Top 15 Most Controversial Divas in WWE History

Would you enjoy a world void of controversy? It may seem like something pleasant for a while but it sure would get boring. Controversy not only sparks conversation but can also lead to great change.

Where would rock and roll be if Elvis Presley never gyrated his hips many years ago? Compared to what we see nowadays in scantily clad music videos lacking any real talent or integrity, Elvis seems entirely tame. However, the times were much different and Conservative America couldn't bear the thought of their children watching this young musician shaking his hips.

As it pertains to the wrestling industry - in the words of Eric Bischoff: "controversy creates cash." If you know anything at all about Bischoff and his willingness to shun every professional wrestling tradition in order to make WCW the superior brand then you know that his statement is entirely true. Bischoff created a new and prosperous WCW straight from controversy ... before the company self-imploded.

When it comes to Vince McMahon and WWE, they too are no strangers to controversy. McMahon has been accused in the past of stealing ideas directly from ECW - the most controversial wrestling brand of them all - but that's a story for another day. Even if McMahon was using these Extreme Ideas, they were now being displayed on a larger stage and for an even larger audience.

The WWE has since gone PG but there are still controversies to be found beneath the perceived "squeaky-clean" product. The WWE is rooted in sleaze and will never entirely shed that last layer of filth. And it's not just the boys in boots and trunks. Many controversies have come directly from the female side of the company; which is the focus of our article today: the Divas who have ignited fiery conversation through controversy.

These are the top 15 most controversial Divas in WWE history:

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15 Kelly Kelly 

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You may recall Kelly Kelly as the "exhibitionist" of the WWE-ECW brand. "Extreme Expose" was more-or-less a striptease segment which never actually involved any nudity. However, that is not the controversy surrounding Kelly.

The blonde bombshell whose real name is Barbara Blank and known as "Barbie" is the closest to a real-life Barbie WWE has ever produced; and damn, have they tried. However, Kelly would develop a reputation.

14 Carmella DeCesare 

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Carmella DeCesare ... does that name not ring a bell? It's all right. DeCesare and her brief stint in WWE is more than forgettable. However, in the short time she spent with the company, DeCesare certainly caused some controversy.

The year was 2004 and WWE was holding the "Divas Search." This is when Carmella DeCesare - a Playmate - was introduced to the WWE audience. While she did not win the competition, she would find employment with the company for a short period of time.

Carmella DeCesare was eventually let go by WWE as it became blatantly obvious that the model was simply searching for a platform in which to gain more attention... and not the right kind.

13 Mickie James 

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At the end of the day, Mickie James is going to go down as one of the greatest Divas in WWE history. James is a former five-time Women's Champion as well as a former Divas Champion. However, James' accomplishments are often overlooked.

In terms of character, Mickie James debuted with controversy; posing as an obsessed Trish Stratus fan with a borderline sexual attraction. During their match at WrestleMania 22, James would grab Stratus' before simulating an oral gesture to the crowd.

However, even this will not topple Mickie James biggest controversy: her affair with John Cena. This act of deceit has been well-documented and will continue to follow James around.

12 Luna Vachon 

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There are many names thrown around in regards to who truly changed the look of the WWE Diva. One name often left out is Luna Vachon, an originator of odd during a period possess by princesses.

Luna Vachon rocked a Mohawk hairdo, with face paint, and dark garb. All this while posing as an intimidating figure and speaking in a raspy, almost nightmarish voice. Vachon was a haunting female wrestler.

The idea of different-looking female performers in WWE would eventually caught on but for the longest time, the girls were meant to look a specific way. Luna Vachon would help alter this image.

11 The Kat 

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Stacy Carter, known in WWE as The Kat, has not left much of a legacy on the industry. However, she was once a controversial figure. How did Stacy Carter ever find her way to WWE in the first place? ... Jerry "The King" Lawler.

Even though Jerry Lawler is twenty-years Stacy Carter's senior, the couple would find themselves married in the year 2000. However, their wedded bliss was anything but eternal as their union barely lasted a year.

During their marriage, The Kat was released from WWE causing Jerry Lawler to quit the company in protest; leading to much backlash for Stacy Carter as she was viewed as the bad person responsible for the loss of "The King." On top of that, The Kat also a few moments of intentional nudity on air, which is always controversial.

10 AJ Lee 

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Would AJ Lee be welcomed back to WWE with open arms? Perhaps the company would bring her back as she would fit in well with the current Divas division but their arms would not be wide open.

AJ Lee "retired" from WWE earlier this year at the age of twenty-eight. Speculation ran rampant as many assumed that her decision was based on the status of her husband and former WWE Superstar, CM Punk.

However, AJ Lee would not leave without stirring up some controversy as the spunky Diva was also an outspoken one; quick to voice her disapproval of the Divas division and the direction in which it was heading.

9 Alundra Blayze 

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Alundra Blayze and the Women's Championship incident will remain one of the most controversial moments in wrestling history. Even though this moment occurred while Blayze was under contract with WCW, it still warrants inclusion.

In WCW, Alundra Blayze would be known as Madusa. Upon her arrival, Madusa was still in possession of the WWE Women's Championship. This would prompt Eric Bischoff to once again use controversy to his advantage.

On an episode of Monday Nitro, Madusa would literally throw the WWE Women's Championship into the trash; disgracing everything the title represented and unbeknownst to Madusa, setting back women's wrestling.

8 Lita 

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There was once a time when Lita was more exciting to watch in the ring than many of the male talents, which is a true testament to how great of a performer Lita was inside that squared-circle.

However, the eccentric Diva would find herself at a crossroads when personal issues were brought to light and suddenly all the focus shifted away from her in-ring ability and onto her love life.

The old triangular tale of Lita, Matt Hardy, and Edge. The affair that rocked the wrestling world and caused a great amount of heat for both Lita and her newfound love, Edge. It was certainly one of the more controversial love stories in WWE history.

7 Nikki Bella 

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Before we get into Nikki Bella, let's get Brie out of the way: Brie is the bland sister. The "environmentally-friendly" Diva who holds on to hippie delusion. Hippies usually don't live in million dollar homes.

Now, on to Nikki: the plastic sister. The lady of John Cena. The longest-reigning Divas Champion in WWE history. How is Nikki more controversial than Brie? Well, Brie is slightly more humble in her ignorant bliss.

As it pertains to Nikki, the obvious physical enchantments and relationship with the biggest star in WWE is always going to draw more heat; it is simply the nature of the situation.

6 Melina 

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Despite her supposed terrible backstage attitude, Melina was not a complete dud in the ring as she did possess some wrestling ability and would manage to capture the Women's Championship on three occasions and the Divas Championship twice.

Melina was said to have had problems with fellow Divas as well as a general bad attitude. While dating a fellow WWE Superstar, John Morrison (who's no longer with company), it was reported that Melina was having an affair with Batista.

The entire truth of Melina's backstage behavior is uncertain. However, even if everything proves to be false or over exaggerated, one thing is for sure: Melina has caused her share of controversy.

5 The Fabulous Moolah 

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No female wrestler has held the Women's Championship longer than The Fabulous Moolah. As one of the first prominent female figures in professional wrestling, Moolah has left an impression on the industry.

While her time precedes the "Diva Era," WWE considers The Fabulous Moolah a Diva anyway. Now then, on to some really dark controversy ... as apparently Moolah was anything but a fabulous person.

Over the years, reports have surfaced accusing The Fabulous Moolah of being a "pimp" who rented out girls she had trained to various wrestling promotions. Aside from that, reports of sexual abuse have also surfaced.

4 Eva Marie 

Do you find it bothersome that Eva Marie has been ranked so high on this list? Well, good. The secret about Marie is out: she found a way into WWE thanks to reality television and now struggles to fit the system.

The idea of Eva Marie defeating Bayley for the NXT Women's Championship had the IWC in an uproar. How could they sully the good name they have built down in NXT by giving Marie the title? (Calm down, she lost).

Eva Marie may not be much of a wrestler and she may receive a lot of hate but hey, we're the ones complaining on the internet while the All Red reality star continues to turn heads on WWE programming.

3 Sable 

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When Sable came along, things began to change in WWE ... in terms of female presentation. Sable wasn't signed to wrestle and Sable was never expected to step into the ring and put on a five-star match. Sable was eye candy.

Sable brought attention to WWE during a time when they craved viewers. WCW was getting hot. Therefore, WWE needed some hot women to help lure the eyes of teenage boys and working-class Joes.

Sable did her job and did it well. She flaunted her body around on WWE television and Playboy magazine and people paid attention. It's the old "sex sells" philosophy and it's always controversial. Will it ever be untrue?

2 Sunny 

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Some would argue that Sunny was the true originator of the sex-appeal direction in which WWE would head and perhaps that's true in some regard.

Sunny was presented as that hungry manager. That girl who wanted the men with the gold and the girl who always got exactly what she wanted. Which is something that allegedly rang true behind the curtain as well.

Everybody knows of the infamous affair between Shawn Michaels and Sunny but according to many others: there were many others and to this day, Sunny remains a hot topic of conversation.

1 Chyna 

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Yeah, it had to be Chyna. The most controversial Diva in WWE history. Why? Well, let's begin with her actual time spent in WWE. Chyna wrestled the guys, won the Intercontinental Championship, and posed for Playboy.

What about her time away from WWE? Well, Chyna has become an unfortunate trainwreck; unable to let go of her past association with Triple H while holding on to a stubborn hope that she will someday be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

In between all of this: Chyna has found the time to star in a number of adult films as the wrestling years are seemingly long gone and a thing of the past. The girl is a living embodiment of controversy.

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