Top 15 Mind Blowing John Cena Stats

Love him or hate him, there is no denying the tireless work ethic of John Cena. Largely regarded as the face of the WWE today, Cena has labored his way to the top like very few before him since his debut in 2002. The Doctor of Thuganomics has played a vital role in helping develop and put over new talent in the WWE Universe with his sharp in-ring ability over the years. His beaming charisma and larger than life personality have also delivered some of the most memorable promos and mic segments in professional wrestling history. Some may cheer while others love to boo him, though almost everyone respects him as one of the most decorated wrestlers of our time.

Cena's contributions reach far beyond the ring as well. His countless philanthropic endeavors leave him highly esteemed in the public eye. His versatility as an entertainer has also landed him several prominent roles in both movies and television, and even music.

Sidelined with a shoulder injury for some time now, Cena is scheduled to return to regular programming later this month. To get you excited for his return, we have compiled some of the most absolute mind blowing stats he has accumulated over his storied career thus far.

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15 2,070 Matches Worked in WWE for 1,650 Wins

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His last appearance before injury marked match number 2,070 for Cena since his arrival in 2002. To give you an idea, if we assume he wrestled one match per day, that would have Cena wrestling for an equivalent total of every day for five and a half years consecutively. Clearly, John's success proves to be immensely warranted, as the superstar boasts a work ethic like no other, evidenced by the sheer number of performances on both television and live events. Of those 2,070 matches, Cena has had his hand raised 1650 times as the victor.

14 12 Different Surgeries

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Close to two decades of professional wrestling can naturally take a toll on even the most conditioned bodies. John Cena is no exception and the many years of travelling, competing and training all over the world have resulted in many minor and major injuries. In fact, Cena has undergone a combined 12 major and minor surgeries over the course of his career. He has suffered through several shoulder issues, which is the most recent injury to keep him off of television. The 15-time World Champion also had work done for a torn pectoral muscle, neck injuries and many other joints and ligaments over the years. He has always come back better than when he left and we hope this time is no different.

13 $35 Million Net Worth

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In 2015, the face of the company was indeed compensated for being just that. Listed as the highest paid superstar on the roster, Cena earned a $3.5 million base salary in 2015. Add into the equation 7% of all of his merchandise sales and a handsome share of PPV revenue, in addition to his starring roles in major films, countless endorsement deals and you have a net worth estimated at $35 million. The name carries star power and Cena proves to be a magnetic character that has everyone in entertainment vying for a piece.

12 Live Events with Cena Billed Earn $60K More in Ticket Sales

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John Cena has topped the main event marquee for quite some time now. Perhaps no stat proves more telling than this one, as the ticket sales numbers for house shows where he is not scheduled to appear are sizeably less. In fact, according to Fansided.com, WWE live events where Cena performs earn on average $60,000 more in ticket sales versus shows where he does not wrestle. Over the course of many years, the overall figure quickly grows and reflects just how important the superstar is to the revenue for the company.

11 Five Confirmed Relationships with WWE Divas

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The multi-talented performer has made a name for himself backstage. Wildly regarded as an audacious womanizer, Cena's many flings with other celebrities and failed marriage to his high school sweetheart are well documented. Amidst all the scandalous behavior lies an envious statistic: Cena has confirmed relationships with no less than (that he has admitted to, anyway) 5 Divas during his career. In fact, he has been linked to Kelly Kelly, Victoria, AJ Lee, Mickie James and his current girlfriend Nikki Bella. It is not uncommon for superstars to engage in relationships together, but Cena has taken it to a whole other level.

10 304-Pound PR for Snatch Lift

Before pursuing professional wrestling, Cena was an avid body builder with aims of breaking through in that discipline. While his body building career never really panned out, he managed to make use of his passion by building a physique that would serve him well in his wrestling career. He has graced the covers of several prestigious fitness publications over the years. One of his most remarkable feats was a raw 304-pound snatch lift. The snatch lift proves to be one of the most challenging lifts to complete and Cena throws around that weight almost effortlessly.

9 Three-time Superstar of the Year (most ever)

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The equivalent to league MVP awards handed out across all the major sports circuits, the WWE names their Superstar of the Year annually at the Slammy Awards. In the award ceremony's 12-year history (marked by different hiatuses), no man has won the coveted prize more times than John Cena. This stat serves as a clear indicator of the quality of performances delivered by the superstar. which is recognized by his peers and fans. Cena has set the benchmark standard in quality when it comes to delivering a product that proves equally as impressive between the ropes, as it is on the mic.

8 Outsold Entire Combined Roster in 2014 in Merchandise

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Becoming the face of the company results from fan response based on performance and a strategic plan to ensure the proper marketing of the superstar. In 2014, the synergy of these two factors reached an unprecedented high point. In fact, WWE Shop boasted 36 different T-Shirt designs alone for John Cena. By year's end, Cena managed to outsell the entire combined roster alone in units sold and revenue generated. That was more than 42 different male Superstars and factions and 8 Divas… combined!

7 Has Appeared In 14 Movies

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It is not uncommon for WWE superstars to crossover to the realm of feature films and Hollywood. Like many before him, John Cena has lent his talents to filmmakers for years now. He has appeared or starred in 14 movies while employed by the WWE, which is astonishing when you consider how many shows per year he performs with the company all while travelling. Many wonder where he finds the time to even film these movies given the strains of life on the road. Some of his more important projects include The Marine, 12 Rounds and most recently the hit comedy Trainwreck.

6 Eight Features in Different Television Series

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It is not uncommon for WWE superstars to lend their talents to television series. Though it seems uncommon to be as productive as John Cena when doing so. Cena has hosted Saturday Night Live and made appearances on hit shows such as Hannah Montana, Psych, True Jackson and Fred: The Show amongst others. Most of these appearances were on a recurring basis. His latest project is a reality show called American Grit in which John serves as both the host and executive producer.

5 Debuted at #15 on Billboard 200 in 2005

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It is well known since he burst on the scene with his rhyming promos and rap gimmick that Cena is an avid hip hop enthusiast. It is also well known that the 15-time World Champion performs his own entrance theme music, but did you know that he's recorded five different theme songs on his own during his time in the WWE? What appears to be an even little lesser known fact, and remarkable in its own right, is that Cena’s debut album actually came in at 15 on the renowned Billboard 200 list when his CD moved 143,000 copies in its first week of sales.

4 Fourth Highest Number of Combined Days as World Champion

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To be mentioned in the same sentence as Hulk Hogan and Bruno Sammartino would prove to be an honor in of itself, in wrestling circles. It becomes even more glorified when the discussion pertains to World Heavyweight Championships. John Cena boasts another impressive accomplishment, serving as the WWE's fourth longest serving champion (in combined days) ever, only behind Hulk Hogan, Bruno Sammartino and Bob Backlund (really?). The aforementioned cast of Hall of Famers wrestled in a time when the competition was far less ferocious, which proves what an amazing accomplishment this truly is.

3 Record Number of Wishes Granted For The Make-A-Wish Foundation

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Perhaps Cena's most honorable accomplishment is his commitment to the Make-A-Wish foundation. The franchise player has indeed granted over 500 individual wishes over his career to sick children all across the world, which is more than any other person in the foundation's history. What proves even more telling is how highly admired the Superstar appears to be amongst young fans who constantly request their meet and greet with their hero. As the face of the company and an undeniable role model, this statistic resonates as perhaps his greatest achievement of them all.

2 Four World Title Wins at WrestleMania (most ever)

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John Cena has had matches with title implications or main evented every WrestleMania he has appeared on since coming on with the WWE in 2002, except for in 2014. That makes for a lot of important, marquee matchups as a headliner. Of all those WrestleMania moments, Cena stands alone as the only superstar to win four World Championships on The Grandest Stage of Them All. Not even the likes of Hogan, Rock, Austin or The Undertaker can boast such an achievement.

1 24 Championships

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John Cena sports a highly accomplished resume in terms of championships and accolades. Since his debut, he's successfully amassed a staggering 24 championships. The WWE's quintessential superstar of our generation has reigned as World Champion 12 times and captured 3 World Heavyweight Championships along the way as well, for a ridiculous 15 combined times which puts him in the conversation with legends such as Triple H and Ric Flair for the most ever. His trophy case also includes 5 United States Championships and 4 Tag Team Championships. Cena has also been the last man standing in two different Royal Rumbles. Not too shabby.

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