Top 15 Most Boring WWE Superstars Today

Being a successful World Wrestling Entertainment Superstar takes a lot more than just a good physique and an ability to work well inside of a wrestling ring. A person has to be able to entertain audiences with the promos that they cut both behind the scenes and in front of crowds at arenas. It is also a benefit if that person is talented enough to execute more than just a handful of moves during matches. Granted, John Cena may not be the greatest worker in the world, but Cena has done well to expand his repertoire from his “moves of doom” and gain respect from some fans who had booed him in the past.

For every Cena, there are numerous examples of wrestlers who have not been able to get themselves over with crowds for one reason or another. Some, no disrespect intended, were simply not all that good during programs such as Raw and during pay-per-view events. In other cases, there have been perceptions that those running the WWE have shoved acts down the throats of fans regardless of how customers felt about those performers. This has understandably resulted in those of us who make up the WWE Universe rebelling against those particular wrestlers.

An example of fans turning on a wrestler who is supposed to be a babyface and beloved among audiences is the man who won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 32. Not only is that wrestler somewhat boring during his matches, his promos fall somewhere between boring and “dude, you really need to stop talking in front of live crowds,” and there are some fans who are going to refuse to accept this individual unless the WWE turns him heel. Maybe, in time, he will become one of the top stars in the company. That seems like a quite a stretch, however, as of April 2016.

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15 Nia Jax

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The concern with Nia Jax is not just that she is a boring character on NXT shows. What is worrisome is that Nia Jax has not improved from when she first emerged in NXT as an unstoppable monster who could possibly defeat Bayley and win the women's championship. Jax serving as the bodyguard for Eva Marie has been fine, but it has also prevented Jax from getting better while in the developmental system. Jax has a unique look that could serve her well on the main roster, but she has a long ways to go before she becomes even slightly entertaining enough to appear on shows like Raw.

14 Tamina

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The problem with Tamina is not necessarily that she is a boring performer. It is that she has become a nothing character who is involved in boring matches when she does wrestle and who is forgettable when she is given time on the microphone. We wouldn't go so far as to say that the WWE needs to give up on Tamina because we aren't all that sure that the company has given her much to work with when compared with the likes of "The Four Horsewomen.” Could Tamina be a star? Maybe, but this boring version of herself has go to go away as quickly as possible.

13 Sheamus

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There have been times when it seemed as if Sheamus could be a fun heel if the WWE would remove the figurative leash and let him do more than cut generic and boring promos. Go watch him sing “You'll Never Walk Alone” in front of a Manchester audience if you don't believe me. The Sheamus character, who is a big strong guy, who is slow inside of the ring and who leads the awful League of Nations stable is not doing anybody any favours, and one could argue that his current role in the WWE is holding Sheamus back from being a superstar.

12 Alberto Del Rio

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You have to wonder if Alberto Del Rio questions his decision to return to the WWE. Well, he probably doesn't because of the money that he was paid to restart his WWE career, but the guy cannot be all that happy with what the company has done to the character. Del Rio was once one of the more charismatic members of the WWE, but he has now been turned into a boring wrestler who hardly ever cuts promos, who has a terrible foot-stomp finishing move and who is in one of the worst groups created by the WWE in a long time. Del Rio could still be something in the WWE, but only if the company allows him to evolve.

11 Ryback

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Ryback's promos are boring and seemingly go on forever. The matches that Ryback has are often no good and Ryback is (allegedly) sometimes careless and dangerous when in the ring. We are not uneducated regarding the WWE and thus we understand exactly why certain people who work in the company continue to put “The Big Guy” in championship feuds. It has been years since Ryback was seen as a future star by some WWE fans and there are good reasons to explain why Ryback never got to that next level. It isn't happening, WWE. Let's all move on.

10 Tyler Breeze

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We absolutely blame the WWE for Tyler Breeze turning into a boring character who only shows up on WWE television when he is about to take a loss to somebody else. Breeze could have at least been used to cut heel promos and feud with midcard babyfaces while he was involved in entertaining matches that kept us glued to our TVs. Instead, those responsible for calling the shots found it wise to bury Breeze almost as quickly as he was introduced to the main roster. Please send Breeze back to NXT, WWE. At least Breeze was fun in NXT and he was treated like a potential star.

9 Stardust

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OK, WWE. We get it. Stardust is this wacky villain ripped from comic books and presented in real life. The gimmick wasn't all that great to begin with and it is now responsible for boring television segments that essentially scream “you guys can change the channel or use the restroom if you feel like you want a break.” Unlike some others on the list, we see no hope for the Stardust character. Perhaps the company could come up with something different and special for Cody Rhodes. We won't be holding our breaths, though, because we have seen how Rhodes has been treated by the company over the years.

8 Paige

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Things were fun and easy when Paige was the “Anti-Diva” who was not a reality television star who was advertised to be a better wrestler than anybody else in the women's division. Those days are gone, however, and Paige is now just one of the many women who make appearances on Raw and SmackDown. It has not helped Paige's cause that the WWE seemingly cannot decide if Paige should be a heel or a babyface. Perhaps the company could allow Paige to play the character that she portrayed in NXT when she was as over among fans as she has ever been while working for the WWE.

7 Triple H 

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We have a massive request to make to Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Vince McMahon and everybody else working for the WWE. Please, for the love of whatever religions you believe in, please leave the heel authority figures off of WWE television for the foreseeable future. Triple H can still be entertaining every now and again, but his role as the evil bad guy who constantly reminded us how much our lives sucked and that he and his family run the company is beyond played out and boring. WWE programming has been so fresh without “The Authority.” Keep it that way.

6 The Undertaker

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We mean no disrespect to the WWE legend and we absolutely appreciate all that The Undertaker has given us over his decades of service. With that out of the way, we all have to stop pretending that The Undertaker has not become maybe the most boring casual performer in the WWE today. It makes no sense that The Undertaker would, in storyline, continue to return to WrestleMania cards. Yes, The Undertaker's entrances are still awesome to behold, but that is where the fun ends. It is rumored that The Undertaker worked his last match at WrestleMania 32. Thanks for everything, The Undertaker, but don't hurry back.

5 Dolph Ziggler

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The shine is off of the apple as it pertains to Dolph Ziggler. Yes, we get that Ziggler is able to sell like a champ and we know that he is supposedly "The Show Off.” The show is over and the Ziggler character that has become boring and nearly useless needs a change and fast. What is probably the biggest shame of all is that Ziggler likely could have been something bigger and better had the WWE protected the wrestler and not booked him to look like a midcard guy who could disappear without anybody realizing it. Now, unfortunately, we are not sure if there is any hope for Ziggler.

4 Baron Corbin

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We include Baron Corbin in a piece about the most boring WWE superstars in 2016 with a note that he could work himself off of the list before the end of the year. There is hope for the version of the Corbin character who hates “indy darlings” and who beats up on crowd favorites such as Dolph Ziggler. Corbin's live promo skills are still very much a work in progress, however, and Corbin is probably never going to be responsible for a four-star match, let alone an instant classic. We hope that the best of the Corbin character is yet to come and that he will be able to eliminate the boring aspects of the gimmick.

3 Apollo Crews

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Apollo Crews is nothing short of incredible in the ring. Crews can be a dominant powerhouse and he is also gifted enough that he can perform perfect standing moonsaults with ease. The problem with the Crews character is that he is completely boring and bland because the WWE has not done much with him other than have him win. The promos that Crews has cut in NXT and on WWE shows have been entirely missable. Even the hype videos that the WWE has shown to try to get Crews over have not done him many favours. Crews has a great look and he could be a big star. Right now, however, the character is just not working.

2 Bray Wyatt

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You have really have got to hand it to those in charge of WWE Creative. They took Bray Wyatt, one of the most intriguing superstars that the company has presented to fans in many years, and made him a boring version of his original self in a brief amount of time. Wyatt's promos are now endless and they do nothing to draw any money. The matches that Wyatt has are forgettable. The truth of the matter is that WWE writers can only blame themselves for Wyatt becoming so boring so quickly, because the guy potentially could have been the next Undertaker-esque character, had he been protected in storylines.

1 Roman Reigns

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He's not a bad guy. He's not a good guy. He's a boring guy. The guy hand-picked by the WWE to be the next top babyface and the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion. In defense of Roman Reigns, it is not entirely his fault that some WWE fans have turned on him and decided that they are going to boo Reigns out of the building whenever he emerges from behind the curtain. Perhaps the WWE would be smart to turn Reigns heel or maybe he will never get over with some fans regardless of what the company does with him. The hope is that Reigns will, in time, find his own voice and no longer be viewed as one of the most boring “top” superstars the WWE has pushed in some time.

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