Top 15 Little Known Facts About Trish Stratus

Mention Trish Stratus to any red–blooded male wrestling fan and you’ll see hearts melt, as they display thoughts that tend to mimic Joey Styles’ “Oh my God” exclamation. Since her debut in April of 20

Mention Trish Stratus to any red–blooded male wrestling fan and you’ll see hearts melt, as they display thoughts that tend to mimic Joey Styles’ “Oh my God” exclamation. Since her debut in April of 2000, the former fitness model turned WWE wrestler worked her butt off to prove she was more than just a pretty face. In her quest to prove this, she wound up becoming the best Diva of all time.

Lita might have been able to do a moonsalt, but Trish had her own titillating move set, which looked straight out of the Matrix movies; the MaTrish and MaTrish Revoltutions to name a few. After time spent with Fit Finlay, there wasn’t much Trish couldn’t do in the ring. In retirement, she has been part of Tough Enough, teamed up with John Morrison and Snooki at WrestleMania XXVII and guest hosted Raw. On top of remaining active in the wrestling community, Trish also does a ton of charity work.

Now, these are all things that fans already know about the former seven–time Women’s Champion, three time WWE Babe of the Year, and, of course, the Diva of the Decade. Here are a few things about the best all–around female ever that you might not know about.

14 Prioritized Ring Work Over Looks


Someone as gorgeous as Trish Stratus probably doesn’t have to lift a single finger if she chooses, but that’s not the kind of person Trish is, nor is it the type of profession she chose. The diminutive diva worked her butt off to achieve greatness in the ring. The divas of the mid–nineties like Sunny and Sable didn’t do a lot of ring work, but Trish showed she was willing to go the extra mile and perfect her craft. She was so focused on the wrestling side of her career, that at one point, Trish said that she "got a little bit ugly for a bit there" (we find that hard to believe) and that she just "hell bent on showing everyone what an athlete [she] was in the ring."

13 A Professor’s Strike Leads to Modeling Fame


As a Canadian, Stratus played hockey like many of her fellow Canuckleheads, but instead of playing on ice, she was a noted field hockey player. Besides showing her toughness at York University, the bombshell also showed she was more than just her looks. She majored biology and kinesiology, which is the study of body movement to the uninitiated. However, in 1997, the faculty went on strike,and the Greek Goddess decided to parlay her job as a gym receptionist to modeling for fitness magazines, which led to her eventually signing with the WWE. Let’s all take a moment to thank the faculty of York University for going on strike.

12 The Kiss Heard ‘Round the Stratusphere

This is less of a fact, but more of a moment in time that isn't overly known and should be. In 2006, Trish hosted the Canadian Walk of Fame Induction Ceremony. The ever affable Diva would perform a song and dance number inspired from the production, Chicago, but the moment that caught men's attention was when the Diva of the Decade met fellow Canadian beauty, Pamela Anderson. While it wasn’t quite the H.L.A. moment that wrestling fans hoped for, it was a spontaneous moment that few might have imagined over the years, but no one ever thought would happen, as the two would lock lips in an everlasting GIF moment. Stratus said “I guess the combination of two hot blonde Canadians works, so to all my male fans, I say you’re welcome.” For one brief moment, the perpetually cold Canada was the hottest place on Earth.

11 The First Model–Diva


Up until Trish came along, women wrestlers were either, as J.R. might say, “bowling shoe ugly” (average looking but strong workers) or strictly valets who were there to be attractive. Trish Stratus broke each of those molds. She was the perfect mix of attractive and talented, but one unintended consequence of hiring the dynamic diva was that when the next generation divas needed to be found, Vince went for the models, in hopes of molding them in Trish’s image. In fact, during a recent J.R. podcast, he explained that Vince wanted to find women who wouldn’t mind posing for playboy. So, every time we needed to watch the Diva Search, Trish was indirectly responsible.

10 Unwanted HLA with Mickie James

Quite possibly, the strangest (and hottest) counter to a move came at WrestleMania 22 in a match involving Trish Stratus. Mickie James, (who was crazier than AJ during her run) who spent months stalking, fawning, and eventually betraying Trish in her quest to win the Women’s Title, would face off with Trish at the Showcase of the Immortals. It appeared Trish had Mickie well in hand as she was going for her patented springboard bulldog, when Mickie countered by grabbing a handful of Trish, fondling her privates. The aftermath of Mickie giving the V–Lick gesture is edited out on the Network, but it can still be seen on YouTube. The unwanted H.L.A. unfortunately cost Trish the championship, but it was just another moment to melt men’s hearts.

9 From High School Sweetheart to Husband


Throughout her entire career, little was mentioned about Trish’s personal life. It was advantageous not to. Similar to keeping relationships of a male heartthrob secret from admiring females for fear that their stardom would fade, Trish has been with her high school sweetheart, Ron Fisico, for her entire career. In a sweet moment from Trish’s Hall of Fame induction, she thanked Ron, who then got heeled by the MSG crowd, until being forgiven when Trish announced that she and Ron were expecting little Maximus. Never before has a man who had nothing to do with wrestling become an instant heel and then celebrated face for the same reason–bagging Trish.

9. She Was Part of the Muncie Police Department


Instead of going on her honeymoon with Ron, Trish would join D–listers Erik Estrada, La Toya Jackson, Wee Man and Jack Osbourne on the Reality show, Armed and Famous. The show got cancelled and moved over to VH1 for the remainder of the six episode run. The show had unwanted attention when a local Muncie woman was the victim of an illegal search and seizure. Civil Right attorney, Michael Sutherlin said of the incident, “if you think of cops as clowns and want to give them guns, you’re putting everybody at risk, this should not be entertainment television.” Surprisingly enough, the rate of Muncie males committing crimes in order to be handcuffed by Trish did not spike at all while she was in Indiana.

8 She’s a Movie Star


We know WWE likes to make their storylines seem like their from the movies, but Trish actually tried her hand at acting in a Canadian indy flick, Bail Enforcers, where she was a part of a group of bounty hunters running from the mob after refusing to turn over their informant. Stratus is also part of the cast of the upcoming movie Gridlocked, which stars Danny Glover and Dominic Purcell. Instead of playing a bounty beauty, here Trish is a sultry S.W.A.T. team member. While it’s unclear what her Hollywood aspirations are, Trish is at least staying visible and playing to her vast male fanbase.

7 Trained by Ron Hutchinson


It is widely known that Dave Finlay helped cultivate Trish’s class of Divas into world class wrestlers, but it was Ron Hutchinson who started Trish on her road to wrestling glory. The same Hutchinson that trained Edge and Christian. In 2014, when Hutchinson was awarded the Cauliflower Alley Club’s Trainer’s Award, Trish complimented her trainer: “From day one, Ron treated me with respect as a female in the ring, but also never took it easy on me…that’s what made me stronger and toughened me up for the professional ring. I’ll forever be thankful to him…I left the nest ready for the big leagues.” Fans will forever be thankful to Hutchinson as well for his part in Trish’s training.

6 She Met Owen


Unfortunately, there is not a lot of information on the above picture or how well the blond bombshell and the King of Harts knew each other, but they at least met for this picture, which a cool slice of Canadian wrestling history. A man at the top of his game and the new rookie, looking to become the best at all costs. Owen’s tragic accident would be several months prior to Trish’s debut, but this picture can certainly fill fan’s minds with dozens of “what if?” scenarios, in terms of highly skilled mixed tag team matches. Imagine Owen/Trish vs Lita/Matt?

5 DDP’s Not the Only Wrestling Yogi


Listen to any wrestling podcast and the host will shill Diamond Dallas Page’s yoga program. While it’s true that DDP has saved lives and helped lengthen careers, the program isn’t traditional Yoga. If you’re looking for something more traditional in this field, look no further than the former fitness model’s Stratusphere Yoga DVDs. Similar to DDP’s, Trish’s program combines strength training with Yoga poses. She credits yoga with saving her career in 2004 when she had a herniated disc. Her Stratusphere Yoga site has everything to help you get Stratusfied, from correcting workout mistakes to even scheduling private lessons, which are undoubtedly screened for more lecherous fans.

4 She Started as a Heel


Don’t be fooled by that girl-next-door personality, it’s the come hither looks you should be paying attention to. Because Trish actually started as a heel, first appearing on Heat scouting Test and Albert to form the not-so-clever punny tag team, T & A. Then she would forge an alliance with Vince McMahon, which would eventually lead to the infamous dog barking incident that would turn her face. When she turned heel again at WrestleMania XX, her time spent as a vivacious vixen helped her become even more of a bitchy heel. We all remember her as one of the more sugary Divas of all time, but there was definitely a lot of spice too.

3 Team Bestie


You would think that a tatted up, punk rocker like Lita and a natural beauty like Trish would never see eye to eye. However, Trish’s on–screen rivalry with Lita and their shared devotion to being the best wrestler possible blossomed into a real life friendship outside of the ring as well. Trish would even extend their friendship further when she and Ron asked Lita to be Max’s godmother, forever entwining the two divas. Perhaps little Maximus will become the first ever second generation superstar whose mother and godmother were in the ring? The two Hall of Fame divas tour the wrestling convention circuit as “Team Bestie.” Fantasy booking time–Team Bestie vs. Team Bella?

2 She Declined the WrestleMania XXV Diva Battle Royal


WrestleMania XXV had a celebration of as many Divas as they could cram into one ring with a “Divalicious” battle royal. The WWE got as many Divas, past and present, to take part as possible, including the original diva Sunny and the godawful in the ring but easy on the eyes, Jackie Gayda–Haas. Noticeably absent from the proceedings was the most popular Diva ever. Trish declined the invite, saying:

"Simply, there were no finishes, no ‘What’s going to happen? Will I win?’ discussed,” Stratus said. “It was just, ‘Would you like to be in this 25-woman battle royal at Wrestlemania,’ and I said, ‘Thank you but I’m going to decline.'”

“Actually, I wanted to stay home and watch Wrestlemania for one time with my family. That was part of it,” she says. “[Also], I had just made a return recently and I never want to wear out my welcome.”

1 The Real Longest Reigning Champ of the Modern Era


Cm Punk is currently the longest reigning champion of the modern era, holding the WWE Championship for 434 days. Current Diva’s champion, Nikki Bella, is seemingly on her way to breaking Punk’s wife’s (A.J. Lee) record of 295 days, but neither have anything on Trish Stratus’ reign between New Year’s Revolution 2005 and WrestleMania 22, a whopping 448 days! Sure she was injured for some of it, but so was Punk during his reign. So if Nikki really wants to impress, she’ll have to go 153 days past AJ’s record to tie the best Diva of all time.

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Top 15 Little Known Facts About Trish Stratus