Top 15 Most Dangerous Spots in WWE History

The term “spotfest” came to be created in the late 1990s in wrestling and has remained since. It refers to a battle that’s mostly built on just a bunch of falls and stunning moves although many bouts are able to rise up more than that. ECW really started the trend but WWF was quick to follow. The original Michaels/Ramon ladder match was sensational as you’d never seen two guys taking such massive bumps on a huge stage. It’s built since then thanks to Hell in the Cell and TLC battles as guys go out of their way to try and provide a terrific show. The Hardys made it their careers and others have followed for feats that really rock you.

Again, ECW had big ones and WCW as well while TNA has offered some too. But WWE is the most famous who have offered major stuff on a huge stage. PPVs are the usual place although regular shows have held a few as well to create some fantastic sights. Whether off a cage, a ladder, through tables or more, wrestlers have taken some seriously wild risks for entertainment and suffered injuries through it all. But they are still fantastic to watch even years later and marvel at the risks these men take for their jobs. Here are 15 of the biggest moments in WWE when guys risked their bodies and even lives to spark a show up more and marvel at the danger inherent in them.

15 15. Orton’s Tackful


14 14. Morrison’s Ladder Leap


13 13. Edge Spearing Jeff

12 12. Foley’s Flaming Table

11 11. Undertaker Through Tables


10 10. Vince Off the Cage

9 9. Edge AA’d Off Ladder

8 8. Rikishi Off the Cell

7 7. Shawn Drops Elbow on Vince

On one of his DVDs, Shawn himself puts over the massive risk Vince took with this move. Again, Vince is by no means a trained wrestler and pretty messy in the ring but he gave it his all for this WrestleMania 22 battle against HBK. It was a brutal brawl going all over the place with Vince getting the worst of it while Shawn took nasty shots too. Finally getting the advantage, Shawn ended up knocking Vince onto a table and placing a trash can over his head. He laid Vince out and took a ladder, milking it for the crowd before leaping off to deliver an elbow onto Vince.

6 6. Shane Off the Titantron


5 5. Benjamin Through a Ladder

Shelton Benjamin had stolen the very first Money in the Bank match and continued that for several others with his fantastic athletic ability and high-flying moves. Still, few expected him to pull off such a wild stunt as with the MITB battle at WrestleMania XXIV. Climbing up the ladder to reach the briefcase, Benjamin was close when Carlito and Kennedy grabbed the ladder, pushed it slowly over then tipped it to send Benjamin flying over the ropes and to a ladder propped up on the outside.

4 4. Brock Lesnar- Shooting Star Press


3 3. Shane McMahon, King of the Ring 2001


2 2. Joey Mercury, Armageddon 2006


1 1. Mankind, Hell in the Cell


We’ve become so used to seeing these falls over the years that it’s easy to forget how utterly stunning they were when they occurred in 1998. Yes, Mick Foley had support but still not the icon yet but this King of the Ring battle against The Undertaker changed that forever. Starting on the top of the cell, Taker grabbed Foley and tossed him off and through the table to ignite Jim Ross’ famous “As God is my witness, he’s broken in half!” How Foley pulled himself up is amazing as they fought again for a chokeslam through the cage roof. Foley has been up front on how, if he’d taken the move correctly, he’d probably be dead as he sailed down into that ring for a brutal slam.

That was followed by him dropped onto a bed of tacks and while Foley lost the match, he won the favor of fans around the world. It’s amazing how two bumps can change a man so much and still a remarkable sight.

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Top 15 Most Dangerous Spots in WWE History