up to hire JR to promote their products?

10 The Streak vs. Mr. WrestleMania


“17-0, SEVENTEEN and ZERO”

This was the first thing that fans heard after one of the best matches in WWE history between The Undertaker, and Shawn Michaels. Jim Ross was apart of a three man booth that day, which can be overwhelming, but still managed to deliver his trademark style to his commentary. The historic match was near the end of J.R.’s run as a full time on air performer, so it is commonly remembered by many fans as his last hurrah.

9 Hell in the Cell; King of the Ring 1998

“Will somebody stop the damn match, enough’s enough”

This was screamed by an enraged Jim Ross during the infamous Hell in a Cell match at the King of the Ring pay per view in 1998. The more famous line of that match is where JR screams that Mick Foley is “broken in half”, but that spot was planned and less brutal than what followed. When Undertaker accidently put Foley through the cage with a chokeslam, the entire arena was surprised including the officials. Ross had legitimate concern and anger in his voice when he saw a barely alive, let alone conscious, Mick Foley.

8 Vince McMahon is Revealed as the Higher Power

“Aw, son of a bitch”

Simply remarked by a disappointed Ross on the June 7th edition of Raw in 1999. Unlike most of the entries on this list, this quote isn’t great because of the shock or anger in his voice. The reason that this commentary is awesome, is because Ross was genuinely disappointed at himself for not figuring it out sooner. What makes the moment even better, is that Jerry Lawler antagonizes JR by calling him a fool shortly after.

7 JR’s Best Called Match Ever; SummerSlam 2002


“He's gonna rot in hell for what he did here tonight”

A classic line said by a disgusted Ross during the post match of a brutal street fight between former best friends Triple H and Shawn Michaels. After suffering a loss, Triple H nailed HBK in the lower back with a direct hit from his sledge hammer. This was HBK's first match back since he lost his title at WrestleMania XIV in 1998, and was still recovering from legitimate back injuries. If you are wondering where the other Jim Ross quote is from that match, don’t worry it’s coming soon.

6 Stone Cold Aligns with Vince McMahon


“Stone Cold is shaking hands with Satan himself!”

This was one of the final things audiences heard after the main event at WrestleMania X-Seven. Ross, who has always had a audible disdain for the Mr. McMahon character, was left in shock to see the uniting of the former enemies. Austin and McMahon have a long detailed rivalry, which turned to outright hatred for years during the Attitude Era. The best part of the commentary, is that for all the frustration that Ross seems to have, Paul Heyman has an equal amount of joy.

5 Triple H was the Accomplice

“Why Triple H, you son of a bitch, why, tell me why?!”

This was screamed emphatically as Raw went off the air back in 2000. The reason Jim Ross was losing his mind, was because Triple H revealed that he was behind the plot to have Stone Cold Steve Austin run down by a car. Besides this angle being one of the best storylines of the Attitude Era, the feud also led to some of the best commentary from Ross. His best quotes and lines came from when he was upset, and Triple H was a great evil character for Ross to explode about every week.

Side note: This feud also led to Ross taking a Pedigree, which he takes better than 95% of the wrestlers around.

4 Hell in the Cell; King of the Ring 1998...Again

“Good God almighty, good God almighty, that killed God as my witness he is broken in half”

This is probably the most famous Jim Ross quote ever...but not the number one on this list. The call has become iconic, making it’s way into pop culture, being used for redubbed “epic fail” YouTube videos. Even today when most fans do impressions of Jim Ross, they repeat the phrase “good God almighty” over and over again.

3 Jim Ross Loses His Mind


This has been exclaimed on multiple occasions by the Boomer Sooner over the past 20 years. No other call was delivered with the ferocity that came from the commentary of Eric Bischoff versus Stone Cold at No Way Out in 2003. Bischoff had been giving Ross a hard time over the past few months for expressing his opinions and defending Austin on commentary. Well when The Texas Rattlesnake finally destroyed Bischoff, Ross stood up and screamed “STONE COLD” and didn’t stop until Jerry Lawler told him to calm down.

2 JR’s Best Called Match Ever; SummerSlam 2002... Again



The previous quote was the culmination of about three minutes of extreme disgust with Triple H for using a sledge hammer on Shawn Michaels. Triple H had threatened to put HBK in a wheelchair by the time the match was over, and it looked as if he succeeded. Jim Ross would let The Cerebral Assassin know exactly how he felt about the situation, marking some of the best commentary he has ever done.

1 Raw is Owen

“I hope that I can be, as good a man as him, so that I can see him again...someday."

A choked up Jim Ross delivered this heartfelt message on the Raw is Owen memorial show on May 24th, 1999. The night prior Jim Ross had the “unfortunate responsibility” to inform the fans that Owen Hart had fallen to his death in a tragic accident. Ross showed remarkable poise, and composure delivering his final message about Hart that night, and it is a quote that will live forever.

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Top 15 Jim Ross Quotes