Top 15 Most Annoying People in WWE Right Now

"People can change anything they want to; and that means everything in the world." - Joe Strummer

The late and legendary punk rocker was right in a sense. People do indeed have the power to change anything. People can change their immediate surroundings for the better by contributing to community issues. People can change the structure of our political systems. People can change the dire circumstances of those who live in extreme poverty. However, people can't change themselves.

Conformity is that much more comfortable than change, which is why so many people fear the idea of something new. People are stuck in their ways and sometimes they don't even realize just how mundane their lives have become. Suddenly everything remains the same. Each day is a pattern of routine and even the weekends become usual as people sit at the same bar ordering the same drink and engaging in the same conversation.

This is how people become annoying. Repetition is dull and the same old things get boring. Friends begin to notice little quirks about each other that causes one to get on the other's nerves. Couples fall hard from cute to careful as they try their best not to tip-toe around situations and literally avoid each other thanks to the annoyance that is now their relationship begging the question: "is it time for a change?"

Taking that first step towards change can prove difficult, scary, and heartbreaking but sometimes one must leave their world behind in order to truly discover the world. Of course, there are many restless souls who dream these wayward dreams only to leave them in their slumber; place them on hold for a later date until suddenly these young hopefuls are too old to dream.

Today, we take a look at the WWE, where many restless wrestlers find themselves chasing a dream and a goal. However, some of these performers possess personalities that are less than tolerable.

These are the top 15 most annoying people in WWE right now:

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15 Big Show 

via WWE.com

It's that time of year again on the WWE calendar where Big Show is positioned as a "favorite" to win the Royal Rumble; which of course will not be happening when the event takes place in Orlando.

Through no fault of his own, Big Show has become annoying to watch. What are the odds that a group of men will attempt to throw Show over the top rope during the Royal Rumble only to be scattered away? Same situation every year.

Let's be clear: it's not Paul Wight (real name), it is Big Show that has become annoying.

14 The Miz 

via sparxentertainment.com

The Miz has always been annoying. However, there was once a time when The Miz and his personality seemed as though it would get over. In fact, The Miz even found his way to the WWE Championship.

Since this one run with glory, The Miz has not done much in WWE. The talk show known as "Miz TV" may have worked much better pre-PG Era when interviews would have been more controversial and something akin to the "Highlight Reel."

The Miz is now simply annoying to watch while on television wearing his high-end threads and acting like a movie star.

13 Paige 

via dailywrestlingnews.com

Fans may have never found Paige to be so annoying had they not seen her take part on Total Divas. Initially, Paige was cool and provided a new edge to the faltering Divas Division.

However, there is something about her real life personality - which is displayed on Total Divas - that quickly calmed that cool factor. Paige has some solid in-ring ability and the good looks needed to survive in the shallow world of WWE, but she can be annoying.

In a world where everyone thinks they're a "rebel," few actually prevail. Rebels don't participate in reality television.

12 Bo Dallas 

via bleacherreport.com

It has become blatantly clear that nobody wants to be a "Bo-Liever." However, Bo Dallas continues on with his inspirational gimmick, a gimmick that has more than run its course and is about ready to disappear.

The concept and the character were both annoying from the very beginning with no real payoff coming for Bo Dallas other than a couple of beatings thrown his way courtesy of The Rock and Brock Lesnar.

How much longer will Bo Dallas spread his message throughout the WWE Universe?

11 Mojo Rawley 

via gutbusterwrestling.com

According to Mojo Rawley: "he doesn't get hype, he stays hype." Oh, how hype can be annoying. Rawley is the NXT equivalent of that kid in class who everybody knew needed a dose of Ritalin.

Mojo Rawley is featured on the WWE Network series, Breaking Ground, where all the annoying characteristics of Rawley are placed on screen for fans to intake as they watch his attempt at WWE superstardom.

Mojo Rawley is the guy at the night club who doesn't realize he is too old to be at the night club. Time to hit the watering-hole pubs.

10 Byron Saxton

via sportskeeda.com

The first time many WWE fans witnessed and heard Byron Saxton on Monday Night Raw, they must have wondered: "who the hell is this guy sitting in for Jerry Lawler?" Well, that guy is the newest member of the Raw broadcast team.

What exactly does Byron Saxton add to an already annoying Monday Night Panel? Nothing but more annoyance. Who needs three announces anyway? The two man (one play-by-play and one color commentator) works just fine.

However, fans must get used to that face and voice because it would appear as though Byron Saxton is here to stay.

9 Dana Brooke 

via villains.wikia.com

Going back to Breaking Ground and another aspiring WWE talent: here we have "The Total Diva," Dana Brooke who spends much of her time in the gym with a fierce determination, which is admirable.

However, it doesn't take away from the fact that Dana Brooke is annoying. Brooke's talking head segments on the program are enough to make one switch from the Network to something else.

On top of this, Dana Brooke's NXT persona holds its own level of annoyance that just may get her somewhere, someday.

8 Xavier Woods 

via pwpnation.com

That damn trombone! The New Day as a whole display many annoying factors, which have actually helped endear them to the crowd. However, Big E is kind of funny and it is really hard to find Kofi Kingston annoying considering he is the best wrestler in the group.

This leaves Xavier Woods and his squeaky voice and ... that damn trombone! It is also annoying to see Woods constantly on the outside looking in as he competes the least out of the trio.

New Day rocks? Perhaps for some. New Day sucks? Perhaps for many more. Is Xavier Woods annoying? YES!

7 Nikki Bella 

via dailyddt.com

The materialistic girlfriend of John Cena. The longest reigning Divas Champion in history. One of the main stars of Total Divas. We speak of course of Nikki Bella, the less annoying Bella Twin.

While watching a scene with Nikki Bella on Total Divas, the senses are automatically shaken as the Diva consistently finds a way to annoy viewers. The lavish lifestyle of Nikki Bella is pure lunacy.

Sorry, Dana Brooke but Nikki Bella is the true "Total Diva" and will continue this reign into the future.

6 Stardust

via ringsidenews.com

The Cosmic Energy of Stardust is running on low. Why not bring back Cody Rhodes? Here we had a strong wrestler with solid mic skills and plenty of potential. Instead, we have Goldust for the PG Era.

The promos, the entrance, the mannerisms: they are all annoying and need to stop. Stardust didn't get over and that is not going to change any time soon. However, an improved version of Cody Rhodes just might.

Star power is certain not in the foreseeable future for Stardust, who is close to fading away entirely.

5 Eva Marie 

via zap2it.com

There are many things about Eva Marie that one would find annoying. As a wrestling fan, one would instantly notice the lack of in-ring ability. Eva Marie is trying down in NXT but it's not working. Sure, she has improved but baby steps are not going to lead anywhere; there needs to be a leap.

Eva Marie is often criticized that her career was provided strictly based on her looks and perhaps this is true, but such is the nature of the beast.

4 Michael Cole

via attackofthefanboy.com

Michael Cole is currently the voice of WWE, like it or not. Cole has been with the company for quite some time and was not handed his spot at the announce desk. Although, the shoes left to fill were huge.

In reality, whomever was in line to replace Jim Ross was never going to live up to his standards and while Michael Cole has some redeeming qualities, his performance at the table is often a cause of great annoyance.

Keep in mind that Michael Cole is fed lines through his headset, but it is still his voice delivering those lines and causing annoyance.

3 Cameron

via wrestling-jat.wikia.com

Cameron has been annoying figure in WWE since her time on Tough Enough. When host "Stone Cold" Steve Austin asked Ariane (real name) her favourite match of all time, her answer was infuriating.

Looking into the eyes of the "Texas Rattlesnake," Ariane would state that her favorite match of all time was a bout between Melina and Alicia Fox. Needless to say, she was cut from the competition.

However, Ariane/Cameron would find her way into WWE as both a competition and a cast member on Total Divas, annoying all the while.

2 Mr. McMahon

via WWE.com

Does the Mr. McMahon character seem out of place in modern storylines? That's because McMahon is now a completely unnecessary part of WWE programming. The leading male role now belongs to Triple H.

Whenever Mr. McMahon appears, there is an initial pop followed by a suitable annoyance as McMahon has lost many steps along the way. McMahon's delivery seems off these days as his on-screen persona continues to deteriorate.

1 Brie Bella 

via pinterest.com

Where to begin with Brie Bella? How about her walk to the ring where she holds an index finger high in the air throughout her entrance? There is something smug about the whole scene.

How about her in-ring work? The scream of "Brie Mode" resembles that of a screeching cat. And how about the fact that Brie Bella uses Daniel Bryan kicks to illicit a reaction from the live audience?

What about Brie Bella's love of the environment? This pretentious stance is made clear on Total Divas while real environmentalist are out in the trenches and unnoticed while fighting for change.

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