Top 15 Mistakes WWE Continues to Make Over and Over Again

“We learn from our mistakes.” … You have probably heard this said countless times throughout your lifetime. The hapless and eternally hopeful fools that continue clinging on to the idea that tomorrow

“We learn from our mistakes.” … You have probably heard this said countless times throughout your lifetime. The hapless and eternally hopeful fools that continue clinging on to the idea that tomorrow will bring about something better to their miserable lives. The cheaters who believe in redemption and the criminals who believe in salvation. They have all “learned” from their mistakes.

The truth about mistakes is that they are going to happen regardless of how cautious one lives or how diligent one performs. Mistakes are often haunting; a consistent reminder of ignorance, recklessness, or simple youth and naivete. Mistakes are often repeated as well. That girl at the bar wasn't a mistake; she was a lustful acquisition and now you're off to find a new prospect while ensuring your significant other that it will “never happen again.”

It's all right to make a mistake if you own your indiscretion as hiding behind the problem will only make it worse. The cowardice in you must not overtake the rational being. Of course, most people we know chose the former over the latter as it often poses as an easy way out of a bad situation. Once again, we are products of our environment. Decency is all but dead and humanity is is hard-pressed to find something – anything at all – left to latch onto as it attempts to move forward and search for some sense of stability.

Such are the mistakes of human kind … humans like Vince McMahon and those in power over at the WWE where mistakes are made constantly in regards to storylines, pushes, and the overall direction of the product. And of course, they never “learn” from these mistake as they continue to surface on a regular basis.

These are the top 15 mistakes WWE continues to make over and over again:

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15 Bolstering Big Show 


Big Show's time really has passed. However, the WWE will not come to terms with the fact that their beloved giant is aging, aching, and irrelevant. They can throw him in the ring with Brock Lesnar all they want, it's not going to change anything.

Did anybody really believe that Big Show was going to defeat Brock Lesnar at Madison Square Garden just weeks before Lesnar is set to step inside Hell in a Cell with The Undertaker? This was a match designed purposely for a massive F5.

Big Show was once a major player in WWE but the look of the company has changed and the big man just doesn't seems to suit its style anymore.

14 Six Being Better Than Four 


In his recent podcast with Edge and Christian, Stone Cold Steve Austin and the legendary tag team touched based on the current tag team situation in WWE. Austin would go on to state that he much more enjoys the traditional two-on-two tag team scenario as opposed to three-on-three matches. Great point.

Six man tag team contests are a constant on Raw and SmackDown; seemingly every week each show produces its share of crowded tag team matches. This often leads to limiting one performer while waiting for the "hot tag."

Not to say that six man tag matches shouldn't exist within the system, just not as often. Sometimes tradition truly trumps all.

13 Their Use of Little People 

If you think Hornswoggle and El Torito are anything more than bad stereotypes designed for cheap laughs then you are sadly mistaken. Little people dressed as leprechauns and bulls are no longer funny.

Times have changed and what was once considered a sideshow-style act in the world of professional wrestling is no longer welcomed. However, the use of little people continues on in WWE.

What's the payoff? A laugh? Let it go, WWE.

12 Weddings 


Wedding angle are usually lame ... Recently, WWE planted the wedding seed between Rusev and Summer Rae which will hopefully not come to fruition. Wedding angles - especially the wedding itself - are always awkward and not all that interesting.

All right, "Macho Man" Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth may be the exception to the rule but that was a long time ago and was considered to be something fresh storyline wise. Nowadays, it's the same repetitive angle: the wedding is usually crashed and chaos quickly ensues.

Weddings are an expensive, stressful, and outdated concept and the fans don't want to watch WWE weddings.

11 The Announce Table 


As it pertains to WWE history, no other announce team will ever compare to Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler. They were the duo to hear when tuning into WWE programming; and now that dynamic is gone.

If you know enough about wrestling and how the announce table is run, you will know that Vince McMahon feeds lines to his announcers from the back, bad lines most of the time as McMahon has no idea what is cool in 2015.

Byron Saxton is a prop, JBL is the modern and more tame heel announcer, and Michael Cole is ... Michael Cole. To make it simple: the announcing in WWE sucks but that's the way its going to stay.

10 Tag Team Toss-Ups 


Too many times tag teams are simply tossed together and sent forth into the WWE tag team division. If you take a good look at the current state of tag team competition in WWE, it is not that strong.

The return of The Dudley Boyz have provided a much needed shake up of the tag team division but it is not enough to rely on remnants of a past generation to come back and make tag team wrestling feel exciting again.

WWE continues to mismanage their tag team talent. Actual tag team talent are meant to work as a unit and not just thrown together for the sake of new contenders.

9 The McMahons 


Obviously, keeping the McMahon family out and/or away from WWE storylines is an impossible task. It's their company, their choice, their overdone mistakes that continue to peak into programming.

The McMahons have taken part in some of the most memorable WWE storylines ever but sometimes overstay their welcome. The fans know the McMahons well enough to know how quickly their presence grows stale.

Perhaps a new means of authority is the way to go moving forward? Give the people something/someone they haven't seen before.

8 Dancing 


Monday Night Raw is not a nightclub; it's a place where the best performers arrive to chase titles and dreams. The dancing is disintegrating the product. The ring is for fighting not funk.

While WWE is not the only promotion guilty of the dancing gimmick (WCW) it continues to pump out pompous characters with the need to move ... in a non-wrestling capacity. It can prove rather frustrating.

Think about the poor saps backstage who are told they are going to have to dance out in front of the live crowd. Their dreams of headlining WrestleMania are immediately crushed.

7 Money in the Bank Cash-Ins


Looking back at every WWE Superstar who has successfully cashed-in a Money in the Bank contract, Seth Rollins' current WWE World Heavyweight Championship reign stands out as the best.

Most successful cash-ins have lead to unsuccessful runs as champion. CM Punk may have pieced together a 434 day reign as WWE Champion but both of Punk's World Heavyweight Championship reigns - following a cash-in - were mediocre are best.

Whenever Sheamus cashes-in - should he actually win the title - there remains a distinct possibility that his reign will be short and quickly forgotten.

6 The Rise, Fall, and Resurrection of the Diva 


The days of Trish Stratus and Lita were certainly golden times for women in a WWE wrestling ring. However, the next generation of Divas would take the division (not entirely their fault) to its lowest place ever.

The current "Divas Revolution" remains promising but has that certain eerie feeling creeping up behind the movement. How long will this really last? The WWE have a way of messing with the women and ruining their potential and spots.

NXT seems to be the place for actual female wrestling; which could prove to be a double-edge sword as the "Revolution" can quickly be demoted from a main roster movement to an NXT exclusive.

5 Intercontinental Inconsistency 


When Daniel Bryan won the Intercontinental Championship at this year's WrestleMania, he was supposed to do for the title what John Cena has done for the United States Championship but obviously this was prevented due to injury.

For a number of years now, the Intercontinental Championship has felt like close to meaningless. Superstars such as Wade Barrett, The Miz, and Dolph Ziggler have held the gold and sparked brief excitement, only to have that excitement quickly extinguished.

The current holder of the Intercontinental Championship is Kevin Owens; a man who has attracted great interest in recent months and will hopefully bring some passion and pride back to I.C. title picture.

4 Careless Comedy 


At its core, WWE is a wrestling-themed entertainment company. The need to focus on the entertainment aspect of their programming is understandable. Raw and SmackDown can be dramatic at times and comical at others.

However, the WWE brand of comedy is quite often a bad joke. The storyline writers are not comedy writers and it shows. The Superstars are not comedians and its shows all well. Of course, there have been a select few throughout the years with the natural ability of making people laugh.

If you go back a ways to the Monday Night Raw before Survivor Series 2001, you will find a fantastic and genuinely funny sing-a-long segment between Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. It may have worked for Austin/Rock but it doesn't work for everybody.

3 Part Time Players 


Sure, everybody loves seeing the likes of Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker, Sting, and The Rock but whenever these guys are around, too much focus is placed on the boys of past and taken away from the boys of the future.

This is a mistake because sooner or later, these part time performers - who are all aging - will be unable to step inside the ring and do their thing; and then what happens? Who will fill that void?

The WrestleMania trend of recent years has placed more emphasis on the part timers rather than the current stars of the company.

2 Altering/Halting a Push 


Far too often, a certain buzz begins to make its rounds about a certain Superstar who is said to be "the next big thing" (Yes, much like Brock Lesnar). And, in the beginning, it would appear truthful until WWE change their mind.

Superstars who started out one way can quickly find themselves involved in a character shift; taking away all credibility built prior to the transition. Take Wade Barrett for example and his shift from leader of The Nexus, to a conveyor of bad news, to a king.

A Superstar's push can also get "placed on hold." Which really means, cut off. In this case, take a look at Dolph Ziggler and his recent years in WWE.

1 Pushing the Wrong Guy  


For this finally entry, we could go back through the generations/eras of WWE but let's keep it relevant and head back to the beginning of this year and the main event push of Roman Reigns.

You heard the reaction at the Royal Rumble and you know who everybody truly wanted in the main event of WrestleMania (It was Daniel Bryan, in case you are unaware). However, the WWE put their muscle behind Roman Reigns and pushed as hard as they could.

The end result? Roman Reigns left California as the loser of a WrestleMania main event.

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Top 15 Mistakes WWE Continues to Make Over and Over Again