Top 15 Most Desirable Divas of All Time

The WWE is not the only wrestling promotion that has experienced major success, but they are without a doubt the company that has produced the greatest and most successful female wrestlers.

Though the WWE is currently stuck in fixing the Divas Revolution (which has been an epic failure, if you haven't watched) old-time fans are fortunate that they did get to grow up watching some of the best Divas ever.

Right now, the WWE is struggling to find female wrestlers whose in-ring performance appeals to fans. Of course, WWE makes sure all of them aren't short of looks (which they aren't) but the characters, rivalries, and storylines have failed to garner much interest from the WWE Universe.

Maybe part of that is because the Divas Division from the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression Eras were way too special, to the point where it's impossible to achieve such greatness again.

Time will tell if the Divas will ever play a significant role in the WWE or not, but we do know that they sure did just that for over a decade, when the company was at an all-time high in attendance, revenue, and fan interest.

There have been so many incredible Diva wrestlers, who aren't only appealing because of their looks. Their microphone skills, characteristics, and rivalries made them crucial to fan entertainment.

And so, we'll take a look back on those we desire most and who sparked the best out of the division, while hoping we can experience that Diva greatness once again.

Here are the 15 most desirable Divas of all time.

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15 Victoria

via wrestlingnewspost.com

Victoria played a Ronda Rousey-type character: She viciously destroyed everyone in her way.

Everyone loves a tough girl, and no one in the history of WWE could do it like her. She attacked wrestlers when she lost a match, she played a very sassy-like character that would scare most men in real life.

Anyone remember when she hit Christy Hemme on the head with a bottle during a backstage interview?

That's how angry she was.

14 Bella Twins

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Nikki and Brie Bella are the first true twins who dominated pro wrestling, and we can only hope that Nikki will be able to recover from her neck surgery and come back fighting once again.

The twins have been so great in the ring and their inner-sweet personalities have made them so lovable. Brie's real-life spouse is Daniel Bryan, and John Cena and Nikki are currently in a real-life relationship.

When they're dating two of the top names in the WWE's history, it just goes to show how desirable they are.

A twin-killing, indeed.

13 Charlotte

via fanpop.com

Though Charlotte is, by all misfortunes right now, wrestling in an era where the Divas aren't significant, she still is awesome for fans.

The daughter of Ric Flair has taken after her legendary Hall of Fame father: She is the dirtiest player in the game and doesn't mind cheating to get away with matches.

Considering how she's following her father's footsteps, and the fact that wrestling is in her family blood, Charlotte is one of the most desirable Divas you can think of.

12 Kelly Kelly

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Ever hear of that "Million Dollar Smile" expression? I bet Kelly Kelly is the one who drew it up.

Even though she had a career of fighting other wrestlers, Kelly Kelly was the girl next door with that gorgeous smile on her face.

By the way, she's engaged to former NHL superstar Sheldon Souray, so it's probably a good idea to play hockey, folks.

The girls love the hockey players.

11 AJ Lee

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Perhaps most wrestling fans are more jealous of CM Punk's real-life spouse than the fact he's earned a lot of money, fame, fans and is on his way to what should be a real-promising UFC career.

AJ Lee's face-paced style of wrestling made her one of the best in-ring performers of her time, and fans really missed out on a lot when she retired in 2015.

But we still classify one of our favorite Divas as a dream girl.

10 Mickie James

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James had a great long-term run with the WWE, winning six major female championships in the company.

She became a fan-favorite right away as a huge admirer of Trish Stratus, and she embraced the face turn like no other.

When Michelle McCool and Layla made fun of her weight, James pummelled the bullies badly and used other Divas to embarrass them. Another key lesson in life to never let bullies hassle you.

James excelled in every storyline she was in, but perhaps no better than the one with LayCool.

9 Maryse

via sportshdwallpaper.blogspot.com

"I'm the Miz, and (my wife)'s AWEEESOME!!"

The Miz has every right to be cocky and condescending on the mic, because he has a wife who stars in many WWE fans' dreams in the former Montreal-born Diva, Maryse.

Maryse succeeded as a Diva who just went around, tormenting anybody that she wanted, and she gladly gloated about it. The two-time Divas Champion gave French Kisses to more than just her competitions.

But to her fans as well, (in their dreams).

8 Maria

via hdwallpapersact.com

Part of the many 2005 Raw Diva Search girls that landed contracts with the company is also one of the most beautiful and talented Divas we all miss seeing in the ring today.

Maria was put in many unique rivalries, and she also changed up her appearance and character many times, further showcasing her ability to adapt.

She knew how to appeal to fans with her looks and wrestling abilities, quickly becoming a fan favourite.

7 Candice Michelle

via wwe-nxt-roster.wikia.com

Candice, like Maria, impressed well enough in the 2005 Raw Diva Search that she was able to be a perennial Diva on the WWE roster.

The one-time WWE Women's Champion dazzled fans with her beautiful looks, but also that girl-next-door attitude that you probably had a crush on throughout all of high school. Candice played WWE's version of the American Sweetheart.

It's hard to believe she's been out of the company for more than a half decade. Maybe Vince McMahon should call back one of his best?

6 Michelle McCool

via fanpop.com

The Undertaker's 21-1 WrestleMania record may be impressive, but his finest catch to date his real life-wife, Michelle McCool.

She was as cool as it could be (corny joke intended) as a wrestler. She had such a big mouth on the microphone that few divas made themselves appear so villainous the way she did.

The four-time major champion gave fans one very (Mc)cool Diva.

5 Chyna

via youtube.com

Chyna is without a doubt the first true Diva-Superstar, and being part of D-Generation X made her one of the most desirable dram girls of the '90s.

She was tough as nails, one of the toughest and scariest Divas imaginable. Her storylines with Triple H made her a huge talent in the WWE. It's a shame that Triple H and co. refuse to acknowledge her anymore and let her in the Hall of Fame.

But they can't take away all the epic moments she left for us.

4 Lita

via usanetwork.com

After Chyna, WWE gave us Lita.

And Lita gave fans a lot to desire: Her looks, her toughness, and her overall awesomeness. She was so well-loved that Edge and Matt Hardy got into a real-life feud over her, and she was always involved in love triangle storylines.

She was able to play the sweetheart we all felt sorry for whenever she got involved in such storylines, but she was also able to play the major heel who fans hated when she got embarrassed by Hardy, John Cena, Ric Flair, among others.

That just shows how talented she was.

3 Torrie Wilson

via newallwallpaper.blogspot.com

One of the absolute most stunning humans was also one of the most jaw-dropping Divas ever during her WWE reign.

Everyone will remember her storyline with Dawn Marie, who had an obsession with her father. Wilson knew how to work on the mic in order to capture the sympathy and love from WWE fans.

Sadly, it's been almost a decade since she was a regular on WWE programming. Here's hoping she'll get another acknowledgement from the company. (HOF induction, maybe?)

2 Stacy Keibler

via fanpop.com

Standing at five-foot and 11 inches tall, Keibler's looks are among the most beautiful for any wrestling fan.

Keibler knew that, and she put herself into many positions of trying to seduce male wrestlers while she was with The Dudley Boyz. Of course, her looks aren't the only reason everyone loved her.

She was an ideal manager for The Dudley Boyz and The Hurricane and Rosey (during her Super Stacy gimmick) and even as Vince McMahon's assistant.

She did a lot to put herself to the top, and fans wonder if they'll ever see a Diva like her again.

1 Trish Stratus

via allrookie.com

If you're under the belief that everything is better in Canada, well when it comes to the best Diva ever, that would be correct.

Trish Stratus defined every little thing that mattered as a Diva: She was among the most gorgeous in terms of looks, she played the dream girl with her sweet talk on the mic, but also played that high school girl everyone gossiped about because of her conceited attitude.

She was also by far the most entertaining Diva when it came to trash talk and fighting in the ring.

The seven-time Women's Champion and Hall of Famer reached a mountain of WWE Diva lore that should be considered impossible for anybody else to climb.

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