Top 15 Most Embarrassing Photos Of The Steamiest Women In Wrestling

The Women's Wrestling scene has reached quite the high recently, with the women being given as much important as the men in the WWE and in some other promotions as well. There are several stunning female wrestlers who are coming up in the Industry right now and most of them need to keep themselves look good to gain the attention of the fans. The Women in WWE are generally pretty sexy, with the company transitioning them from "divas" to "women" after their Women's Revolution led by the Four Horsewomen.

While these women mostly look really stunning because of how well they maintain themselves and make sure to look sexy to the fans, the "wrestling" part of the Women's Division has improved drastically in WWE in the past few years. These women are made to put on amazing wrestling matches, with their "looks" not being the main source of attraction anymore. These women in the wrestling industry have maintained themselves well and are pretty steamy when it comes to their appearance, but even these women have undergone embarrassing moments in the past.

Be it some botch or malfunction during a match or some other embarrassing moment of the past, these steamy women have their own embarrassing pictures which they would want to forget and wouldn't want to the fans to see, as we take a look at some of them.

15 Mickie James' Early Look

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Mickie James' WWE return may not have been the most fruitful for her, with James being considered as the "veteran star" of the Women's Division and mostly putting over younger talent in the division. While she may be older than most of the females right now, Mickie is still sexy enough to hold her own among her colleagues. James' stunning figure and amazing "assets" make her quite the steamy women, but she wasn't exactly so stunning in her initial years in the WWE. This picture shows Mickie in her early years in wrestling, where she seems to have taken a look inspired by the Road Warrior. Mickie looks pretty silly in this picture which she'd definitely be embarrassed by, as it picture shows the sexy Mickie in a way nobody has seen before and James wouldn't want many to see this humiliating form of her either.

14 Emma's Mugshot

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Emma may have been unfortunate to be released by the WWE recently, but it seems that she's set to be quite the big star in the Independent circuit when she eventually returns to wrestling. Emma had quite the make-over in her later years in WWE, where she became this sexy woman who was being teased for a hot gimmick in "Emmalina". While that never came to fruition, Emma continued looking smoking-hot and became one of the steamiest women in WWE. While she has some amazing pictures on the internet, there are a few embarrassing ones as well with this one being especially humiliating for her. This mugshot was taken a few years ago when Emma was arrested for not paying for an item she bought at a Walmart store. She was eventually released and reinstated at WWE, but this mugshot is something she'd be embarrassed off for a long time.

13 Lana Revealing A Bit Too Much

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Ever since parting ways with Rusev in the WWE, Lana has gone on to become a rather frequently featured figure on Smackdown Live! where she currently serves as the manager of Tamina Snuka. She also wrestles at times and is featured on WWE's reality TV Show "Total Divas" as well, with her sexiness being utilized really well by the WWE. Lana has been part of many sexy photo-shoots with the WWE and even had one with Rusev when her husband was milking a cow for some reason. But a picture caught a massive wardrobe malfunction for Lana, who had a nip-slip in one such photo. This picture shows Lana's "assets" popping off and her having a nip-slip as well, as she's probably really embarrassed by it. It's quite unfortunate for this malfunction to happen to her, but fans got to see a bit too much in this revealing picture.

12 Charlotte's Wardrobe Malfunction

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Charlotte may be known mostly for her amazing wrestling inside the squared circle, but has put in a lot of work to sexy in the past few years. The "Queen of WWE' has made herself look like royalty as well, with her "assets" and stunning figure making her quite the steamy woman in the WWE. While Charlotte has been part of some amazing matches in WWE and barely ever makes a botch, that changed during a match against Lana at Smackdown when "The Queen" had a wardrobe malfunction. In a spot where Lana was supposed to slide her down for a pin attempt, she pulled Charlotte's bottom gear and exposed her buttocks to the audience for a while. This picture shows the moment when she had it, as Charlotte had to face a lot of humiliation for it and wouldn't want the fans to see this unfortunate malfunction.

11 Carmella Kissing James Ellsworth

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Carmella had quite the amazing 2017 where she asserted herself as one of the top women of Smackdown Live! and made history by winning the first ever Women's Money in the Bank match. Her sexiness has been shown quite vividly by WWE recently where she wears some steamy costumes, with the smoking-hot Carmella looking set to have a bright future ahead of her. While she had a great year in WWE, much of her success was because of James Ellsworth who helped her a lot. It was a bit weird for fans to see someone like Ellsworth with Carmella and many were shocked when she actually kissed him on Smackdown! This picture shows them sharing a smooch and it's definitely embarrassing for Carmella to have gone through with that segment. She'd want the fans to forget it, but this harrowing moment will humiliate her cause her humiliation for quite a long time.

10 Eva Marie's "Malfunction"

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Eva Marie was released from the WWE earlier this year after the WWE realized that they couldn't really do anything with her on their product. Eva was loathed by the WWE fans because of her lack of wrestling skills and after she got suspended due to violating WWE's Wellness Policy, it was quite obvious she had no longer had a career in the company. But her final few months at Smackdown Live! was pretty entertaining with her gimmick being Marie never turning up to the matches. She did turn up one night to face Becky Lynch, where she had this wardrobe malfunction of her top attire falling off. This may have been scripted, but it was pretty embarrassing for her to go through with this and be mocked for it, as Marie would make the headlines for all the wrong reasons after this "malfunction".

9 Alexa Bliss As An Announcer In NXT

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Alexa Bliss has come a long way from her time in NXT, with the "wicked witch" of WWE asserting herself as one of the top stars ever since getting promoted to the main roster and has won both the Raw and Smackdown Women's Championship since. Bliss is definitely one of the hottest women on the roster right now and has proved to be the "Goddess of WWE" for quite a while now. While her main roster career has been going amazing so far, the same cannot be said for her early years in WWE where she found it difficult to find a suitable gimmick at NXT. Before she became an in-ring competitor in NXT, Bliss was actually given the role of a ring announcer for some-time, as this picture shows. This picture is quite embarrassing for her, and Bliss would want this ordeal to be forgotten by the fans.

8 Paige Kissing Another Girl

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Paige is looking to be in stunning form ever since making her return to Monday Night Raw recently, where she aligned herself with Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville to create a faction which opposes the other women on Raw. Paige has gone through a lot of controversy in 2017, where her private pictures leaked and ruined her reputation among the public. While those pictures are absolutely terrifying for her, Paige has had some embarrassing moments in the past as well. This picture shows Paige kissing another girl in a party, as this is probably something she's still quite embarrassed by. It probably took place when the two were too drunk in the party and knowing just how much Paige has gone through in the past year, she wouldn't want this embarrassing picture to be seen by fans and ruin her reputation even more.

7 Maryse Exposes A Bit Too Much While Getting Pinned

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Maryse's recent stint in the WWE was quite successful, as she not only helped herself gain popularity among the fans but also helped with the amazing success of her husband, The Miz. While Maryse only wrestled that one match against John Cena and Nikki Bella at Wrestlemania, she has maintained herself really well and is a steamy woman even at this age. She's out on maternity leave right now, but we can expect her to return later on and fans would want to see her as a competitor again. Maryse won multiple championships during her time as a WWE Diva, but one embarrassing moment she had during a fatal 4-way match. She was getting pinned but the camera caught her "private parts" peeping out, with this picture proving so. That gave her much embarrassment, as Maryse would want it erased from the internet because of how humiliating it is.

6 Stephanie's Wardrobe Malfunction While Taking A Pedigree

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Stephanie McMahon has played a big role in bringing in the "Women's Revolution" in the WWE and recently announced the first ever Women's Royal Rumble match as well, with Vince's daughter seemingly doing a great job with Triple H in moving WWE ahead. While she may be the evil boss in WWE and much older than most of the female wrestlers, she's still quite the smoking-hot woman for someone her age. But Stephanie has been part of some embarrassing moments in WWE, with the biggest one probably been when her "assets" were revealed during a malfunction when she was about to take a Pedigree on the table from her husband. This picture shows that and that was a very humiliating moment for Stephanie, who would want everyone to forget about it as that unfortunate wardrobe malfunction definitely stained her reputation.

5 Carmella Shows Her Bruises

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Carmella is all set to end her 2017 on a high with her holding the Money in the Bank briefcase which assures her an opportunity to cash it in to win the Smackdown Women's Championship. While Carmella's form started to pick up after she aligned with James Ellsworth on Smackdown, she didn't really have the best of times early on and actually suffered some embarrassment when she was left with a bruised face during her feud with Nikki Bella. This picture shows Carmella with a bruised face and she's probably quite embarrassed by getting a bruised face like this despite it being part of a story-line. She doesn't look "fabulous" at all in this picture, which proves just how rough Women's Wrestling can get at times and leave the ladies looking embarrassing at times.

4 Sasha Banks And Her Unfortunate Hairdo 

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"The Boss" Sasha Banks has to be one of the coolest characters in WWE's "Women's Division" right now because of her terrific gimmick and how well she pulls off her fabulous character on Monday Night Raw. Banks has improved her character-work over the years and also worked hard to make herself look really stunning, as she looks pretty steamy when enacting her "Boss" gimmick on WWE TV. Banks has been a really popular character because of her in-ring work and stunning looks, but even she has suffered some embarrassment on the main roster. This picture shows her bald spot is visible, as it is something which is really humiliating for her. Banks probably wears a wig for her matches and during an event, it came off for a bit during which the cameras caught, with her baldness being exposed and "The Boss"had to suffer much embarrassment for it.

3 Nikki Bella Has An Unfortunate Slip

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Nikki Bella has been the "golden girl" of WWE for quite some-time now and even though she isn't performing much these days because of a neck injury, the company still takes its time to promote the stuff she's in. Nikki has done a lot of promoting for WWE and helped their "Divas Division" gain a lot of popularity a few years ago when she looked stunning and wrestled pretty well in the squared circle. Nikki also used to wear some steamy attires to the ring, but one day it all got a bit too "revealing" when Bella had a nip-slip during a match. This picture shows her nip-slip as she's laying down on the mat and it's something which must've caused her much humiliation at the time. Despite the revealing costumes, Nikki would never want her privates to get exposed and must've ruined that unfortunate moment which caused her much embarrassment.

2 Becky Lynch's NXT Debut

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Becky Lynch has seen quite the amazing increase in popularity ever since making her way into the main roster in WWE, where she became one of the top female stars of Smackdown Live! and even became the inaugural Smackdown Women's Champion. Lynch is quite the hard-hitting wrestler who gained prominence because of her in-ring ability, but she's definitely upped her looks as well. Lynch looks quite steamy these days and has impressed fans with her looks as well, but that wasn't the case when she initially joined WWE. Lynch didn't look like a "star" when she made her NXT debut, which was off her acting like a dancing Irish-woman. This proves just that, with that whole ordeal being quite embarrassing for her. WWE did cancel that ridiculous gimmick soon after, but it had already damaged her reputation and Lynch had to suffer much embarrassment for it.

1 Alexa Bliss As A Rosebud

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Much like Becky Lynch, Alexa Bliss had to go through some ridiculous stuff in her early NXT career as well, as we've seen as to how she was a ring announcer prior to making her in-ring debut. While Alexa might be at the top of the mountain in the Women's Division right now, things weren't looking so bright for her initially at WWE. Her great looks were the only thing WWE could utilize and they decided to actually make a rosebud for a segment. This picture shows Bliss sitting alongside Adam Rose, who is giving an interview. Not many actually know that Bliss was even a rosebud, so it's pretty surprising to see this and Alexa will probably be quite humiliated at ever doing this. She looks weird as a rosebud and the "Goddess of WWE" will be embarrassed for the rest of her career for this and would want this to remain a secret.

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