Top 15 Memorable Moments of Hulk Hogan's Career

If you were to ask wrestling fans and writers who in their opinion was the greatest wrestler of all time in regards to fan base, impact on the industry, drawing power, and a few other items, you would get a list of a few names. The names would include guys like Ric Flair, the Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, but many would point to the man who basically ruled the 80's wrestling scene, Hulk Hogan. From the red and yellow tights, to the promos telling kids to eat their vitamins and say their prayers, to the Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Connection cartoon, Hulk Hogan has definitely cemented his place within the annals of pro wrestling history with a legion of fans and a career littered with achievements and world title reigns.

With a career that spans nearly 40 years, Hogan has a litany of memorable moments and matches. While some may argue that Hogan’s use of backstage politics and ego led to the creation of some of these moments, it cannot be denied that he was a huge part of the wrestling landscape in the 80's and 90's and a lesser extent in the 21st century.

So with that in mind, this list is here to commemorate the most memorable moments of Hulk Hogan’s career. They run the gamut of bad and good, along with incidents that happened both inside and outside of the ring, but either way they played a big part of the wrestling landscape and many are still talked about to this day by fans and writers alike. So please read, enjoy, and feel free to share your feelings in the comments section. Let us know what your most memorable Hogan moment was or if you think there should another moment mentioned in the list here.

15 Back-to-Back Royal Rumble Wins (Royal Rumble, Jan. 21, 1990 and Jan. 19, 1991)

14 Rocky III/Leaving the WWE (1981)

13 Witness in WWE Steroid Trial (1994)

12 Hogan vs. Paul Orndorff Cage Match (Saturday Night’s Main Event, 1987) 

Over the course of 1987, Hulk Hogan and “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff squared off in a series of matches after Orndorff had turned on Hogan and rejoined his old manager, Bobby “the Brain” Heenan. The only problem was that the matches between the two saw no real clean, conclusive endings so it was decided that the two would face off in a steel cage match on Saturday Night’s Main Event. The two would have a back and forth match inside the cage before both men would begin to climb opposite sides of the cage in an attempt to escape. Then in a moment of excellent performance, both men would drop down and touch the floor at the exact same moment. After reviewing the footage it was declared that they had indeed touched at the same moment and the match was restarted, with Hogan eventually winning. The match would end the feud and would remain memorable to fans for the tension created within the final match and the perfect moment of both men touching the floor at the same moment.

11 Hogan vs. Randy Savage (Wrestlemania V, April 2, 1989)


10 Hogan vs. Goldberg (Monday Nitro, July 6, 1998)

9 Hogan vs. Ric Flair (Bash at the Beach, July 17, 1994)


8 WCW Debut (WCW Saturday Night, June 11, 1994)


7 The Fingerpoke of Doom (Monday Nitro, January 4, 1999)

6 Inducted into WWE Hall of Fame (April 2, 2005)

5 First Return to the WWE (Dec. 27, 1983)

(AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

4 Hogan vs. the Rock (Wrestlemania X8, March 17, 2002)

3 First WWE Title Win / Birth of Hulkamania (1984)

2 Forming the nWo with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash (Bash at the Beach, 1996)

1 Slamming Andre the Giant (Wrestlemania III, 1987)

If there was ever a point cementing the legacy of Hulkamania, it was the match between Hogan and Andre the Giant at Wrestlemania III. In front of a crowd of 93,173, Hogan squared off against his former friend Andre who had become jealous of the attention Hogan was getting for being undefeated for three years over Andre who was touted as being undefeated for 15 years. After going back and forth for 10 minutes, Hogan would go through his “Hulking up” routine and bodyslam the 500-pound giant to the jubilation of the crowd, before landing the big legdrop and pinning Andre to retain the title. “The Bodyslam heard around the world” as it was called is a Wrestlemania moment that will forever live on in the minds of wrestling fans and is truly the pinnacle of what Hulkamania was all about. It's still arguably the biggest WrestleMania moment in history and the most lasting image of Hogan's career.

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Top 15 Memorable Moments of Hulk Hogan's Career