Top 15 Members Of The Alliance: Where Are They Now?

Perhaps no storyline in the history of wrestling failed to live up to it's potential more than the 2001 Invasion angle. The storyline in a nutshell, was that the WWE was taking on the invading WCW/ECW wrestlers who would become known as The Alliance. It seemed like every wrestling fan's dream of seeing the WWE versus WCW was finally coming to life. The problem was that the top guys from WCW like Hulk Hogan, Sting, and Goldberg, had contract's with AOL Time Warner and not WCW. They were smart enough to stay home and collect their paychecks rather than join the WWE for less pay.

The result's of WCW's big names staying home left The Alliance's roster pretty slim with the only big notable WCW names being Booker T and Diamond Dallas Page. In order to boost up their roster, WWE guys soon joined The Alliance. This made it feel more like WWE versus WWE, rather the WWE versus WCW. Thankfully the storyline didn't last too long, culminating in the WWE winning a Winner Takes All match at the 2001 Survivor Series.

Although the Invasion angle did not live up to its big potential, it was still a very memorable time in the history of wrestling. It's hard to believe it has been fifteen years since the angle ended. Only a few of the people who were involved in the Invasion are still wrestling today. Here are the top 15 members of The Alliance, their role in The Alliance, and what they are up to today.

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17  15. KroniK

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Role With Alliance: The team of KroniK was composed of veteran wrestlers Bryan Adams and Bryan Clark. The team were former two-time WCW Tag Team Champions, so there was high hopes for the duo in The Alliance. The team immediately went after the big dogs of the WWE in The Brothers of Destruction. The two teams would eventually come face to face in a match at 2001's Unforgiven, with The Brothers of Destruction picking up the victory. The match ended up being very boring and badly worked. The WWE asked KroniK to go down to developmental to sharpen their skills, but they refused to go. This ended KroniK's time with the Alliance and the WWE altogether.

Where Are They Now?: After leaving the WWE, the team wrestled for the short-lived Australian promotion, World Wrestling All-Stars. They then went to wrestle in Japan before both men were forced to retire due to injuries in 2003. After wrestling, Adams became a bodyguard for Randy Savage. Adams passed away in 2007 from a drug overdose. Bryan Clark may be still alive, but his worn down body has affected his livelihood in a bad way. In 2014, he had to have spinal surgery and had to have disks replaced in his neck. He is currently not able to work and lives on disability.

16 Ivory

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Role With Alliance: Ivory had no previous experience with WCW nor ECW, but that didn't stop her from joining The Alliance and becoming the mentor for all the women on the team. Besides help guiding Alliance members like Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler, Ivory was also the valet for Lance Storm. After unsuccessfully helping Storm capture any championships, she went back to competing in singles competition. She was one of the six women who competed at Survivors Series for the Women Championship, which was ultimately won by Trish Stratus.

Where Are They Now?: Ivory left the WWE on he own terms in 2005, and would wrestle her final match in 2006. She has kept busy with her life outside the ring with plenty of ventures. After leaving the business, Ivory opened up a do-it-yourself animal washing facility. She has particular fondness for dogs, stating that works with 15-20 dogs each and everyday.

15 Molly Holly

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Role With Alliance: After briefly wrestling for WCW from 1999 to 2000, Molly Holly signed a development deal with the WWE. She started her WWE career as the on-screen cousin of Crash and Hardcore Holly. The Holly's began a feud with The Dudley Boyz, and this is what led Molly to eventually form an on-screen romance with Spike Dudley. The relationship was short-lived as Molly Holly would turn on Spike to team up with The Alliance's Hurricane. Holly became The Hurricane's sidekick and was now known as Mighty Molly. Molly was one of the most talented women wrestlers in The Alliance. She represented the team on many occasions, including at Survivor Series where she came up short in a match for the Women's Championship.

Where Are They Now?: Molly Holly left the WWE in 2005, although she has made sporadic appearances for the company since then. Today Holly works for many charities and non-profit organizations that deal with drug addiction. She stated that seeing one of her late friends in Crash Holly battle drug addictions was one the reasons she wanted to help people beat their addictions before it's too late.

14 Lance Storm

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Role With Alliance: Lance Storm has the distinction of being the first ever WCW wrestler to get involved in a WWE program when he interfered in a match on RAW featuring Steve Blackman versus Perry Saturn. Storm got a pretty big push during the Invasion angle, even beating Albert for the Intercontinental Championship. He also picked up a big win at Survivor Series while teaming up with Justin Credible, and Raven defeating Albert, Scotty 2 Hotty, and Spike Dudley.

Where are they now?: Lance Storm is now semi-retired from wrestling after leaving the WWE in 2005. He immediately opened up his own training school in Calgary called Storm Wrestling Academy. It has since become one of the best-known wrestling schools in North America. Current WWE Superstars Tyler Breeze and Emma both trained at Lance's school. In 2016, Storm started his own podcast alongside his friend Don "Cyrus" Callis called Killing the Town.

13 Gregory Helms

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Role With Alliance: Gregory Helms entered WWE as not only a member of The Alliance but also as the Cruiserweight Champion. After dropping the title to Billy Kidman, Helms would become the gimmick he's known for today, The Hurricane. Helms' biggest win for The Alliance came when he defeated Matt Hardy to capture the European Championship.

Where Are They Now?: Helms would continue wrestling for the WWE up until he was released from the company in 2010. In 2011, Helms was involved in a serious motorcycle accident. He was driving under the influence when he crashed. This ended up causing him to suffer a broken leg, ankle, jaw, and nose. Helms would take a long time to recover but eventually returned to the ring in 2013. Helms signed with TNA in 2015 as an agent. Along with his role as an agent, Helms also plays an on-screen role as a manager.

12 Stacy Keibler

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Role With Alliance: Upon entering the WWE, Stacy Keibler started to team up with her real-life friend Torrie Wilson. The two women would square off against the WWE's Trish Stratus and Lita in the first-ever tag team Bra and Panties Match at the Invasion pay-per-view. Kiebler and Wilson would end up on the losing end of the match. After Torrie left The Alliance, Stacy became the manager for The Dudley Boyz.

Where Are They Now?: Keibler left the WWE and the wrestling business altogether in 2006. She started to make a name for herself in Hollywood when she competed in the second season of Dancing with the Stars, where she finished in third place. In 2011, Keibler's name got even bigger when she started to date Hollywood A-Lister George Clooney. Keibler has also started to build a solid acting resume with parts in shows like George Lopez and How I Met Your Mother.

11 Christian

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Role With Alliance: By 2001, Edge and Christian had established themselves as one of the best teams in WWE history, but their partnership was now on the rocks. Edge was becoming way more popular with the fans than Christian. This made Christian very jealous, so jealous that he eventually turned on Edge. Shortly after breaking up with Edge, Christian joined The Alliance, and his new found friends would help him lay a beating on his former tag team partner. Although Edge would eventually gain the upper hand in the feud, Christian did help The Alliance by winning the European Championship and retaining it in matches against the likes of Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam, and Tazz.

Where Are They Now?: Christian quietly retired from wrestling in 2015. He had been battling many injuries during his last couple of years in the ring. Christian suffered a concussion in a match against Big E in March of 2014. That would end up being the final nail in the coffin of his in-ring career. In 2016, Christian teamed back up with his old tag team partner and friend Edge to create The Edge and Christian Show That Totally Reeks of Awesomeness which airs on the WWE Network.

10 The Dudley Boyz

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Role With Alliance: By the time The Alliance had formed The Dudley Boyz had been in the WWE for a couple of years already, but that wasn't going to stop them from rejoining their old ECW buddies. The Dudley's role with The Alliance was that of enforcers. They would interfere in matches that involved mid-carders and even main eventers. During the Invasion angle, The Dudley's became the first ever team to win the WCW, ECW, and WWE Tag Team Championship.

Where Are They Now?: The Dudley Boyz left the WWE in 2005 and signed with TNA. They would become mainstays in TNA for over a decade before rejoining the WWE briefly in 2016. Although The Dudley's announced they were retiring from the WWE, they continue to wrestle on the independent circuit. Besides wrestling, the two men operate a wrestling school in Florida called Team 3D Academy. Many of their students have gone to sign contracts with TNA as well as developmental deals with the WWE.


8 Diamond Dallas Page

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Role With Alliance: Diamond Dallas Page made his WWE debut with a bang, immediately engaging in a feud with The Undertaker. This feud would go on for months, eventually culminating in a Tag Team Cage match at SummerSlam. DDP would team up with Kanyon in a losing effort against The Brothers of Destruction. Besides his feud with 'The Deadman," DDP had a solid run with The Alliance which included winning the WWE Tag Team Championship and being a part of the team that defeated Team WWE at the WWE Invasion pay-per-view.

Where Are They Now?: DDP stopped wrestling full-time in 2002 due to all of his nagging injuries. He had a brief comeback with TNA from 2004 to 2005 before finally hanging up the boots for good. DDP is now sixty years old, but he might just be in the best shape of his life. This is all because of his new career as a yoga instructor. His patented DDP Yoga has helped troubled wrestlers like Scott Hall and Jake " The Snake" Roberts get their lives back in order.


6 William Regal

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Role With Alliance: When the Invasion angle began, William Regal was the WWE Commissioner. This all changed on an episode of RAW as Regal helped Stone Cold defeat Kurt Angle, thus joining The Alliance in the process. Regal was named the Commissioner of the Alliance by Shane and Stephanie McMahon. Regal's most notable feud with The Alliance came against his former partner Tajiri. When The Alliance was defeated at Survivor Series, Regal was fired with all the other members. In order to get his job back, Regal was the first person ever to embarrassingly join Vince McMahon's "Kiss My Ass" club.

Where Are They Now?: Regal is still employed by the WWE today. Although he is not officially retired from in-ring competition, Regal's main role in the WWE today is being the General Manager of NXT. When the legendary Dusty Rhodes passed away in 2015, Regal took his place as a trainer at the WWE Performance Center.

5 Rob Van Dam

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Role With Alliance: Rob Van Dam was arguably the best wrestler from ECW to join The Alliance. Being that he was from a company that was known for being extreme, it was only fitting the Van Dam would quickly become the Hardcore Champion after joining the WWE. Besides becoming a multiple time Hardcore Champion during his time with The Alliance, Van Dam also picked up victories over WWE Superstars like Kane, The Undertaker, and even the future Alliance leader in "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Van Dam was the only ECW alumni to be involved in the Winner Takes All match at Survivor Series.

Where Are They Now?: Van Dam ended his first run with the WWE in 2007. He then went to on to wrestle for TNA for three years, before rejoining the WWE in 2013. Van Dam isn't retired from the ring, but he only wrestles a limited amount of matches per year. Van Dam keeps busy these days as a huge advocate for marijuana use. He also has started to dabble a bit in stand-up comedy.

4 Kurt Angle

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Role With Alliance: Kurt Angle's role with The Alliance was unique. Angle was originally the co-leader for Team WWE, but when Austin turned on the WWE, he became the solo leader. After feuding with the then WWE Champion Stone Cold for months, Angle was finally able to defeat Austin for the title at Unforgiven. It was looking like Angle would lead Team WWE right until the very bitter end, However, Angle would eventually join The Alliance. In the end, Angle joining The Alliance was all just a setup by Team WWE, as Angle would turn on The Alliance one last time at Survivor Series.

Where Are They Now?: Kurt Angle asked for an early release from the WWE in 2006 and his wish was granted. He would then sign with TNA where he would go on to wrestle for over a decade with the company. Angle wrestled his last match for TNA in January of 2016. Although Angle has continued to wrestle on the independent scene, his matches have been few and far between. It seems like every week there is a new rumor regarding a return to the WWE for Angle. With the recent WWE return of Goldberg, never say never when comes to another WWE match for the former Olympic Gold Medalist.

3 Booker T

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Role With Alliance: Booker T entered the WWE with a ton of credibility, as he was the reigning WCW World Heavyweight Champion. He was an easy choice to become the first leader of The Alliance. During the Invasion angle, Booker was involved in main event feuds with the likes of Kurt Angle and The Rock. Not only was Booker a singles champion during his run with The Alliance, he also won his eleventh WCW Tag Team Championship when he teamed up with Test. Booker was involved in the final Survivor Series match, but he was the third man eliminated after his rival The Rock was able to get the three count on him.

Where Are They Now?: Booker T stopped wrestling full-time in 2010. He would shortly after become a part of the SmackDown commentary team. As of 2016, he is no longer a part of the commentary team but he is still a regular on all the WWE pre-shows. He also runs and operates his own wrestling school with his brother in his hometown of Houston. Wrestlers who have gone through the school include the likes of The Usos and one of NXT's newest women Ember Moon.

2 Shane McMahon

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Role With Alliance: There would not have been an Alliance if it was not for Shane McMahon. He was the one in the storyline, who bought WCW without his father Vince McMahon knowing it. It was during his time with The Alliance where Shane had the best matches of his career. Shane was not the greatest in-ring performer, so he had to take a ton of risks in order to please the fans. His Street Fight against Kurt Angle at King of the Ring is probably the best example of what Shane was willing to put his body through. There was one spot that was particularly nasty. Angle was supposed to give Shane an overhead belly to belly suplex through a plated glass stage set, but the glass didn't break. This caused Shane to fall head-first onto the concrete floor. Although Shane didn't end up winning the Invasion, he did gain a lot of respect from the fans with his incredible courage.

Where Are They Now?: In 2009 Shane McMahon announced his resignation from the WWE. He became the CEO of YOU on Demand, which is the first VOD & Pay-Per-View service to ever exist in China. Shane McMahon made his shocking return to WWE television in February of 2016. He is currently the commissioner of SmackDown Live.

1 Stone Cold Steve Austin

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Role With Alliance: At the beginning of the Invasion angle, Austin was one of the leaders of Team WWE. One of the other leaders of Team WWE was Kurt Angle, and Austin did not get along with Angle to say the least. Austin ended up turning on Angle and Team WWE at the Invasion pay-per-view, thus becoming The Alliance's new leader. Austin would continue to feud with Angle for months on end. Although at the end of the Invasion angle Austin held the prestigious WWE Championship, Angle got the last laugh by helping Team WWE defeat The Alliance for good at the Survivor Series.

Where Are They Now?: Austin's last match of his career was a losing effort against The Rock at WrestleMania XIX in 2003. He had to retire from in-ring competition due to serious knee and neck injuries. Since retiring from wrestling, Austin has made sporadic appearances for the WWE. He has kept busy by hosting a couple of different reality shows for the Country Music Television channel. He also hosts one of the most popular wrestling podcasts.

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