Top 15 Most Embarrassing Photos Of The Flair Family

Aside from the Hogan family and McMahon family, perhaps there is no other family more synonymous with the pro wrestling industry than the “Nature Boy” Clan. Ric Flair is a legend in the industry with numerous accolades, championships and a WWE Hall of Fame ring. All over the world, people recognize the Nature Boy--even those who are not even fans of wrestling—for his blond hair, playboy lifestyle and his signature “Woo!”

Ric Flair has produced many memorable pro wrestling moments and on top of that, he’s also produced some memorable children in Charlotte, David, and the late Reid Flair. All the Flair children followed in their father’s footsteps to pursue wrestling with mixed results. A side effect of living the fast and hard life of the wrestling business is that you may often get yourself in trouble, which all the Flairs have had their fair share of.

As much as they are known for their work in the ring, the Flairs are probably even more known for what they get themselves into outside of the ring. Over the years the Flair family has been a part of stories and moments that they’d rather forget, but fortunately (or unfortunately if you’re a Flair) in today’s internet age, these moments are immortalized via photos which can be easily found on the internet.

On this list, we have gathered the most embarrassing images of the Flair family ever uncovered and will reveal them to you here.

18 Charlotte And Her Ex

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At 31, Charlotte is still a young woman, but did you know that she’s already been married and divorced TWICE? Soon after finalizing her first divorce in 2012, Charlotte quickly remarried in 2013, this time to former WWE wrestler and current Impact/GFW star Bram. The two hit it off while in NXT and it appears things moved quite fast.

The divorce occurred in 2015 and it may have been for the best since soon after Bram was arrested for two felony counts of domestic battery by strangulation and false imprisonment. The crimes weren’t done against Charlotte but rather, Bram's girlfriend, post-Charlotte. Charlotte’s relationship with Bram is one she wants to forget, but there's plenty of selfies of the old couple to remind her of her past mistakes.

17 Ric Flair/Halle Berry Fallout

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In 2017, Ric Flair made headlines and this was due to claims he was making while being interviewed on a radio show of how one of his many sexual conquests during his lifetime, he had slept with Oscar-winning Hollywood actress Halle Berry.

Ric Flair made the claim that Halle Berry rode “Space Mountain” while she had just been divorced in the late '90s (from former MLB star David Justice) after he was goaded into speaking about if he had bedded any celebrities. He responded several dozens and then stated “Do you want me to start with Halle Berry?”

Berry would publicly respond to the rumors claiming that this was false and was deeply offended by the claims. Flair would eventually apologize for making the whole thing up, with TMZ even catching up with him as he was leaving the airport (pictured above) to grill him over the whole ordeal. Definitely not one of the Nature Boy’s prouder moments.

16 Hell In A Cell Table Botch

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In 2016, Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks made history with their WWE Women’s Championship match being the first Hell In a Cell match involving women and was also the main event of the Hell in The Cell PPV. This was a historic moment having a Women’s match closing the show of a WWE PPV and Charlotte and Sasha felt the pressure to deliver a worthwhile contest.

Both Charlotte and Sasha had a good match but it wasn’t without a few botches, most likely due to nerves. One of the glaring botches was Charlotte being unable to put Sasha banks through a table and breaking it. Charlotte won the match, but she’d rather people forget how the finish was since it was quite awkward and anticlimactic.



13 David Flair Imitating Dad

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While Charlotte Flair has garnered success by taking the Flair name and using it to boost herself as one of the top women’s wrestlers today, her brother didn’t have much luck trying to do the same. David Flair showed up in WCW in the late '90s for storyline reasons involving his father and before you know it he was competing in the ring.

David never wanted to be a wrestler but was kind of thrust into it and it showed because he was pretty awful in the ring. Even then, that didn’t stop WCW from trying to shove Flair down the fans' throats with TV time and even title runs as a Tag Team Champion and even the US Championship where he even mimicked his dad’s look and ring gear seen in the photo above. When WCW folded, WWE would sign him to a developmental contract but it didn’t last long as WWE would cut him because his dad’s in-ring ability didn’t rub off on him.

12 Ric Flair Rants On WWE 2k14 Panel

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When you mix booze with Ric Flair, things usually don’t go well. Sure, it may be nice to kick back some drinks when you’re out having fun with friends, but wouldn’t it be wise to not do it before you have to do a media interview? In 2013, Ric Flair was part of a panel of WWE stars for the "30 Years Of WrestleMania Symposium" designed to promote the new WWE 2K14 video game.

Along with Jim Ross, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Daniel Bryan, Paul Heyman and Mick Foley, Flair was supposed to talk about his fondest Mania moments as well as hype the video game. Seems simple enough? Flair, however, would go totally off the rails as it was clear he had been drinking and making lots of offhand remarks.

This fiasco would upset WWE officials who pulled Flair from media appearances for some time.

11 Ric Flair Gets Pelted With A Water Bottle At Juggalos Event

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A person of Flair’s stature who likes to wear tailored suits and ride in limousines would probably scoff at the thought of being amongst a crowd of Juggalos, but in 2012 that’s just what Flair did when he was invited to host the main stage at the annual Gathering of the Juggalos event. Ric Flair and the Insane Clown Posse? Talk about a weird combination.

Flair attended the event and he immediately regretted his decision. While on stage trying to introduce the next musical act, Flair was hit in the head with a water bottle that was believed to be filled with urine! Flair would walk out of his hosting duties early and bolted. Later in interviews, he claimed his experience there was terrible and he did it for the payday and would never do it again. For Flair to have to lower himself to host such an event shows just how desperate for money Flair was at the time.

10 Charlotte's Mug Shot

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The Nature Boy isn’t the only member of his family who has had run-ins with the law. In fact, Charlotte also had to serve a little bit of hard time in her pre-WWE days. This photo is her infamous mugshot where she is smiling for the camera as if it’s a glamour shot. Charlotte’s puffy and watery red eyes show that the multi-time WWE Women’s Champion had gone through a rough night filled with tears and drama. The Nature Girl’s offense? Putting her hands on a police officer.

According to reports, neighbors would call the police to report a disturbance in the neighborhood which was a fight involving Charlotte, her then-boyfriend Riki Johnson and daddy dearest Ric Flair himself. Charlotte would serve a month in prison but luckily the charges were dropped and she would get let off with probation and a fine. While Charlotte has certainly matured and moved on, this humiliating photo forever being on the internet serves as a reminder of her more unstable days.

9 Ric Flair Causes A Scene At The Airport

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You’ve heard the saying about the personas of wrestlers, they are usually an extension of themselves with the volume turned up to 11. When it comes to Ric Flair’s character, he lives it in real life and turns it up to 11 and it has lead to a quite messy record outside of the ring. In 2016, TMZ came out with some footage of Ric Flair acting bizarre at an airport with police surrounding him.

Reports claim that Ric Flair was drunk and making a scene, and while that was true, he wasn’t actually arrested but treated for a cut on his hand. Pretty weird that his hand was bleeding out of nowhere but Flair has been known to bleed a heck of a lot during his career. The incident didn’t look good for him since he was employed by WWE at the time and was managing Charlotte but fortunately for him, it was a minor incident that was quickly forgotten, except for the images and video footage forever kept on the internet.

8 Where's Flair's Hair?

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Yes, we kid you not, that is Ric Flair and if you haven’t figured it out, blonde is not his natural hair color. This photo is of a young Ric Flair long before he became the Nature Boy we know and love. In the photo he is said to have been a rotund 300 pounds and sported a dark-colored buzz cut. Hard to believe since it feels like he’s been the smaller-sized, light on his feet, jet-flying, kiss-stealing, wheeling-dealing son of a gun forever.

This photo is definitely one that Flair probably wishes he burned somewhere but it’s always interesting to see stars before their days of stardom. Eventually, Flair would find his niche with the Nature Boy persona and character and the rest is history.

7 Ric Flair Vs. Hulk Hogan In 2009

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If you remember Ric Flair mostly for his time in NWA, WCW and WWE, you would know that Flair officially had his retirement match at WrestleMania XXIV in 2008. For a good while Flair would honor the retirement stipulation, but not for long. While he came out of retirement for a handful of forgettable matches during his time in TNA in 2010 and 2011, it was in 2009 that he first came out of retirement to fight Hulk Hogan in a series of matches on an Australian circuit known as the Hulkamania: Let the Battle Begin tour.

The matches weren’t televised or ever released on DVD and probably for good reason judging by photographs of the matches which were bloody messes. While it may have been nostalgic for those in the arena, seeing two past-their-prime heroes pushing 60 having a bloody match is just sad when you think about it. Looking back at this photo, it would’ve been better if the two stayed retired.

6 Nature "Fat" Boy

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One of Ric Flair's most famous heel lines was when he used to call people in the crowd or his heavier opponents, “fat boy.” But in this image from Flair’s earlier days, he used to be a “fat” Nature Boy himself. Flair wasn’t always the lean and slightly built ladies' man, as in his early wrestling career in the '70s he tipped the scales at 300 lbs and his wrestling style was mainly power moves.

After a near-death experience when a plane he was riding on crashed, Flair survived but was seriously injured with a broken back that almost ended his career. Flair eventually recovered but needed to change his ring style and slim down. This would signal his transition to the Nature Boy character that cemented his legendary status.

5 Ric Flair Road Rage Mugshot

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Ric Flair was known for taking glamorous photos in tailored suits and designer shades or his trademark robe, but this mugshot of his arrest in 2005 is not one of the Nature Boy’s photogenic moments. This mugshot is from 2005 when Ric Flair was arrested following a road rage incident.

The story goes that Flair had gotten into a fender bender with another driver and they pulled over on the side of the road. Flair had gotten angry and violently pulled the driver out of the vehicle. Flair would be charged with assault and battery. It didn’t look good for Flair or his employer WWE, but WWE apparently took it in stride and was able to poke fun at it. Edge, who was feuding with Flair at the time, reenacted the incident where Edge, in full Flair garb, would pull a driver out of a vehicle and put them in a figure four, "woo"-ing the whole time.

4 Charlotte Wardrobe Malfunction

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Wardrobe malfunctions usually happen to wrestlers who are less smooth in the ring but Charlotte Flair, who is one of the best and most seasoned female wrestlers in the business, was a victim of an awkward wardrobe malfunction of her own on a live airing of SmackDown Live in August of 2017. To be fair, it wasn’t Charlotte’s fault.

Charlotte was wrestling the inexperienced Lana and while trying to get Charlotte down after a sunset flip, Lana pulled Charlotte's shorts down, exposing her rear end briefly to the crowd. It wasn’t shown on WWE cameras but the crowd saw it and chanted “Thank You Lana!” Charlotte quickly recovered and pulled her shorts up. After the match, Charlotte made light of the issue by staying in character and tweeting, “People will do anything to try to get the upper hand.” Way to play it off, Charlotte.


2 Ric Flair Outtake Photo

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The Nature Boy has always been known for his animated faces. Whether it was cutting a wide eyed promo, showing fear, or intensity Flair could definitely emote with the best of them. In this photo however, we’re not exactly sure what Flair is going for. This image may have been an outtake of a photo shoot as there really isn’t any story behind the photo.

Flair has always been a great entertaining comedian in the ring, with one of his signature laughs being the “Flair flop” where he’d collapse to the ground to sell the offense of his opponent. In this photo, it seems Ric Flair was trying to channel his inner Jim Carrey. Either way it’s a hilarious snapshot of the legend having a little fun.

1 Charlotte's Leaked Photos

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The timespan of 2014 to 2017 has been dubbed as the “Fappening,” an internet term used to describe the tons of celebrity nude photo leaks that have come out that took the internet by storm. Apparently, the WWE women were not spared in this nude photo drama. Former WWE Divas champion Paige had quite a few leaks that may have hurt her standing with her employer but Charlotte Flair was also a victim of hackers getting ahold of nude images of her and posting them publicly on the internet.

With WWE trying to be a wholesome family-oriented company, this definitely wasn’t something she wanted to have to deal with, but unfortunately, due to the hacker, it was out of her control. Charlotte would respond to the leaks on Twitter by tweeting out "Private photos of mine were stolen and shared publicly without my consent. These images must be removed from the Internet immediately."

Fortunately for Charlotte, the leak resulted in no repercussions and was brushed under the rug by the WWE.

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