Top 15 Little-Known Facts About Seth Rollins

Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at this year's WrestleMania event saw a twist finish when Seth Rollins – choosing an opportune moment – ran down the aisle to cash-in his Money in the Bank briefcase; turning the bout into a Triple Threat match before pinning Roman Reigns and capturing his first WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

The golden boy of The Authority would become the first ever Money in the Bank winner to cash-in on the grandest stage of them all as his shocking victory would finally put an end to what was seemingly an unstoppable title reign by The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar. Much to the chagrin of The Beast; Rollins has avoided a rematch with Lesnar due to his “indefinite suspension.”

Seth Rollins has climbed the ladder of success in WWE like a bolt of lighting; which mirrors his in-ring style of a quick, fast-paced, high-energy performance. Seth Rollins has been known as The Architect of The Shield, the man who destroyed the group from within, and currently the biggest success story to emerge from the once dominate faction.

The future for Seth Rollins is a burning sensation that could fireball into a massive and legendary WWE career. The John Cena days are not quite over (even though a lot of people want them to be) but with Rollins; there is a definite hope for the future of the company. Roman Reigns couldn't quite get over as the new top babyface but Rollins is certainly getting over as the newest top heel.

What makes Seth Rollins such a unique talent is his uncontainable athleticism in the ring matched with good mic skills and having the McMahon family on his side. On paper it looks as though nothing can get in the way of Seth Rollins but there have been many superstars over the years who appeared to be in the same position; only to fade away.

However, with Seth Rollins we will remain optimistic that we are currently witnessing the first championship reign of the next breakout star in WWE. Now, let's get to know a little bit more about the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

These are the top 15 little-known facts about Seth Rollins:

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15 Armenian Descent

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While the name Seth Rollins continues to make waves amid the great big WWE ocean; a child by the name of Colby Daniel Lopez was born in Midwestern America in the state of Iowa nearly twenty-nine years ago.

Of course, young Colby Lopez would grow up to become one of the more exciting WWE superstars of the modern age. Colby Daniel Lopez now recognized the world over as Seth Rollins is of Armenian decent.

14 First NXT Champion

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NXT has grown from a professional/rookie, somewhat ridiculous concept program to an all-inclusive WWE developmental territory where the future stars of the company are showcasing their talents in magnificent fashions.

In fact, many believe that the product being produced down in NXT is far superior to that that of the current WWE product. The young developmental talents are given sufficient time to actual wrestle which is something sorely lacking from Raw and SmackDown.

On July 26, 2012, NXT crowned their first official champion. That man was none other than Seth Rollins.

13 Former ROH Champion

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Ring of Honor has provided WWE with some phenomenal talents in recent years. The current NXT Champion, Kevin Owens who worked for the promotion as Kevin Steen is a former ROH Champion as well as Bryan Danileson (Daniel Bryan) and CM Punk; who themselves have been champion of the promotion.

Another former star of the independent promotion who made his way to WWE was a young talent named Tyler Black (Seth Rollins) who on February 13th, 2010 manged to capture the ROH World Championship.

12 First FCW Jack Brisco 15 Champion

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Prior to the launch of NXT; the developmental territory operated under the moniker, Florida Championship Wrestling. The territory would introduce a championship in 2011 known as the FCW Jack Brisco 15 Championship.

The title holder was awarded a medal in place of the tradition championship belt. The concept of this new title would pit competitors in fifteen-minute long Iron Man matches with the competitor scoring the most falls being declared the victor.

Who was the very first FCW Jack Brisco 15 Champion? That's right … Seth Rollins.

11 First FCW Grand Slam Champion

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Aside from the FCW Jack Brisco 15 Championship; one Seth Rollins would run rampant through the Florida Championship Wrestling system capturing every championship available to the male competitors.

This would make Seth Rollins the first ever Grand Slam Champion in the history of Florida Championship Wrestling; a feat accomplished by only one other competitor: Richie Steamboat.

10 History with Dean Ambrose

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Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns collectively known as The Shield enforced their will and unique brand of justice upon the WWE locker room during their tenure as a cohesive faction. When Rollins decided to turn his back on his running-mates and join The Authority; a heated feud with Dean Ambrose would ensue.

However, the history between these two men exceeds any time as allies or enemies in WWE as the two have gone to battle numerous times in the past particularly over the FCW 15 Championship; a feud that would bring out the best of both men but a feud in which Seth Rollins would once again emerge victorious – getting the better of his future teammate.

9 Tag Team Specialist

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The most notable Tag Team Championship victory in the career of Seth Rollins came in WWE when Rollins and his partner, Roman Reigns, won the WWE Tag Team Championship. However, Seth Rollins has won a number of tag titles for different promotions, such as:

All American Wrestling: Two-Time Tag Team Champion with Marek Brave and Jimmy Jacobs.

Florida Championship Wrestling: One-Time Tag Team Champion with Richie Steamboat.

National Wrestling Alliance Midwest: One-Time Tag Team Champion with Marek Brave.

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla: One-Time World Tag Team Champion with Jimmy Jacobs.

Ring of Honor: Two-Time World Tag Team Champion with Jimmy Jacobs.

Seth Rollins may be the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion but his path was clearly paved in part by his ability to work with a partner as a true tag team specialist.

8 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Recognition

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Pro Wrestling Illustrated is a professional wrestling magazine that is based out of Pennsylvania. The magazine has been published since 1979 and has long been a recognized and respected publication among the wrestling community.

In 2013, PWI named Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns as the Tag Team of the Year. In 2014, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose were awarded with Feud of the Year; proving that Seth Rollins and his former partners have an unmatched chemistry in the WWE of today.

7 Chosen by CM Punk

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The Shield made their WWE debut at the 2012 Survivor Series Pay-Per-View; interfering in a Triple Threat match between CM Punk, Ryback, and John Cena – a match for the WWE Championship. Their immediate impact was felt and would be hard to ignore henceforth.

The Shield were effectively brought in to aid then WWE Champion, CM Punk. In his podcast interview with Colt Cabana; Punk spoke on The Shield and how they were his creation – at least two-thirds of the faction.

While Punk did in fact choose both Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose for the group; his third choice was Chris Hero and not Roman Reigns. Obviously, WWE creative had other ideas for The Shield.

6 Scott County Wrestling

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Seth Rollins made his professional wrestling debut in a small Iowa promotion known as Scott County Wrestling. There, Rollins would perform under the ring name, Gixx (Good thing that name didn't stick around).

Gixx would eventually win the SCW Heavyweight Championship – taking a page out of the book of Hollywood Hogan and the New World Order; Gixx would spray-paint the championship belt with the words, “The Black Era.”

5 Metalcore Entrance Music 

Metalcore music is blend of heavy metal and hardcore punk rock – from my understanding anyhow. Personally, I feel that Metalcore is a senseless musical attack on the human senses; an aggressive from of nonsensical sound which apparently, Seth Rollins is a big fan of the genre, as his entrance music over the years has been a consistent flow of Metalcore.

Such titles include “American Love” by Haste the Day, “Battle On” by War of Ages, and “The Haunted” by Walls of Jericho. Great selections I suppose.. if you're into that kind of sound.

4 The Age of the Fall

While Seth Rollins' WWE debut with The Shield was considered controversial; it was nothing compared to Tyler Black's ROH debut with The Age of the Fall; a stable which also consisted Jimmy Jacobs and Necro Butcher.

During an ROH Pay-Per-View taping, the trio would make their way to the ring and attack the Brisco Brothers; hanging Jay Brisco from the line which was used during a ladder match earlier in the evening.

ROH officials made the decision to omit the footage from the Pay-Per-View. However, due to the demand of their fanbase, the footage was released a few weeks later.

3 Was Engaged

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Yes, this is a “little-known facts” article and the recent scandal involving Seth Rollins and a leaked nude photo of NXT Diva Zahra Schreiber has placed some of Rollins' personal affairs into the limelight; leading to nude photos of Rollins being posted by his once-fiance, Leighla Schultz.

Who knew that Seth Rollins had a fiance prior to this photo leaking scandal? Terrible circumstances, public humiliation, and tragic breaks in a relationship caused once again by the age of social media and our digital obsession.

2 John Cena Gym Video

In the build-up to the emotionally-charged WrestleMania XXVIII match between The Rock and John Cena, WWE would feature a video of Cena working out at his “Hard Nock's Gym.” The video which provided an inside look at John Cena's personal facility featured a number developmental talents who were invited to work out at the gym.

Among these young up-and-coming superstars was a very humble talent by the name of Seth Rollins – a far stretch from the attitude he portrays today. The video even shows the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion praises the fifteen-time WWE Champion.

1 Brief Moment in TNA

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Seth Rollins is currently enjoying the very peak of the professional wrestling world as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion – the greatest title in the industry today; the belt that exclaims to all over competitors that you stand alone as the best in the business.

However, once must wonder where Seth Rollins would be today if he had signed a contract with the WWE-has-been organization, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Rollins wisely chose WWE over TNA but did work for the company for a very brief moment when he appeared on a episode of Impact in a losing tag team effort.

Great choice Seth Rollins, great choice.

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