Top 15 Little-Known Facts About Sheamus

The Celtic Warrior has captured the hearts and minds of many WWE fans across the world.

Okay, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, maybe more like the anger of souls, because WWE Superstar Sheamus has excelled in playing the all-out villain that forces fans to hate every bit of his spiky orange Mohawk and really cool beard.

Truth be told, Sheamus is one of the greatest on the mic, and one of the best in-ring performers the WWE Universe has ever seen. I personally have problems understanding how the fans always cheer for a boring character like Roman Reigns over Sheamus.

He's one of the nice feel-good stories. An afterthought in ECW, he came over to Raw in 2009 and reached superstar status within a month of joining. His feud with John Cena, and early capture of the WWE Championship was just the beginning of his legendary career.

Love him or hate him, fans have to appreciate what the Celtic Warrior has done for business. He's like the Batman and Joker relationship: All WWE fans need Sheamus in their lives, otherwise it's non-existent. He makes the company successful in every way possible.

If you ask me, Sheamus will without a doubt become a future WWE Hall of Famer. He's simply just in the midst of what has been a ridiculously accomplished career in such little time.

But there is a lot about Sheamus that the average WWE fan doesn't know, and hopefully once you learn more about him, you'll learn to have more respect for the best villain on the roster right now.

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15 Victories

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Sheamus is one of the most decorated Superstars in WWE, and as I've said, he has accomplished so much in a short career.

He won the 2010 King of the Ring tournament, won the 2012 Royal Rumble when he last eliminated Chris Jericho, and he also won last year's Money in the Bank Ladder Match, which he wound up using to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion...for a short time anyway.

Like it or not, Sheamus has accumulated a number of major victories in WWE.

14 Red Isn't Only in His Blood 

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Liverpool FC is one of the most popular and marketed sports teams in the world, and Sheamus is a well-known huge fan of the team.

You can see plenty of photos of him rocking his awesome Liverpool jersey. He's visited the team multiple times as well. He even went as far as to predicting which players would be best-suited for in-ring competition.

With his powerful bicycle kicks, maybe he does have a future as goalkeeper for his favorite team.

13 Famous Friends

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Prior to becoming a WWE Superstar, Sheamus intimidated people outside of the ring where he worked in security at nightclubs in his home country.

Okay, maybe that doesn't surprise you. But did you know that he has protected more than the League of Nations in his career?

That's right, he was a bodyguard for incredibly famous musicians such as Denise van Outen and members of U2, including Bono. Sheamus went as far as to saying how awesome Bono was, when he frequented pubs in Dublin.

12 He Can Sing, Too

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Though it's disappointing that he's never sung any of his themes with his awesome accent and tone of voice, Sheamus may have another career to look at whenever he hangs up the boots on his wrestling career.

That's because as a young teenager, Sheamus actually sung choir, and the photos of him doing so are awesome.

That's because it's hard to imagine how such an innocent child went from choir singer to terrorizing the WWE locker room.

11 A Man of Many Sports

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The Celtic Warrior is just that, a warrior. Sheamus may be one of the best performers the WWE has ever seen in a ring, but he's also a superstar at many other sports.

During his time in school, he excelled as a Rugby player and even played Gaelic Football. Sheamus won a National Diploma for his success in the sport.

No wonder he knows how to tackle so well.

10 Teenage Mutant Ninja Sheamus

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If you grew up anywhere between the 1980s and early 2000s, chances are you were a huge fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. If you love Sheamus, then your wishes are coming true.

That's right, Sheamus has a role as Rocksteady in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows.

The movie is set to come out this upcoming June. So no, Sheamus isn't playing a Ninja Turtle, but he does get to star in one of the most iconic franchises in the history of entertainment.

9 Beginner's Luck

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Some of you may remember, or even forget, how Sheamus moved to the top of the card so quickly during his feud with Cena.

What you may not remember, however, is that he won the Slammy for 2009 Breakout Superstar of the Year. Considering how he "ended careers" (see Jamie Noble) so quickly, and dominated Cena so early, it's not hard to see why.

It was just the beginning for him.

8 Opposite Man

Sheamus' 6' 4", 257-pound frame is not small by any means, unless he's hanging out with 10 clones of the Big Show.

However, he actually played a role as the mythical Leprechaun creature in The Podge and Rodge Show, a popular show in England and Ireland.

Sheamus played a leprechaun wrestling character in the show, even though he's anything but.

7 IT Guy

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It's amazing to think about the different paths Sheamus has taken in life: World-Class athlete at school in Ireland, a security guard, WWE superstar, singer, actor and...

IT technician. That's correct, the Celtic Warrior was an IT technician for multiple huge companies in Dublin, namely Hartford Life.

It's safe to say, the way he fights coupled with that brain, he could create one very dangerous robot.

6 Started From the Bottom

Wade Barrett, like Sheamus, is one of the biggest villains on the WWE roster, and a fellow member of the League of Nations. Former Scottish-born WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre also had some major success with the company.

So what do these three have in common?

All 3 men have been friends for a long time. They had many matches against each other in Irish Whip Wrestling (IWW). And yes, that's an awesome name for a wrestling brand.

Perhaps there's a future for McIntyre to join the LON alliance one day, no?

5 D-Generation X Had One Move for Him

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The D-Generation X alliance may be the most successful in the history of wrestling, but without a doubt the best the WWE has ever put together.

Triple H and Shawn Michaels got into so many feuds with Vince McMahon, that at times, they'd always have countless security guards and trucks on surveillance to make sure DX didn't take over Raw.

Well, Sheamus was one of those security guards who tried to stop them, but he also got hit with a Pedigree from Triple H.

No wonder these two got into so many feuds.

4 He Also Starred In...

I've mentioned how Sheamus has had a couple of big roles in his "movie star" life, but there are a few more that are noteworthy of mentioning.

He appeared in Royal Pains television show, and in the 2008 film The Escapist, and in the Assault of Darkness, as the "Celtic Warrior Zombie." Far from being The Rock but a decent list of roles.

That must be where he got his iconic nickname.

3 Not the Irishmen You Know

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Sheamus is without a doubt the biggest Irish-born Superstar to ever step inside a wrestling ring. There is no debating that.

So you'd think he'd want to include some of his Irish culture or stereotypes as part of his character. But rumors have it that he didn't have any interest in doing so whatsoever.

He apparently did not want to involve leprechauns or four-leaf clovers (Hello, Finlay), and rather portrayed himself as a Warrior.

Hey, whatever works. We fans aren't complaining about the way he built his character.

2 Ginger Pride

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Contrary to what South Park will tell you, Sheamus has donned a great career with a lovable character, with his ginger red hair.

Well, it's a hot topic in Ireland, and Sheamus reportedly did a documentary on his life with orange hair.

"I did a program with an independent studio in Ireland […] It was all about the ginger gene and how it was dying out. It was a lot of fun," he said.

Well, Sheamus sure as heck will make the folks of Ireland keep that gene, because who wouldn't want to look as awesome as one of their own?

1 He Was Bullied

It's safe to say that anyone who committed bullying back in the day to Sheamus would never, ever do it today.

Bullies are usually cowardly, we all know that. And if you're a fan who doesn't like Sheamus, he's still a great role model to look up to, since he was a victim of bullying as a child.

He said that he was picked on for being chubby and was an easy target, and had people tell him he wouldn't accomplish anything (oops).

Kudos to Sheamus for continuing his goals, despite being hounded by jerks. You're at the top of the world now, big guy. Now keep up the journey.

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