Top 15 Most Disgusting Moments In WWE History

The Monday Night Wars are what revolutionized wrestling forever, as both WWE and WCW tried to put in the most engrossing material week in, week out in order to reap the 90s wrestling fans’ attention onto their product. Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff both did some very wild things during this war, going with a no-holds barred approach and showing some raunchy storylines which were solely made to grasp the viewer’s attention. The “Attitude Era” is what sparked the madness inside Vince McMahon, who cared less about the “values” of his product and more about the attractiveness it had.

Vince tried a lot of angles at this point, and although his main event storylines were top notch -some of which eventually won the Monday Night Wars for him- the storylines in the mid-card or lower levels of his roster oozed with desperation all over them. That has seemed to follow for Vince over the years, as the booking for the middle of his shows seem to be cringe-worthy at times and have resulted in some very disgusting moments. Vince’s obsession with cheap thrills and very slapstick humor with sexual innuendoes have made for some moments where the viewer literally wants to stop watching the product.

Be it making the Divas looking like sexual symbols to shocking ‘’pranks’’ to showcasing miscarriages or even indicating assault at times, WWE has done it all when it comes to showcasing some gruesome stuff over the years. The thing which is bewildering is that Vince McMahon even allowed moments like these to occur with his own character being involved in some of them and considering that this is a show for all ages, some of his “humored pranks” crossed the limit of decency many times and just are too obscene for people of any age to watch through.

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15 Al Snow Eats His Dog

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Al Snow’s WWE run is remembered the most because of the plastic head he used to carry around. But when his "Head" was impaled by Albert, he decided to replace it with a black Chihuahua named “Pepper”. But during a feud with The Big Boss Man for the Hardcore Title, The Bossman kidnapped his dog and vowed only to return it if Snow could defeat him for the Hardcore Title in a match. Snow lost the match and The Bossman kept the dog for himself. Later in a segment on SmackDown, Snow was invited by The Bossman to his hotel room to solve the situation. He later even treated him to dinner, only for it to be later revealed as Pepper to Snow’s shock and disgust. Not only did the horror end at this point, but the two’s feud culminated in a “Kennel from Hell” match where the ring was to be surrounded by a cage full of wild dogs. The match itself is renowned as one of the worst stipulation matches of all time, and this whole angle was absolutely disgruntling for the viewer.

14 Snitsky Punts Lita’s Baby

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Snitsky was built as one of the meanest SOBs in the WWE during his stint at the company, an extremely intimidating monster heel designed to destroy the faces. He soon became a heat magnet, but it all started with his feud with Kane. Snitsky debuted in a NO DQ match against Kane (who had a kayfabe pregnant Lita as his girlfriend at the time) and Snitsky would push Kane into Lita, causing her to miscarry. This would develop Snitsky as a top level heel as he would continue to feud with Kane, while also mocking Lita and making his catchphrase “It Wasn’t My Fault”. During a segment on The Highlight Reel where Lita was the guest, Snitsky would come down to the ring with a baby in his arms. He would then mock Lita’s misery and shockingly punt the baby (a plastic one) into the crowd to everyone’s disgust. This storyline may have elevated Snitsky into a monster, but it was a very petty way into attaining cheap heat from the WWE.

13 Tommy Dreamer Eats Anything

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Not many remember Tommy Dreamer’s stint at the WWE main roster when he first joined the company after ECW was bought by Vince McMahon. In fact it isn’t anything memorable at all and is mostly made up of him doing some bewildering stuff. During his early days at RAW, Dreamer would be given the “Just a Regular Guy” gimmick which would consist of WWE airing segments of him committing nauseating antics such as brushing his own teeth and his dog’s teeth with the same brush, or eating his own hair. This wouldn’t be the end of it, as he would go on to eat dirty food from the floor and have a segment on RAW when he would actually drink the Undertaker’s tobacco spit. This was by far among the filthiest things shown by the WWE, as this gimmick was invariably short-lived because of the fans voicing their distaste at what WWE were doing with this hardcore legend.

12 Dawn Marie & Al Wilson

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Before the “Divas Revolution” properly came into being in this new era, the female wrestlers were made to do some ridiculous things to entertain the crowd with their figures. Some storylines and matches were created to make them look like eye candy, but not many storylines can be as disgusting as the Dawn Marie and Torrie Wilson one. During Wilson and Marie’s feud, Marie got infatuated with the Wilsons and attempted to marry Torrie’s real life-dad Al. They got married in an episode of SmackDown in their underwear and when we thought that things couldn’t get any filthier, WWE creative had yet to reveal their trump card. They showed that Al had died (in the storyline) because of having rigorous intercourse numerous times. Just in order to spice up the Divas division a bit more, WWE decided to go with this horrible angle compiled of some of the most displeasing moments in wrestling history.

11 Heidenreich “Dominates” Michael Cole

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The above statement is what WWE tries to pass off when Heidenreich, a sadistic wrestler, assaulted Michael Cole to try and cement his psychotic character. Heidenreich himself was built as an uncontrolled monster who did whatever he pleased and found pleasure in hurting the weak. So Vince McMahon thought it would be perfect for Heidenreich to “assault” a weak commentator in Michael Cole and they went on to show him attacking Cole and dragging him to the arena bathroom. In another segment we’d get to see Cole on his backside (though wearing clothes) and Heidenreich tries to assault him but lets him go. The show of blatant indecency to try and gain some heat for a heel is a very cheap way of booking things, and another showcase of the lazy, perverted booking the WWE creative sometimes come up with. Fans come to watch the wrestling factor of the shows and many families also come to watch it, so showing something like sexual assault is extremely sordid.

10 Terri Runnels’ Fake Miscarriage

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Terri Runnels was one of the most conniving divas of the Attitude Era and even though she didn’t wrestle much, her personality and ability to gain followers made her into quite the vixen. Runnels was also part of some ridiculous, uncomfortable storylines including one in which she became pregnant and later got a miscarriage. While being a part of the Pretty Mean Sisters with Jacqueline Moore, they started to accompany D’Lo Brown and Mark Henry and during one of these matches, the pregnant Runnels was accidentally thrown off the rope to the outside mat. This apparently caused her to miscarry and haunted D’Lo Brown (who was responsible), until he found out that she was never pregnant to begin with. This whole miscarriage thing in a show which is seen by many kids and teenagers is extremely unnecessary, and the obsession of Vince to get the older viewers glued to the product by producing this soap opera story goes to show the desperation he had to get his ratings higher than WCW at the time.

9 Eddie Guerrero Covers The Big Show in Poop

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While feuding with The Big Show for the US Title, Eddie Guerrero decided to have some fun with the big man in order to get inside his head before their match. During this time, he fed Show with some laxative laced burritos which gave the World’s Largest Athlete some discomfort to say the least. As if this wasn’t enough, Eddie turned things into a filthy mess when he brought a sewage truck to ringside. He cut a promo which was filled with metaphors on how he’s going to cover Show in excrement, which he then went on to do as he picked up the hose and sprayed the poor man with a bath of poop. Show would go on to have the last laugh at No Mercy, winning Eddie’s US Title but this dirty moment is something which can gross out anyone to the extent of having problems erasing the memory, and in spite of it being quite hilarious it wasn’t exactly needed.

8 Boogeyman Smooches Queen Sharmell

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There’s probably a bunch of incidents of the ghastly worm-eating character of Boogeyman which can be on this list, but the moment where he kissed Sharmell after harassing her for weeks has to take the cake. While feuding with Booker T, Boogeyman continued to haunt him and his wife Sharmell as he popped up on them randomly and scared the hell out of both of them. He continued to teasing Sharmell, and as the feud culminated into a match at WrestleMania, Boogeyman finally found his opportunity to do the filthiest thing at the Grandest Stage of them All. After defeating Booker, Boogeyman went on to kiss Sharmell with a mouthful of worms much to the disgust of us all. The very picture of his worm-filled mouth kissing Sharmell is something which can gross out anyone, as one can feel for Sharmell for actually having to go through that spot courageously. Boogeyman’s push was based on these ugly things, which is why he couldn’t properly make it in the company.

7 Ultimate Warrior Vomiting after Papa Shango’s Curse

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The Ultimate Warrior was one of the biggest icons of the wrestling industry in the late 80s and an inspiration for the current generation of superstars. With his gimmick of being an absolute warrior in the ring who wouldn’t go down even in the most gruelling situations, many were shocked to see him in a vulnerable position while feuding with Papa Shango, a witch doctor, when Warrior returned to the company after some time away. Shango had put a curse on the Warrior causing him to convulse and vomit in very different colors, with WWE’s tracking of Warrior’s disintegration being really gruesome to watch. The filthy vomiting which continued for a good amount of time was really difficult to watch and a real downer for the Ultimate Warrior’s fans who always saw him as this hero who would never go down in the ring, but had to go down to this dirty curse, as its “side-effects” are terrible to watch even after all these years.

6 Val Venis Almost Has His Member Chopped Off

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Val Venis was the character who attracted all the ladies on to the WWE because of his sensual aura and doing that trick with his towel which seemed to woo all the ladies. Venis was quite the Casanova right from day one, as he immediately got caught having an affair with Shian-Li Tsang, the kayfabe wife of the leader of the Kaientai stable. Venis would escape the clutches of the stable for many weeks until they finally caught up to him, and kidnapped him. Then they went on to show a disgusting segment where Val is tied up naked and Yamaguchi-San attempts to castrate him with a sword. It abruptly ends just as the slashing is about to be done, and later we find out that Val was saved by a “little shrinkage”. Val’s character was pretty attractive who could get over on his own, but having to show this disgruntling moment of a man’s private parts being chopped off is really unnecessary and able to give nightmares to many men.

5 DX Gives The McMahons a Poop Bath

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After D-Generation X re-united in 2006, many felt that the dirty pranks they pulled in the 90s couldn’t ever be replicated. That was to be proven wrong, as Michaels and Triple H reformed the raunchy team to give hell to the McMahons. During their feud with the McMahons and their henchmen in the Spirit Squad, DX decided to pull many pranks on the chairman with the most gross one being when they decided to “mock” the chairman and his son. They went on to impersonate them both and give some dirty jibes at the expense of Vince and Shane, but the fun had only begun. After Vince, Shane and The Spirit Squad came to take them both out, DX dropped loads of poop on to the whole bunch. This was pretty hilarious considering the tension of the feud at the time, but throwing crap onto someone is utterly obscene and WWE is sending the wrong message on to the unknowing children through this immoral stuff. This would be replicated with other superstars in years to come, as WWE’s obsession with cheap thrills and laughs are epitomized by antics such as these.

4 Kane Burns His Parents’ Graves

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We’ve seen many cases of brotherly disputes in the WWE, but the most popular has to be the feuds The Undertaker and Kane have shared over the years. It began with the iconic debut of the Big Red Monster, and soon uncovered many secrets of their “past” stating how Kane was burnt in a house fire and the Undertaker couldn’t save him. So during their first feud, the Undertaker would cut a promo after defeating Kane in their WrestleMania match and state on how he’s going to put him down once and for all in their upcoming Inferno match, only for the promo to be cut short by Kane who’s standing beside Paul Bearer in a cemetery. We discover that it’s their parents’ grave as Kane puts gasoline on the graves and lights them in flames as the Undertaker looks on with horror. This moment along with later when Kane tried to “burn” the Undertaker as well were pivotal for developing their feud, but showing burning graves in an entertainment show sends all the wrong messages and watching McMahon betraying his own values to create this makes it more shocking.

3 Mae Young Gives Birth To A Hand

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Mae Young may have been “THE” Diva of the wrestling circuit for decades but her character got more and more perverted as she grew older. Young returned to the WWE in 2000 and announced that she was dating “Sexual Chocolate” Mark Henry, and that she was impregnated with his child. She continued to accompany him to the ring and even took two power bombs from the Dudley Boyz while she was “pregnant”. But on an episode of RAW, they presented her giving birth live and what followed was as repulsive as it sounds. It turned out that her “child” was a bloody plastic hand to the shock of Mark Henry and the absolute disgust of the viewer; it was something which someone who’s seen the segment can never forget. WWE has shown a lot of offensive stuff over the years, but this tops the cake as the grossest thing ever shown.

2 The Undertaker Hangs The Big Bossman

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The Ministry of Darkness was one of the most terrorizing stables of all time, with the “Lord of Darkness” The Undertaker trying to conquer the WWE with his soldiers. The Undertaker would “possess” the body of many wrestlers to build his Ministry into a much larger faction, and would try to create soldiers by any means necessary. So in his WrestleMania XV Hell in a Cell match against The Big Bossman, The Phenom would commit a treacherous act which would leave everyone stunned and disgruntled. After winning the match, The Undertaker would hang the Bossman (an illusion created by a body harness concealed under The Bossman’s outfit) and assert his dominance over everyone in the WWE. Fake or not, showing someone being hanged in public in a mega-event like WrestleMania is absolutely sickening, and how Vince McMahon even went ahead with such a ridiculous idea onto to “darken” things up for The Ministry of Darkness goes to show the mad dictator he is for the WWE.

1 The Katie Vick Incident

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As the Attitude Era was coming to an end and the WWE had bought its competition out, many thought that some of the gruesome things it showed in the past would come to an end because of the lack of competition. They were heavily mistaken. During a feud between Triple H and Kane, Triple H would reveal about Kane’s past how he fell in love with a woman named Katie Vick and caused her death in an accident. This should’ve been enough to depress the Big Red Machine, but Triple H and WWE decided to take it up a notch. They showed a segment in which Triple H dressed as Kane and went to Katie’s funeral, and proceeded to do unspeakable things to her body. As if they hadn’t showed every horrible thing there is to show, they even went ahead with the necrophilia angle which dampened the reputation of the company and the wrestlers involved. This angle was heavily criticized because of how filthy it was, and WWE has never mentioned it ever again realizing how dirty they went with this angle.


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