Top 15 Little Known Facts about Stephanie McMahon

WWE audiences know Stephanie because of her affiliation with her father and boss, Vince McMahon and as the wife of one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, Triple H. However, for almost her entire l

WWE audiences know Stephanie because of her affiliation with her father and boss, Vince McMahon and as the wife of one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, Triple H. However, for almost her entire life, Stephanie McMahon-Levesque has been a part of the family business developed by her father and because of this, there are many sides to her that the fans of WWE have witnessed, particularly over the past 15 years. Nonetheless, the 38 year old heiress to the multi-million dollar entertainment business is one of the few people in cable to obtain an equal amount of love and hate across the WWE audiences around the world.

Stephanie is in the world of WWE, which means there will always be limits pushed and storylines altered. We may think that we know everything there is about Stephanie, but perhaps we only know what the WWE wants us to know. After being formally introduced into the world of wrestling entertainment in 1999, Stephanie was merely a background character in a storyline for The Undertaker and has worked her way up to now being globally recognized, as well as being an executive for the industry itself. Despite being mocked by fellow wrestlers and shamed by audiences, Stephanie has gone from the innocent, rich daddy’s girl to a wrestling force and has only improved since coming into WWE,

There is so much the world has gotten to know about Stephanie McMahon in the world of wrestling, however as a mother, wife, American businesswoman, professional wrestling valet, occasional professional wrestler, minority owner, Chief Brand Officer of WWE, charity support and fitness inspiration, there is sure to be much more we can learn from such a diverse individual. Thus, here are 15 little known facts about the million-dollar princess, Stephanie McMahon.

15 She Kicked Another Kid For Saying Wrestling Was Fake


Although she is the daughter of professional wrestling’s most powerful force, Stephanie was so accustomed to her father’s line of work that she did not realize his significance in the world of wrestling and popular culture, as she instead saw it as a normal, every-day job for Mr. McMahon. Steph stated that she never gave it much thought, despite being surrounded by wrestling superstars her entire life until she grew a little older. With that said, as Stephanie did grow older and was teased for her father’s line of work. In an interview with, she admitted that she actually kicked a kid in the shins for saying wrestling was fake.

14 Her “The Weakest Link” Appearance

NBC’s highly rated program, “The Weakest Link” had a deal with Vince McMahon to host a special episode that featured his wrestling superstars to capitalize on the popularity of the show, including daughter Stephanie. Known then as nothing more than the ‘Billion Dollar Princess,’ viewers were shocked with the intelligence Stephanie displayed, which was further escalated with her making it to the final two competitors, where she finished second behind Triple H. Her appearance on the show furthered her in the world of wrestling, proving that she was more than a non-intellectual daddy’s girl.

You can watch the entire episode above.

13 She Comapred WWE's Steroid Scandal From 1994 to 9/11


WWE’s steroid scandal in 1994 caused plenty of controversy and debate in the wrestling world. However, it wasn’t nearly as debatable as Stephanie’s comparison between the scandal and the events of 9/11, stating “A few years ago, some people tried to destroy my family. They attacked my father's reputation, they attacked my mother's reputation, and they attacked the World Wrestling Federation. They tried to rip us apart...but all they did was make my family stronger. And that's exactly how America feels right now. Because on Tuesday, America was attacked. Because America is a united nation. And together, we stand strong. I am incredibly proud to be an American citizen, and I will stand up for my rights and my freedom."

12 She's Incredibly Fit

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With her husband’s history with bodybuilding and great physical shape, Stephanie made it her mission to join Triple H and embrace the healthy, active lifestyle in the world of fitness. She has been featured alongside her husband in workout magazine spreads and has also worked as a trainer in WWE’s Workout Series home release video’s as herself, instead of a WWE character.

11 She Won The Women's Championship


With the help of Tori and D-Generation X, Stephanie defeated Jacqueline in March of 2000 and won the WWE Women’s Championship on an episode of SmackDown! The Billionaire Princess actually held the title for a decent amount of time, holing the belt for nearly five months.  Unfortunately for Stephanie, on an episode of Raw, she lost the title to Lita, while The Rock made a special appearance as guest referee and assisted Lita in her win.

10 She Confirmed Her Breast Augmentation


There was much controversy surrounding Stephanie’s breasts up until August 14th, 2001, when she actually admitted on The Opie and Anthony show that she had undergone breast augmentation surgery. Unfortunately, this life-changing decision was provoked by signs made from the WWE audiences, suggesting that her breasts sagged. However, the surgery did not take light away from her area, with fellow wrestlers such as Jericho, tormenting Stephanie for her sudden ‘growth’ and comparing pictures of her before and after the surgery. Nonetheless, Stephanie acknowledged that her surgery couldn’t be hidden and gave WWE approval to make the most of the situation.

9 She's Won PWI's "Most Hated Wrestler of the Year" Award Twice


Stephanie has appeared on many of PWI’s Awarded charts, which will be discussed a little later on, but the award that was least surprising for Stephanie to win was the “Most Hated Wrestler of the Year,” which she won alongside her husband, Triple H, as a member of The Authority in 2014. The Award was given to the couple with a complete 30% vote, which is the second year in a row that Stephanie has been honored with the award.

8 Her Favorite Wrestler Is... (Other Than Triple H)


When Stephanie made a guest appearance on The TBD Radio Show, she spoke of Andre the Giant and how he was definitely her favorite WWE wrestler growing up, because he was like a best friend to her growing up. She also stated that Andre the Giant is her favorite because of how relatable he was to her entire life and because she has cherished memories of him, including Andre carrying her on his shoulders when she was a child.

7 Hogan Blamed His WrestleMania 30 Error on Steph


In a recent interview, when talking about his “Silverdome” Mistake at WrestleMania 30, Hulk Hogan remained convinced that his mispronunciation was to be completely blamed on Stephanie. In the interview, according to, he states, “There was a press conference and all the media, ‘What’s Andre like? Was he a nice guy? How hard was it to slam him? Andre this, Andre that… Go back to the go position! Go out to the ring!’ All I had on my mind was the Silverdome and Andre The Giant and I’m going to blame Stephanie McMahon for that because she should have been doing the press conference but she didn’t have her makeup all the way on so I had to do it.”

6 Her Middle Name is Marie


It is a little known fact that Stephanie has been known for many different names. Even her family name is shortened, perhaps for entertainment simplicity. Nevertheless, the 38 year old superstar’s birth name is actually ‘Stephanie Marie McMahon’. In the world of wrestling entertainment, she was famously known as simply ‘Stephanie McMahon’, up until her marriage in 2003. After marrying fellow wrestling superstar, Paul Levesque, Stephanie took her husband’s last name, to give her an incredibly long name full name: Stephanie Marie McMahon-Levesque.

5 She's Extremely Charitable


After WWE mourned the loss of Connor Michalek, a victim of Medulloblastoma in 2014, Stephanie and Triple H personally founded a charity foundation to fight childhood illnesses to honor the eight year old boy with “Connor's Cure.” You can visit the page here and donate to a noble cause that Steph and Triple H are striving to help with. We would list the full extent of Steph's charitable work, but that could be an article within itself. As one example, she once was involved with an initiative that raised more than $400,000 for children's charities. So, just remember, when you're booing Steph at an event, she's a terrific person who's done plenty for her community.

4 She's The Only McMahon Kid Still With The Company


When Vince McMahon and his wife were introduced to the wrestling world in the late 90s, WWE fans were also introduced to their children, Shane and, of course, Stephanie. However, unlike Shane, who was hesitant to join the family business, Stephanie was Vince’s only child that truly embraced the WWE experience and even started her own family with a WWE superstar. Since leaving, Shane has become the chairmen of a company which is known as the Netflix of China.

3 She Won PWI's "Feud of the Year"


Professional Wrestling Illustrated recognizes some of the best rivalries of the year with their “Feud of the Year” award, which is normally awarded between two wrestlers. In 2002, in a change from the norm, Stephanie won the award for her feud with Eric Bischoff. Not only that, she had also been awarded runner-up in the past, ironically for a feud between herself, and Triple H. With all the awards she's won from PWI, a neutral site that has no reason to crown her without reason, we can tell how much Stephanie has grown with the business.

2 She's the Only Woman To Pin The Rock

It happened during a handicap match on September 10th, 2001 with some help from Test. Most of the match consisted of The Rock and Test battling in the ring, with Stephanie only appearing in the ring once and miraculously only taking one bump. In the end, the rest of her stablemates beat The Rock senselessly, allowing Stephanie to get the easy pin. Nonetheless, on an episode of Monday Night Raw, Stephanie McMahon became the first, and only, woman to pin the legendary wrestler.

1 She Turned Down an Incest Storyline on WWE


Being pregnant and married to Triple H at the time, Stephanie had revealed on the McMahon DVD, that her father had come up with an idea to reveal himself as the father of her baby for a storyline on WWE programming. Fortunately, Stephanie turned down the idea. However after turning down the idea, Vince then suggested that her brother, Shane, could play the father. Again, Stephanie turned down the idea and stuck to her guns, as well as saving the WWE from inflicting an incest angle on their loyal audience.

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Top 15 Little Known Facts about Stephanie McMahon