Top 15 Most Attractive Second Generation Wrestlers Of All Time

A large percentage of wrestlers are second generation stars. It only makes sense that someone who grew up watching/idolizing a parent in the business would want to grow up to be just like them. Being a wrestler appears to be an exciting life to a child.

Wrestling makes a normal athlete look like a larger-than-life Superstar. Anyone growing up and seeing the glitz and glamour the lifestyle of wrestling seemingly provides is going to think about having that for themselves. In some cases, it has worked out extraordinarily well, but in many others, the opposite is true. One only needs to look at David Flair to see how far an apple can fall from the tree. Ric Flair's apple tree is also a very intimidating one to be compared to. Some of David's siblings would figure things out better than he would, of course.

Second generation female stars tend to have things better than their male counterparts. While the sons of famous pro wrestlers are often compared to their fathers, the same doesn't happen as much for females (though it still does occur). On this list, there are only two second-generation female wrestlers who had a mother that was a wrestler, though we could see that trend change in the next generation. Here are the 15 hottest second generation wrestlers, enjoy!

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15 Natalya

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Natalya is the hottest possible female who could have been born having Jim "the Anvil" Neidhart as their father. Genetics have never been stretched so far. She can also wrestle on par with her father, and some argue, even better. In terms of stroking her goatee and cackling, however, the Anvil is still far superior to his daughter.

As of this writing, Natalya is now the SmackDown Women's Champion. It's just the second time in her WWE career that she has won a championship. Natalya is far more valuable to the company than her on-screen role suggests. Over the years, Natalya has become something of a player-coach for other women on the roster.

Budding bachelors will not like to hear that Natalya is off the market, and in fact was never really on it. Natalya and Tyson Kidd have been together since they were kids. The couple married in 2013.

14 Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair has become arguably as the biggest name in the current Women's Division. She looks far better than her father Ric ever did and wrestling fans are grateful for that.

Charlotte didn't even decide to get into wrestling until she was 26, which considering the success she has had is pretty amazing. Who knows where the Women's Divisions would be without Charlotte these days? Although they would still have Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Bayley and others, Charlotte gives the division that big name power.

Her wrestling career isn't the only thing Charlotte has taken from her father. At only 31 years old she has already been married and divorced twice. She was also once believed to be dating Alberto Del Rios, so perhaps it can be said that Charlotte doesn't make the best decisions in her personal life....

13 "Baby Beefcake" Alana Leslie

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Daughter of Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake, Alana Leslie is signed to Jersey Championship Wrestling, and she is much more aesthetically pleasing than her father.

Earlier this summer, Hulk Hogan tweeted out that Alana was starting her first day at a new job in a hospital. Alana tweeted back a thank you and referred to him as her "uncle". She is also dating a hockey prospect Cam Askew, who currently plays in the QMJHL.

Alana is still young and appears to be working on a degree at the moment as well, so her wrestling dream might still be a few years away. The future looks bright for this stunner, however, so long as she doesn't try to revive her father's old Zodiac gimmick. There is currently no word on whether or not Kevin Sullivan will try to recruit her into the Dungeon of Doom.

12 Carmella

Oh you didn't know Carmella is a second generation wrestler did you? Very few people do actually.

Carmella's father, Paul Van Dale, worked as a jobber for WWE back when jobbers were a little more useful. Perhaps this helps explain Carmella's fondness for James Ellsworth; he reminds her of her dad maybe? Actually, Paul Van Dale was far from the type of jobber James Ellsworth is. PVD (he was never called that) lost to wrestlers like the Big Bossman, Owen Hart and once even Papa Shango.

Carmella has really come into her own as a performer in 2017. Gone are the days when she was simply the valet for Big Cass and Enzo. Out of the three of them, Carmella may even have the brightest future. As the first women's Money in the Bank briefcase holder, it could be only a matter of time before Carmella is the new SmackDown Live Women's Champion.

11 Shaul Guerrero

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The oldest daughter of Eddie and Vickie Guerrero abruptly left WWE developmental in 2014 at only 23 years of age. She performed under the name Raquel Diaz, and once won the Florida Championship Wrestling Women's Title during a period the promotion was part of WWE Developmental.

In an interview she would give with Pro Wrestling Insider years later, Shaul stated she left WWE in order to go to rehab for an eating disorder. She said that her coach in developmental, Joey Mercury, noticed something was off about her and convinced her to go into rehab. She has seemingly chosen not to go back to WWE in the three years since.

While in WWE, Shaul met and began a relationship with Aiden English. The couple married in January of 2016. He probably sang at the wedding.

10 Paige


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Hard to pass up Paige in a hot second generation wrestler list. While she looks great in the ring and outside of it, WWE fans have hardly got to see her at all over the last year.

A shoulder injury took Paige out of the game in 2016, and a tumultuous romance with Alberto El Patron has been the main story in her life ever since. The 25-year-old is the daughter of Ricky Knight and Sweet Saraya. Her brothers are both wrestlers as well. Paige even feuded with her mother briefly in the all-women promotion, SHIMMER. At one point in the angle, Sweet Saraya disowned her own daughter. Paige and her mother would have a No DQ match (Paige won) to blow-off their feud. How weird must it have been for her to wrestle her own mother?

As of this writing, Paige is prepping for her WWE return.

9 Samantha Starr

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Older NWA fans will be happy to know that the daughter of Baby Doll is currently on the independents. Mikala Smith wrestles under the name Samantha Starr. She's the daughter of Sam Houston and Baby Doll. She is also Jake "The Snake" Roberts' niece. Jake and Sam Houston are half-brothers as they were both fathered by Grizzly Smith. The stories surrounding Grizzly Smith and his relationship with his family are not pleasant as we mentioned earlier.

While the Smith family lineage has a dark and disturbing past it has also created some great wrestlers, and Samantha Starr appears to be the newest one. She spends most of her time wrestling on indies in the Northeast, with a lot of shows in Pennsylvania for Vicious Outcast Wrestling.

Samantha's mother, Baby Doll, was the original "Perfect 10" in wrestling with all due respect to Tye Dillinger. She was inducted into the National Wrestling Alliance Hall of Heroes in 2016.

8 Rachael Ellering

The daughter of Hall of Fame manager Paul Ellering is currently one of the more highly toured female prospects on the independent scene. There are some who can't seem to understand why she hasn't received a full-time contract with WWE just yet.

She competed in the Mae Young Classic and has been on NXT several times. She's the daughter of an NXT manager and is currently dating Kassius Ohno, a top NXT Superstar. What exactly has to happen for Rachel Ellering to end up in NXT?

Rachel also appeared for Global Force Wrestling/Impact Wrestling/TNA back in March. WWE might just be biding their time with Rachel, but eventually, she will end up in the promotion. It just wouldn't make sense otherwise.

7 Lacey Von Erich

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31-year-old Lacey Von Erich is the daughter of the late Kerry Von Erich. Despite seeing what wrestling did to her family, she opted to go into the business herself when she was old enough.

She was signed to a WWE developmental deal in 2007 when she was still only 21-years-old. The company released her from the deal later that same year. Lacey blew fans away with her appearance but underwhelmed significantly in the ring. Considering WWE put Eva Marie in the ring on television, it makes one wonder how bad Lacey had to be to look as good as she does and still get released.

In 2010, while signed to TNA, Lacey up and quit the business. She was still only in her mid-20s at the time. Lacey now runs an advertising agency and has two sons.

6 Kayla Armstrong

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Kayla Armstrong is the daughter of WWE referee Scott Armstrong and the niece of Road Dogg. Her wrestling dreams are currently on hold, however, as she's expecting her first child this January.

Kayla received a WWE tryout in 2012, but apparently, nothing came of it. Her Twitter feed shows she's followed by several WWE Superstars, including Natalya, Sasha Banks and Paige. Those are some pretty big names to have in your corner if she looks to make another attempt at WWE fame later in her career.

The Armstrong family is an odd one to be born into. The "Armstrong Curse" was a widely-used term to describe the many Armstrong brothers who would work as jobbers or otherwise lose matches. It wouldn't be until the late 90s that Road Dogg would break the curse by actually doing well in story.

5 Jessie Belle Smothers

This Southern Belle is the daughter of Tracy Smothers. While Smothers' history in the business is long and successful, he's possibly best remembered for his run in ECW as a member of the Full Blooded Italians. Smothers is not Italian, but neither were most of the members.

The 32-year-old Jessie Belle is currently wrestling in Ohio Valley Wrestling. In her last match, she unsuccessfully challenged for the promotion's Women's Championship. Don't feel bad for her though, she has won the title on 11 other occasions.

She's also spent some time as a valet, even managing her father at one point. Her storyline sister, Izza Belle Smothers, is actually not related to the family.

Jessica would also wrestle for SHINE, a popular all-women independent. It's not altogether clear why WWE has never given her a shot despite doing so well for herself in two highly respected organizations.

4 Cheerleader Melissa

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Lucha Underground fans will know Cheerleader Melissa better as Mariposa, the deranged sister of Marty "The Moth" Martinez. When you take off all that stuff on her, there's an attractive woman underneath! She's a heck of a wrestler too.

Her father, Doug Anderson, was a wrestler in the Southwest while Melissa was a kid. Growing up, she grew an appreciation for her father's line of work and decided to go into herself. Although she had a brief run in TNA, she's wrestled mainly for independents such as SHINE and SHIMMER.

The 35-year-old is a 13 year veteran in the sport, although she seems to just now be getting the respect she deserves. If Lucha Underground opts against filming season four, it would make her a free agent. WWE could finally come calling if that is the case.

3 Rockin' Robin

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Wait don't scroll to the next one just yet! Hear us out on this one...

Back before the Attitude Era, women wrestlers did not come any hotter than Rockin Robin. She was a true blue babyface woman. Rockin Robin even defeated Sensational Sherri for the WWF Women's Championship on July 24th, 1987. It ended Sherri's 441 days with the title. Robin would be the last woman to hold the belt until it was declared inactive. Three years later it would be resurrected and won by Alundra Blazye.

Unfortunately for Robin, she's the daughter of Grizzly Smith, making Jake Roberts and Sam Houston her brothers. In interviews years later, Robin would claim her father sexually abused her from an early age. Her accusations were consistent with other claims regarding Smith. Robin received the Women's Wrestling Award from the prestigious Cauliflower Alley Club in 2011.

2 Tessa Blanchard

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Tessa Blanchard is a smoke-show gorgeous free agent wrestler and daughter of 4-Horseman member, Tully Blanchard.

She is currently dating Ricochet, who is believed to be WWE bound once his contract with Lucha Underground expires. There are some who believe WWE will wait to sign Tessa until they are also ready to sign Ricochet, figuring they can possibly get them each a little cheaper perhaps.

One slightly worrisome thing about Tessa, however, is that once you see Tully's face in hers you can't unsee it. At that point, she simply becomes Tully Blanchard if he was a hot 22-year-old female. It just throws the whole thing off.

Oddly enough, Tessa's step-father is her father's longtime rival, Magnum T.A. Tessa's mother ended up marrying Magnum after her and Tully got divorced. Funny world.

1 Stephanie McMahon

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Admit it, you find Stephanie McMahon kind of attractive. She might not be the typical beauty pageant winner but Stephanie McMahon has a lot going on for her.

At 41 Stephanie has got that successful, powerful woman thing going on. How much of that is an act and how much of that is really her may never be truly known.

While much is made of Triple H's climb up the corporate ladder through marriage very little is mentioned about how Stephanie gained through the union. By marrying a top star who Vince was fond of, Stephanie all of a sudden made herself more valuable than Shane. Her brother was the only person Stephanie needed to step over to get the position in the company she now has. Shane McMahon left the company for years. It's not hard to see what went on there. Don't ever play a Game of Thrones with Stephanie, she's the original Cersei.

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