Top 15 Most Disturbing Behind The Scenes Hookups In Wrestling History

Relationships in wrestling are considered to be risky decisions made by the wrestlers deciding to date each other. The negative can create individual or collective drama to hurt the careers in play. History shows many more relationships will blow up in the faces of the partners rather than lead to great futures. An underrated negative aspect of the romances in wrestling revolves around the way they get started. Some started through controversial means that got everything off on the wrong foot. Others just appeared ready for failure due to the two personalities being a horrible mix.

We're going to take a look at some of the more disturbing relationships that made fans shake their heads when finding out about the partners uniting. Not all of these couples would suffer dooms as some of them still manage to share love. These romances overcame the odds of shocking beginnings. The majority of relationships however had poor endings due to the obvious downfall coming from the couples that never stood a chance. Wrestling locker rooms create more drama than a high school cafeteria and this list will took a look at that part of the business. These are fifteen of the most disturbing romantic relationships behind the scenes.

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15 John Cena & Mickie James

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John Cena has been the biggest star in WWE for over a decade now and anything controversial about his personal life creates news. The overall reputation of Cena is nearly spotless, but one decision made fans question his morals. Cena started hooking up with fellow wrestler Mickie James and the two eventually started dating. This wouldn’t have been a big deal if James wasn’t already in a relationship.

Mickie allegedly cheated on her boyfriend Ken Doane with Cena before completely changing significant other. Doane claims this is what killed his WWE career with Cena using political power to ruin him. James and Cena dated for a few months following the controversial start to their relationship. To make matters worse, it ended with Cena breaking up with Mickie and hurting her career as well. The “Piggie James” storyline starting shortly after their break up makes it likely he was responsible for it.

14 The Undertaker & Michelle McCool

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Many of the older wrestlers in WWE have attempted to get involved with significantly younger women on the roster. The Undertaker was guilty of this with his relationship with Michelle McCool coming out of nowhere. Formerly married to Sara, Undertaker got a divorce and removed the tattoo of her name from his neck. The next high profile relationship of the legend started when working with McCool on SmackDown.

A large age gap between the two made it stand out as one of the more disturbing relationships. McCool’s career started to skyrocket with a coincidental push making her one of the top women on SmackDown. The two at least loved each other enough to last all these years. McCool was shown ringside embracing Undertaker following his likely final match ever against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33.

13 Johnny Ace & Kathy Colace

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One of the most bizarre relationships to start in wrestling features someone that isn’t even a wrestler. Kathy Colace is the mother of Brie Bella and Nikki Bella. She has been a part of Total Divas and Total Bellas, but the most controversial moment of her time in the public spotlight came when we found out who she was dating.

Former wrestler and current WWE producer Johnny Ace started dating the Bellas’ mom before the two eventually got married in 2016. The weirdest thing about this is realizing Johnny hired both Brie and Nikki after looking at their bikini pictures in photo shoots and signing them based off it. Kathy met the man of her dreams thanks to him thinking her daughters were attractive in little clothing. Love can truly begin through the oddest of situations.

12 Dolph Ziggler & Sunny

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Some romances in wrestling are clearly more casual than long term. Dolph Ziggler and Sunny shared one night that linked them together. Sunny has shared the story about Ziggler meeting her after a show a few years ago to get together. The two hooked up and Sunny made sure to continue discussing the night in various interviews and in her book.

A recent addition to the story featured fans doubting Sunny’s claims. The mature woman made the decision to post a picture she saved on her phone from all those years ago. Ziggler is seen asleep in the bed next to her. You have to wonder if he regrets the night considering how often Sunny talks about it in an attempt to stay relevant. The result clearly delivered disturbing results for all involved aside from Sunny.

11 Alberto Del Rio & Paige

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The relationship between Alberto Del Rio and Paige made them enemies of WWE from the start. A huge age gap and the negative reputation of Del Rio put fear into WWE that Paige would be influenced by him. It led to the company trying to break them up until Alberto requested his release from the company. You can’t fault WWE as the average fan could spot a train-wreck coming.

Both Paige and Del Rio would get suspended for violating the Wellness Policy at the same time. Paige violated the policy a second time leading to another suspension. The release of Del Rio didn’t stop the actions of the disturbing couple. Del Rio beat up a wrestler in an independent wrestling locker room for being too friendly with Paige. They're still together with controversy continuing to follow them.

10 Triple H & Stephanie McMahon

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Triple H and Stephanie McMahon will be portrayed as the best relationship in WWE due to the power they hold. That however isn’t true when it comes to the fact of how they actually got together. Triple H started working on television with Stephanie and it led to their backstage relationship. The problem is Triple H was already dating someone on the roster.

Chyna would find out that Triple H cheated on her with Stephanie and basically lost her job in the process. WWE realized there would be a love triangle involving the boss’ daughter and just chose to not extend Chyna’s contract. One of the most important wrestling hookups started at the expense of another co-worker. Triple H and Stephanie are still happily together today, but the skeleton in their closet will always be how things started.

9 X-Pac & Chyna

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Chyna did not make good decisions either following the split. The first relationship she entered was with fellow DX member and the former best friend of Triple H. That’s right – X-Pac and Chyna became an item after both were no longer in the WWE. It clearly wasn’t healthy for the two to get involved after Chyna’s ugly ending to the Triple H relationship.

The fact that both Chyna and X-Pac had serious drug addiction issues led to a downward spiral individually and collectively. Both of their lives dropped into new lows together with a sex tape being the biggest public moment showing how far they fell. Chyna and X-Pac had an ugly breakup as well putting them at odds until her dying days. A relationship starting and ending in disturbing ways is the worst case scenario as shown here.

8 New Jack & Terri Runnels

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An odd pairing that seemed terrible from the beginning featured New Jack and Terri Runnels getting together. Both 90s wrestling stars were at the end of their careers when they started dating about a decade after their relevance. The shocking couple got to know each other at smaller independent wrestling shows and autograph conventions before falling in love.

New Jack and Terri would become an act together with the valet managing the hardcore wrestlers. The time would run out on their love with a bitter ending to the relationship. Both wrestlers started posting insults towards the other online with New Jack selling nude pictures of Terri from their personal time together at one point. This sadly wasn’t a huge shock as the news of them dating was a bit disturbing to fans hearing about it for the first time.

7 Lex Luger & Miss Elizabeth

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Everyone remembers Miss Elizabeth for her WWE tenure with former husband Randy Savage. The two were a perfect pair that enhanced the career of Savage and made Elizabeth the first big female star in WWE. A move to WCW would create less memorable moments in both her personal and professional life. Wrestling fans were saddened to realize Elizabeth entered a relationship with Lex Luger of all people.

We all hoped Elizabeth and Savage would end up together in our heart of hearts. The odd pairing of Elizabeth and Luger made for awkward television. WCW allowed them to work together and they showed very little chemistry. Things would get way more disturbing when the heartbreaking news of Elizabeth’s death broke. Elizabeth passed away due to a drug overdose that she was given by Luger.

6 Jeff Jarrett & Karen Jarrett

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TNA finds their way on the list with one very high profile instance of how disturbing the romantic world of wrestling can go. Kurt Angle signing with TNA was a huge move by Dixie Carter and Jeff Jarrett to bring in the hottest free agent back in 2006 when the promotion still had high hopes. A perk given to Kurt was having his wife Karen travel to the weekly tapings as she would become a character on screen.

Karen joining the TNA roster led to her cheating on Kurt with Jeff Jarrett of all people. The love triangle led to heartbreak and drama for all involved. Jeff would get exiled from TNA due to putting his personal life above business. TNA would change forever thanks to the ugly situation that should have never happened in the first place.

5 Randy Orton & Jojo

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The age gap in relationships typically provides one of the more disturbing aspects of wrestling romances. This was proved with the news of Randy Orton dating new WWE talent Jojo back in 2013. At the age of 33, Orton entered a relationship with the 19 year old entering the company. Jojo was initially signed to be a wrestler and a member of the Total Divas cast before moving into the full-time ring announcer role.

It was a bad look for all involved from Orton to Jojo to the WWE. Unlike other couples with similar issues, they both just showed the age gap with Orton looking older than his actual age and Jojo barely appearing of age. Orton’s negative reputation of treating women in WWE poorly in the past also impacted the perception of this odd relationship.

4 Jerry Lawler & The Kat

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The most drastic example of a disturbing age gap that stood out took place back in 2000. Jerry Lawler started dating Stacy “The Kat” Carter during the Attitude Era after meeting her at a local strip club. A relationship between the two led to Lawler getting her involved in wrestling and eventually signing with WWE. The Kat received a huge push thanks to WWE loving her look.

Lawler was 21 years older than Kat making an odd dynamic that provided uncomfortable moments between the two for those of us watching them on television. A horrible reputation following allegations of being a pedophile in the 90s made the age gap with Carter even more disturbing. The two would split in ugly fashion. It probably isn’t the best sign for a relationship when your significant other wasn’t alive when you were old enough to drink.

3 Batista & Melina

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A relationship in wrestling starting off with someone cheating on a partner is always going to be disturbing to witness. Batista and Melina showed this when hooking up despite Melina’s relationship with John Morrison. The rumors circulated that Melina everyone knew Melina would see Batista behind Morrison’s back making him look like a fool. Batista all but confirmed this by referencing his relationship with Melina in his autobiography.

It led to Melina earning a negative reputation backstage getting heat that hurt her career. Morrison also received criticism from management due to certain people thinking he didn’t represent himself well. Batista was the only one able to escape without it hurting his career, but it does look poorly on his reputation looking back. The disturbing cheating scandal definitely remains one of the more shameful ones in WWE history.

2 Shawn Michaels & Sunny

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Another cheating scandal that came earlier in WWE featured Shawn Michaels hooking up with Sunny. The escapades of Sunny are well documented but one stands out among the rest as a disturbing moment in wrestling. Sunny was in a relationship with fellow wrestler Chris Candido for the majority of her early adult life. The lovebirds got signed together to a WWE deal.

Things got ugly when Sunny’s star power got to her head and she gained interest from Michaels. As the biggest star in WWE, Michaels didn’t care about stepping on toes. Sunny and Michaels got together backstage behind the back of Candido much to the dismay of the locker room. Urban legends state that Michaels’ friends in the Kliq would guard the locker room while he slept with Sunny. It was just one of many reasons why the majority of 90s wrestlers hated both Michaels and Sunny.

1 Edge & Lita

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Matt Hardy and Lita appeared to be the perfect wrestling couple of their time. Along with Jeff Hardy, they worked together on screen as Team Extreme with Matt and Lita clearly having amazing chemistry. It led to a long relationship that unfortunately had a bitter ending. Lita cheated on an injured Matt with Edge causing all three careers to change dramatically.

The reaction of Matt finding out was to take it public trashing both Lita and Edge for wronging him. WWE fired Matt to try to avoid drama before fans demanded him back on television with chants every week. A very personal issue became a wrestling storyline. Edge and Lita became an item on screen due to WWE wanting to get heat out of it. They both regretted the situation, but it still remains an all-time disturbing story in wrestling.

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